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Safety 1st Hospital's Choice Accu Scan Ear Thermometer
List Price: $31.99

Our Price: $19.99

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Product Description

Take an accurate temperature in just one second! The Accu Scan" Ear Thermometer scans 16 measurements and averages the highest four, offering a fast and accurate way to take temperatures for the whole family.


  • Provides an accurate reading in just one second!
  • Memory feature helps monitor a fever.
  • Large digital display is easy to read.
  • Auto shut-off after one minute.
  • Celsius/Fahrenheit switch.
  • Audible and visual indicators signal when a new temperature reading is complete.
  • No probe covers needed!
  • A protective storage base and a long-life battery included.

  • If you envy the ease with which the doctor can take a squirmy baby's temperature, this is the thermometer for you. Simply place the soft end of this easy-to-handle tool in the ear, press a button, and receive an accurate reading in one second. The Accu-Scan comes with a five-year lithium battery and disposable covers, so the whole family can use it without spreading germs. The LCD screen lights up for easy nighttime readings, and the memory recalls the last eight measurements. --Trilby Cohen
  • Fast and accurate reading
  • Memory feature
  • Auto shut-off
  • Replaceable lithium battery included
  • Birth and Up

Customer Reviews:

  • Don't waste your money!!
    I bought this item in preparation for my first child. I tried it 8 times on me and my husband and got a different reading each time, from 94.2 - 102.3!! I returned it the next day, don't bother!!...more info
  • Not for Babies!
    This product is advertised in a misleading fashion:
    it says that it is for all ages but it is not. Unfortunately I did not find that out until attempting to use it on my sister's visiting sick 12 week old baby.

    It's scary enough dealing with a baby's fever without hearing from every doctor that you talk to that the thing is inaccurate on infants. This should be acknowledged in the packaging not (as it is) buried in the fine print of the directions. It is also very difficult to follow the instructions, and we wasted quite a few of the probe covers trying to figure it out.

    DON"T BUY THIS AS PREPARATION FOR A NEW BABY. Go the old-fashioned rectal thermometer way, that's what your pediatrician would recommend....more info

