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Malcolm crowe is a dedicated child psychologist who faces his greatest challenge when he meets a young boy who lives in a world populated by ghosts. Paralyzed by fear the boy claims to be tormented by ghosts who demand his help from their otherworldly pain. Crowe may be the boys only hope. Studio: Buena Vista Home Video Release Date: 06/06/2006 Starring: Bruce Willis Olivia Williams Run time: 107 minutes Rating: Pg13

"I see dead people," whispers little Cole Sear (Haley Joel Osment), scared to affirm what is to him now a daily occurrence. This peaked 9-year old, already hypersensitive to begin with, is now being haunted by seemingly malevolent spirits. Child psychologist Malcolm Crowe (Bruce Willis) is trying to find out what's triggering Cole's visions, but what appears to be a psychological manifestation turns out to be frighteningly real. It might be enough to scare off a lesser man, but for Malcolm it's personal--several months before, he was accosted and shot by an unhinged patient, who then turned the gun on himself. Since then, Malcolm has been in turmoil--he and his wife (Olivia Williams) are barely speaking, and his life has taken an aimless turn. Having failed his loved ones and himself, he's not about to give up on Cole.

This third feature by M. Night Shyamalan sets itself up as a thriller, poised on the brink of delivering monstrous scares, but gradually evolves into more of a psychological drama with supernatural undertones. Many critics faulted the film for being mawkish and New Age-y, but no matter how you slice it, this is one mightily effective piece of filmmaking. The bare bones of the story are basic enough, but the moody atmosphere created by Shyamalan and cinematographer Tak Fujimoto made this one of the creepiest pictures of 1999, forsaking excessive gore for a sinisterly simple feeling of chilly otherworldliness. Willis is in his strong, silent type mode here, and gives the film wholly over to Osment, whose crumpled face and big eyes convey a child too wise for his years; his scenes with his mother (Toni Collette) are small, heartbreaking marvels. And even if you figure out the film's surprise ending, it packs an amazingly emotional wallop when it comes, and will have you racing to watch the movie again with a new perspective. You may be able to shake off the sentimentality of The Sixth Sense, but its craftsmanship and atmosphere will stay with you for days. --Mark Englehart

Customer Reviews:

  • Why I love this movie
    I saw this originally at the movies, and was amazed at the incredibly believable performance by young Haley Joel Osment who plays a child terrified for too long on the verge of losing his fragile young mind. Just before the end of the story I was very frustrated feeling that the Director had cheated on the mystery of the story, until it did actually end, then of course it was "Oh, I see!", my wife who left at the beginning to call the kids at home was very angry, and feeling cheated until I explained it to her.

    Later when we got to see this on DVD and saw the extra features that let you see how the director not only didn't cheat you, but gave a clue in every scene, I almost felt dumb for not getting it in the first place.

    Now, I would like to address some of the other criticism leveled at this film; specifically that only Cole's character is three dimensional. The story is Cole's story; the other major characters are unaware of anything that is going on in Cole's story, so for them to be full fleshed as it were would take away from the actual story line, and take you away from the destination of the plot.

    Now one last thing, I am glad that I saw the screen version first, to have the gotcha moment in the end, but I do prefer the longest directors cut for all subsequent viewings, and we in my house have watched it many times.
    ...more info
  • One of the best movies
    I still get chills when I watch this movie. In fact I can't watch it alone at night. I'm such a total baby. I love getting scared and I think I was one of only a few people on the planet who didn't actually get what was going on from the beginning of the flick. I think this means that this sort of movie is perfect for me....more info
  • It's okay
    The movie is fine the way it is with good acting from Osment, allusions to interruption from the "ghost world" (the color red, cold temperature), and the twist. It just didn't leave as much an impact on me as it does on others. The movie wasn't as scary as I thought to be, and I was scared of Event Horizon. Plus, I just can't get over the fact that Bruce Willis goes through everyday life not knowing the people he love are ignoring him. Sure, Mr. Shyamalan explained it simply as "ghosts only see what they want to see," but I don't buy it. Suspension of disbelief is important in movies, but I just can't do it for this one....more info
  • Bruce Norris is an Amazing Actor
    This film proves once and for all what an amazing talent Bruce Norris is. An incredible performance in an incredibly well written movie. Can not wait to see him in his next film....more info
  • Good movie gets mediocre Blu-Ray treatment
    Good, if somewhat overrated, film has great atmosphere, intriguing story, fine direction and great acting, especially from young Osment (in his debut film role). Worth seeing for sure, although repeat viewings offer diminishing returns.

