Chicago Metallic Professional Nonstick Perforated French Bread Pan
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Product Description

At last the secret to baking authentic crusty French bread at home is revealed! The perforated surface allows moisture to escape, resulting in a satisfying crunch. The unique shape of the pan provides a real, honest-to-goodness baguette, or actually a pair of baguettes. Now put on some Edith Piaf, pour yourself a glass of wine, and get baking!

Having trouble getting French bread to look and taste like the local baker's? This professional perforated French bread pan is the answer. With two 16-by-4-inch curved holders, it's ideal for making two loaves of French bread. The perforations in the curved holders promote a crisp crust and even browning by allowing the oven's heat to reach the bread directly. Heavy-gauge steel and a Silverstone nonstick surface deliver a quick release and easy cleanup. --Jane DePaolo

  • Essential for making French bread
  • Heavy-gauge steel construction
  • Nonstick surface
  • Hand washing recommended
  • 25-year warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • A great bread pan
    This is a great bread pan and well worth its price. My french and sourdough breads are crusty and nicely brown all around the loaves and look just like store purchased, only they taste better. Kathy...more info
  • Low quality
    These pans are very for a home use and can't hold up to commercial use in a bakery....more info
  • Crust as crust should be
    Baguette Pan 17.75x5.5-in.

    I baked by placing a pan of hot water on oven shelf under the baguettes which produced steam and made a crisp and perfect crust, both on top and on bottom through the perforations. In addition, because of the shape of the pan, my baguettes looked quite professional....more info
  • great for soft loaves
    While this makes great french bread, I love it for holding and helping shape soft loaves. I did milk bread last night, and this helped the loaf stay in shape, not slide flat. In the case of wet dough, use the parchment paper!
    It took me six months to justify buying it, but after one week I love it, I bake three times a week, and this pan will get lots of use....more info
  • French Bread Pan
    This french bread pan is awesome! The loaves come out looking just like the ones bought in the grocery store. It's light and easy to use as well as easy to clean. I use mine a lot....more info
  • French loaf pan
    Love the french loaf bread pan. Works like a dream. Both daughters would like one as well. Great for gluten free bread....more info
  • Chicago Metallic Fan
    Another great product from one of my favorite kitchen ware companies. Recommend Chicago Metallic products....more info
  • just what i wantd
  • Terrific for gluten free french bread
    I was incredibly pleased and surprised at how well my french bread turned out. Needing to make my own gluten free bread, it came out with great texture and appearance. Thanks to a previous review, I took care to use parchment paper before placing the dough on the pan. As gluten free bread dough is more batter-like, it would be very difficult to clean the pan due to its perforations without using the parchment paper. So, I would caution anyone who has to make GF bread to always use parchment paper....more info
  • Works great
    When I first received this product I was a little disappointed in its size - it seemed a bit too small for the size of French bread I normally make. However, when I tried it, it worked great - because it makes a more rounded loaf, it isn't too small after all. I would highly recommend this pan....more info
  • Chicago Metallic Professional Non-Stick Perforated French Bread Pan
    Works well. I haven't experienced any problems with dough getting into the pan's perforations and causing cleaning situations as some claim. Cleans very easily. I use it to bake regular whole wheat bread and the bottom of the loaves turn out nice and crispy like great french bread. My only negative is I wish it was larger in both height and length in order to bake larger loaves....more info
  • Perfect Homemade French Bread
    The order was shipped on time and received in good condition. The pan is very nice & makes perfect French Bread loaves....more info
  • nothing special
    kinda a rip for 20 bucks plus shipping. Basically the only thing it does is act as a couche during proofing. I will say that it does produce even baking and good browning. The reason I purchased is because lack of choices , even online....more info
  • So, that's what I was doing wrong
    Very heavy, works great. Remember to either spray it or use parchment when you place the loaves on. If your dought isn't bone dry, you will be soaking and using a toothpick to get it clean for weeks.

    Great bread!...more info
  • You won't regret you got it.
    I also own the Baguette pan, and I wonder how I lived without these pans before. I bake bread twice a week and I was trying to accomplish the bakery-like crispy crust, while having the professional look, too. You will never have flattened breads, and you will love the evenly baked loaves. I get many compliments for my bread, and the crust "sounds" professionally now. The pan is very easy to clean overall with the exception of the holes, but if you use it as much as I do, it won't look new very long :)
    You will never regret you got it.
    ...more info
  • It makes a difference in my baking
    It is better made than I expected. The few times I have used it so far it really helps the bread to cook all the way thru. Do not have any problem getting the bread off the rack. Also it takes up a lot less room in my oven than it would for two loafs on a sheet pan....more info
  • Perfect for gifts
    This pan is wonderful!Easy to use, easy to clean, and the loaves come out perfect, every time. I used this pan during the holiday season for gifts and some friends thought that I had bought the bread at the bakery. If you need a reliable baking pan this is definately the one....more info
  • perfect loaves
    using these pans produces a loaf that is brown,crusty all around, with those little bumps you typically associate with commercial artisanal long loaves. i use floured canvas to shape the loaves and to place them on the bread pan. with 2 pans (4 loaves) you will be able to accommodate a typical recipe that starts with 3.5 cups of flour.

    these loaves are a little larger than the other pan offered, producing loaves up to 3.5" in diameter and up to 16" long. they fit in my smallish oven that, regrettably, cannot fit a standard half-sheet pan.

    using a pizza stone in the oven brings an even heat difficult to get any other way. i recommend the All-Clad Pizza Baker/Stone because it has a frame that prevents breakage and a stone that holds heat (also necessary for a really good focaccia at 550 degrees).

    bon appetit.
    5 stars....more info
  • Great Pan, Very Easy to Use
    My favorite reason for using this pan is that the loaves of bread come out perfectly shaped every time. If your French bread tends to flatten out and lose it's shape, this pan is just what you need. Clean up is very easy, too....more info