Safety 1st Seat Belt Adjuster
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Product Description

For a secure car ride, this seat belt adjuster comfortably centers your car's seat belt on your child's shoulder. Features: Safety crash tested Adjusts for a perfect fit Designed for children over 50 lbs (22.7 kg)

  • Safety crash tested
  • Two piece designs allows parent to customize shoulder position to height of child
  • Adjustable
  • Soft construction

Customer Reviews:

  • Don't waste your money!
    I ordered 2 of these for my 4-year old twins' booster seats. What a waste of money. The velcro and snaps are very hard to adjust and hardly ever seemed right no matter how much I tried to set them. Worst of all, the seat belts seem constantly tangled and get stuck in the car door. Save the money and use a hand towel wrapped around the belt near the kids' neck... that will protect the child better than these things!...more info
  • VERY dangerous product
    This product ends up lifting the lower lap belt off of the hips and legs and ON to the stomach and soft tissue. In an accident this product could cause a great deal of internal organ damage. Don't buy this product and destroy any that you are already using! Buy a low back booster seat because this isn't a viable safe option.

    certified car seat tech ...more info
  • Warning - Very Dangerous!
    I am a certified child passenger safety technician. This product and all others like it will cause severe internal injury to children in a crash. If your child is under 4'9" (like the child in the photo) s/he needs a booster. Seat belts are for adults and big kids (about age 9), and will ride up on their bellies instead of the strong hip bones. This causes "seat belt syndrome" and can be fatal....more info
  • Great seatbelt adjuster
    Wow! It works better than I thought it would. Helps my little tot feel more comfortable yet still safe!...more info
  • Works for short adults too
    My wife is one of the "little" people.

    This is more confortable than other alternitives....more info
  • affordable & it works
    I have two of these adjusters and have been using them since my kids were 5 years old. They take a few minutes to put on properly but they work and the kids can clip themselves in....Yeah!!!! They are excellent when traveling!!! I will be buying yet another one in a few months....more info
  • Not safe!
    This item is NOT SAFE. The lap belt portion of the seat belt should rest on the hips/thighs of the passenger. Devices like this can cause the lap belt to ride up onto the soft part of the abdomen, which can cause serious internal injuries in a crash. If your child is too short to use the seatbelt properly (no putting it behind their back, and no shoulder belt across the neck/face) they should still be in a booster seat! Most children are not ready for just a seatbelt until they are at least 8 years old and 80 pounds. Take the money you would put towards this product and get a booster seat instead....more info
  • Not only for kids
    I'm 5'2", and my seatbelt would always rub or cut into my neck. I keep the seatbelt adjuster attached to my seatbelt, and it works great. The only drawback is that I need to re-adjust it every time I buckle up. But I can live with it. It beats having a chaffed neck....more info
  • Safety with Comfort
    These are not just for children. I used mine all the time. It really helps to keep the shoulder strap from grabbing you across the neck. It is so much more comfortable to wear a seat belt now. I have bought several as gift for friends and they love them too....more info
  • Great for my purposes
    I ordered five of these so that my disabled son would have this seat belt adjuster in every car he rides in. It is easy to install, easy to adjust and stays in place well. My son is 12, and needs to be secured in the seat belt without it choking him. It took him a little while to adjust to it, but now it's not even an issue. He has used it in all five cars, and we have all been pleased with it - especially for the price! I am very pleased with this product and would reccommend it to anyone....more info