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Pete's Dragon (Disney Gold Classic Collection)
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Pete, a young orphan, runs away to a Maine fishing town with his best friend--a lovable, sometimes invisible dragon named Elliott! When they are taken in by a kind lighthouse keeper, Nora (Helen Reddy), and her father (Mickey Rooney), Elliott's prank playing lands them in big trouble. Then, when crooked salesmen try to capture Elliott for their own gain, Pete must attempt a daring rescue.

Disney loved to mix live action with animation (Mary Poppins, Bedknobs and Broomsticks), but this 1977 effort falls on its face. The turn-of-the-century story concerns an orphaned boy whose only friend is a cartoon monster. While the latter is entertainingly rendered, the rest of the film strains to be enchanting and the cast overreaches in a big way. Not for anybody over the age of ten. --Tom Keogh

Customer Reviews:

  • Loved it as a kid, love it more now!!
    Pete's Dragon has always been one of my favorite movies. This is a wonderful classic movie you can watch with your children. The songs are fun, and lighthearted. I love the part when they sing about how they would use the dragon pieces. They do this silly little dance, which is really funny. I loved it as a child, and love it even more now. I think that Elliot is a dragon with a huge heart, and it is just fun to watch!...more info
  • A great movie even for today's kids!
    This was a great buy. The price was right and my daughter has watched the movie several times! I also enjoyed seeing it again after all these years....more info
  • Pete's Dragon is an excellent family film
    Pete's Dragon (Disney Gold Classic Collection)

    I purchased this film for my son when he was 12 years old...He watched it over and over again, until he not only knew the songs by heart, but the dialogue as well..I must admit, I enjoyed it as much as he did...Years later, I purchased the DVD for his children, who also watch it over, and over, and over again...I got so caught up in it that I went and purchased a copy for myself. I think the best way to judge the excellence of a film, is when you can watch it repeatedly, and not only continue to enjoy it, but to learn from it...Having actually worked in theatre and film for over 40 years, I can honestly say that this film meets that criteria, and that it must be judged for what it is...a fantasy...and under those guidelines, it excels. The characterizations are exquisite and well performed within the guidelines of a fantasy, and the music is catchy, and fun..Just what is needed in childrens theatre.
    I consider this film to be a classic in fantasy, and very harshly misjudged by certain critics, who seem to believe that the only good critique is a negative one...Hats off to Disney and the cast for creating this masterpiece, that I am certain will be enjoyed by generations to come...A must for anyone with children.
    ...more info
  • I Love Elliott
    Have loved this movie since I was a kid and still do. ...more info
  • Pete's Dragon
    I am unable to send a review. I did not recieve the product. The supplier was unable to supply this....more info
  • Great movie!
    My 7 and 2 year olds love this movie. It is exactly as I remember it as a child. ...more info
  • The age window is wide
    I agree with previous reviews; why can I only like this movie from ages 3-7? Yes, the animation does not rival current x-box releases, but does x-box have witty and mellifluous songs from snake oil charlatans, drunken dragon watchers and dirty hillbillies, as well as endearing friendship songs about loving someone even though they have the ears of a cow? I thought not!...more info
  • Worst. Movie. For a Kid. Ever
    This was the first film I saw in the theater, and it totally freaked me out. I was 5 and oh man did this movie scare and depressed me. Never saw it again the rest of my life and will NEVER let my children see it.