  • hard to find covers too!
    I have been looking for the covers as well. I have tried toys r us, and finally I went online. Well I found the covers and they are a new product at the babies website. I typed in thermometers and then clicked on the accu scan thermometer where it says to read more and then scroll down and the probe covers are one of the products. The are 4.99 a package.
    I also went to the Safety1st website and they sell them there too or at least they can tell you when they are located. They come in a pack of 20 and there was no price there.
    I hope this helps. Let me tell you we are going to stock up.
    Debbie...more info
  • No good!
    Not worth the money! I have never been able to get an accurate reading. It's too big for a child (toddler) ear....more info
  • Accurate, but not recommended for infants
    This thermometer does appear to be accurate (when tested on myself), however it is very difficult to use on an infant. My daughter is 3 months old now, and I still find it difficult (and a little scary) to use on her. She wiggles around so much that the scanner is usually out of her ear before it is done. I am also hesitant to use it in fear that she will jerk her head and end up getting poked in the ear or eye. I think it will get plenty of use - just not yet....more info
  • love this product
    We got this at as a gift at our baby shower. It has been so helpful. I have been able to get an accurate reading very fast, which is helpful with a child who doesn't want to sit still. The one we recieved came with lots of covers so we haven't had the problem of buying them yet. We love this product and totally recommend buying one....more info
  • A complete waste of money!
    Every single time, the reading is way low - around 94.9 or something like that. It is extremely unreliable. Don't waste your money!...more info
  • what a waste!!!
    I don't usually bother complaining about products, but this thermometer was such a waste of $, I just wanted to save someone else the trouble. The temperature readings on this are SOOO inaccurate. EVERY time that we check a temp. it is different, it varies alot. Just to see if it worked we tried 8 times in a row on ourselves to see what we got. Every time it was different sometimes by a few degrees. It reads low sometimes, so you may have a temperature and not be aware. And we couldn't even take it back to the store. Do yourself a favor by the regular digital thermometer.We didn't have any luck with a diffferent brand either, the ear ones are all off, but not as bad as this one....more info
  • not accurate
    i got this for a baby shower gift and i ended up going out and buying a cheap digital one. this thermometer does not give accurate readings. i used it on my daughter and it read 94.3, to me that is pretty bad when i used the other one got a reading of 98. i suggest buying the cheap digital ones instead. i would rate this product at 0 stars but there is no 0 rating. so i had to give it a 1...more info
    This thermometer is awful. I tired several times to get a reading on myself and my husband and it always read 93 degrees or below. I finally used the old standby digital thermometer and it worked perfect. I do not recommend this product to anyone!...more info
  • Won't work!
    I have tried and tried again to use this thermometer on my 7 month old and each time it reads a very low temperature. I get so frustrated that I just go back to our basic digital therm. I've even had trouble using this on my husband. I would not recommend this product. Sometimes basic is better!...more info
  • Works great for me!
    I received this thermometer as a gift at my shower. I have not had any of the problems that the other people have had. Mine seems to work great! I have found the covers at BabiesRUs stores, on the lowest shelf where the thermometers are. They are also at the Wal-Mart by me. So far, it has been accurate. I have tested it against my regular digital thermometer and they both come up with the same reading. Good luck!...more info
  • Not happy
    We were very unhappy with this product and returned it. It didn't give anywhere close to an accurate reading and we had the worst time trying to find covers for it. We ended up going with the Vicks probe thermometer. It was more accurate and took only 10 seconds to read....more info
  • aggrevated mommy
    I had waited a long time to afford an ear themometer. When I finally could get one it was the Safety 1st Accu Scan. I used up the pack of covers that came with the purchase and now I can't find them anywhere. The only place is here off the internet. However, I have been with out a computer for awhile and needed to use the themometer and couldn't! I had to go buy another inexpensive themometer temporarily. I am very dissapointed in this expense....more info
  • some things you love and other hate
    I recived this from the hospital when i had my daughter. At first it was too big for her ears, no biggie i had a digital one for under that she is bigger)7 mos) we can use it. it is a great product!! instead of having to fight a squriming baby for 2 mins w/ a regular thermomoter in just a few seconds i get a good and accurate reading. I to have heard alot of greif about using an ear thomomoter but that also comes from a mom who thinks you dont worry about a temprature until its 106. over all its a great product for older infants. I would recomend...more info
    DON'T WASTE YOUR $$$!...more info
  • Return this thermometer!
    I registered for this thermometer when I was pregnant with my first child. We constantly received error messages and inaccurate readings. We never found any replacement covers either. I called the company and told them about my experiences with their product. They offered to send me a new one. I explained that I would rather send their product back to them in exchange for a full refund of the suggested retail price and they quickly honored my request. I had the themometer for over one year before I even called the company. I was really surprised that they reimbursed me....more info
  • Waste of Money!!!!
    I bought this Thermometer when my second son was born, thinking it would be easy to use and good for the money. My husband and I tested it on ourselves to see how accurate it was. We both got 5 different readings. I didn't see what the need of the plastic covers were for, since we ran out of them quickly.(Not to mention, you can't find replacements anywhere.) My biggest complant was that after a month, the product completely stopped working, even after changing the batteries. I would suggest paying the extra money to get a better thermometer....more info
  • Pretty good product
    This was on my registry and I was pretty excited about it. My son is 5 months old and fortunately I have only had to use it a couple of times but it works just fine. Pretty inexpensive compared to some of the others on the market and definitly the best product I have from Safety 1st. Not all of their products are safe or all that great, in fact some are pretty darn awful....more info
    I bought this thermometer for my daughter when she was first born. It is AWFUL! It gives strange readings like 94.5 and 95.1, when in fact I know that she has a fever! I bought just a regular digital rectal thermometer at the pharmacy and it gives more accurate readings. Don't buy this, its a waste of time and $$$$$$!...more info
  • Works great for me!
    I received this thermometer as a gift at my shower. I have not had any of the problems that the other people have had. Mine seems to work great! I have found the covers at BabiesRUs stores, on the lowest shelf where the thermometers are. They are also at the Wal-Mart by me. So far, it has been accurate. I have tested it against my regular digital thermometer and they both come up with the same reading. Good luck!...more info
  • mom
    This thermometer was inacurate. It read a temperature at 96.5 when the braun read it at 102. I immediatley took it back. It is well worth the extra money to buy the braun....more info