    The 1080p transfer is mediocre, with subdued colors, and a flat, two-dimensional look: the mediocrity continues with extras that are warmed over trifles taken from the previous DVD "special edition", which, frankly, weren't all that special. The sound fares a bit better, with the rear speakers used quite effectively at times. A slight, but barely noticeable upgrade in picture quality from the SD edition, for all but the most discernible viewer.

    If you don't own any other editions of this film, rent before you buy; owners of the SD edition can safely pass this up... or at least wait, until the price comes down on this one....more info
  • The Sixth Sense
    Director M. Night Shyamalan's breakthrough feature is a clever, unnerving horror picture with a nifty surprise ending. Willis is an effective anchor as the film's protagonist, but magnetic performances from young Osment and gifted actress Toni Colette (as Cole's mother) set this thriller apart, a movie best not seen alone....more info
  • 6th Sense looks great in BD. Hit Film, Box Office Hit
    I actually like M. Night Shyamalan's later movies much more, beginning with the following Unbreakable and Signs even the Village and on, but yes I like this film and the BD was better all around than the standard DVD. If you have the DVD it is good enough; if you are HD nuts, this is the copy to get....more info
  • The Shining and The Sixth Sense
    Only two movies have made me scared to walk though my own house: The Shining and the Sixth Sense. ...more info
  • Great thriller!
    "I see dead people". You've heard that line before. This is the movie that started the jokes and spawned other movies based solely on that one line. When a movie has that kind of power, you know it's good.

    So what's this movie about? Basically, a pyschologist (Malcolm) comes to a little boy's (Cole) aid when he claims that he can see dead people. No one else can see these dead people and they're not friendly by any means. Malcolm has to try and come up with a way to make living with dead people more tolerable for Cole (if that's at all possible). Meanwhile, Malcolm has to deal with his own personal issues when his wife stops talking to him after he got shot by a former patient a year before.

    If you haven't seen this movie, you're missing out. For those who don't like scary movies, don't worry. This isn't a typical scary movie. This is more of a mystery movie in which you have to think about what's going on and what's going to happen. The extra features that are included with this movie are a great added bonus. It's interesting to hear the director's thoughts and some of the details that went into creating certain scenes. The first time I watched this movie in the theaters, I left with shaky knees. It was that good. This is a must have movie in every household's movie collection. ...more info
  • The story is the best of this movie
    Surprising ending, well worked. Even Bruce, as always himself, blend enough with the story to ignore him and pay attention to the story and, of course, the boy, who does a wonderful work. More suspense than terror, meaning you can see the movie before going to bed but... don't share it with your little kids!...more info
  • What is the 6th Sense?
    Is it the ability to see dead people? Yes, in a sense. But in a broader sense, it is the ability to see the invisible, non-sensory forces that motivate people's behaviors. In the movie, the sense is manifested in a child's ability to see "ghosts," the ability to see undead people whose souls are not at rest, still troubled by what they perceive are mistakes in their past. Many children and adults are gifted with the ability to "see" what other people cannot see, the ability to see what is read between the lines of the 5 normal senses.

    The 6th sense is a sensory skill that can be improved through effort and education. It is often learned best by watching socially intelligent women who have suffered greatly and have decided to try to find ways to understand and care for those hurting around them. The 6th sense is empathy.

    If a tree falls in the woods, and no one is around, it is still heard by empathetic people. For those of us who understand the grief of losing someone, the pains do not diminish after they pass away prematurely. Time passing does not ease the pain. Intoxicants do not kill the pain. We never stop remembering their light, their humor, their hopes, and our loss of connection. Like ghosts, in the best sense of the term, we see them regularly revisit us. This is a great film for these, and many more universal reasons....more info
  • Sixth Sense
    Excellent Movie!!! I loved it, received it in excellent condition & very quickly. Thank You....more info
  • "I see dead people..."
    Those words uttered by Haley Joel Osment send a chill down the spines of viewers everywhere. In fact, this movie does not suffer from a shortage of scary or intense moments. Gripping from the start, it does not reveal all of its cards until the end. You will be on the edge of your seat. M. Night Shyamalan is a master of his craft, and this may be his best work. Highly recommended....more info
  • The Original M. Night Movie..................
    M. Night Shyamalan is the master!

