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Make Mine Music
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Share in Walt Disney's extraordinary vision of pairing imaginative stories with spectacular music in Disney's 8th full-length animated classic, available for the first time ever. In the tradition of FANTASIA, MAKE MINE MUSIC is a glorious collection of musically charged animated shorts featuring such fun-filled favorites as "Peter And The Wolf," narrated by the beloved voice behind Winnie The Pooh. In addition, you'll enjoy such classic cartoon hits as "Casey At The Bat," "The Whale Who Wanted To Sing At The Met," and "Johnnie Fedora And Alice Bluebonnet," the whimsical adventure of two hats who fall in love in a department store window. Every member of your family will have a favorite in this musical medley of fun and fantasy from Disney!

Sometimes referred to as "the Poor Man's Fantasia," Make Mine Music (1946) was the first of the "package features" Walt Disney released after World War?II. Instead of Bach and Beethoven, the artists illustrated segments set to popular music by Benny Goodman, Dinah Shore, and the Andrews Sisters. Originally set to Debussy's "Claire de Lune," "Blue Bayou" remains an atmospheric evocation of the Everglades. "The Whale Who Wanted to Sing at the Met" is a charming fantasy about a cetacean with an extraordinary voice. "Peter and the Wolf," based on the Prokofiev score, offers brightly colored designs, but the narration by Sterling Holloway seems superfluous. "All the Cats Join In" is an upbeat evocation of the Bobby Sox era, but "Casey at the Bat" and "Johnny Fedora and Alice Bluebonnet" feel self-conscious and unfunny.

"Two Silhouettes" combines rotoscoped images of Ballets Russes de Monte Carlo stars Tatiana Riabouchinska and David Lichine with kitsch cupids, sparkles, and hearts. "The Martins and the Coys," a spoof of a hillbilly feud, has been excised in a bow to modern taste. The supplemental material includes The Band Concert, the first color Mickey Mouse short and one of the character's finest performances, and Music Land, a quirky Silly Symphony about clashing musical styles. --Charles Solomon

Customer Reviews:

  • Make Mine Music
    This Disney Classic has now been released in Norway in uncut and unedited version with digital remasted sound and picture. The film itself its about 9 minutes longer than the US edition. Following Disney Classic has also been released in Norway in its original uncut and unedited version. "Saludos Amigos" 31 minutes longer (43 minutes in US 74 minutes in Norway), "The Three Caballeros" 3 minutes longer, "Melody Time" 7 minutes longer and "The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Tood" 2 minutes longer. All 5 has been released with digitally remastred sound and vision. The quality is much better than the US version.
    All 5 can be ordered from CDON in Norway, this disc has not been released in UK, only in Scandinavian....more info
  • Censorship in the Millenium!
    Several years ago, when I watched this animated musical on the Disney channel, I was thoroughly entertained and couldn't wait for it to be released in video (this was before DVD.) Luckily, it was replayed a few years ago and I was able to tape it. I have enthusiastically shown it to my six and three-year old children and when their twin brothers are old enough to focus on TV, they may view it, too.

    Apparently though, Disney feels that the 1940's version is too risque for my family, because, in addition to completely omitting the first vignette (The Martins and Hatfields, I believe ,) they also altered " All the Cats Join In" by removing the curved outline of the bust of the girl who jumps out of the shower.

    I cannot imagine who decided that such an innocuous image should be removed- but it certainly concerns me that an innocent, entertaining cartoon was butchered.

    So, my family watches the original version I taped from cable TV years ago. When it wears out, we'll have to settle for the "updated" year 2000 version.

    Shame on you, Disney!...more info

  • My review on Disney's "Make mine music"
    Another classic from the Disney studio that is a 'must have'for all film buffs & collectors. The delivery and service for posting /receiving this dvd was excellent also....more info
  • A disappointing Disney film and DVD to boot
    For the first time in North America, MAKE MINE MUSIC has been released to video and DVD. I had never seen the film prior to its DVD release, at least not in its entirety. After having bought a copy of the DVD, I think it is one of the worst entries in Disney's rich catalogue of animated films.

    One of the main reasons why it doesn't hold up well is because it takes itself too seriously. The so-called "arty" segments are a case in point. The "Two Silhouettes" segment, for example, features two shadowy figures dancing in the moonlight, and set to a warbling Dinah Shore over an orchestral backing. This may serve well as an easy-listening music video, but not for a Disney film! It's just a piece of filler, much like most of the segments in the film. The two major highlights don't appear until the second half, with "Casey at the Bat" and "The Whale Who Wanted to Sing at the Met." They're more representative of what Disney does best: tell an interesting story, with some memorable characters and songs thrown in for good measure.

    As for the DVD, the bonus cartoon shorts are good, but there's nothing else on it except an endless series of coming attractions. One bonus they could've included is a documentary on why they bothered to make such a lacklusture film in the first place. Too bad the "Martin & McCoy" sequence was cut from this release. It would've been interesting to see that.

