Thief 2: The Metal Age
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The Metal Age offers all the exciting elements of the original game, and expand upon gameplay that emphasizes stealth and problem solving over brainless killing. Follow an involving storyline, complete with intriguing subplots while evading and engaging with the most sophisticated enemy.

Eidos and Looking Glass Technologies advance the shifty gaming style they introduced in Thief: The Dark Project as they continue the adventures of Garrett the master thief. In Thief II, Garrett faces tough times. Machines and their Mechanist creators have emerged as the new sinister force in the city, replacing the Hammerites of the original game. Initially unconcerned with these mechanical abominations, Garrett sets out to pilfer enough to make his next rent payment when he makes a startling discovery: someone is trying to kill him. With thoughts of financial troubles set aside, Garrett must find out who is trying to eliminate him--and why.

Through 15 grueling missions, you lead Garrett through the shadows as you attempt to accomplish a variety of intriguing objectives. In one scenario, you'll be trying to frame an innocent man by planting evidence, while in another you'll have to break into a heavily guarded bank. All the while, you will rely on moss arrows, water arrows, flash bombs, and invisibility potions to get you past the city watch as well as the Mechanists and their walking iron beasts.

The gameplay in Thief II is very much like that of its predecessor: Garrett is forced to rely on stealth and cunning rather than brute force. Each successive mission will put those stealth skills to an even tougher test than the last, as you try to slip past a seemingly endless array of guards, traps, robotic sentries, and innocent bystanders. You'll certainly get your money's worth, as each mission can easily take an hour or two to complete.

Essentially, Thief II is everything the original Thief was and more. Better graphics, superb mission design, and even better virtual thievery make Thief II a must-have for fans of the original and for any action enthusiast who is tired of the same old shoot-'em-up theme. --Michael E. Ryan


  • Excellent level and mission design
  • Great graphics
  • Cool array of tools to make any thief's life easier
  • Challenging missions that will last 1 to 2 hours each
  • Some missions incredibly difficult
  • No multiplayer

Welcome to Thief 2: The Metal Age, Looking Glass Studio's highly anticipated sequel to the hit "first-person sneaker" Thief: The Dark Project. Players once again occupy the weathered boots of Garrett--master thief, expert in stealth, and unlikely victor over the mad nature god, the Trickster. It's been over a year since the events portrayed in Thief: The Dark Project, and Garrett's life has returned to a kind of chaotic normalcy marked by daring independent thieving runs and lucrative "jobs." But the cost of business has just gone up, and Garrett may end up paying with his life.

Customer Reviews:

  • Great game, big improvement over the first.
    The game, unlike the first Thief, gradually immerses the player into a more technological-type of stealth. Instead of just humans or monsters that the first game immediately throws into the players' faces after just a couple of maps, this game gradually introduces the concept of mechanical guardians. It allows players to compensate rather than be overwhelmed. Also, rather than fighting all the factions like some lone renegade, Thief 2 makes the player sympathetic to the Pagan faction, allying himself to them after defeating their god (Loki) in the first game. The Hammerites were the other faction, bent on mechanics and industry, though in this game there is a fundamental group that branches off and has a distorted view of completely remaking the city into a mechanical graveyard.

    Stealth is more concentrated in this game, where it is almost necessary for survival. In Thief 1, players always had the option of fighting enemies callously, but in Thief 2, enemies can't be beaten by normal means of swordplay, and pack projectile explosions that normally mean a quick death when the player is exposed. Players can't rely on a sword or arrow to the back of the head to clear the way anymore.

    The game can be quite confusing at times, especially at the last level. Maps are so huge that just exploring them can take hours upon hours, and even much more to loot everything of value. However, that's what makes the game so great!...more info
  • Thief II
    I bought this game once before but lost the Play Game disc. So I bought it again. It's great....more info
  • Love the Thief series
    The Thief series is one of my all time favorites and the second installment does not disappoint. If you were a fan of the first one you will enjoy this game and even if you weren't, it's still a very entertaining play....more info
  • Just buy it
    Sorry, but this one will be short. I see other people have gone in depth about this game.

    here are the facts: It is fun. it is a bitch sometimes, and it is NOT a shooter. It plays like any first person adventure, but you have to sneak around a lot (like Planet of the Apes) and learn to fire a bow over long distances - which they did excellently on graphics-wise.

    If you are reading this you probably are wondering "if" you should buy it. Yes. Trust me....more info
  • Another (unfortunately final) Masterpiece From Looking Glass!
    Alas poor Looking Glass, I knew ye games well...

    Not only were Looking Glass Studios just terrific programmers and designers, but they were one of the few companies (very few) that created sequels that OUT-DID the originals!

    Therefore, Thief 2 TMA, is a near flawless game in almost every aspect.