    This movie is excellent! As every M. Night movie is.

    Great characters, great acting and a unusual, never been done before story!

    Never pass up the chance to see a M. Night Shyamalan classic!...more info
  • An Original, Horrifying, Dramatic Debut
    It's been eleven years since a new director with the unlikely name M. Night Shyamalan graced theatergoers with this icy ruby of movie magic. And although he has made worthy follow-ups in the years since, for me, he's never topped THE SIXTH SENSE.

    Malcolm Crowe is a child psychologist tormented by the one patient he couldn't save. It's been a year since he had to confront that awful truth, and in that time, his confidence and his marraige have undergone a slow and steady crumble that has finally reached the breaking point. Enter Cole Sear, an eight year old child of a single mother with a decidedly nasty neurosis: he believes he sees the dead.

    If Crowe (Bruce Willis) can help the boy (Oscar-nominee Haley Joel Osment), he may just redeem himself; but the effort he spends in doing so continues to erode his relationship with his wife, and a nagging suspicion that Cole is NOT delusional threatens Crowe's fundamental understanding of the universe.

    This is a terrific thriller-ghost-story-drama that would suffer from any further explanation. Great acting and subtle direction (note the selective usage of the color red), along with an absolutely killer storyline, make THE SIXTH SENSE probably the best movie of 1996. Eleven years later, it still holds up.

    (This review has been posted by Marcus Damanda, author of the vampire novel "Teeth: A Horror Fantasy.")...more info
  • so so bad
    It was always a complete mystery to me what people saw in this movie. Why it caught on in terms of popularity across the United States back in the late 90's is totally beyond me. When I first watched this movie, the first thing that went through my mind was "Oh no, this movie is going to kill the horror genre". Luckily not every single horror movie ripped off the ideas of this film to make the entire genre worthless (unlike say, Van Halen, whose influence made listening to guitar solos in a rock song a chore from that point on, but that's a different subject for a different time).

    I was never *ever* scared while watching the Sixth Sense. Not even once. Nothing even came close to giving me goosebumps. Everything came across so ordinary, almost like a dream from a childs point of view. No, not a nightmare- just a regular dream. I was completely unsatisfied with the acting as well. The little boy from Thunder Alley was the worst possible choice- he wasn't convincing at all. I didn't feel his emotions (which were overbearingly exaggerated most of the time). The whole "I see dead people" thing was about the dumbest thing I've ever seen. Watching him walk around and say things like "There's a dead guy over there" didn't have me convinced a dead spirit was around him at all. Guess what everyone? There's a dead guy standing next to me while I type this review for amazon. I'm scared, shaking and very nervous right now. Are you scared? Of course not.

    Going to high school when this movie came out, I can't believe so many of my classmates were scared of this story and actually went around saying the new hot expression "I see dead people". How horrible. Then again, maybe they were making fun of it. I hope so.

    I have nothing good to say about the Sixth Sense. It was boring, predictable, lacked suspense, and was just a horrible film overall. ...more info
  • I'm not one to watch a movie twice...
    ...but I had to watch this one again, right afterward, because I needed to go back and watch for clues.

    Honestly, and I won't give away the 'ah ha!' moment, but I knew that he was... well, you know, what he was. What I didn't get was how that was possible, or how the interaction with the others that I saw... so I had to go back and watch the movie AGAIN, just to make sure there were no errors in the filming of it.

    Sure enough, I found none that I could call an error, and was totally blown away with how this was filmed.

    I am a writer, and I also adapt novels for scripts, and when something like this comes along, that something that just totally grabs me and says, "This is something special... this is not the ordinary..." well, I am impressed.

    I aspire to write something that can really AH HA! someone in this way.

    I recommend the movie, highly....more info
  • Way to stiff the actors, amazon!
    This film is worth all its five stars and more, but what's up with listing the actors as Firdous Bamji, Mischa Barton, Toni Collette, and Janis Dardanis? Collette is certainly worth mentioning -- her performance is terrific -- but who the heck are Bamji and Dardanis? Mischa Barton's fifteen minutes of fame in The O.C. hardly merits billing over Bruce Willis and Haley Joel Osment, who give two of the most affecting and intelligent screen performances in recent memory.

