Weber 9890 Gas Barbecue Rotisserie
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Product Description

Flavor your food with the great taste of rotisserie cooking with crisper skin on the turkey and juicy, moist meat. This from Weber has an electric motor to insure even-cooking and easy turning.

  • Heavy duty electric motor
  • On/Off switch
  • Wood rod handle & counterbalance for smooth turning & less motor wear
  • Fits Genesis & Platinum series grills
  • Genesis 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000, 5500

    When you need to grill a feast to feed a small army or a heavy turkey for a festive celebration, you need a reliable and durable rotisserie. Besides providing even cooking on all parts of your delicacy, a rotisserie is a pure pleasure to watch. Weber's gas barbecue rotisserie includes a heavy-duty electric motor with an on/off switch, a wooden rod handle, and (more importantly) a counterbalance for smooth turning and less motor wear. When your turkey is too heavy for the rotisserie, the rotisserie turns until the heaviest part of the bird gets to the top of the rotisserie. To prevent this problem, just slide the counterbalance up and down on its handle until your turkey turns smoothly and gently, grilling to a delicious golden brown. --Rhonda Langdon
  • Features:
    • Counter Balance For Smooth Turning and Less Motor Wear
    • Heavy Duty Electric Motor
    • Wood Handle and Heavy Duty Rod

    Customer Reviews:

    • Just like on TV
      This rotisserie fits my Genesis Silver B just fine. I normally use it for chicken and duck. They turn out crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside. The taste, smell and color of the skin can't be described in words. It is basically impossible to overcook a chicken. At worse, the skin turns very dark, but the insides are still very juicy. I normally set a timer and then walk away. This rotisserie comes with two forks. Another reviewer said Weber won't sell just the basket--you have to buy another motor instead. Fortunately I found another basket that fits--a $10 Charbroil 4744 from the big orange home center. Regarding the weight, I haven't found the need to use it but I'm glad they included it just in case. The only reason I'm giving it four stars is because the cord is too short. When the warranty expires, I plan to take the motor apart and install a longer cord....more info
    • Will it fit the Silver B?
      On 16 July 2003 Weber customer service told me that the model 9890 rotisserie is too large for the current model Genesis Silver B; it will hit the closed grill lid. The customer service persion said that the basket-type rotisserie (model #9891) is the one to buy for the 2003 Genesis Silver B....more info
    • Great addition to the grill
      I'm a happy owner of Genesis Gold C and bought rotisserie in about the same time as a grill - before 4th of July this year.
      I was a little worried before I made my first rotisserie chicken. Night before I sprinkled chicken with some spices from the cupboard - mostly with seasoned salt and let it sit till next day. I also used a smoking box with some hickory and apple chips ( I like smoked flavor). When I put everything together - it even didn't need a balance thingy - it rotated without any problem. It took about 1:45 min ( 3.5 lb). We all loved this chicken! My dear hubby said that it was the best chicken he had in a long-long time.
      Now I use it almost every week, sometimes 2x. I also bought the basket that fit's on the spit - I've got in a HomeDepot for around 10 bucks - have to tried it yet on a spit ( worked without spit with my veggies).
      So, if you are still thinking about getting or not this rotisserie - make your choice fast - before grilling season is over!...more info
    • Works great, no problems so far
      I only used this twice but no problems so far. I cooked a chicked and another time a turkey. Everything comes out so golden brown and juicy, it is great. Highly recommended. I hope it holds up over time, I am worried that it is not stainless steel. But clean up is pretty easy and I dry it off and put it away so it may last a long time even if it isn't stainless steel. I know the motor mount says it is stainless steel, I'm not sure about the spit and meat holders. ...more info
    • works like a champ!
      Have used the rotisserie twice, and it works great with my Weber gas BBQ.
      Both times the chicken and game hens came out moist and tasty....more info
    • Great buy/Great value
      My husband and I are very pleased with this accessory. It's very easy to use and clean up is just as easy. We had priced this item in other stores and Amazon had the best price....more info
    • It works Flawlwssly but needs a better handle design
      I purchased this about 5-6 years ago for our genesis grill and it great for chicken and small roasts. The motor runs strong and consistent. The only issue I have is with the handle design. The handle appears to be glued to the shaft and it very quickly became loose and would slide off. We eventually lost it and we now simply use a oven mitt which works great. Overall, I cannot knock the operation and end product results. It delivers excellent chicken and roasts and we are always complimented on how well the meat comes out crispy on the outside and moist and juicy on the inside. Next time you are at you butcher ask for a "Spoon Roast" it is a small roast similar to a sirloin. Cook it on the Rotisserie to your doneness desire and serve with a horseradish sauce. It is a real winner.

