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Melissa & Doug Alphabet Train Floor Puzzle
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Product Description

This Alphabet Train puzzle includes 28 extra thick pieces to keep your little one engaged and learning. The self-correcting pieces make learning the alphabet easy and fun. Measures 120" long.

  • This large and colorful puzzle features 27 extra-thick pieces to make building it easy and fun
  • Floor puzzle is 10 feet long
  • Helps develop matching skills
  • Easy-clean surface keeps puzzle looking new
  • Recommended Age Range 3 Years and up

Customer Reviews:

  • Wonderful Floor Puzzle
    I just got this puzzle and the animal barn puzzle today. They are wonderful. I bought them because of the nice reviews I read here. When I got it, I am still surprised in their thickness and size. My daughter is still too young for them, but I am sure she will love them when the time comes....more info
  • Wonderful Puzzle
    I bought this for my son when he was about 26 months old. At the time, he could identify all of the upper case letters. With the help of this puzzle, he quickly learned all of the lower case letters. By the time he was 2 1/2, he could build this puzzle all by himself, as long as I made sure all of the pieces were turned over for him.
    At first, I only gave him 3 or 4 pieces at a time so that he wasn't too overwhelmed. Once he got those pieces in, I gave him 3 or 4 more, until it was finished.
    This is a great first puzzle because all of the pieces go left to right (excellent prereading skill). It's also easy to tell if the piece is upside down so it minimizes confusion.
    I have bought this puzzle countless times for gifts because we love it so much. I continue to recommend it to family and friends. Soon, I will need to buy a new one for my son because after daily use, it is showing it's wear. But, it's held up very well over the last year and has been worth every penny....more info
  • Can't go wrong with this one!
    My 3 year old daughter is autistic and I read another person's Amazon review. The review recommended it for working with autistic children. These puzzles are outstanding in quality and "entertainment with a purpose". This puzzle is so much fun and holds my daughter's interest. It has helped her motor skills to figure out how the pieces fit and manuever them into place. She loves to sort and to search through the pieces, hide and seek style, to get the one that comes next. She used to not be able to sit and finish anything. This has increased her attention span and we love it! Buy it!...more info
  • Grab this puzzle!
    This has got to be one of the best puzzles or tools to teach the alphabet. My little one just received this for his birthday and has put it together all by himself already (he's 3)! It teaches great motor dexterity as well as the alphabet and 26 animals. He loves to make all their sounds as he goes along. It stretches clear across the kitchen floor and it's a bunch of fun for the cat too! My son is getting a big jump on the alphabet with this puzzle and it's just a great investment. Here's a little hint though. Don't wait until the last minute to get it for Christmas. I tried last year and it was sold out for 2 months! Get it now and don't be disappointed!...more info
  • puzzle
    A great puzzle for my 4 year old who loves trains and is learning the alphabet....more info
  • Excellent!!!
    My 4 year old still likes to put this puzzle together even though he has been able to do it for awhile now. We have had it several years and it is still in excellent shape. Fun, educational and very well made....more info
  • Alphabet Puzzle
    A bit young for my 4 yo who had it done within 15 minutes, but a very good product....more info
  • Excellent for letter recognition (the ABC song is not just a song)
    This puzzle is a great beginning puzzle for a young pre-schooler. We bought this puzzle for our 3 year old. It is challenging for her as well as entertaining. I rated this puzzle 5 stars, but if 4.75 stars were an option, that would be a more accurate rating. It is not flawless - the main problem is that Melissa and Doug illustrated "X" with a fox, which obviously does not start with X. Admittedly, there aren't many animals that start with X. In fact, I can only think of xenops, and this is thanks to an ABC book my daughter had when she was younger. Further, every piece except for U is an animal - U is illustrated with an umbrella. This seems inconsistent. Unicorn would have been a better option.

    Aside from these relatively minor flaws, this puzzle is fantastic. There are 28 pieces. Two pieces form the locomotive and the other 26 pieces correspond to a train car illustrated with a letter in upper and lower case and an animal (except for the aforementioned umbrella) that starts with that letter (except for the fox for x). The puzzle is 10 feet long, so you need a big space to put it together. My daughter loves how long it is. And I love that it is one long puzzle because this forces my daughter to think about the alphabet song, identify the letter that comes next, search for and find the letter she identified and then fit that letter into the puzzle. Before she got this puzzle, I *thought* she knew her letters and the alphabet. However, I realized that she didn't really think about each letter she sang in the song as corresponding to a with a letter in the written form. Similarly, while she could identify a letter as written when we showed it to her, she found it challenging to think about alphabetical order and hunt for the correct letter - she had to picture the letter in her mind in order to locate the letter. Thus, this puzzle was highly educational for her. When we first got the puzzle, each time we sat with her and sang the ABC song with her as we pointed to the letters. When we got to the last letter she had fitted into the puzzle, we would pause and ask what comes next. Once she identified that letter, she would search to it and we'd repeat our previous procedure, singing the alphabet song and identifying the next letter.

    The pieces are very good quality and I can tell that they will last a long time. They fit well together but are not too loose. The peices are nice, chunky and thick. As I mentioned above, the puzzle is very long, so my daughter must sit on the floor and sift through the pieces to find the correct letter. This makes assembly of this puzzle particularly fun and interactive. ...more info
  • Great way to teach letter recognition for train fanatics
    Typical of this manufacturer, the graphics are high quality and the cardboard is thick and durable.