    What's next? The DVD of "Gone with the Wind, starring George Reeves and
    Evelyn Keyes"?

    ...more info
    Is a great product. was a gift for a friend. I haven't asked her yet if she watched it. She is interested in paranormal phenomena and has the same sixth sense although she is only 16. Haven't heard anything bad but I will ask her about the quality. I also plan on ordering some books through you guys.
    Thanks...more info
  • Sixth Sense BluRay Better Than EVER!!!
    This movie has never been better now that it's available on Bluray. I thoroughly enjoyed it the first time I saw it - it was like watching it for the first time again with the amazing clarity and sound quality!!!...more info
  • The Happy Quilter
    This is a great movie, very well done--you get drawn into these characters' lives. I have watched it several times and discover something new each time. Bruce Willis gave a brilliant performance as the psychiatrist. If you enjoyed Patrick Swayze in Ghost, you will also love this movie. It deals with the supernatural in a profound and touching manner....more info
  • Excellent Wonderful Film!
    Production and cast were flawless. This is a very intelligent and well-honed production. No one could have performed this role better than did Haley Joel Osment. Bruce Willis was superb! Watch this film from start to finish. Yes, you will enjoy this film!...more info
  • Dark and disturbing and sincerely one of the very best...
    The greatest thing about `The Sixth Sense' is that to this date it has yet to be topped, not even by its director. Film and film and film again and yet nothing comes close to that bone-chilling feeling one gets every time they hear those four famous words uttered...

    "I see dead people."

    M. Night Shyamalan made a household name for himself no matter how difficult the pronunciation with this `Grade-A' supernatural thriller about a young boy troubled by his unique gift. The film opens with a tragic event involving Malcolm Crowe, a child psychologist who has just received an award in his honor. But before the celebrations can truly begin he's confronted by an ex-patient of his who it seems Crowe was never able to help. The aftershocks of that evening ring throughout the remainder of the film as Crowe's relationship with his wife becomes more and more strained. But as that relationship slowly dies he forms a bond with his new patient Cole Sear. Cole has a problem that is presents itself almost too familiar with Crowe. It appears that Cole can communicate with the dead.

    Both Bruce Willis and Haley Joel Osment are outstanding in this brilliant film. Some have claimed Willis to be too reserved and reclusive and thus leaving the entire film on the shoulders of the very capable Osment, but in my eyes both of these actors contribute exactly what they needed in order to make this film work. Willis wears the confusion of his situation on his face with earnest honesty and that adds layers to his character. Osment shines so brightly here and should have walked away with the Oscar that night, but alas, he'll have his day again I'm sure. He gives Cole so much charm and charisma. He's able to create a believable nine-year-old boy without playing the complexity of his character down at all. He adds so much believable maturity. It's truly astounding to watch.

    The star of this film though is Shyamalan who instills a deep-rooted fear into the audience from the very beginning. It's this very asset that sets `The Sixth Sense' apart from all the Hollywood cheap imitations that seemed to swarm the theaters shortly after `The Sixth Sense' made a killing and set the bar. Sure, there are a few that followed that were worth the price of admission (the Nicole Kidman vehicle `The Others' was one of them), but for the most part nothing since has even touched the surface of the effortless brilliance that was and is `The Sixth Sense'. The lighting, the music, the atmosphere, set designs, script and acting all add so much originality and suspense to this one of a kind experience.

    There's hardly a fault to be found with this multi-Academy Award nominated film. The entire cast (I should make mention of the amazing Toni Collette who is just fascinating as Cole's frustrated mother) delivers down to the bone and makes this a film to watch again and again and again....more info
  • A bit contrived, but riveting entertainment. A must-see, must own film!
    SPOILER ALERT: Before reading this review, please know that this film is a complex psychological mystery to figure out and in the course of discussing this film's merits some pieces of the puzzle may be revealed inadvertently. I often refrain from this with reviews, but it's hard to discuss this film without giving away some critical elements here and there. Please be advised of this as I hate to spoil anyone's enjoyment of this modern classic film that you really must see and own if you are a fan of this genre.

