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The Sickness
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  • Love it
    Kinda wish Disturbed would have lived up to the awesomeness of their debut CD, I stopped listening to Disturbed after I listened to Believe and 10,000 Fists... Every song on this disk is awesome, and that is rare for a rock group......more info
  • Vintage Disturbed!!!!!
    Man, this album really fets you down with the sickness!!!! (the best song on the album). Disturbed's music is eye opening and a must have for fans of true metal. If you havent listened to Disturbed before, You should sample Down with the sickness, and The Game before purchasing....more info
  • This is what Nu-Metal should have been
    I am like alot of music lovers out there who saw the Nu-Metal scene come and kill off the greatness the early to mid-90's brought to mainstream music. I have always kind of had a fondness for Disturbed. Simply put, in a sea of crap on mainstream rock radio, they have always stood out as above the pack. The thing is, I never actually listened to a whole album, just radio singles. I really wish it hadn't taken me this long to check out the Sickness. If the onslaught of Nu-Metal was more like this, then I don't think the genre would have gotten such a bad rap.

    This album is full of tracks that are catchy and rock hard. Regardless how you feel about Disturbed, they are a talented group of musicians and it shines bright on The Sickness. This is not simply power chords repeated every verse. These guys take control of their instruments. Also, the vocal abilities of lead singer David Draiman are amazing. He can scream, sing and scat on the fly with a fierceness that puts Korns' Jon Davis to shame.

    I think anybody who likes hard rock or metal should at least give this CD a once-through. It took me by surprise because I never expected it to be so good....more info
  • Fabulous
    I can't believe it took me so long to find this band. Each track is a masterpiece, although I don't think I'd have included Tears for Fears' "Shout". They are probably the tightest HM group around....more info
  • Corporate crap that is passed off as metal
    Nu-metal is pathetic. Attaching the word metal to this type of music is a mockery of real metal music. This isnt metal, its nothing more than corporate crap that America force feeds the people and labels it as metal. Think for yourself. If you really like this, fine... just dont call it metal. Personally, I think its garbage.

    ...more info
  • rock amania
    this album was sick no wonder it went triple platnum first hearing stupify and fear in the best animaton dbz the songs was in dbz lord slug 2001 and damn the songs was hot so i got the album and it was jawbreaking the beats of voices was amazing this album is fun to listen to very technologic like vocies but this album is tottally worth it awsome songs....more info
  • it's cool
    I love this it's one of their better cds if you love this kind of music then don't waste another moment buy this cd now it's worth it down with the sickness and stupify are off the chain buy it because it's really cool like the title says it's cool ...more info
  • Umm, Pass On This CD If you Like Good Music
    Everybody knows the anthemic call of Down With the Sickness (which is a good song), but the rest of the [...] on this album is pretty damn bad. The way people talk about this CD you'd think it was the greatest thing ever (which for them it probably is). Disturbed is realy whiny. I mean, if teenage girls can listen to this than that means that it probably isn't good and it definitley isn't metal. This is slightly below average hard-rock with a male vocalist (who, like Godsmack) who isn't very good. The songs are mostly listenable, but nothing grabs your ear. The next time you see a gothic kid or a loner ask them who one of their favorite bands is. Most of the time the response will be, "Disturbed. They're awesome!" Uhh...How about...No. The Sickness is very overrated and if you like this you are probably dumb or a newb. Later Disturbed releases (I felt) are much better and have more solid musicanship and more advanced song structure. This is simple music for people who wish they were man enough to listen to real heavy bands like Slayer without [...] their pants....more info
  • Oooh AHH AHH AHH AH!!! AWFUL!!!!!!!
    There were a lot of crappy nu-metal bands but they are in the elite category of those crappy bands. No I will not get down with the sickness, but I will laugh at the stupid chimpanzee noises, ahhh! ahhh! The only redeemable quality about this cd is a remake of a Tears for Fears classic. The rest of this cd is extremely forgettable and laughable, I just can't take these guys serious. The singers voice sounds like he violently needs to go to the bathroom. Everytime I hear disturbed I think of those hot topic parachute pants, sloppy eyeliner, and the nu-metal undercut trim and pony nob, priceless. I will recommend one good metal band to offer instead of these dweebs: The Showdown, do it!