    Good ol' Garrett is back and stealthier than ever! The best qualities that made the original so- well- original were the concepts. Sneaking, stealing, pick-pocketing, lock-picking, puzzle/problem solving, great cast, weaponary makes their glorious returns here and are improved (and fixed here and there too).

    Now what makes The Metal Age (no, not 80s hair metal bands) better than The Dark Project? Well, aside from the improved weaponry and gadgets the story is more streamlined to adhere to the gameplay better. TMA was a tad over-board in the Hammerities theology deterring from the pacing of the game at times. Here, the Mechanists are a theology as well but don't slow down the pace. Not to say that it's thin on plot- it surely isn't- it has a great story as all LGS games do.

    The graphics are great for the time it was released (today they look kind of "primitive") and the foley is terrific as always. It carries some of the SFX from TDP and adds more sounds and removes some of the annoying sounds from TDP too.

    If I have to mention (and I do) any negatives I would say that there are a few glitches (even for the final version of 1.8) that ruin the game. I tended to get to get stuck in corners and had to restart. At times, when you're moving at the slowest pace you are still heard from half across a room. I found that ridiculous. Lastly, there is no 32bit resolution availabilty. Bummer.

    Overall, this is another jewel in the small but flawless Looking Glass Studios crown.

    The other 3 LGS games are:

    System Shock
    System Shock 2 (greatest PC game ever created)
    Thief: The Dark Project

    Now go get it/them Taffer!...more info
  • Dark, Dark, Dark
    I love gaming, and really wanted to play this game, but it was just too doggone DARK! Most of the time, the screen is completely black. I think they saved a lot on graphics development. ;o)

    I played for 45 minutes, and couldn't even get inside the building! I kept getting stuck on some unseen barrier, and the map they give you shows your general location, but was not detailed enough to pinpoint where I was and show me how to get around whatever I was stuck on.

    My husband played for one afternoon, and didn't see much of anything either. The screen was black about 80% of the time.

    I'd like to be able to see at least an outline of what's in front of me. Maybe the next game will be "Thief III: The Cave." :o)...more info

    The most original would actually be Thief 1 but lets not quibble here. The Thief series is inspired genius. The developers at Looking Glass (R.I.P.) dared to do something new with a genre that was at that point old and cliched. An action game where you can win without killing anyone. Whoda thought it? The pitfall here is that most people think that action games without killing are no fun. LG side-stepped that beautifully. Sure its fun to put an arrow in some poor sap's neck but out-witting them instead is often more satisfying. Add a great story and original setting and you have a great game. Finally, to answer a previous reviewers question, Thief 3 is in development now but not by LG :(. Ion Storm great Warren Spector is in charge of T3's development. However, the majority of the original Thief team is working on it so it should be just as great....more info
  • great concept, but...
    Vastly over-rated Game. I found this game incredibly boring and tiresome, but granted my tastes run more along the lines of Quake II, Half-Life, Rogue Spear, etc. Anyway, I thought this might be an interesting alternative to the first-person shooters but I was wrong. My main hang-ups with this game were as follows: (1) While yes, it was sort of fun to "sneak" around unseen, shoot out torches with your water arrow, steal treasure, etc., I spent hours stumbling around lost the "dark" in a maze of corridors with a completely black screen, which was a complete waste of time. (2) The guards that you are sneaking around trying to avoid or knock unconscious simply are not at all scary. (3) Also, their voices are terribly acted and strange - for example, one guard will say hum dum dee dum and then ramble on about nothing in a midwestern US accent to another guard who replies with a heavy British accent - minor point but nonetheless annoying. (4) The graphics ran smooth with a Pentium II, Voodoo 3dfx, but were still very poor and unrealistic. For example, outlines of doors simply appear on your pitch black screen when you're in the "dark". I admit I'm picky about these games, but I was hugely disappointed with this one....more info
  • Mission Impossible
    Much better than the first one. There are only 15 missions in the complete game but each mission will take hours to complete. Only thing i didnt like is the noise the gaurds make, Even though i am well aware of the difficulty of play and should not be killing anyone i just couldnt resist sending a couple of arrows to silence him.

    By the way i heard that looking glass has closed down. OH NO! Does that mean no Thief III....more info

  • Not Good
    A game like this needs an AI as good as Half-Life but that is missing here....more info
  • The Best Game Ever!!!
    I have worked in the Role Playing Game industry for about 12 years and Thief 2 is hands down the best game I have ever played. The story, the characters, game play, everything is increadible. A game like this is a rare treasure....more info
  • Sequel to Thief: The Better Half
    I absolutely fell in love with this game even before I had played Thief: The Dark Project. I'm so glad I started out with the "better" part of this game with Garrett's mechanical eye, vine arrows and probably a lot more. These help big time in getting past the levels. I experienced its absence when I played Thief: The Dark Project which was pretty tedious, but it wasn't bad.