      ...more info
    • A Great Accessory
      This spit type rotisserie will help you to make the best grilled chicken you ever tasted. My husband could literally not stop eating it! Easy to use and clean - just make sure you hand wash ASAP so the residue doesn't harden. We've used it for pork loin roast also, it turned out tender and juicy. Definitely worth it....more info
    • It Works Perfectly
      I'm an admitted Weberholic; I don't think that better equipment is made for outdoor grilling, and their cookbooks are outstanding. I don't know why I thought that using a rotisserie was too complicated, but when I saw a recipe in Weber's Big Book of Grilling for orange saffron chicken, I decided to add this unit to my Genisis Grill.

      The installation was easy, even in Northern Michigan's cold: two bolts attach the motor bracket to pre-drilled holes in the grill, and you're ready to go.

      The counter weight, which other reviewers discuss, seems, so far, unnecessary. I may try it with heavier meats, but the whole chicken cooked beautifully in a little over an hour. The motor seems ample to turn the spit without strain.

      I am delighted with this product and urge serious grillers to give it a try. I suspect, like me, it will get a lot of use. Two caveats: (1) follow the directions and do not let the motor get wet in bad weather, and,(2)have a grounded extension cord handy, because the unit's cord is only about three feet long....more info
    • Great for roasting chickens and other whole meats! Works GREAT!
      Yes, it's true. This unit installs easily by adding the supplied mounting bracket to your Weber grill. I installed it on my Genesis Gold grill in about 5 minutes. The bracket allows the motor to slide on and off conveniently (you can't leave it out in the rain), and gives the motor a standoff from the hot cooking chamber.

      Using the rotisserie is also quite easy. The counterweight is fairly simple to adjust if your meat is lopsided, allowing for a smooth, even load on the motor. Typically, I remove the cooking grates to provide more "swing room" for the meat as it rotates.

      For a real treat, brine a chicken, rinse it well, then coat liberally with Lawry's Perfect Blend poultry seasoning. Stuff the inside of the chicken with a quartered lemon and some rosemary sprigs. Spray the outside of the chicken with a light butter flavor spray. Rotisserize the chicken at full front & rear burner for about 15 minutes (no center flame or you'll burn it). When the skin looks like it's starting to brown nicely, lower the burners to maintain a constant 325-350 degrees on the grill gauge. In about 1 1/2 hours, you'll have the finest chicken you've ever had! Don't forget the hickory smoke, either.

      I've cooked many chickens on this unit, as well as some whole beef tenderloins and a few prime ribs. You just can't beat the results! It's especially nice because every side gets evenly cooked and in the end, it actually seems like less work, as you're not constantly turning the meat by hand....more info
    • I disagree with the reviewer who gave this item 1 star
      When I see an item with 1 star, it tells me that item is really bad and to avoid it at all costs. The reviewer stated that the EZ-Que was a better rotisserie, but otherwise had nothing to say about the Weber.

      I agree the EZ-Que is a novel and well made piece of equipment, which sells for a lot more money than the Weber rotisserie. The cradle/cage design is easier to load than a traditional spit, and anyone who wants to spend $130 for one is encouraged to get theirs.