    The Zapper...more info
  • Restored My Faith In Metal
    These guys restored my faith in metal. I know that this CD has been out nine years, but it still rocks! I remember purchasing it when it first came out. At the time there was so much junk being put out in the metal market that I had almost given up on ever finding a metal band that could get me pumped up. Needless to say, I have worn out three of these CD's since 2000 and purchased every Disturbed CD since. These guys rule! OW WAH AH AH AH!...more info
  • Disturbed: The sickness
    This was a hot album. This has great vocal's and rock out loud guitar play. This was one of my favorite rock album's in 2000. And it still is.

    Voice's 10/10
    The game 10/10
    Stupify 10/10
    Down with the sickness 10/10
    Violence fetish 10/10
    Fear 10/10
    Numb 10/10
    Want 10/10
    Conflict 10/10
    Shout 10/10
    Droppin plate's 10/10
    Meaning of life 10/10

    This was an awsome album. I really enjoyed it...more info
  • best cover band ever
    one of the few albums that i love every song. brings out my creativity in my work....more info
  • A True Classic
    I got this CD 8 years ago, and it's still an album that I listen to frequently. Although their later CDs were ok, none of them can compare to this one. It's raw, aggressive, and in your face...which is what metal should be about. ...more info
  • The "Sickness" True to Title
    As hard rock goes, Disturbed produces some musically satisfactory material. Unfortunately, I part ways with this CD's lyrical obsession with violence and murder. Perhaps if I was some young punk trying to psyche myself up to pick a fight, or slaughter my parents, this CD might come in handy. I'm also sick of bands dropping the F bomb as much as they can. Seems to be an indication of intellectual shallowness and linguistic inadequacy. I suppose that if rage, violence, and over-use of profanity are sicknesses, then this CD is true to its title. ...more info
  • Top Rated~!
    Amazing combination of drums, vocals and guitars like one big machine......think Pantera but more precision. If you enjoy these guys check out Skinlab from live CD SkinnedAlive is incredible. The band has advance tracks up on their site....more info
  • Powerful Sound!!
    This album is pretty cool, it has a really powerful sound, not exactly "heavy" but just powerful in the sense that the guitar and the vocals greatly impacted me. You have to hear this CD at a loud volume to really appreciate it, it gets you right in that "fight/I wont take sh#t from you mood." These guys are really talented and i'm pleased with this CD.
    Now what I don't like about this CD is that the songs sometimes sound too similar, it's not neccesarily a bad thing but if you have it in shuffle with other artists it wont seem repetetive.
    Don't let this stop you from buying this awesome CD, it's a must have for any hard rock or metal fan or just any music lover. Disturbed did an awesome job with this album and I would definitely recommend it to anyone.
    ...more info
  • the sickness
    great overall cd..not nu-metal, to tell you the truth you can't classify this stuff. basically people hear a rock band they can't classify and they call them nu-metal. I find all the bands i listen to un classifiable and it's because they are amazing bands...and they'll all be classic rock someday so lets just leave it at that..anyway buy this cd if you haven't yet, every song is good. I know this review isnt very specific but why spoil such a good cd....more info
  • Fun for a little while, but...
    I'm not a huge disturbed fan, I do not have any of their shirts, I have not seen them live, and no I don't have "Disturbed" tattooed across my back. I remember seeing Queen Of The Damned though and hearing that song Lestat lip-synchs, which is, of course, Down With the Sickness. I've heard other songs by them (like "Stricken", "Inside the Fire", etc.) and they are indeed catchy. I thought I should check the album out.

    I do not consider Disturbed to be metal in any sense. I just consider them to be hard rock. Anyone who considers these guys metal obviously don't listen to Metal. I don't like Nu-Metal, but I gave these guys a chance and I guess this is worth having if you want some good angry music. However, the reason this only gets three stars is because while the songs are kind of catchy, they sound too much the same- there's not enough variety in the music. 75% of the songs all have the same beat and I could swear I could hear the monkey noises in each song (the infamous "Oooh-ah-ah-ah-ah!!!!!" as heard on DWTS). You've heard DWTS, then you've heard the whole album, pretty much.

