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Chicago Metallic Professional Nonstick Perforated Baguette Pan
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Product Description

Is there any better treat than a piece of crusty French bread hot out of the oven, possibly slathered with sweet butter? Now you can replicate a bakery loaf right out of your home oven with a pan that molds and bakes a high-crust, slight crumb bread. This non-stick bakeware was developed to withstand the extreme environment of professional kitchens.

The right bread pan makes all the difference in the quality of fresh-baked loaves. And home bakers who want to make an authentic baguette can rely on the unique design and professional quality of this Chicago Metallic baguette pan. Three long troughs hold the dough in shape while the perforations allow for even browning from top to bottom, creating that essential golden, crispy crust. The 9-by-17-inch baking pan has solid aluminized steel construction with support bars to prevent warping. Only 1-inch thick, the pan stores neatly away. --Lynne Sampson

  • Bakes three baguette-shaped bread loaves
  • Heavy-gauge aluminized steel with nonstick Silverstone surface
  • Safe to use in dishwasher
  • Comes with 25 years limited warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Makes Great, Crisp Baguettes
    I make a lot of bruschetta, and find the bread I make in this pan to be perfectly sized for bite sized bruschetta, which are great for entertaining. The perforations allow the bread to develop a crisp, golden crust all over. As the Italian Food Host at BellaOnline, I make homemade bread on a weekly basis, and this pan is one of my favorites to use when bread baking....more info
  • I Love This Pan
    I bought this pan and use it weekly. I put a pan in the bottom of the oven with boiling water to get the chewy texture for the crust. I also spray water in the oven several times while it is baking. What I get is a nice crunchy crust. I use my bread machine to make 2lbs of dough, then I divide it and make two baguettes....more info
  • No more droopy loaves!
    This is a great pan, heavy-duty, and does exactly what it is supposed to do. Made baguette-size loaves of cheese bread to slice thinly for appetizers, and very pleased with the results, nice crispy crust all the way around, without worrying about a baking stone....more info
  • This Pan and The Bread Baker's Apprentice Are All You Need
    I've used 3 recipes with this pan and they all turned out great, but the best recipes are in the Bread Baker's Apprentice book that usually shows up on someplace close when you view this baguette pan. The recipe for Pain a l'Ancienne is tough to make without a pan because the dough is so wet, but this pan is exactly what you need to do it right. If you never though you could bake real artisan French bread from your own oven, get this pan AND the book!...more info
  • A must-have for bread bakers!
    I purchased this product about a year ago, when I was trying to make my own sub buns but couldn't quite get the height I wanted making them free-form. This is perfect for that! I get 6 large sub buns or 9 smaller ones. Nothing is better for your lunchmeat or chicken breasts than putting them on a fresh bun from your oven! I have since made the baguettes and use the pot of boiling water and spraying the inside of the oven mentioned in previous reviews, and they turn out wonderful! I have NEVER had a problem with the bread going thru the holes as mentioned previously, and all I do is spray lightly with Pam. This is a wonderful addition to the bread baker's kitchen and for the price you can't beat it....more info
  • baguette pan
    I love this pan! It is heavy in weight so I know it will last me a lifetime and cooks bread so nicely. A must have in any kitchen for homemade breads....more info
  • Chicago Metallic Professional Nonstick Perforated Baguette Pan
    Pan works great! I like to heat pan up before placing bread in it to proof. Just a bit though....more info
  • Holes Make Removal of Bread Very Difficult
    I used these pans for years. The big problem is that the dough seeps into the tiny air holes and basically seals the bread in the pan at hundreds of tiny points. Too often I had to literally tear the bread out, leaving huge chunks of bread literally riveted to the pan. The only way to clean the holes is to poke them through the other side with a small pointed object, not a fun project. They have a "non-stick silverstone coating" which is useless. Even when slathering oil, I had tremendous sticking problems. I finally threw mine in the trash today after ruining 6 beautiful baguettes....more info
  • baguette pan
    We ordered this product from a recommendation of a friend. It works great with our bread machine dough. We'll never buy bread at the store again! Easy to use and easy to clean up....more info
  • Great results!
    Got this pan on a whim when I decided to try French bread from my breadmaker, and it turned out great. My husband said the bread tasted like it was fresh from a Parisian bakery, so it is a winner in my books!...more info
  • Solid and Sturdy
    For a non-stick Baquette pan, this one is pretty good. It is not flimzy and so far, it has not rusted around the edges when coming out of the dishwasher (with a NO heat dry setting). I still recommend some oil on the surface, as it really made it easy to pop the loaves off. Be cautious on handling the edges, as they can cut. I had my kids work with it on my Corian counter-top, but only with a dish towel underneath, as it scratches the surface. Overall a good buy for the money....more info
  • Sometimes a pizza stone just isn't enough
    I've been working on making the perfect French bread baguette. (It's delicious with goat cheese and some artichoke-lemon spread, but that's another review.) I have an excellent bread machine recipe for the dough but letting the bread proof on my pizza stone before cooking it resulted in slightly "squashed" loaves that were more like narrow ellipses than circles. Although I love my stone's effect on a loaf's crisp crust, I finally ordered this baguette pan.