    Thief 2: The Metal Age has got quite a story. You'll be amazed to find out (which I did after analyzing the game during Algebra) the pace in progress by starting out at some fancy mansion to help someone, to actually saving the city. On the way, a lot of things are encountered which lead to other things causing subplots but in the end they're all related to the big picture, and it doesn't get off track.

    I was pretty addicted to this game, and still am. I long to slip into that sober and forbidding atmosphere which is brought out so well through the music and the lighting; and Garrett helps the situation through his sarcasm and cynicalness.

    This is one kind of game which I know I won't grow out of. In a way, it's not repititive, as sometimes when you save the game at a point where a guard's going to walk in on you, he sometimes won't turn up when the game is loaded. Also, in levels that require locating some kind of loot or item which you carry on to the next level, (considering that you're starting fresh on the level) it can be hidden in 14 different places, and I haven't experienced all of it either!

    I really recommend this game, especially if you're a First-Person-Shooter person, and for once there aren't the usual shotput guns or bazookas or alienated monsters and what-not. Thief 2: The Metal Age is definately a break-through....more info
  • All better now.
    I reviewed this once (I even named the game wrong), but I have upgraded my computer and tried again. And what a wonderful game I have found.
    There are many levels with many different objectives to complete. And they are very challenging. The AI is pretty solid and once you are found, they will chase you almost to the death. The graphics are still pretty solid and sound is still pretty good.
    Though my first experience wasn't very good, I am glad that I kept this game and tried it again many years later. I was totally drawn into the game and the story and can't wait until Garrett comes back in Thief 3 (which I beleive is already out.)
    Though the game is slowed paced and tedious at times, it was still very enjoyable and very challenging. I don't think I could take too many games like this (Thief and Commandos series are probably the only 2 I will get into), but I will definitely get every sequel they release for this series unless the really screw up and ruin this series with a lame game (it has already happened to 2 other series I really enjoyed: Lord of the Realms and Commandos).
    This is a must for Thief 1 lovers and anyone getting into this genre will want to start with Thief 1 and 2 before getting Thief 3. A very good game....more info
  • Wonderful Game
    So here is how it works The Metal Age has a better STORY. The Metal Age has better missions.

    Wonderful game all round frankly it is also one of a kind because no other game forces you to reley on strength, speed and wits at the same time. If you are feed up with the other games that really seem to have no point other than to blow stuff up try this game on for size.

    Overall-Has the best theif mission ever--Life of the Party...more info

  • Best Single Player Game Ever Made
    Thief: The Dark Project is without a doubt the best single player game ever made. Thief 2: The Metal Age is nearly as good as the original and has several of the best Thief missions (Life of the Party, Casing the Joint). If you don't already own it, buy this game....more info
  • Great game! Too bad its M.
    I managed to play the demo of Thief 2, and found it to be the best stealth game next to Splinter Cell. The only problem is it's rated M for Blood and Violence, and my parents don't like my playing M games. Just remember, the blood and violence is like tomb raider, except less fighting if you play it right. So, I recommend this game to those of you who really like Stealth games, and whose superiors allow it!...more info
  • The "Thief" series is incredible!
    Few games are this original. Thief gives you that rush you get from being somewhere you're not supposed to be. The AI is some of the best I've seen in a PC game. The characters can see and hear you. They can call for help and run when wounded. The graphics are average quality, but the sound is excellent. Also, the storyline and acting are well done and entertaining. My only complaint is that the play control is sometimes buggy. Overall rating 5 stars!...more info
  • Almost as good as the amazing original
    I've never played a game that I didn't find more intense and involving than Thief and Thief II. Thief II has a lot more story and many more tight spots that are difficult to get through.

    If you enjoy tense atmosphere's, this game gives you a feeling of being the hunter and the hunted at the same time. This game is extremely enjoyable, but falls short of the first because of some of the later levels being a bit too hard. You can't beat it if you enjoy sneaking around....more info

  • The Thinking Man's Shooter
    For those who enjoy the mindless slaughter started by Wolfenstein 3D, enhanced by Doom, and perfected by Quake, this is not the game for you. For those seeking a more cerebral experience from a shooter, this will be what you have been looking for.
    A worthy follow-up to one of the most original games ever, The Metal Age finds master thief Garrett facing a formidable foe in the form of Karas and the Mechanists. The Mechanists have bought their way into high society by providing high tech servants and security for the city's upper class. In addition, Karas, the Mechanist leader, has labeled Garrett as a threat to the Mechanist "religion" and is working to see that he never draws another breath.
    First of all, if you had problems getting through the first Thief, the sequel is going to frustrate you to death. The main thing I found to be problematic was the fact that the Mechanists have replaced a great deal of the torches with electric lights. This renders your water arrows nearly useless and makes concealing shadows few and far between.
    Overall, if you are looking for a thinking man's game with a hefty dose of challenge, or if you were hooked on the first Thief, this is one game you shouldn't miss....more info
  • Not Quite As Good As original Thief or Thief Gold
    Thief II delivers better graphics and pretty much the same seamless gameplay as Thief/Thief Gold. Unfortunately, In Thief II, I found the gameplay less exciting from the lack of fear - the original Thief had creatures that just scared the pants off me and this in turn created a much longer gameplay because I found I had to sneak around a lot more.