    Overall, I guess this is worth a look, but don't expect anything fresh and original. This gets a very reluctant 3 stars from me....more info
  • Simply one of the best metal albums ever written.
    In a time where most full length CD's come out with a couple of good hook tunes "The Sickness" stands out in that nearly every song has a strong hook and could be used as an anchor for any nu-metal cd.

    While so many artists seem to be writing "statement" or ignorant political slogan songs Disturbed has adopted a "Shut up and Sing" approach which was SO needed in 2000.

    Warning though - some of the things they explore are deeply dark and disturbing (rage, paranoid delusions, child abuse, domestic violence) but never once does it stray into preaching. It only shows the raw emotion and damage for what it is - a sickness.

    This CD has the rare quality of focusing emotion. If you feel great when listening to this CD it tends to make one feel even better, stronger - however if you are pissed off about something this album will try to take you to a dark place indeed.

    While that may sound a bit ominous it is a truly rare find that a band can be so honest about emotion that it transcends the music.

    This is their best CD to date although Indestructible is a very close second. So if Anger is your thing than this is the CD for you....more info
  • Best of Disturbed
    This is my favorite Disturbed album, has so many of their really good songs on it. This is one of the few albums I can let play straight through without changing or fast forwarding through parts. ...more info
  • Awesome Debut
    I love this album. In fact, this is their best. Damn near every song is catchy and makes you scream!...more info
  • ...I'm sorry...but I just don't understand the hook... I looked back through the negative reviews before finally reviewing this to see if they agreed with my way of all fairness most of them were very harsh reviews that seemed rather mallevolent towards the band...while the polar opposite (most of the positve reviews) were stating that this was quite possibly the best Nu-Metal out there and how it should have been...ok...I'm going to try and explain why I disliked this in an attempt not to be ridiculously critical... far as Nu-Metal goes I'm not an expert....but I must say in contrast to this I prefered Korn's Debut and most of Deftones earlier I would stick to that because I felt more power and creativity went into it (THIS IS AN OPINION) being English this band aren't as well known over here...but I thought I'd give it a go anyway because I like keeping my genre barriers open...I have to say I was disappointed...and here's why... is ridiculously generic...maybe it's the plan for them to follow a basic formula when they make their music...but the only difference I can tell between the tracks is the volume and the key signature...maybe at times the time signature if they feel like it...I've even seen Disturbed fans say in some comments on people's pages "If you've heard one Disturbed song you've heard them all" so I know for a fact that it's not just me that thinks this...

    ...ok...instrumentals...I'll go for the simpler instruments first off:

    Drumming: At times there may be something impressive that happens...but most of the time just simple cross rhythms and nothing overly hyper to make me think "What on earth is that drummer doing?" But of course you could argue in mainstream media they would need a simple rhythm...I'd just like more surprises...after hearing The Berzerker's drummer I really can't get to grips with this...

    Bass: From what I can hear it will do two of the following things:
    1. Follow the guitar melody/riff note by note.
    2. Play the root note of each chord in a repetitive usually quavered formation...again in most mainstream bands bass are very simple (unless you want to count Muse as mainstream then maybe I shall think differently) and I respect that he is a bassist in his own right and he plays what he plays...but a flair of originality never goes a miss in this world...

    Guitar: You hear one song from them and you will able to enjoy the fluent overly distorted yet accurate power chords with palm muting in the verses...but after hearing the formula ten will want something else to as far as the solos go...this guitarist is very formulaic with them...he will start by following the melody and once he has done that for a while he will weave around the melody with triplets and pentatonic scales until finally ending with a chromatic or even regular major scale...I'm somewhat disappointed with the guitar...since so many people had blindly glorified the guitar (along with the vocals which I shall get on to very soon) I was expecting somthing that would make them stand out from the Nu-Metal bunch...and yes if you played a guitar sample of a Disturbed song I'd probably be able to tell that it was a Disturbed song...but knowing a band for having a generic sound...I apologise but I can't appreciate it unless I feel energy from it...which normally lies within the vocals...