      (Note: EZ-Que supplies Weber with their cradles, which Weber sells under their own brand name with the Weber motor for $90; substantially less than EZ-Que's price. You can get it here on Amazon if you prefer that style to the traditional spit.)

      I have 2 Weber rotiserries, one for the gas grill, one for the kettle. And while I agree the EZ-Que cradles are a better design, the Weber spits are well made and do a good job. The mounting on a Genesis is good and secure. The materials are good. The spit is solid feeling, the counterbalance is nicely made, the motor works well. I can fit 2 whole chickens on the spit and the motor doesn't strain to turn them. The tines that hold the food are large and strong. The food cooked on a rotisserie is delicious.

      One reviewer complained about the cord length. Yes, the cord is just a pigtail. You need an extension cord.

      Anyways, the Weber is a good rotisserie and I am giving it 4 stars. The 1-star reviewer was off the mark....more info
    • Great item but a few comments
      I've had this attachment for just about a year now and I'm still as pleased as the day I got it. I've cooked several types of meat on it, including whole chicken, cornish game hen and pork tenderloin. With the MOM (medium-off-medium) burner settings all have come out extremely tender and juicy while the meat was evenly cooked all the way through.

      The counterweight system is quite ingenious even though it does take a little practice. Once I learned the trick to setting it properly my "install" time was reduced to mere minutes. When properly set up (before hooking to the motor) you can spin a chicken on the spit numerous revolutions with one flick of the wrist. I'm certain this will add to the durability and life of the motor. The motor itself seems very sturdy and powerful but the power cord is way too short. You'll find any outdoor extension cord lying around the garage will do the trick though.

      The spit and forks are very easy to adjust and sharp enough to pierce even a slighty frozen bird. The thumbscrews to afix the forks in places are a little small for messy hands but do their job. The nooks around them can be annoying to clean at times and there's a distinct discoloration of some of the metal when juice/flesh has burnt. It's really nothing you don't see with any basic grilling grate though so I wouldn't consider it a con.

      All things considered, I'd consider this accesory a must buy for any grilling enthusiast.

      Pros: solid motor, sturdy spit, counterweight system, simple installation
      Cons: short power cord, smaller parts hard to clean, counterweight system takes a few tries to learn...more info
    • It works great, but it's not perfect
      This rotisserie fits my 2003 Genesis Silver A just fine, and the chicken I cooked was nearly perfect. It browned beautifully and was delicious even though I hadn't brined it.

      That said, it's not perfect. I tested the counterweight but it unbalanced the rotation of the spit more than omitting it, so I left the weight off while cooking. It's nice to have in the event that I try to cook something large and unwieldy. I don't know if a turkey will fit on my grill (it's Weber's smallest), but I am looking forward to trying.

      I cleaned the spit and forks right after dinner with a scrub sponge and hot, soapy water. I needed an old toothbrush to get at the crevices in the locking mechanisms of the forks. The manual that comes with it doesn't specify if the forks are machine-washable or not, otherwise I'd have thrown them in the dishwasher. The spit also seemed to discolor slightly from the heat of the grill. It's much too large to put in the dishwasher, so the spit must be cleaned by hand.

      The power cord is exceptionally short. It barely touches the ground when the motor is attached to the grill. An extension cord is definitely required.

      Despite these faults, I am very satisfied with the rotisserie, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone....more info

    • Works great, and very versatile
      After using this for the first time, I knew I'd never cook a whole chicken any other way. I tried the George Foreman countertop rotisserie, which is a decent option if you don't have a grill, but there's no substitute for the real thing. If you're wondering whether to get a rotisserie for your grill, stop wondering. Even if you never get any fancier than marinating a chicken in store-bought BBQ sauce for a few hours, you'll be amazed at how much juicier and tastier it is than any other chicken you've ever cooked.

