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J.A. Henckels 16-Slot Knife Case with Lock
List Price: $75.00

Our Price: $37.98

You Save: $37.02 (49%)


Product Description

This Knife Case (Knife Roll) by Henckels comfortably stores a wide assortment of knives. Features include: It includes 15 elasticized mesh pockets Its hard, leather-like exterior will protect your most valued pieces of cutlery. The case includes two locks and keys for safe storage and protection The case measures approximately 20" x 3" x 8.5" when closed

High-quality knives need tender loving care, which is why the most recognized name in knives, J.A. Henckels, makes a case for storing and transporting the cutlery tools of the trade. And this black vinyl carrying case is so slick, you might want it for a handbag. Two silver, briefcase-like locks secure it; there's a luggage tag for identification and a strong handle for easy carrying. Inside, canvas pockets hold up to 16 knives or other must-have tools in place. It measures 20-1/2 inches long (to fit the lengthiest French knife and steel), 8 inches high, and 3 inches deep. There's also one long zippered pocket on the exterior for storing slim items, such as shopping lists for the gourmet on the go. --Lynne Sampson

  • Keeps knives sharp and secure while in transit
  • Black vinyl construction
  • Holds 16 knives securely
  • Key-entry locks for security
  • Zippered pocket for extra storage

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Case
    The knife case works wonders, but the locking mechanism is a little tricky to get a grip on. It is hard to tell when it is locked, and the keys are practically useless. Anything that can turn the mechanism will actually open the case, so the keys are not necessary. In that regard it was disappointing, but otherwise a great case....more info
  • Henckels knife bag
    Sturdy, rugged and spacious knife bay at a steal of a price....more info
  • Looks great
    I bought this as a christmas gift for my brother. It showed up right away and it looks excellent! It has space for all his knives. I hope he enjoys it for many years to come :)...more info
  • Great knife briefcase...
    We ordered it on a Saturday night very late, it came by Tuesday afternoon. Very fast shipping!

    The case is cool. It has lots of holders for knives. The holders each have an elastic band to hold knives in - the elastic is VERY tight to hold the knives in so they won't dislodge during travel - a very good thing. Looks nice, very professional.

    All in all, excellent product....more info
  • Henckles Knife Bag
    Wonderful Bag, great price. Too small, however, for my present needs. I should have looked closer at the pictures....more info
  • Nice Bag, Looks Good
    Nice Bag, Looks good. I Wish the embroidery was Scotch Guarded. It provides easy access to my equipment, although the key is kind of tiny on my keyring. Such a tiny key is hard to use. A shoulder strap would have been nice, but overall I really like it....more info
  • Alright buy
    This is a nice case, just doesn't keep knives in place. It could use an extra band to hold them in the mesh. I do like having 16 slots to stick things in. Definitely better than a knife roll. If purchasing, use extra caution when opening case since your knives may slide out!...more info
  • henckel knife case
    I wanted a case that had sturdier sides than the "roll", as I am on the road with it a lot. I love this has a lot of room, although, LOL, I could always use more! I have had this on the road for the summer, and it still looks great. My only critique, and request is for a shoulder strap. If they make one, I would be happy to buy it. It is inconvenient to only have the hand handle when I am in and out of catering trucks. Other than that....awesome....more info
  • Good knife case for the price
    I have purchased two of these cases: one for myself and one for a colleague after having seen mine. I like the set-up of the case and the fact that it will hold more knives than the more expensive models. Mine currently holds 15 knives, a cleaver, two steels, a spatula and a honing stone...and I still have room for more (albeit with a little doubling up!) I like how the handle slots are mostly all on one side for the big and long makes opening up the case easier and knife selection a breeze, knowing you won't cut your fingers pulling your knives out of their slots. The section for the smaller blades is a little more compact and there's an elastic strip in the center, supposedly to hold down the tips...I don't use it; I don't see the point (no pun intended).

    In general I really like this case. However, there are a few things that I would change in the design to make it function better for me. First, there is no shoulder strap and since I carry a large amount of knives around, this case gets pretty heavy and somewhat bulky. It would be nice to be able to sling a strap over my shoulder and push the case behind me to free up my hands. I'll figure something out. And secondly, the zippered section on the backside of the case is a rather skinny affair that really doesn't carry much. Currently my honing stone goes in there and not much else. It would be nice if it was expandable then maybe I wouldn't have to carry a tool box with me (or maybe I just have too much stuff). Also, the mechanism for holding the knives in place is an elastic and mesh pocket system. The mesh for the pocket is a great idea since sometimes knives go back in place a little wet and the mesh allows for the water to evaporate. Works great so far except that elastic can wear out eventually and then what holds the knives securely!?! Again I'll figure something out.

    Aside from these rather minor complaints I think this case is a good deal. The price is right, and it accommodates a large quantity of knives as well as an assortment of blade sizes and handle shapes. It certainly works well for me....more info
  • Very nice
    Our grandson was very excited when he opened the box. His knives fit in there perfectly and he looks like an up and coming chef as he leaves for school. The price was great too. We paid a lot less for it here on Amazon....more info
  • Alright buy
    This is a nice case, just doesn't keep knives in place. It could use an extra band to hold them in the mesh. I do like having 16 slots to stick things in. Definitely better than a knife roll. If purchasing, use extra caution when opening case since your knives may slide out!...more info