    Vocals: In most mainstream bands the vocals are the signature of the band...and most other instruments are merely considered as background even though I felt the instrumentals were simplistic it made me even more hopeful that the vocalist (who was highly praised by random people) would have enough energy and lyrics to carry this band out of the hole of mediocrity...I feel sadly my opinion he has probably one of the worst voices (THIS IS AN OPINION) I've heard in Nu-Metal...he uses random growling sounds which just sound like a cat coughing up furballs...his singing which although he can sing in's nothing new...his voice seems to be like he's trying to sound posh and proper like a prophet of the people...and yes...maybe he is for some...and if he is...I respect you and I'm glad you can find satisfaction out of this...but no...his lyrics don't interest me and his voice is shallow and Nu-Metally bland...

    ...what advice would I give to you? If you are aware of the underground metal scene in the slightest...there is a slight chance that after hearing this you will be so annoyed with it that you start ranting about how mainstream and pointlessly idiotic it is (like so many of the negative reviews before me)...that would be wrong but I have no right to stop you...if your experiences with music are mainly rooted in Nu-Metal and the other mainstream trends...then should enjoy this and I'm glad you're able to listen to music like this with such an open mind as I've almost become so arrogant that I can no longer enjoy anything with a basic verse chorus structure...and sometimes it bothers me... if you like your nu-metal simple and to the generic point...I'm afraid though I'm going to have to leave this band be now......more info
  • down with the suckness
    I dunno. Their singer tries to be real scary & intimidating. But it just makes me laugh. It doesnt help matters that he is 5ft tall with boots on. I guess alot of people buy into it when he does his growls & grunts & tries to look evil & tough. If the music was really good then maybe I could overlook the singer & his cornball lyrics. But the music is alot of cheesy riffing & recycled garbage thats been done alot better by other bands. Recommended for angry 12 year old boys only....more info
  • Not a good debut
    Before you jump all over me, please give me a minute to explain myself. I really hated Disturbed when this first came out, and mean "The Sickness" was overplayed and overplayed, and then I thought I give the album a shot, and man did it suck. I mean I thought these guys were the worst musicans in the world (second to Blink 182( YET....I was very impressed with "Believe" as they seemed to give up on the bubble gum wanna be Metal type music, and played some good straight up Hard Rock. I really believe in you want to get a good taste of Disturbed, to try "Believe" its 100x better then this garbage. Hopefully the band will continue to mature, and get better with each album...more info
  • Disturbed Rocks!!!!!!
    I own all Disturbeds 3 albums & they all rock!!!! I hope they're planning 4th album soon in late 2006 or 2007. Right now lead singer David Draiman is recovering from stomach acid, it was in Disturbed news. Anyways The Sickness, Believe, & Ten Thousand Fists are my favorites. Get well David Draiman.My favorite tracks on this album are voices, the game, stupify, the sickness, numb, conflict, shout 2000, & droppin plates....more info
  • Nu-metal is the best metal genre ever!
    Dream Theater, early Metallica, Opeth, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath... yeah, they all suck. Listen to this album if you want to be amazed by true musicianship! WHY would you give this less than 5 stars? Oh yeah, you're jealous of their talent....more info
  • hope this helps
    I love this cd its my favorite Disturbed Almbum and the Lyrics are great.

    voices- 4/5

    The game- 5/5 Everytime I hear this song I jsut have to sing along it doesnt matter what kind of mood im in.

    Stupify- 5/5

    Down With the Sickness- 5/5 I play this song everytime im angry

    Violence Fetish- 4/5

    Fear- 4/5

    Numb- 3/5 A little different from there other songs.

    Want- 3/5 not one of my faves.

    Conflict-5/5 great song.

    shout 2000- 4/5

    Droppin plates- 5/5 deff. one of my favorite Disturbed songs

    Meaning Life- 5/5...more info