      I have the Genesis Silver B, and this fits my grill perfectly. The spit itself is very strong and sturdy, and I have used it on many occasions to cook two large chickens at once (4+ lbs each). I see no need to attach the weight as the motor turns the spit perfectly without the weight attached. The wood handle stays completely cool so you can grab it off the grill the second it's done cooking. The claws are sharp and strong and I throw them right in the dishwasher for an easy cleanup. The spit is much too large to fit in the dishwasher, or in a kitchen sink for that matter, so it must be cleaned by hand, and somewhat carefully to avoid making a mess all over the kitchen. This particular rotisserie is more versatile than the basket-style one because this one is less limiting in the size and shape of what you cook on it. I have two complaints about this product that keep me from giving it 5 stars:

      1) The power cord is ridiculously short, and you will need an extension cord almost no matter where your outlet is in relation to the grill.

      2) I need to remove the grates from my grill to make room for even a small chicken, which prevents me from cooking anything else at the same time. And even after removing the grates, there's very little clearance above the flavorizer bars, so although I'm sure the spit can handle the weight of a small turkey, I don't see how I could possibly avoid having it drag against the flavorizer bars the whole time it's cooking. This is more a flaw in the height of the notch in the grill that the rotisserie spit rests in than it is a flaw in the rotisserie, but nonetheless it limits the uses of the rotisserie somewhat.

      One final side note: I found the people at the Weber hotline to be helpful and accurate about cooking times and heat levels for various types of meats on the rotisserie, so minimize your trial and error period when you first get this rotisserie by giving them a call....more info
    • weber 9890 rotisserie
      This has turned out to be a very good product and easy to use. I was initially skeptical, since I had an older grill (silver 2002 model) but the set up was easy and it works great -- even without a counter weight....more info
    • Good enough
      Unlike the natural gas grill that I purchased and absolutely loved, this item is just ok. It works as it should, but (1) the counter weight system is cumbersome, and leads me to worry that maybe the motor is underpowered, (2) although the spit is plenty long and the grill chamber is big enough to handle at least two birds, the set only includes two stabilizing forks, and (3) the elctric cord is very short....more info
    • Mine's on the way ...
      ... and thus my review could change later. But there appears to be confusion as to which grill this rotisserie will work with, so I thought I would contribute. I have a Genesis Silver A, which is the smallest in the current Genesis line, and I was told yesterday (via e-mail and phone, by two different reps at Weber) that this rotisserie will work with my grill. I assume it also will work with the larger grills in the line. (Weber's hot line is 1-800-GRILLOUT, or 1-800-474-5568, so you can check with them.) I also was told that additional spit forks can be bought from Weber customer service. (I hope to cook more than one chicken on mine.)
      Finally, I was told that this spit version, the 9890, is intended for full-size chickens, turkeys, etc., whereas the 9891, a cage-style rotisserie, is better for smaller birds like Cornish hens (and, I assume, other narrower and/or longer items like ribs and some roasts). This explains for me why so many of the 9891 reviews seem so negative -- it seems they're being used for larger cuts than the rotisserie was intended to handle. I hope this is helpful, because Weber's Web site and the description here seem unclear....more info
    • Works great & easy to assemble/use
      Assembled as described, did a pork loin perfectly the first time,
      with approximate timing from the Weber book and then a meat thermometer for final check.

      I put some olive oil on the tines to help keep the meat from sticking and I think it helped with cleanup.

      This was my first such unit and I heartily recommend it.
      David...more info
    • WARNING does not fit all Genesis grills
      the details don't tell you but there is a completely different rotisserie for Weber Genesis e/s-3oo series grills. this one fits older, smaller Genesis grills. ...more info
    • Weber Rotisserie
      This does not fit my Weber Genesis as the description inicated it would.
      I am currently waiting for a reply from Weber as to which model will fit my Weber E-310. I may have to exchange this for another....more info