Oxo Good Grips Ice Cube Tray
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Product Description

The Good Grips Ice Cube Tray has a unique, patented cover to release as many ice cubes as you need. No more trying to get a few cubes from the tray and having them all tumble out! The cover also makes it easy to stack multiple Ice Cube Trays, and eliminates freezer odor from permeating your cubes. The innovative rounded ice cubes release easily and the translucent cover lets you see when it's time to refill. Makes 14 cubes.

No more ice cubes slithering across your counter or floor and no more sloshing a just-filled ice cube tray on your way to the fridge--Oxo has come to the rescue with this nifty, easy-release tray with a sliding lid. Just fill the tray with water, slide the lid on, and slip the tray into the freezer. The lid design allows you to stack more trays or other items on top: a great space-saving feature. To dispense the ice cubes, slide the lid in either direction until the desired number of cubes are exposed, then flip the tray over to release the cubes. The clever lid design lets you release a single cube or a dozen, and both tray and lid have a solid feel, with just the right amount of give. Sliding the lid on a just-filled tray, however, takes a little practice (the lid sticks a bit), but placing the tray on a firm surface and sliding evenly and firmly should do the trick. --C. Whitney-Ward

  • Lidded ice cube tray with ergonomic grips
  • Easy cube-release system works every time
  • Cover reduces odor for fresher ice cubes
  • Stackable design
  • Cleans with warm soap and water

Customer Reviews:

  • Ice-Tray
    There is no doubt in my mind that this is the finest ice tray to ever grace Planet Earth. I have used it on many occasions and its ice is, literally, bar-none. Highly recommended! Huzzah!...more info
  • Great for Homemade Baby Food
    If you plan on making your own baby food and freezing into cubes these are the best thing out there. It works great and the cover is not a problem when the food is a puree or chunkier. I just slip it on and I don't have to waste any foil. Let the food freeze and then slip the cover off and remove. The cubes come out with ease. Of course if I forget about it and leave them in there for a few days it develops some freezer burn but that is my fault. The cubes need to be transferred to a freezer bag or storage container within 12 hrs to prevent burn. These are so much more economical than cube freezer trays marketed for baby food making....more info
  • Not as good as expected
    I found the lids are challenging to put on and take off. When the trays are frozen, the lids are even more challenging! I would have preferred snap on lids vs the slider type....more info
  • Annoying piece of plastic
    Instead of a typical review, I urge you to read the one submitted by Blake Scholl above. He said basically everything that I was going to, and I feel it's a 100% accurate account of the product.

    I love OXO, but this ice cube tray is a pain in the arse. Its only redeeming quality is the fact that I can stack things on top of it because it is covered....more info

  • Silly Product
    Yes, there is a cover, but no, it's not remotely snug and so does not keep water from spilling on the way to the freezer or keep odors out, which was the main point of my buying this. In fact, the ends of the tray curve down instead of up, virtually inviting water to pour out the ends of the tray as you walk it to the freezer. Then, if your freezer placement isn't perfectly flat, you have water pouring into the freezer while you adjust it. Then afterwards, you have extra ice mass in the freezer and substantially smaller cubes (from the water loss)than you intended! I kept using it b/c I couldn't find another great Tupperware covered ice tray and the lid eventually cracked along one edge after a couple of years (not so with the Tupperware one) so I've thrown it away. I agree with another reviewer - how on earth did this make it through OXO develolpment and quality control??...more info
  • Makes ice where other trays have failed
    I have a old frost-free freezer, and ice cubes made in standard trays evaporate in a few days. The ice I make in these stay indefinitely and are easy to remove....more info
  • Not for me
    I bought this as a way to avoid freezer burn on my ice cubes..didn't work out very well for me. Still had freezer burn getting in and sliding the top on and off when filled with water was difficult and messy.
    I bought the tupperware covered trays at the same time as I bought these and I love them....more info
  • Peg
    Wow!!! I expected these to be so terrible...I had heard that the people at Cooks Illustrated (a great cooking magazine used them in their test kitchens)so I knew they couldn't be that bad. I ordered three trays,they work just fine.You don't spill the water out of these when filling any more then a tray without a lid.After frozen the lid slides off just fine.So have no fear if you decide to purchase.Four stars not five because after all it is just an ice cube tray....more info
  • I hate these
    They drip water on the way to the freezer from the sink, the cubes are small, they are hard to open when frozen....more info
  • No Problems
    I haven't had any problems with this ice cube tray. I like the design and tray cover. I do tend to only fill mine about 3/4 of the way full so as the water freezes, there is somewhere for it to go....more info
  • Nice Idea, Poor Execution
    I'm an owner of more than ten other OXO products, and I bought their ice cube tray expecting a five star experience. Unfortunately, this tray falls far short.


