The Fox and the Hound (Walt Disney Gold Classic Collection)
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Disney proudly presents its 24th full-length animated film -- hailed as "vintage Disney" by The Washington Post. This highly acclaimed classic blends vibrant animation and breathtaking action to tell the story of two best friends who didn't know they were supposed to be enemies. The fun and adventure begin when a lonely widow adopts an orphaned fox cub named Tod. The mischievous fox soon meets up with Copper, an adorable hound puppy. As the innocent pair grow up together in the forest, they become inseparable friends. But the day soon arrives when their friendship is put to the ultimate test! "Echoing the dramatic moods and imagery of BAMBI and LADY AND THE TRAMP" (Seattle Times) -- and reflecting such timeless values as love, courage, and respect for life -- THE FOX AND THE HOUND has captured an honored place among Disney's most beloved and endearing animated classics.

The Fox and the Hound marked the last collaboration between Disney's older artists, including three of the "Nine Old Men" (Frank Thomas, Ollie Johnston, and Woolie Reitherman), and the young animators who would make the record-breaking films of the '90s. Based on a book by Daniel P. Mannix, the film tells the story of a bloodhound puppy and a fox kit who begin as friends but are forced to become enemies. Tod and Copper barely establish their friendship before Copper begins his training as hunting dog. Unfortunately, neither character develops much of a personality, which makes it difficult to care about them. The screen comes alive near end of the film, when Tod and Copper have to join forces to fight off an enormous bear. It had been years since Disney produced a sequence with this kind of feral power--and years would pass before they surpassed it. The Fox and the Hound ranks as one of the studio's lesser efforts, but it suggests that better films were soon to follow. (Ages 5 and older) --Charles Solomon

Customer Reviews:

  • A classic [Includes some spoilers]
    The Fox and The hound was a movie that I watched when I was 5 and I remember liking it. I watched it recently as a refresher. Well here is my honest opinions. The Fox and the Hound is a great story, it really is but some of the dialouge seems like it was from the 50's. The animations are great, except it dosen't have a disney look to it, but more of a Don Bluth look to it in my opinion. Yet some of the images of TFATH can be scary to some kids, such as the fight scene with tod and Copper would probably frighten a 5-year-old. Simply put, most kids would enjoy the film and possibly some adults can look back to when they were younger when they saw this film in 1981. If you are disgusted with the film, then don' purchase it, or if you do then get the 25th anniversary version of it. ...more info
  • Sad Movie
    I like this movie, but I don't love it. I thought it sounded horrible that Tod and Copper weren't suppose to be friends. It hurts when you want to be somebody's friend but can't. It turned out that Widow Tweed had no right to keep a fox like Tod for a pet and had to make him live in the forest, although Amos Slade still wanted to shoot him. The only happy moment in this movie was when Tod found a relationship with Vixey.