    Otherwise, be prepared to accept that MAKE MINE MUSIC may not "make your day."...more info

  • Make Mine Music
    A lower budget production that was released between the bigger ones during the 1940's but never the less, a real charmer. The opening number in the animated presentation involving ten parts is 'A Rustic Ballad', and starts the show off in great style. From there the pace alternates between faster and slower with a wind up to the finale of the well known 'The Whale Who Wanted to Sing at the Met', titled 'Opera Pathetique'. The third item 'A Jazz Interlude' was the highlight for me with the superb Benny Goodman musical track providing the background for some of the best 1940's animation you could hope to see. Other musical stars of the period such as Nelson Eddy, The Andrews Sisters, Jerry Colonna and Dinah Shore who feature on the soundtrack show how well Walt Disney was able to add such a wonderful touch of quality and appeal to this release.
    ...more info
  • Disappointed
    I have been awaiting this film's release on video, as it is one of the few early Disney releases I've never seen. Admittedly, "Music" is a mixed bag with some very good features and some pretty lame ones. It was nice that they included "Band Concert" on the tape too. However, my biggest disappointment was the censoring of "The Martins and the Coys" sequence! Why take that out? In reading other viewers' comments, I see that this wasn't the only aspect of the film revised. I can accept that this was one of Disney's compilation films and I wasn't expecting a "Snow White". If Disney was going to release the film on video, they should have released the entire thing in its original uncut form!...more info
  • Make Mine Music
    This wonderful Disney Classic is a must for any true collector. It is made in the style of Fantasia and my kids all love it....more info
  • All the cats joined in!!!
    Great video of popular stories musically enhanced. But best of all the cartton featuring Benny Goodman's "All the cats join in" is included in this collection. One of THE BEST cartoons ever!!! Featuring some COOL swing animation!!!!!...more info
  • Thoroughly Disappointed
    I was seriously considering purchasing this film. However, since Disney has indulged in heavy censoring of the program, I no longer have any interest in owning this DVD. Let me know if they ever rescind this policy....more info
  • rather disappointed
    As a collector of Disney videos, I needed Make Mine Music to complete my set of the animated features (37 at this time). I was disappointed with the fact that it has been edited. I understand that portions which were acceptable at the time may not meet modern standards, yet these movies are representative of the era in which they were created! I contacted Disney to find out if and when a complete version of this movie would be available and never got a reply. That was extremely aggravating also. So, if you are a collector, be aware that this is NOT the original version of the film....more info
  • Classics and oddities
    My 2 and 4 year old love some of the segments on this dvd. Their favorite is "Peter and The Wolf". Some of the cartoons are more abstract, artsy, pre-Fantasia fare. They enjoy some of those, too....more info
  • Defective Product
    When I received the package containing my purchase, I opened it carefully.
    I noticed the magnetic "Security Bar" was loose in the bottom of the box. When I performed an examination of the product, I found a scratch on the playing side. When I played the CD it would skip on of the selection of Casey at the Bat. I am very unhappy with this product....more info
  • Lots of Good Memories!
    Originally I was trying to find a particular cartoon short that my son remembered from when he was just a couple of years old. He's 21 now, and I finally found the cartoon that he remembered on this DVD. I watched it before I sent it to my son, and it all started coming back to me...songs, characters, fantastic animation, all from way back in a much more innocent time. My son called me after receiving and watching it and said that he absolutely loved it! Now he can't wait to have kids of his own to share this great DVD with!...more info
  • beautifull
    For people who love disney and music this is a beautiful dvd.
    Made with care and fun....more info
  • make mine music
    Disney should have EDITED VERSION printed on the cover to let people know they are not getting the original version of MAKE MINE MUSIC and MELODY TIME...more info
  • Make Mine Music
    I must say this is the most dissapointing Disney effort to date on DVD. To begin with they have edited out the first segnent of the movie. I have no idea why they would do that. Shame on you Disney! Furthermore the quality of the video and aaudio is berlow par. To add insult to injury, Disney all but forces you to wade through a bunch of previews before getting to the main feature. I am now thinking twice about buying any more DVD's from the mouse....more info
  • Disney's first of 3 follow-ups to 'Fantasia' is superb!
    After Walt Disney's 1940 masterpiece FANTASIA failed at the box office, it's surprising he ever again tried illustrating music with animation-- yet he did, gratefully.

    Some of Disney's best and these days generally unknown 1940s animated features follow the format laid down in that groundbreaking film. Created in part from scraps left over when the majority of Walt's animators were involved in WWII, these musical montages are quite good.

    The first to be released was MAKE MINE MUSIC (1946). Using popular tunes and some classical, and with the talents of Nelson Eddy, Dinah Shore, Benny Goodman, the Andrews Sisters, Jerry Colonna, Sterling Holloway and crooner Andy Russell, this delightful work has 10 distinct segments:

    THE MARTINS AND THE COYS has since been removed because it contains comedic gunplay.

