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Weber 741001 22 1/2-Inch One-Touch Silver Kettle Grill, Black
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Product Description

The legendary Weber kettle with its classic profile has become synonyous with outdoor cooking and backyard fun. Weber charcoal grills deliver exceptional results every time. Porcelain-enameled bowl and lid Heavy-duty plated steel cooking grate Glass-reinforced nylon handles Aluminized steel One-Touch cleaning system No-rust aliminum vent and ash catcher Crackproof all-weather wheels Limited manufacturers 10-year warranty Dimensions (with lid open) - 38.5(h) x 25(w) x 22.5(d)

The Weber One-Touch Silver kettle grill is perfect for anyone who wants a well-designed, no-nonsense grill that cooks up food deliciously. Perfect for backyard barbecues or just whipping up an evening meal, this impressive grill has a cooking surface (22-1/2 inches in diameter) big enough to accommodate six large steaks, twice as many burgers, or up to a dozen kebabs. And the One-Touch Silver's classic kettle shape radiates heat evenly and keeps charcoal flare-ups to a minimum.

The barbecue pioneers at Weber--they've been making grills since 1951--know how to design a grill that lasts. The One-Touch Silver's porcelain-coated steel bowl and lid are exceptionally strong and designed never to rust, fade, or peel. The grill's hardware is of the highest quality. The aluminum vents and ash catcher won't rust, and the grill's tripod base, nylon handles, and all-weather wheels combine to make this Weber both exceptionally sturdy and easy to maneuver. Weber's patented One-Touch cleaning system--a clever setup of lever-activated blades--sifts ash out of the kettle and into the grill's removable catch pan. You never have to get your hands dirty--and emptying the kettle takes only a few seconds.

For those in search (or need) of culinary guidance, Weber includes a 31-page owner's guide filled with cooking tips and time-tested recipes for grilling everything from pork chops to bratwurst to Cornish hens.

  • 22-1/2 inch diameter
  • Black heavy-gauge porcelain-enameled steel lid and bowl
  • Rust-resistant aluminum legs and ash catcher
  • Weather-resistant molded nylon handles
  • One-Touch cleaning and venting system

Customer Reviews:

  • Love my new grill!!!
    My mother had this exact grill, so I knew I would love it! My boyfriend and I grilled steaks and roasted corn on the grill. I think they were the best steaks I have ever eaten! I purchased the Weber charcoal chimney which is also a must have with this grill. Overall, I would recommend this grill to EVERYONE!...more info
  • why mess with less ?
    for me, this grill is the sweet spot. charcoal taste, quality construction, ease of use, well-deserved weber reputation, and reasonable price.

    i love my weber, and use it much more than other grills i've had. works like a champ.

    weber support was flawless when i needed them.

    one nit : the ash pan is a nice feature, but attachment is a bit awkward, like it was an afterthought. no big deal though.

    btw, be sure to get a chimney starter--makes charcoal grilling SO much easier. i'd have bought the weber one if it hadn't been sold out where i got my grill. ...more info
  • Love it
    I grill pretty regularly and have had this grill for around a year. Its a no-brainer; it works, is big, and is relatively expensive.
    Its easy to clean out the bottom, and easy to control the temperature of your coals by adjusting the vent at the top and bottom. And, after you're done, you can close both vents and put the top on to smother the coals. I always end up being able to reuse most of my coals the next time I cook out.
    The body of the grill is still in very good shape. I can find no corrosion to speak of.
    My only complaints are that the ash catching plate, the way its held on, and the legs are kind of cheezy. Ive only had a couple times where they gave me any problems, none of which were serious.
    I'd also suggest you get the weber chimney starter and coal baskets to go along with your grill. They've both made grilling a snap.
    Definitely a good buy for the money....more info
  • Mixed emotions, mostly bad
    UPDATED: Edited after using several times: I changed the title and if I could I would knock off a couple of stars. Cannot recommend this at all all ONLY because the ashes go everywhere, even while you're cooking! (NO wind)