    Thief II still rates high in my book as far as PC games go, but can't compare with the original. I just love being spooked too much to give this 5 stars.
    Still, I am definitely looking forward to Thief III to be released next year....more info

  • Thief is back in all its glory
    if you have played thief one then you'll love theif II it is even better then the first with compelling graphics and stunning missions will keep you hooked to the game till you beat which could take a while with the number of assinments in each mission. plus the veriaty of the missions is great. anywhere from being a assasin to framing someone. this game is sure to be a classic...more info
  • Nice departure from ultraviolent FPS
    Not that I mind ultraviolent games, but every once in a while, it's nice to play something that emphasizes something other than "get big gun, frag away."

    Thief 2 (and Thief before it) are both excellent games that require you to move slowly and carefully throughout each level and use only minimal force to accomplish your goals. The game is set in a part medieval, part industrial renaissance world where torches, gas lamps, electricity, steam power and magic all exist side by side. The contrast is sometimes used to great effect by the level designers, producing wonderfully complex levels that are both nice to look at and fairly interactive. The controls are pretty simple and users who prefer a keyboard, keyboard and mouse, or joystick will all feel very comfortable. Equipment is bought or found during gameplay (but doesn't usually carry over from level to level) and is designed to supplement gameplay, not dominate it. The most unbalancing items are also the rarest and levels are easily finished without these rare items.

    The opposition AI is a little dumbed down, but still challenging. The ability to set the difficulty level (which affects the number of goals in a mission and level of violence permissable) allows for a fair amount of replayability.

    A major change from the first game is a noticeable lack of undead and overall less need to get into combat situations. This is more or less a welcome change but can lead to some long, patience testing level play. Fortunately, a game can be saved and returned to at any point during a level, unlike Diablo 2. Also, the level maps are much bigger than the first games and if you enjoy exploring every nook and cranny, you can really spend a lot of time in the game.

    Speed isn't a problem on a PII 400 w/128 RAM and 32 meg TNT card and the sound quality is excellent. The only drawback to the graphics is that everything is fairly dark (avoid light, night missions, duh) and on dark monitors, things are downright difficult to see. If you have lights on, screen glare more or less makes the game unplayable. So turn down the lights, turn up the gamma and sneak away....more info

  • Turn up the gamma!
    I've read some reviews here where people say they don't like this game becausue "it is black most of the time". It's not MEANT to be that dark. The designers said in the manual that you should be able to see where you are going, no matter how dark the screen. Turn up the gamma setting in the "Options" screen and you will enjoy Theief more (hopefully). Anyway this is a very atmosphereic, tense and enjoyable game, but I'll take a star off it because of some of the voice acting, which was sometimes awful....more info
  • this poor guy again...
    i just love the first game and this sequel is even better. i found the first one so good and funny. now this is even better. the characters are a bit stupid-they're too busy sleeping or drinking or something like that to even notice you especially if you are standing right in front of them. i still feel sorry for this guy again. he's a nut!! (even thought what he says reminds me of what i usually say anyways)he doesn't want anyone or anything to see him but he/you can't see anything either oh such as the edge of a roof or something. the scenry is great especialy when you are falling off the rooftop. this is an excellent game you will have fun and if you're like me-laugh you head off(not literally)...more info
  • A great game
    Thief 2 is probably the best 1st person game I have ever played (and I own over 150 PC games). Granted, I like the idea of using your brains rather than an BFG to solve a problem, plus I get a huge rush of adrenaline when I am able to get away with something sneaky in a game. Therefore, your experience may vary.

    To maximize your enjoyment of the game however, I suggest you turn out the lights in your room, put a dark blanket or towel over the windows and then adjust the gamma controls on the game and the brightness/contrast on your monitor. Once you do all of this, you'll be able to see that Thief 2 isn't just a blind run in the dark, but a very richly detailed world.

    Also, use an EAX capable sound card, such as Creative Labs Live! card and you'll be able to hear things happening all around you as you play. Knowing where sound is coming from really helps, for example, when you've been spotted and are trying to stay one step ahead of the bad guy.

    The Thief series also has a solid online following, so you can count on good fan-created levels to keep your gaming experience going. Check out sites such as for more....more info