    - As other reviewers have mentioned, I have a very hard time with the covers. It's almost impossible to get them on without spilling water out the ends, and equally difficult to remove them after freezing. I don't overfill the cubes (about 3/4 water level seems right) nor am I impatient - it is a matter of poor fit.

    - If you're not careful, the shape of the tray makes it easy to spill water off the ends. Other ice cube trays have a lip on both sides. If you overfill or wobble on the way to the freezer, you will spill water with the OXO tray.


    - The tray material is flexible and durable. It is very easy to get cubes out.

    Bottom Line:

    - This is a usable ice cube tray that will probably last a long time. If OXO corrects the lid fit problem and tendency for the tray to spill out the ends, I'd give it at least 4 stars. As it stands now, 2 stars....more info

  • Great for homemade baby food!
    I love these trays. I puree my own baby food and these are perfect for that use. Foods freeze completely and in easy to remove "cubes". I don't fill them all the way to the top, so I never have an issue with the lid sticking. I think they're great! And affordable! ...more info
  • Poorly Designed, Disappointing from OXO Good Grips
    Every other Good Grips product I own was designed thoughtfully: they're high quality, attractive, and very easy to use. Unfortunately, this ice cube tray is an exception on every count.

    The single biggest problem with this product is the tray cover. OXO started with a good idea: use a cover to keep the cubes fresh and to make it easy to remove just the cubes you want. Unfortunately, this tray's cover is so poorly designed that it's not nearly worth the trouble.

    First, it's very difficult to remove the cover to get your ice cubes out. The cover supposed to slide off easily, but it usually gets stuck, because it doesn't fit properly and because little bits of ice easily obstruct the path.

    Getting cubes out is bad enough, but the cover is even worse when you're filling the tray. Again, because it doesn't fit very well, it requires a lot of force to push the cover on. Inevitably, you'll have to force it into place and end up splashing a lot of the water out of the cube compartments. This makes your cubes smaller, and the splashed water freezes into little bits of ice that make the cover harder to get off later.

    As for asthetics, the tray isn't as good as other OXO products either. It's missing their signature black-rubber grips and offers little else in return.

    So, my recommendation is to wait for version 2 before you leap for this product. But, in the meantime, check out other Good Grips products. Fortunately, this product's poor design is an exception for OXO....more info

  • works but don't overfill
    These trays are very neat & work as designed for ice. We got them for baby food & found out quickly not to overfill them or the lid is nearly impossible to get off. I like that you can pop out just the number of ice cubes you need....more info
  • Frustrating!
    How hard is it to find a decent ice tray? Well keep looking, because this is not it.

    It does make ice (woohoo) but the cubes are very shallow, and the lid is hard to get on and off....more info
  • Inferior Product
    I bought these mainly because I was hoping they would be easy to stack in my freezer. They don't stack any better than regular trays. The tray is shaped in such a way that all extra water flows off the tray and onto the floor; rather than most trays where the extra water flows into the next cube.I've actually taken to filling the trays in the freezer with my brita pitcher to avoid carrying the trays across the kitchen. The cover sticks making it very difficult to slide it on without the water falling all over the floor. Once the ice cubes are actually made it performs well. You can serve the ice cubes one by one. But honestly, I'm thinking I'll just go back to regular trays. ...more info
  • Water, Water Everywhere!! I wanted to rate it 0 stars....
    I couldn't hate this product more. There is no way to fill tray or close the lid without sloshing water everywhere. Then the very short trip to the fridge usually results in more dripping.

    1. Make the lid watertight
    2. Make the lid removable by either sliding or popping off if the slide area is obstructed.
    3. Do something about that weird slant the trays have that doesn't allow the water to flow smoothly between cube spaces as you fill it. Usually resulting in overflow & spillage from the spaces you've already filled....more info
  • Great item if you like spills and mopping up water
    I bought this tray on a Gold Box special as I needed new trays and this one sounded like it would solve a couple of problems with the lid feature. Well, the lid works to keep the ice from evaporating (subliming) and makes stacking easier, but filling the tray and getting it to the freezer makes a mess! The shape does not allow multiple ice pockets to fill, and the V-center makes a perfect ditch for water to run down, out and onto the counter, floor, and into the freezer. Luckily, the item was inexpensive as it went into the trash can following one use....more info
  • I love these things
    The bad part.

    The trays are a bit wide, and I can see how some people might not like it.