    When the charcoal burns, the ash falls through the vent and onto the metal tray, but what ends up happening, is that the ashes float around all over the place as they fall through, and because the vents are BELOW the kettle, the updraft blows the ashes up onto your food. Horrible design imo, esp considering their smaller unit w/o the legs (18" kettle) doesn't have this problem due to vents being on the side. If I could take mine back, I would, and just add legs to my portable 18" or something. This thing is awful. Maybe the Gold would be better for this reason alone (but it still has the vents below). DARN! and ARGH!

    Strike the con about the cheap legs - doesn't affect anything so far, and helps to keep it light I guess.

    Also, I was wrong about the handles not getting hot. Too hot to touch (I though the complaints about this were just from weenies, but no, it's really too hot to touch). The handles on my smaller, non legged Weber (18") seem to be made of the same material, but never get too hot to touch with my bare hand. Interesting. Either they changed/cheapened the heat resistant material, or the bigger 22" kettle simply gets hotter, not sure.

    Original review:

    Bought gold version initially, took it back b/c it was completely bent out of shape. Bought silver because I decided I couldn't justify paying so much extra for a hinged grill grate and the ash catcher. Cost is out of line on gold imo.

    - great size (upgraded from the smaller, portable 18" ver)
    - kettle made really well
    - so many accessories available
    - Sliding the "fan" vent to get the ashes out worked very well imo. Some reviews say this doesn't work, but it did for me. Got almost all the ashes out (at least the first time, we'll see how it holds up).
    - never had a problem with the handles getting too hot.

    I think I could crush the cheap alum. legs with my hand if I squeezed hard enough. As mentioned, the base and wheels, etc are VERY cheap, bottom line Kmart grill cheap.

    ashes from coal go through vents and onto catch tray, then blows all around and up and probably into food. I live in a low/almost no wind area...can't imagine anyone using this thing where wind is even minimal. Yes, you can buy the gold and I would assume this would fix the problem...for $60 more!

    I think they should have put in separate, simple side vents (like on the portable 18" weber) AND the lever. Trying to combine two functions into one for the sake of a marketing gimmick name (one touch) was a huge mistake. I feel like I went a step backwards wrt to ash.

    Must buy: charcoal chimney. This thing is built really well and does it's job so well. They should make the base of the grill as well as they made this chimney!

    I would not recommend buying the accessory to hang the lid, I found the little hook inside the top works just fine.

    I guess I would recommend this but, if you were not at all concerned about money (or the principle of how they differentiate between the silver and gold versions as in my case), I would go for the gold only because I would think the ashes would not fly around. For the extra cost they are asking for the gold, I just could not justify it.

    ...more info
  • The classic Weber is as good as ever!
    Very pleased with this kettle. Assembled in minutes with a quality fit and finish. The classic Weber is as good as ever!...more info
  • OH MAN!
    Could not be happier with my grill. Although it took 2 shipments for amazon to get it right, it was well worth the wait. Took a few pictures with it, its part of the family now :)
    ...more info
    We had a gas grill for years but opted to go back to a charcoal grill. This Weber grill made our decision easy. Outstanding medium size grill for the two of us grilling several items and works well for 4 or more depending on what you need to prepare on the grill. Suggest using the Weber Rapidfire Chiminey for starting your's great and makes your job not only easier but the food taste better without the use of starter fluid. Great grill....great name behind it!!...more info
  • Great grill
    I own this grill and love it. I just finished two ribeyes and I can't complain one bit. The charcoal "chimney" starter from Weber is also a great buy. It was much better than my old no-name brand starter. I never use matchlight or starter fluid anymore. The cover they sell is also nice. My Weber lives out on the porch and I haven't noticed any ill effects....more info
  • Man's Best Friend
    This 22" Kettle Grill was ordered to supplement my 18" Weber Kettle so I was already sold on the brand and the style of cooking. This product is super.

