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American Lawn Mower Company SK-1 Reel Mower Sharpening Kit
List Price: $19.99

Our Price: $11.00

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Product Description

The American Lawn Mower Company reel mower sharpening kit is an easy way to keep reel blades in top cutting form. This do-it-yourself kit allows users to sharpen their own mowers at home. The kit contains everything you need for safe and effective sharpening, including a detailed instruction manual, grinding compound, application brush, and a special back-lapping crank. The kits is designed for use with 1705-16 and 1815-18 push mowers. Cutting down on mowing time, this sharpening kits gives you an environmentally-friendly, perfectly cut lawn.

  • Reel mower sharpening kit keeps reel blades in top cutting form
  • Cuts down on mowing time; environmentally-friendly
  • Do-it-yourself kit allows users to sharpen their own mowers at home
  • Includes grinding compound, application brush, and back-lapping crank
  • Designed for use with 1705-16 and 1815-18 push mowers

Customer Reviews:

  • good product
    The kit is good and did the trick. I would have liked more complete instructions on how to disassemble the lawnmower wheel in order to fasten the cranking tool....more info
  • Must Have!
    I haven't had to use it yet, but I'm glad to know it's there when I'll surely need to use it one day. ...more info
  • LetbThe Mower Do The Work!
    This is a recent purchase, but I had used it in the past and was delighted with what an excellent job it did. My mower has been caught up in the system-the seller neither shipped it nor responded to my enquirers. Amazon closed the order now and will arrange credit toward another purchase. Under Order status, they indicated that I shoud have received within the projected time frME ...more info
  • A definite necessity
    This sharpening kit is a definite necessity for reel mower users. The directions are easy to follow, and it makes sharpening the blades easy and convenient. I was brand new to reel mowers, and had never seen a anyone sharpen or use one before, but I had no problems with this kit at all. Using this kit, I have been getting a great cut....more info
  • Annoying...
    Honestly it was really annoying for me to sharpen the blades on my mower. I thought it'd be straight forward but apparently I'm pretty retarded when it comes to this mower and not making a mess. =P...more info
  • Awesome
    This is a great product. The sharpening instructions where very easy to understand, and after I figured out that the hand crank could be replaced with a 1/2 inch chuck electric drill, I was able to sharpen my used, garage sale mower in about 5 minutes. ...more info
  • Mower
    I haven't used this item yet but hopefully I can use it on my scott's mowers....more info
  • reel lawnmower sharpening kit
    This product is the standard kit for sharpening push reel lawnmowers manufactured by the American Lawn Mower company (a.k.a. Great States mowers). It does the job of sharpening the blades as expected. With this kit, I sharpen the five blades on the mower in about ten minutes.
    David Haas...more info
  • great product
    did what it was suppose to mdo really worked well on sharping the blades on out reel mower...more info
  • Convenient kit - traditional approach made simple
    This kit is essentially what anyone can do on their own but it is conveniently packaged. The goop everyone is referring to is essentially the same as automotive valve grinding compound (which you can get at most auto parts stores). I like the idea of using a power drill to turn the reel while it sharpens - so here's an alternative for anyone who feels like taking a DIY approach:

    1. Prop up the lawn mower so you can turn the reel by twirling the wheels.

    2. Check the blades for nicks and burrs. If you find any, remove them with a file (hold file flat against blade and push away from spindle). I use a sharpening stone that fits my power drill but that's b/c I'm lazy.

    3. Check your bar alignment, it'll be obvious if it's off - it will hit the guide bar. If alignment is off, you need to fix the alignment with the screws at the end of the bar but hopefully it's fine (if it turns with that cool whispy sound, then you're fine).

    4. Spread a thin & even coat of auto valve-grinding compound.

    5. Take off a wheel and affix your power drill so that the blade turns and the grinding compound squeezes between the blades and the cutting bar. Go a few dozen times.

    6. I reapply the grinding compound and do it again.

    7. Check out the blades, which should be sharper then rinse the valve compound off the blades.

    This is EASY and quick. I really like how the kit makes it a no brainer exercise and if you're going to use a reel mower, use one with sharp blades....more info
  • Sharpen your reel mower
    I have a Craftsman reel mower thats about 30 years old. It wasn't used for 18 years and the blade needed sharpened. I came across this sharpening kit and even though its for American Lawn Mower brand reel mowers it worked fantastic for mine. The handle to spin the blade backwards didn't work like it would for American Lawn Mower brand ones, but with a little modification it worked great. The blade is now extremely sharp and shiny. Cuts the grass cleanly and smoothly. It will last you several sharpenings. For the few times you need to sharpen your blades, I would guess it will last me more than 5 years....more info
  • blade sharpener
    This is a simple low teck product that does exactly what it is supposed to do. It sharpens the blades on a reel type mower. My mower's blades were not in horrible condition and I cannot comment on how this product would perform on severly damaged blades. I was satisfied with the product, the instructions and the price....more info