    Thank goodness my next movie was Star Wars. Whew....more info
  • Pete's Dragon
    This was my favorite as a child. It is worth a look.
    Young Kids will love it....more info
  • An absolute classic, one of Disney's finest
    To be truthful, not many people would agree with the title of my reivew, but it's my opinion. Nostalgic feelings spring up for me whenever I watch the film, and though today we may be able to blend films like this, it was a great step. Also, the music in Pete's Dragon and its message are both so empowering, if a little corny. But how can a film be empowering and NOT corny? It's a spectacular movie. Buy it. The end....more info
  • For the next generation
    This was my daughter's favorite movie when she was a child. This Christmas I decided to give a copy to her to enjoy with her 6 yr old son. The movie is entertaining and showcases good moral values on a level that a child can understand. Perhaps going "back to basics" is not such a bad idea?...more info
  • Sorely Underated and Too Often Bashed
    It is really sad to see how cruel people can be out there. I will admit to you that this may be a little heavy for a kid's movie, but it has some excellent points to make. I continue to see this movie derided by people and press and it makes me very sad how people don't give it a chance. I wes very impressed with the music, I have all of the soundtracks, LP, Cassette and CD, I own the movie on VHS and DVD and it has always been my favorite movie of all time. Perhaps it's my favorite because it is such a step away from normal, lightheated children's movies. I read somewhere that Walt Disney was probably rolling in his grave when this movie came out, and I would like to say I believe that person to be sorely mistaken. While a bit flawed, this is truly an excelent Disney film. Remember, "There's Room for EVERYONE in this World" as the song states, give this movie a chance. This is a wonderful film to watch with your children and discuss afterwards, maybe even watch on your own. It is NOT strictly for children. While Pete's Dragon is based, derided, and generally forgotten, I urge all of you to at least rent this gem and bring it out of the obscurity it doesn't deserve....more info
  • Pete's Dragon
    This is a lovely tale and the video I received was in excellent condition. My daughter introduced it to her little ones, and sang every song and had tears in her eyes as this was her favorite movie when she was little. Would buy this over and over and the sellers were exceptional....more info
  • A great movie even for today's kids!
    This was a great buy. The price was right and my daughter has watched the movie several times! I also enjoyed seeing it again after all these years....more info
  • Did not receive
    Although the vendor advertised they had copies of this DVD in stock in their warehouse, they did not. My order was canceled approximately 4 weeks after I placed my order. This was to be a birthday gift for a grandchild and had I selected another vendor, the DVD might have been available....more info
  • Defective product
    We absolutely love this movie and our kids really enjoyed the parts they were able to view. Unfortunately, the disc skipped several times and stopped completely after a while, so we returned it for a replacement. We received a replacement but had the same problem with that disc as well. All of our other DVDs work fine, so we're confident the problem lay with the actual disc and not our DVD player. We were informed that there was a "widespread problem" with this title and no more replacements would be available. What I don't understand, then, is why this disc is still for sale on Amazon assuming their whole batch is bad. At any rate, I wouldn't recommend purchasing it until the problems have been rectified....more info
  • Poor quality - Avoid this DVD
    I bought this item for my niece for christmas. My sister called to let me know that the DVD messed up at a certain point in the movie. Thinking that was a fluke, she returned it and we re-ordered another one from amazon. SAME PROBLEM WITH THE SECOND DVD. We will just have to order it from another source. ...more info
  • Still an all time favorite
    One of my favorite Disney movies. I love the relationship between Elliot and Pete. The songs in the movie are unforgettable. I still find myself singing them now as an adult....more info
  • Most watched family oriented movie I have ever owned.
    My whole family has loved this movie for nearly 25 years. WE RANK IT #3 of 41 disney movies.

    I bought my first VCR in 1980 and this was the first movie I actually bought, rather than just renting and duping. They reworked it some, placing "Candle on the Water" within the movie, rather than with the opening credits and I bought it again about 4 years ago. I am delighted to see this on DVD.
    We have always liked this movie over the bigger budget Mary Poppins and Bedknobs and Broomsticks.

    We own all 3 and the kids themselves have elected to watch Feakys Fraggen, because my son Steve also called it that, many dozens of times. Why. We love the music. We like the characters. And we like the animated dragon, even though they could have painted him better than they did. We know 4 of the songs and sing them regularly. We do fast forward through one section, but otherwise this is simply one of our favorite movies period.

    The cast is almost perfect. Helen Reddy, Jim Dale, who is the reader on the Harry Potter audio books, Mickey Rooney, Shelley Winters. Jim Backus, Red Buttons, Charlie Callas, Jeff Conaway as Willie Gogan who played Bobby in Taxi and also a security officer on Babylon 5. The lead actor Sean Marshall is the weak link and I don't think he ever made another movie.

    My 5 children range in age from 6 to 27 and this might be the most watched family oriented movie I have ever owned.

    We had a lot of fun by gathering the family together to rank the 41 Disney movies we have that include some cartoon work. All the kids, ages 6 to 27, participated along with mother and dad. Peter Pan is no Codfish, we rank it #2. Lion King was selected number 1 of the 41 as the family favorite, but narrowly. Peter Pan was 2. Pete's Dragon 3, Beauty & the beast 4 and Sleeping Beauty 5....more info

  • Best children's movie ever!
    I watched this movie when I was little and still love watching it today. I give it as a gift to all of my nieces and nephews and recently got one for my own daughter as well. Can't wait til she is old enough to watch it with me!...more info
  • Best children's movie ever!
    I watched this movie when I was little and still love watching it today. I give it as a gift to all of my nieces and nephews and recently got one for my own daughter as well. Can't wait til she is old enough to watch it with me!...more info
  • Disney Movie
    Very good condition, received product in a very short time after ordering. I would order from seller again...more info
  • primarily for the youngest viewers
    This is NOT one of those films that is nominally for kids but the whole family enjoys it. It's not that good -- way too long (over 2 hours) -- with mediocre songs and a cast that's a real mixed bag, but our group of preschoolers enjoyed it, so if you want a film that kids might enjoy, then it may be worth a try. It's another in the mixed live action and animation movies Disney was doing at the time (Mary Poppins, Bedknobs and Broomsticks), but not one of the better ones.