    The cuts on the puzzle are divided so that one piece is one train car. (Other puzzles by other manufacturers can be put together without ever knowing or dealing with the alphabet.) The only way to construct this puzzle is to know the proper order of the English alphabet and attach them in that manner. Each piece contains both the upper and lower case letter and an illustration to go along with that letter.

    My son began playing with this when he was three and did not yet know the letters by sight. He did know the alphabet song. I found the way to play this with the least frustration and the most educational value is for me to play alongside him. I let him piece them together until he asks for help (before he is angry). We sing the alphabet song together to find the next letter in the alphabet. If he doesn't know it by sight he asks for help and I give phonetic clues such as "G makes a sound like "gg", what do you see that starts off like that sound" at which point he finds the goldfish. One complaint though is that the goldfish is sometimes mistaken for just a fish and the F. I wish something more blatantly "g" was chosen for that one. We progress in this manner until it is done. I feel this has helped him learn the letters by their sight.

    The appeal for my son was that this is a train related toy. Learning the alphabet was a byproduct that he was not aware was actually my key motive in buying this.

    I also appreciate both upper and lower case letters being shown as sometimes alphabet toys and activities use just one or the other.

    If you like this type of learning activity I'd also suggest the numbers puzzle by this same manufacturer to help learn the numbers by sight....more info

  • Sturdy, Fun ABC Puzzle
    This is a great puzzle for many reasons. First for parents this is a sturdy puzzle. We are in a puzzle phase right now and this puzzle is not showing any signs of wear. Second, the pictures are great. Some of the ABC animals are not ones that you normally find in the ABC books. Plus it is a train and with a boy, trains are always great. ...more info
  • Excellent Puzzle!
    My three year old loves this puzzle and it has helped her learn her letters. We even play games with it - kind of like "I spy" for the next letter. The peices are large and easy for her to assemble. Well worth the investment....more info
  • Wonderful way to learn the ABC's
    This is the best puzzle! My son learned his ABC's at 27 months by playing this puzzle. It's a fun way to educate your little loved one!...more info
  • Lots of fun
    I bought this puzzle for my 2 yr old daughter for Christmas and she loves it. She doesn't know her letters yet, but she can find all 'passengers' on the train and we say the letter for the piece that she is looking for. Now, she is starting to know what letters we are looking for. This is a step up from the alphabet song and leading into letter recognition. The pieces are thick and durable. She stands on them and there is no wear and tear. This is a great toy for any preschooler! Wonderful 'hands-on' toy!...more info
  • order canceled by them after more than 1 week
    I ordered 2 puzzles for Christmas presents on Dec 10. They decide to cancel the order on Dec 19th. Thanks. That means I need to do more shopping with less than 1 week before Christmas. ...more info
  • Sturdy, great for learning alphabet, nice inexpensive gift
    My [...] really likes this train puzzle. He knows his alphabet and is able to pick out which puzzle piece comes next in line and attach it. It goes straight across and is over 10 feet long. There is also a picture with each letter on the piece and this has helped him with words beginning with that letter. He will say "Q quail" or "N nut" when he is putting the piece on. The pieces are easy to attach, thick and very sturdy. The pieces comes apart with no worry of ripping the picture off. This would make a really nice gift for a 2-4 year old. The box is also very nice to keep the puzzle in. ...more info
  • Beware-X is not for fox!
    We recieved this as a present and my son was very excited to put it together. The pictures are nice and the big size makes it fun. As with any alphabet activities, we enjoyed practicing our letters by saying, "C is for Cow," etc. But when we got to X we were shocked to see they put a fox. The age range for the puzzle will expect the traditional "X is for..." set up and not be looking for the letter in the final position. They did U is for umbrella so why they felt they had to do fox for x is unclear. We love most Melissa & Doug items, but fell that this one missed on this. We have to keep correcting our little one that X is not for fox!...more info
  • My 2 year old loves this puzzle!
    My 2 year old loves this puzzle. The puzzle is big, but she loves to see the train grow across the room. It's very durable, and she has learned both animals and her letters and can do the puzzle now by herself at 2.5. ...more info
  • Great learning train.
    Helped my son learn the alphabet in a fun way and the quality is good....more info
  • Great 1st puzzle
    My 2 year old loves this puzzle. It is durable enough for a toddler - it has been a month and none of the pieces has shown any signs of wear-n-tear. Putting it together with your child is quality time well spent. It took about a week for my child to assemble this all by herself - and I was very proud when I saw it the first time.

    The pictures are plain, not cute, but good enough for my child to recognize what they reference. Due to the length of the puzzle (assembled in one big line), you'll need a lot of space if you want to assemble it as a train - need about 10 ft of space.

    Overall, I would recommend this as the 1st puzzle for a toddler.
    ...more info
  • Well made, fun, educational!
    This is such a great puzzle for a preschooler! First, it is VERY well made and durable. Cheaper puzzles have the tendency to wear out and bend easily. Next, it's easy enough for a preschooler to do independently, but fun for parents to help too :) I love the animal illustrations -- very vivid colors and detailed. This toy gets an A+ from this picky mom!...more info
  • Excellent Puzzle!
    My grandmother bought this as a gift for my two year old for Christmas-she is now turning three and still loves this puzzle! It has lasted a year through her (although the box it came in did not!) and her one and a half year old sister and still looks like new! Although she needed a lot of guidance playing with it at two, she still enjoyed it, and now it is one of her favorite puzzles! I plan on buying it as Christmas gifts this year! Unique, durable, and affordable!...more info