    Mindful of the recommendations in other reviews, I sprayed the pan with cooking oil before using it. I also tossed some corn meal on it. (What can I say? I like its effect on the crust.) I laid the dough in the pan's "troughs," let it rise, then moved it to a preheated oven to bake. Unable to part with the stone entirely, I placed the pan on top of it. The loaves turned out beautifully. They're almost perfectly round, about 2" in diameter; the crust was even crispier than when I used my stone, and it's fairly even all around--slightly more brown on top than on the bottom, perhaps because of the stone being underneath.

    Since my kids ate them all, I had to make more the next day. This time, I didn't stretch the dough as much so they came out as 3" baguettes. I also reduced the heat a little, as the pan's instructions recommend. The loaves touched when they rose, so I pulled them apart after about ten minutes of baking. That wasn't a problem though, and they came out even better than before.

    Cleanup is easy, especially if you spray the pan, but the perforations are a bit harsh on a sponge, so you might want to use the recommended nylon scrub or a paper towel instead. (Cleaning corn meal out of those holes is a little difficult, however, so I'm reconsidering using corn meal.)

    If you bake baguettes frequently, I heartily recommend this pan! (No offense to my pizza stone.)...more info

  • Perfectly formed loaves - like training wheels for baking
    I used this pan once so far and have nothing but positive things to say about it. Starting my new hobby of bread baking, I thought I'd need a little help with properly forming the loaves and keeping them in their form when I baked them. This pan did the trick. I gave myself a little insurance with some spray oil to keep the loaves from sticking and it cleaned up quite easily.

    As I get more proficient and get better gadgets, I'll try baking baguettes without this pan, but for now, it is exactly the right tool in my kitchen.
    ...more info
  • baguettte pan
    very satified with baguette pan. gratings allow for full heat conveyance and teflon coating easy removal.highly recommend for oven stoves....more info
  • baguette yes!
    What a great invention! I take a bite of my baguette and feel like I'm in Paris!...more info
  • baguette pan
    Chicago Metallic Professional Nonstick Perforated Baguette Pan
    I love to make home baked bread. This pan helps to make the bread crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. I make italian bread with it all the time. I have two of them and I can make 6 loaves and freeze them. Thanks Amazon, I looked in a lot of cooking and kitchen stores and could not find anything like this. Ann Philbeck, Providence Forge, VA...more info
  • Great!
    The pan is just as it is described. It arrived quickly. Great value....more info
  • Makes your bread crust very crisp
    This has to be my favorite pan for making the outside crust on the bread very crisp. It seems that the heat flows better through this pan with the perforation. While the pan is very sturdy and of a heavy gauge, it should provide you with wonderful bread in the years to come. Be sure to give the pan a quick spray of non-stick spray before cooking, but you would do this when making any kind of bread. The three loaves gives you just enough bread so that there won't be any major dicussions of who is getting the last piece of hot bread. If you are a bread maker and haven't given bagettes a try, this would be the idea pan to do this with....more info
  • Excellemt french bread
    To get the size and the nice crispy crust that french or Italian bread is known for, this is the best pan that I have found. I make to dough in my electric breadmaker,then form the rolls and bake in the oven. Finally got the crust I wanted....more info
  • Nice accesory for breadmaking
    It works as intended, helping to keep the shape of baguettes and allows even cooking. However, it is no substitute for good ingredients (mainly flour) and proper procedures.
    Henry...more info
  • Scrumptious baguettes!
    I have been impressed with Chicago Metallic's baking equipment, so when it came time to get a baguette pan this was right where I went. Their pans are nice and sturdy, and you will get years of use out of them.

    The perforated holes on the bottom make for a crispy crust and give a nice pattern and texture as well. I have never had a problem with the loaf sticking to the pan, or any other problems for that matter. I don't oil the surface as some have recommended, which has worked out just fine. I also love the fact that you can bake three baguettes simultaneously which saves time.

    A nice companion to the baguette pan is the French Bread Pan, which is similar in construction but larger for bigger loaves. ...more info
  • For the serious bread baker
    I have returned to the kitchen and that usually means trying new types of bread. I started looking into making real French bread and particularly baguettes. This particular pan makes three, perfect for most recipes one finds for making baguettes. It does a good job holding the shape of the very slack dough and browns well on the bottom with the mesh like holes. Because it is a dark pan, one needs to lower the oven by 25 degrees to get the best result. The bread comes out well formed, good crust and color. It makes the adventure into artisan breads a more successful venture....more info