    The "One-Touch" feature to open/close the bottom vents is a nice convenience.

    I use lump charcoal, not briquets, and have much less ash to get rid off so this model suits my needs.

    In two short weeks I've gotten many compliments for everything I've cooked in this Weber kettle, from pork chops to a whole roast chicken. I prefer indirect heat for much of my cooking because that helps keeps the food moist, allows it absorb the charcoal flavor, and avoids flare-ups.

    It's simple to do. I just pile the burning charcoal to one side, place the food on the grill side not over the coals, and keep the kettle covered. I've used direct grilling for things like steaks with equal success. I have more cooking flexibility than many folks with gas grills.

    Two small complaints. The kettle isn't tall enough to stand a chicken vertically to make Beer-Can Chicken. A reasonable substitute is to place an aluminum drip pan containing the contents of a can of beer next to the coals and under the chicken.

    The other complaint is that the composite handle on the kettle cover gets VERY hot and requires a protective mitt to open the cover while cooking. The previous wooden handles didn't get this hot but maybe these handles will last longer.

    I also recommend the Weber Chimney Fire Starter. It makes lighting a fire so much faster and easier than lighter fluid, and with no fuel to burn off, that it's almost a necessity....more info
  • More Than Satisfactory
    Except for the fact that the item turned out to be slightly difficult to put together. I would have like to have seen written directions instead of just picture diagrams. It is a sturdy product that is built to last and function well....more info
  • New Weber Kettle
    This is my second Weber,first one lasted 33 years before knocked out of round by a severe storm. This new style kettle is even better than the old because of the easy ash removal system that it has. Weber makes a superior product that is easy to use and produces great food....more info
  • Awesome grill!!!
    Awesome grill. Very good price... as long as you buy it directly from Amazon. It took me about 15 minutes to assemble. highly recommend!!!...more info
  • Minimalist grilling
    I've used the Weber 741001 off and on for many years. I buy a new one about every year to two years. I use it year around, including in the winter if it is a warm day. To empty it, I turn it upside down. Unfortunately, the legs then fall out, as well as the silver ash catcher underneath. The nylon handles do not work as well as the wooden ones, but seem to last longer. Heat is adjusted using vents, but more adjustability would be appreciated. Also, always leave some ash in the bottom to insulate the metal from the heat, it will last longer. I am going to try the cylindrical type smoker/grill next. I don't care for gas, doesn't taste as good as charcoal....more info
    Great grill that cooks just like a Weber! Whoever changed the handles from wood to nylon should be fired though... they have obviously never grilled before. This handle gets HOT!!! Who wants to put a glove on just to open a grill... this isn't the smartest move unless Weber is attempting to save trees (but they should remember where charcoal comes from). I won't buy another Weber if it has these cheap handles....more info
  • Great grill
    Great working grill. Minimum maintanance. The only drawback, is that the collecting plate on the bottom is very unstable and falls out often. ...more info
  • weber grills
    This is a great item!!!
    Having the second weber grill really came in handy for
    our fouth of July cook out.
    We had 10 people over for the holiday and all the food came out
    great....more info
  • Classic American grill.
    In my opinion, this is the perfect grill. We had a Weber kettle when I grew up and now I have one at my house. It is my grill of choice - I also have a Char Griller smokin pro. The Weber is easy to fire up and not too complicated to clean up. It's great when used with the Weber chimney starter. It is durable, easy to assemble, and a great addition to any backyard patio. If you like, you can also get a rotisserie for it. When it comes to grilling, I like charcoal. The Weber kettle is a great charcoal grill....more info
  • Weber Silver Kettle Grill
    The Weber grills are quality products. I bought my brother his first one over 30 years ago. This one replaced that one. I was happy to see the quality was still there after all these years....more info
  • great little grill
    easy to put together. Instructions were easy to follow. I have already made several things with the grill and it works great, food tastes great too! I love the wheels on the grill, they make it easy to move around....more info
  • Great but not Weber quality of 30 years ago
    Works like our first one that lasted over 20 years and was used year round. This new model seems to be made of lighter materials. Only time will tell how they will hold up. Really enjoy the "kettle grill charcoal flavor". Thanks,...more info
  • economical and useful
    I bought this as a gift for my husband and in the short time we've had this grill we've used it no less than 24 times. It's really great. I'm glad I spent the extra 20 bucks and got the 22 1/2 and also bought the chimmney starter as well as the all weather cover. We live in an area with highwind and the grill has been left oustide and has never fallen over which is a really big plus for us. I'm looking forward to using this grill for years to come. ...more info
  • The best
    This basic Weber has been slightly modified over the years but it remains an all-American, absolute classic. For basic barbecuing this beats any gas range if you care about great flavor. Be sure to order the funnel charcoal starter so you can avoid the need for fuel starter. Weber makes a very solid and reasonably priced funnel that is heads above most of the cheap ones on the market....more info
  • good grill, poor quality construction.
    I have used the grill 4 times now. The wheels have fallen off and the legs don't stay in the base. It is not designed to be moved around at all, even if you want to clean your BBQ area down, be careful when moving the grill as it falls apart far too easily. Don't get me wrong, it does a fine job of the cooking part. I don't see it holding up more than a year or two with this lack of integrity in it's overall construction. I will end up re-engineering the legs and wheels so as to keep them in place permanently. Something I despise is having to tweak another manufacturers product just to make it right. Oh, and one more annoyance, then I'm done, I promise. The cheap plastic handles are the worst thing weber could have done to "improve" the product. They get way too hot, not like the old wooden handles that the previous models have on them....more info
  • Lifetime investment
    This is a great purchase. The grill will last as long as you need it. The outside is rust proof. Best way to cook.