    After two rather lame, dorky films M. Night Shyamalan hit it big with this 1999 sleeper that quietly went on to become one of the biggest box-office surprises of that year and this genre and rightly so. It is the kind of film that Alfred Hitchcock (Psycho) would have been proud to put his name on. I'll forego the usually plot analysis here as most are familar with this film and Amazon's description of the film says enough.

    The film's strengths lie in the wonderfully subtle performances by the stars who all rightly deserved their Oscar nominations. I still consider this one of Bruce Willis's best performance if not best, but with a career that easily bounces around from comedy to action hero to thrillers it's hard to really say what is his best. In any event, his role here as the tortured child psychologist trying to make up for a past wrong is compelling and rather typical of any Hitchcockian-type thriller (consider Vertigo as a great example). Haley Joel Osmont, whose sister was in Spy Kids 2 and on the current Disney show Hannah Montana, gives a marvelous performance and one of the best I've ever seen from a child actor. His eyes are truly the windows to his soul. Toni Collette as Osment's grief-stricken, single mother is flawless, believable at all times, and heart-wrenchingly touching as she attempts to communicate with her child that she believes may be beyond reaching.

    In addition, the film's delibertly slow-mounting pace mixed with sudden unexpected jolts brings about incredible tension and suspense. Shyamalan is brilliant at slowly giving us the pieces to the film's puzzle to the point where we feel, as the audience, like complete idiots for not "getting it" sooner. Why didn't I notice that no one talks directly to Willis's character except the boy and why does he keep wearing in some fashion the same clothes (plus or minus tie, plus or minus sweatshirt or sport jacket, etc.). The ending of the film is telegraphed to us earlier on and we are given countless clues, but like any skilled director, Shyamalan often misdirects our attention elsewhere at critical times. His is a very gifted director and writer who can effectively bring his vivid imagination to the screen.

    The photography, camera angles, lighting, and careful editing manipulate us from beginning to end and the score by James Newton Howard who gave us the theme to ER and the awesomely effective score to Shyamalan's Signs is always appropriate and memorable as a score should be. In addition, the make-up for the ghosts that only Osment can see is jolting and convincing each time and often surprisingly revealed to us. Their presence is eerie, disturbing, and, forgive the pun, haunting.

    My only complaint about this otherwise flawless piece of entertainment is that it is, as some critics have rightly pointed out, a rather contrived work, but most good mysteries are by the nature of the genre itself and not so much because of the writer and director of which Shyamalan is both. The pieces of the puzzle HAVE to fit at the end and to criticize the film for doing so seems a bit unfair, but I do understand what those critics mean as Shyamalan is a bit heavy-handed with his contrivances, but, wow, can he tell a story. If you are interested in his other works, then just click his name highlighted as director. Except for his first two silly films and the troubled and uneven but still decent Lady in the Water you should enjoy this master director and writer.

    FYI: This film was the inspiration for two popular and current TV shows. They are NBC's highly successful Medium in which Emmy-Winner Patricia Arquette is a housewife that sees ghosts in her dreams that want her to assist them in some manner and CBS's equally successful Ghost Whisperer with Jennifer Love Hewitt playing a similar role, but see ghosts all day long and not in her dreams (more like in "The Sixth Sense"). These are series worth owning by the way. I never miss an episode of either show....more info
  • Has there been a better thriller ever?
    This is hands down absolutely the best thriller I have ever seen. Without giving anything away (for those who have been under a rock and don't know the ending) it was a complete shock. I have seen thousands of movies in my life but this one was a total surprise and it was M Night's first big release movie! None have been as good, but if you like ghost stories and/or surprise endings this is definately a good choice. Even after seeing it several times I like to watch it again and see what clues I missed. If you own it already, give it as a gift. It is a must have for any movie collection!...more info
  • Cliched and Logically Flawed Screenplay
    While the movie desperately tries to distinguish itself from old cliched ghost stories, at best it produces an amalgam of "old cliched ghost stories" & "half-backed original script".

    The logical flaws have been identified in the posts, and despite what apologists would say, the mere desire to write an original screenplay with a smart twisting, it's not enough, for that you need a special talent & diligence. Both are insufficient in writing & directing.