    The good parts

    The trays slide rather easily, I'm not sure what other people mean about the lids sticking (both before & after freezing). Maybe they overfill the cube slots?

    And the lids are great for keeping only some of the cubes coming out. All it takes after freezing is one twist to loosen the cubes in the slots, and you can slide the lid to let out however many you want. You don't even have to touch the cubes, you just poke one side of any cube with a spoon, fork, or whatever if it sticks.

    The trays are easy to clean, and durable....more info

  • Great for homemade baby food!
    I can't comment on the functionality of these trays when it comes to making ice cubes, but they're fantastic for freezing baby food. It's so much easier to have the lids than to have to use plastic wrap or foil. The little cubes pop out really easily, too. I couldn't be happier with the results I've had!...more info
  • strangely awkward for an OXO product
    I love OXO; like Krispy Kreme, it's one of the companies that make capitalism a positive thing. Generally, their products are winners, but this ice tray is strangely lacking. The ice-removal feature is pretty cool (the cubes are curved on the bottom so they slip right out), but there's a cover that is pretty hard to put on without spilling water. All in all, just sorta average....more info
  • Disappointing
    No tray releases the ice more easily than these OXO trays, and the shape of the ice is different, but the lids are difficult to use. The trays don't fit in the ice tray compartment, and there is much wasted space in the handle ends. The lids are nice for stacking outside of the compartment, and especially helpful for freezing ingredients like broth and tomato paste- but those lids are difficult to put on.

    If you like large cubes and have limited freezer space, I suggest you look at other brands....more info

  • Ice cubes for me
    A bit difficult to deal with but convenient to keep in freezer. Other things can sit on it without compromising the ice cubes....more info
  • Great for homemade baby food!
    I can't comment on the functionality of these trays when it comes to making ice cubes, but they're fantastic for freezing baby food. It's so much easier to have the lids than to have to use plastic wrap or foil. The little cubes pop out really easily, too. I couldn't be happier with the results I've had!...more info
    I was very exited to get this,as soon as they arrived i washed them and put some water in them and put the cover over them (which is hard to slide). When i was taking them to the freezer they spilled, it looks like the design does not work! I was very careful in taking the trays to the freezer and it just got me mad that the water was spilling everywhere: it was a small trip from sink---------to freezer....more info
  • Good concept poor design
    The idea of covering ice cubes so that they don't evaporate (a problem in frostless refrigerator/freezers) and don't pick up strange odors is a good one. However, the cube trays in Oxo's design are too shallow and the lid is very rigid. The lid does not slide closed at the outset and once frozen it doesn't slide open. It's a struggle to try to slide or clamp the lid onto the tray a good bit of water spills. After one use in the freezer, the lid seems to have warped a bit so that I have to force it as flat as I can while lining up the lid with the tray....more info
  • Very disappointed
    When I first saw these tray I bought them IMMEDIATELY! I was so excited because this is a great way to keep things out of the water while it's freezing. I thought this was a fabulous idea.

    But the covers are difficult to get on and off. When you pull them off theyre stuck at first, so you pull harder, then I usually end up with a fast jerk, causing the water to spill everywhere, or cubes to fall out.
    The cube shapes themselves are half moons, so the water just falls out of them so easily and all over the floor

    EVERYDAY when I refill the trays with water and put the covers on I end up having to wipe water off the floor.

    I ended up throwing them away and getting normal deep cubed tray.

    This is an EXCELLENT idea, but I think they need to go back to the drawing board with this one.
    I hope they do because I'd love to buy an improved version....more info

  • Love it
    Fact that the tray covered - very smart idea: after water is frozen, you may leave it in a freezer in any position, even upside down. Other food boxes/bags don't touch cubs.
    Just don't overfill the tray, then cover won't stuck and cubes slide out easily.

    Oh, and I also use it to make jell-o shuts :)....more info
  • GREAT for making baby food
    I make my own baby food, and these trays are great. Half the price of "baby food cube trays," they are great for freezing and storing home made baby food. Each cube holds about .75 ounces. I can't speak to how these work as ice cube trays, but for baby food, they're perfect. I would not spend more on ones specifically marketed for baby food-- that's a waste of money....more info
  • Ice cube tray so fancy you can't use it
    I LOVE OXO items. They make some great products, unfortunatly they make some bad ones too. This is a bad one. I bought this so store leftover chicken stock in (I saw someone making leftover stock into stock cubes and saving it for another day). Well I filled up the tray and started to put the lid on, which make the stock start spilling out. After fighting with if for like a mintue I decided, well there is no way I'm going to be able to carry this perfectly level across the kitchen so keep it from spilling so I gave up. OXO should discontinue this item....more info