    I also want to add that it sounded more than appropriate for Jack Albertson to provide Slade's voice because Slade almost looked like Jack Albertson himself. ...more info
    I watched it for the second time in my life last night after what I think is 13 years (I'm 18 now), and I'm reminded why I loved this movie so much. Not only are the animations and music great, but the underlying lessons that are taught about trustworthy friendship and the tribulations that life gives us. The world we live in today is constantly telling us that we need to network and make contacts in order to insure ourselves in job security, financial security, or even emotional security. Friendship is meant so that we form bonds that last lifetimes. I've relearned a valuable lesson from this movie. I would also like to recommend my most favority Disney classic, The Jungle Book. This movie also has the same underlying message of the strength of friendship with one of everyone having their own place in the "jungle". I hope that this review has helped those who want to teach their children life lessons wrapped in a Disney box. ...more info
  • Highly Underrated Disney Classic.
    The Fox and The Hound was made in a time when Disney animation had lost some of its luster . It was one of the last films of the old guard until the transition to the highly popular animated musical "The Little Mermaid". Probably because of this it was not as highly regarded as many of the early classics and the post Mermaid period.
    I for one believe it has got to be one of the best the studio has ever produced ! I totaly disagree with the review saying that none of the main characters was very well developed personality wise! What does he want?!..........pretencious wise cracking one liners who try too hard to be witty like we see such an overdose of these days ?!? What this film so strongly portrays in Todd the fox and Copper the hound is their childhold innocence, unclouded by the grim prejudices of the "adult" world that conditions you to hate because that is the way it is. The ending was truely moving and bittersweet when their friendship is rekindled in the face of life and death but in the end they could never be friends because society would not let them. I wish Disney would make more metaphoric stories such as this because this is not your typical "Disney" movie where there is always a fairytale ending. This is a film that truely tries to say something about the world and asks us to look at ourselves, a rarity for a Disney film. The Fox and the Hound deserves better....more info
  • Old classic,New Generation
    I loved this film even now over 25 yrs later and recommend it to everyone with or without kids - its just a lot of fun. I even look forward to buying fox and the hound 2 for the adventures to continue....more info
  • A true classic
    If you like disney animation in the old style and love animals, you'll really enjoy this movie. It's a cute story about true friendship....more info
  • Is Disney getting lazy or they just don't care anymore?
    3 stars is for the dvd itself not the film (the movie gets 4 1/2). So can anyone tell me is Disney getting lazy or maybe they just don't care anymore? When I heard that this movie was coming out I got excited. Then when I purchased it and watched I was very disappointed toe see that the picture had not been restored. Other Disney films Platinum, Special, Masterpiece, whatever have gotten restored why not this one? I hope Disney doesn't do this again to any upcoming special or masterpiece editions of their films....more info
  • Great film, poor new DVD release.
    An excellent film, but a tradgedy of a new DVD. The video quality is not restored at all and is sadly littered with scratches, jumps and a lack of clarity similar to the earlier Gold Collection edition. There's no clear line on whether it's the correct aspect ratio also becasue Disney were making different ratios than this film is presented in at the time (Rescuers Down Under) and so it seems strange that they'd jump backwards in futureproofing considering Walt's accumen regarding the Future and technological advances which must, even after his death, still echo through the halls. I find it very sad that classics like Bambi and The Little Mermaid can be treated so well and restored beautifully - and there was NO attempt to give this easy-to-love film a treatment it deserved. The only feature on here of any worth is a 6:32 feature about film making and a static art gallery. The other extras are all off other DVDs. Very sad. Naughty Di$$$$$ney!...more info
  • The Fox and the Hound
    I am quite please with my purchase. My grandson loves watching this movie....more info
  • One of the best Disney movies
    I saw this movie last time 25 years ago and I have to say that it hasn't lost much of its magic. Beautiful and partially sad story about friendship. Good thing is also that there isn't too many songs in this, which Im not fond off....more info
  • Correct screen ratio! This movie IS FULL FRAME!
    O.K. I can answer the many questions about the correct screen ratio of THE FOX AND THE HOUND.

    I was a movie projectionist at the time and I had access to look at a 1988 re-release 35mm print of the movie and it was FULL FRAME! Yes, the movie is 1:33 to 1 , NOT WIDESCREEN!

    You have to understand the thinking of 1980's Hollywood. Theaters were getting smaller, all movies ended up on television, and VHS & Beta home video tapes were becoming the popular way to watch movies. Therefore, many producers started filming their movies in the full frame television format, knowing that it is the way most people would see the film then.

    Paramount even shot all of their 1980's comedies in full frame. Airplane I & II; Naked Gun I, II, III; Addams Family I & II; The Bette Midler movies , Throw Mama from the Train are part of the countless list of FULL FRAME movies that DVD is offering in a masked 1:85-1 format.

    We should be glad that Buena Vista is offering THE FOX & THE HOUND in the ratio that it was produced.

    The movie itself falls short of a Disney Classic. It seems any Disney movie short on songs seems to be overall less appealing. The basic story line is good and could have made for a very successful classic, but the execution of the story lacks the right elements.

    This new release is no big deal, you gain a short behind-the-scenes clip that appears to be pulled from another special and you lose the 1988 theatrical trailer on the original DVD release. That's right, the FIRST DVD RELEASE EXTRA OF THE PREVIEW TRAILER HAS BEEN DELETED HERE!
    The movie itself has gotten NO RESTORATION, but my opinion is that it still looks good on a regular large TV.

    I was hoping of the Angela Lansbury TV special done in the early 1980's that showed some behind the scenes of the making of The Fox and the Hound, but sadly that is not to be here.

    Bottom line:
    If you missed the first DVD release, then buy this.
    If you have the first DVD release you can pass on this unless you are a Disney completist....more info
  • Good not great film, DISAPPOINTING DVD PACKAGE
    This film is a good NOT great Disney entry.

    It took me a while to finally purchase this 25th anniversary package.

    With that name, an 25th anniversary package I expected A LOT more than I got.

    1. Package has those horrible, NEVER, should have been designed 2 little flip open flaps on it. I HATE THESE THINGS.
    2. Package ONLY had 1 DVD. I expected 2 DVD's.
    3. Only OK extras. I always do like the "Making Of" features but other than an "Art Gallery" there was not that much as for extras UNLESS you are a child.
    4. No brochure, any information on the film. 25th anniversary & the company could not give information on the film? Cheap.