    In this respect I agree with the film critic James Berardinelli

    This is not a strong or effectively executed screenplay. There's no sense of subtlety. The dialogue is stilted. The characters say and do things only because the plot makes certain demands of them. With the exception of Cole, no character has more dimensions than a sheet of paper. And there's a lack of internal consistency and logic; the movie doesn't even play by its own rules. Perhaps another draft (or a complete re-write) of the script would have attenuated the amplitude of the flaws. "...more info
  • Rejoice MST3K Fans -- Rifftrax Is Here!
    M. Night Shalalalalalalalalalala-tee-da burst onto the scene with the biggest suspense thriller of 1999 (well, right behind a relatively short list of films that includes Analyze This, Wild Wild West and Varsity Blues.) Haley Joel Osment delivers the most miraculous performance ever given by a toddler (he was just 18 months old when he was nominated for the Oscar!) and Bruce "The Return of Bruno" Willis turns in yet another trademark performance as a guy who seems sort of tired and annoyed. When a guy in his underpants shoots a child psychiatrist (who, to be clear, was also wearing underpants, he just happened to have pants on over them) his life is turned upside down (the guy wearing pants over his underpants, that is, not the guy only wearing underpants.) Why does his wife seem withdrawn and narcoleptic? Why do the local children taunt him and call him "Casper"? Why does he seem tired, run down, just sort of dead?

    Watch along with Mike, Kevin and Bill as they unlock the most unlockablest secrets of "The Sixth Sense," Rifftrax-style!...more info
  • Stay In School!!
    This boy does not like school. He looks like he was eating sour noodles, and wants to act but not in the play. Lucky for Bruce Willes to come along and help!! Mr. Wills tryes to tell him why schooling is important, but the boy is scaring - he looks like he is in an acting class pretend at least three times! The main learning of the movie is that the boy is sad because his pictures have balls of light in them. The mother sees the balls of light and the scaredeness so she can help. They decide to stay in school for the boy's best health, and he becomes popular again!!! I think it's a good message about learning and being friendships, and scary, but not too much, except for Mr. Wills. He is mad at his wife because he died - a tricky surprise!!! She is sleeping and her heat is broken, then Mr. Bruce cries and gives her a blanket. I liked that part. I say walk don't run to see, and save a star for going to school!!! ...more info
  • "I see dead people..."
    This is such a great movie! It's so refreshing to watch a "horror" movie with an intelligent plot and great actors. This is the kind of movie you can watch again and again. It stays with you, and may just be powerful enough to change our views on some ideas....more info
  • Outstanding Mystery-Horror-Drama Hybrid With Tremendous Performances; Moving And Scary
    Among the best ghost stories ever told, The Sixth Sense succeeds mightily as a horror movie, a relationship drama, and a spiritual thriller. In arguably his best role, Bruce Willis plays Dr. Malcolm Crowe, a dedicated psychologist still haunted by his inability to help a disturbed patient who later took his own life. Years later, he's in for the challenge of his career when he meets a deeply frightened and disturbed little boy named Cole (Haley Joel Osment, in an award-worthy vituoso performance) who seems at first to be plagued by the same kind of mental problems that hounded Crowe's former (later suicidal) patient. Part of his determination to help Cole is to try and redeem himself for what he perceives as his failure in the other case, but most of it is that he just puts his all into it for every case, and Willis is great at projecting the compassion and fear he feels for his new young patient who continues to spiral deeper, while Osment is just magnificent as a lovable little child who's scared out of his wits by forces beyond his understanding, and not knowing who to trust, or who's ever going to believe him. Both actors elicit tremendous empathy for their characters, and the supporting cast shines pretty brightly too.

    The doctor bit by bit learns more about the nature of the boy's delusions, carefully prying little hints and pieces of information out of his scared charge without forcing it and driving him deeper into his shell. But Dr. Crowe may be in for far more than he ever bargained for, as he begins - almost against his will - to have to consider the fact that Cole's fears may not be delusions at all. The scene in which Cole finally confides the truth of what he 'sees' with his special sense to the doctor is an absolute classic. As Crowe tries to help him - and tries to figure out exactly where he stands on what he's beginning to suspect (which is everything his training has told him not to put stock into), Cole begins to sense a purpose behind his experiences and begins trying to understand what's behind the whole phenomenon, and what his 'role' in it is.

    Excellent from start to finish, and if you're one of the few people on the planet not to already know the genuinely shocking twist ending, that's all the more reason to get it and see it as soon as possible. A+

    ...more info