    BLUE BAYOU was intended for FANTASIA. The music is DeBussy's "Clair de Lune."

    ALL THE CATS JOIN IN is a real highlight. Benny Goodman's band accompanies a pencil that sketches out the action.

    WITHOUT YOU is a ballad sung by Andy Russell.

    Jerry Colonna reads CASEY AT THE BAT.

    TWO SILHOUETTES is two actual ballet dancers seen as silhouettes against animated backgrounds. Dinah Shore sings the title tune.

    Sterling Holloway narrates Prokofiev's PETER AND THE WOLF.

    AFTER YOU'VE GONE features Goodman again and some highly unusual-looking musical instruments.

    The Andrews Sisters provide vocals for JOHNNY FEDORA AND ALICE BLUE BONNET, a story of two hats in a department store that fall in love.

    The final segment is best. In the poignant THE WHALE WHO WANTED TO SING AT THE MET, the giant sea mammal is harpooned and killed because it's believed his lovely voice emanates from an opera singer the whale swallowed. Multiple singing voices provided by Nelson Eddy. Music includes an aria from Donizetti's Lucia di Lammermoor.

    MAKE MINE MUSIC is also available on DVD.

    In 1947, Disney studios released another excellent animated musical montage called FUN AND FANCY FREE. (VHS edition) (DVD edition)...more info
  • Fantastic Music, Short Story Lines, Graphics & Style!
    This is a fun, interesting, and creative Gold Disney DVD as the music, and short musical stories are superior to anything Disney is creating today...I am certain you will enjoy this captivating program as much as our family does...worth every penny! Go For It!!...more info
  • Peter and the wolf was done wrong
    Ok there are some points I love. This was my first introduction to the poem Casey at the bat for example. the whale who wanted to sing at the met always made me smile.
    However I must say while I loved the vivid coloration of it and seeing Peter and the wolf Disney sensored there too and took an enormous liberty. In the orriginal story the duck was swallowed whole. Leaving it a sort of bittersweet victory and proving that this wolf was a dangerous animal. I guess it was to keep from tramatizing kids but Sasha the duck comes out of a hollow tree at the end. Making it both lighthearted and goofy. Plus the duck and the bird were not friends and while Grandfather deep down was probubly proud of Peter he had his more adult and practical view in the original writiting of it of what if Peter had not been sucessful what then? I really wish they'd left Peter and the wolf as originally written. Kids won't understand that version if they're fed the sugar coated one. ...more info
  • Don't be fooled
    Overall my son and I enjoyed this DVD. The quality is even better than the original release and they just don't use music in cartoons like they used to. However, don't be fooled this Peter and the Wolf version has been severely truncated from Prokofiev's original. I conduct orchestras for a living and assure you that the music, narration, and storyline have been substantially altered and shortened from Prokofiev's original. While Disney's productions have helped to expose a wider audience to classical music, I feel it is worth mentioning that they unapologetically alter the composer's creation and then present it as the original. Fantasia has similar artistic compromises throughout. I suggest the more recent release of Peter and the Wolf by Sting and conducted by Cladio Abbado if you are in search of a more accurate representation of Prokofiev's work....more info
  • A Ok
    Got this one to finish off my dvd of Disney Classics. Super great. Came in super time and is in excellent super duper condition....more info
  • Looks great but...
    A lot of thought evidently went into releasing this DVD. Unfortunately, the thinking was left to the wrong people, sales people not artists. As a result, what we get is a great publishing opportunity wasted. When opened, the box contained six coupons for unrelated cheap goods. There's also a small, irrelevant and unrelated book that's listed as one of the extras. The DVD then starts with a pile of adverts for other Disney films. When you finally get to the film the first thing you get is a banner to say that you getting an 'edited' version of the film (though the fact isn't mentioned on the packaging). It turns out that one of the original shorts has been dropped.

    That being said, what are the good points? There are some, I think the quality of the transfer is one of the best so far; certainly superior to Saludos Amigos. The sound quality is good, though I don't have the equipment to make the most of it. Extras on Disney DVDs are (slowly) improving. This one includes three extra cartoons. For some reason, they still think that a Theatrical Trailer counts as a bonus. I'm not sure why.

    Artistically, it isn't a Disney highlight (except perhaps 'Peter and the Wolf'). It's a sort of easy listening version of Fantasia.

    There must be an absolute wealth of material in the Disney archives that could be included either on the DVD or in the box. I'm willing to bet there are plenty of individuals within the company who would love to organise it. My message to the Disney Corporation is to get the sales force out of the production seat and let the artists (and archivists) have a go. They could only make a better job of this year's animated releases. We know it can be done with new material (witness Tarzan and the forthcoming Toy Story package), go for it with the old stuff too....more info