    Bring back the wooden handles. The plastic handle gets hot.
    Make sturdier grates. I've had my grill for 8 years and I'm on my 3rd grilling grate and 2nd charcoal grate.

    Other than that, good product....more info
  • Just as advertized.
    The Weber Grill I bought is actually bigger than I thought it would be. This turned out to be a pleasent surprize, though.
    If you follow the enstructions closely, you will find magnifisent results in just minutes. After you have burned the coal long enough to get desired temperature, the grill keeps the heat for a fair amount of time. This allows to to grill enough to feed a party of people. I would say this is the best charcoal grill I had ever used....more info
  • Great multi-function cooker
    I had a Weber Kettle grill 20 years ago. I had no clue what I was doing, but I still got great results. Open the vents, put on the dome, and a little while later I had great food. But I got tired of waiting for charcoal to heat up, and went on to propane. I never got good results with gas. After wasting way too many years destroying food on gas grills, I came home to charcoal and Weber. This time around I know what I'm doing, and the Weber is giving me Fantastic results. The 22 1/2 kettle is a great all around cooker. It grills, sears, bakes and does a very good job of "low and slow" smoking. If you only have the room or desire for one cooker, get this one without hesitation. It won't smoke quite as good as a real smoker, but unless you're a perfectionist, you'll never know the differance. The 18 inch grill is a great cooker too, but because it's smaller it's harder to smoke on it. So if you have the room, get this model. The lid and bowls are built like a tank. I found the unit wiggles around where the legs attach, even though I assembled it correctly. The older ones don't wiggle. But that's progress. I don't think it's a problem though, just an observation. I was torn between 4-5 stars because of that. They have been building these forever, so assesories and replacement parts can be had easily.
    Built solid, mutliple uses, food tastes great, easy to use. Not much else to say....more info
  • Weber One-Touch Silver Kettle Grill
    My wife bought this for Christmas. First one I have used from Weber and can't beleive how sturdy and well built it is. Does a great job grilling also. Big enough to handle plenty of food and small enough to make it easy to move from one place to another. ...more info