    Pete is a lonely and abused boy who finds friendship with adults (Helen Reddy, Mickey Rooney) in his community. He also hangs out with Elliott, an animated dragon who often becomes invisible before carrying out misguided or mischievous acts.

    The film can be subtitled in French or English, and extras include theatrical and international trailers, a photo gallery, songs, film facts, a Where's Elliott? game, and trailers for three other films....more info

  • Snazzy Showtunes and Beautiful Music
    As a teenager, I still love this movie. For an upcoming audition I am performing the beautiful "Candle on the Water". This is a very clever, humorous and heartwarming Disney film. Considering the awful recent releases, Pete's Dragon is a gem among rocks. "It's Not Easy", "I Saw a Dragon", "Every Little Piece" and "Bill of Sale" are all memorable songs from this film for everybody. The animation and songs are the attraction for children and the plotline, choreography and clever dialogue will delight teenagers and adults. Highlight? Seeing Mickey Rooney in a starring role. I was very impressed with Elliot considering the time period of this movie. Seriously, Disney should start making movies like this again.

    P.S. The actor who plays Pete frankly amazed me. His ability to interact with the animated dragon is seemless and better than most child stars of today ...more info
  • Pete's Dragon
    The product was delivered on time and in the condition the seller described it. My son has enjoyed this movie as much as I did when I was his age. Thank you....more info
  • Heartwarming musical adventure!
    Pete's Dragon, originally released in 1977 along with The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh and The Rescuers is the heartwarming story of a lonely orphan boy named Pete and his large, invisible friend Elliott the dragon.

    Pete is mistreated by his evil adopting family, Lena, Merle, Willie and Grover Gogan and in his misfortunes, Pete talks to his closest friend, a dragon named Elliott who helps him run away from the Gogans and into a new life in the town of Passamaquoddy. After a few days of causing mischief around town, Pete finds shelter in the warm and loving lighthouse of Nora and his father Lampie. Nora, unlike her father, naturally does not believe in the existance of Elliott the dragon, but still allows Pete to let his imagination go wild. Pete soon learns about Paul, Nora's fiance who sailed off into the sea and was never seen again; Pete promises Nora that Elliott can bring him back and for the sake of Pete's happiness, Nora accepts this promise.
    Nora, Lampie, Pete and even Elliott are happy and confortable in their new home, promising each other to keep together forever, unfortunately, before this can be, they'll have to fight against the wicked Doc Terminus and his companion Hoagy, a pair of villains who've discovered the existance of Elliott the dragon and now want to get him to make a profit from his goods. To make matters worse, Doc Terminus counts with the help of the Gogans, who arrive in town just in time to re-claim what rightfully belongs to them.

    Although Pete's Dragon has an outstanding story line and one of the most touching ones Disney has ever produced, its strengh is really in the musical numbers. The film features about 10 different songs, all of which are great, some of the best in my opinion include the Academy Award nominated "Candle on the Water", "There's Room for Everyone" (A very inspiring and beautiful song) and "Brazzle Dazzle Day" (Very uplifting and cheery).

    While the acting may not always be there, the film features great actors and actresses, Jim Dale as Doc Terminus, Shelley Winters as the evil (Yet hilarious!) Lena Gogan, Mickey Rooney as Lampie and Jane Kean as the hilariously wicked school teacher Miss Taylor. Pete's Dragon is certainly a '70s Disney jewel to behold that will be enjoyed by children and those adults who like the good old Disney films of Yesterdayear.

    This Gold Collection DVD features decent picture and sound quality but lacks in the ammount of bonus features. It includes two original film trailers, different behind the scenes goodies, an interactive "Where's Elliott?" game and a super fun "Lighthouse Keeping" original Disney cartoon starring Donald Duck!

    Highly recommended! Also check out other grand '70s Disney films, "Bedknobs and Broomsticks" (1971), "The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh" (1977) and "The Rescuers" (1977)....more info