    Needless to say, I was just disappointed with this. I expect more from Disney.
    ...more info
  • A Forever Touching Story
    I was first introduced to The Fox and the Hound as a little girl in the form of a record. The record would play the story and I would follow along in the book that came with it. I LOVED it. I memorized the entire story that way and fell in love with it every time I heard it. Later I was shocked to discover that it was a movie and whereas I enjoyed the movie, I think I still prefer the version I had as a child. With all that said, even if the animation isn't perfect and the story line isn't filled with tons of adventure, the lesson about friendships is beautifully shown between the acts of Todd and Copper when they're young and (more poignantly) grown up. Even from the age of 5 I was able to enjoy this story. It made me cry then and still does to this day....more info
  • Fox & The Hound 2
    I haven't seen it yet. But, my 19 year old thought it was great...more info
  • Another Classic
    A fox a hound grow up together not knowing there eneies. The two grow up and play together....more info
    Una clasico de Walt disney, talvez no valorado como debia ser en su tiempo, es una pelicula que nunca debe ser olvidada, y que se sale del esquema tipico de las peliculas Disney (la mayoria se centran en el amor); el tema se centraliza en la AMISTAD VERDADERA, tocando asimismo LA LEALTAD, DEVOCION y FIDELIDAD a la persona apreciada (en este caso la amistad que surge entre el zorro TOD y el sabueso COOPER); podra ser una pelicula de dibujos animados, pero es IDEAL PARA ADULTOS (a mi me hace llorar a moco tendido cada vez que la veo); es admirable ver como el zorro es la representacion del AMIGO INCONDICIONAL Y FIEL HASTA LA MUERTE, en contraposicion al sabueso, quien muchas veces representa una AMISTAD CONDICIONAL Y A VECES CIRCUNSTANCIAL... todo a causa de que sus respectivos amos les obligan a ser ENEMIGOS (Cooper es un cazador de zorros, naturalmente); al final, es maravilloso como la amistad vedadera TRIUNFA SOBRE EL ODIO y como ambos personajes y hasta sus amos comprenden el lazo irrompible que une a ambos protagonistas... ???UNA PELICULA PARA TODA LA FAMILIA!!!!...more info
  • excellent
    good quality dvd which came in good time and in good order.
    haven seen the film yet.its a present so i hav not watced it but so far excellent
    thanx...more info
  • the fox and the hound
    everything i have ever ordered anything from amazon it has always been shipped in a timely fashion and always in perfect condition....more info
  • Why is this movie so underrecognized?
    I haven't seen this movie in a while, but I absolutely loved it as a child. Just a warning, though: I've never cried so hard at ANY movie. I actually thought my heart would break for these cartoon animals. But while I'm not sure why such tragic moments are necessary for kids to endure (this is why my sister refuses to watch it), it remains one of my favorites from Disney. ...more info
  • Very good but very sad
    This is probably the only Disney film that I can not watch without crying at least twice (when Todd is in the car going to have to live in the wild and at the end of the movie). As other people are pointing out, there is a "forbidden" deep friendship between a Fox and a Hound. However, the film seems to touch me much more than that because a kid and young adult, some of my best friends were society "forbidden" friendships.

    I really do like this movie. However, I just need a box of tissues for this one. ...more info
  • Good movie, but watch some of the messages
    This movie as the ingredients, conflict/challenge and overcoming the odd friendship between a fox and a hound. I thought they demonstrated it quite well with a well written story. However, my daughter isn't old enough to ask questions, and I'm concerned that I have to explain why people would hunt or kill something so sweet as a fox or other animals. Maybe it's not a big deal, but not sure I want her to see it for awhile....more info
  • HIGHLY disappointing
    Disney did not make this available in widescreen. You would think that a newly released movie would be a little more "this century". I returned it without even opening it. It wasn't released in the theaters this way. I'll wait until Disney releases a version without half the movie hacked off the sides. BOO to Disney....more info
  • Unremovable Subtitles
    The movie I received has unremoveable, english, subtitles. Well, I normally watch my movies with subtitles, but for someone who doesn't, this could really pose a problem. I tried everything to take the subtitles off, to no avail. So just be aware that there's a possibility that you might recieve a dvd like mine, with unremovable subtitles....more info
  • It SHOULD be widescreen
    To the earlier reveiwer who stated that the original aspect ratio is FULL FRAME. If you look at the back of the DVD it says THIS MOVIE HAS BEEN ALTERED FROM IT'S ORIGINAL FORMAT TO FIT YOUR SCREEN. So you are WRONG. It has been cropped from it's original aspect ratio.

    You lost a DVD sale with me on this one Disney....more info