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CNN Millennium 2000
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Product Description

Beginning December?31, CNN will present Millennium 2000--one hundred hours of comprehensive global news coverage of millennium-related events and turn-of-the-century issues. This two-hour video will highlight the New Year's Eve program that covers celebrations and New Year's Day interviews from the world's greatest cities--Paris, London, Rome, Sydney, New York, Berlin, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Madrid, Chicago, Buenos Aires, Moscow, Rio de Janeiro, and more! CNN's Millennium 2000 will draw from the full resources of CNN's 35?bureaus and its more than 800?affiliates and 4,000?news professionals.

Customer Reviews:

  • Celebration or serious report?
    This DVD - is a waste of money. I ask you: What does the title say? Millennium 2000. And what does it have? Those "proudly advertised" 60 reporters at all time zones yelling from their bellies with their artistically worded reports. Most of them are excited themselves and what we have in this presentation is only their excited reports. CNN, we saw this yelling for 100 hours in your TV during the dawn of 2000. We don't want those yelling again. We want to see THOSE CELEBRATIONS. And the DVD suddenly skips to the next time zone without any warning. For example, it started with New Delhi and after 10 seconds, it moved to the next time zone suddenly. Is this because of the CNN monopoly on 2000 celebration coverage? Could be. I thought I had the whole world's moments of entering the new millennium in my digital disk. But ultimately, what I got is a waste of 20 bucks and nothing more than that! To get another version of those moments, I have to wait for another 1000 years. Ah, what is there, let me wait!...more info
  • Just as good as the millennium celebrations
    It is a DVD to own, maybe see again in a few years, and relive these moments all over again. As other viewers mentioned though, the quality is not top, many interesting towns are missing (like Saigon, where I was), and in some instances four cities were on the split screens: HELLO, we are not live anymore! I won't mind seeing Washington in full size after seeing NY. No need to put them together at the same time and have to squint. Plus, I thought President Clinton's speech was really good and would have liked to see it on the DVD...

    It could have been much much better, but it is the only one available: it is the monopoly law....more info

  • It's a news
    Try not to expect quality in terms of picture or sound quality out of this DVD because it has been made to be adequate for a news. Also all of the shorts were done at midnight, most of you can see is light. However this is a good record of world's large event, in 24 time zones, lots of country. It is my year 2000 souvinir....more info
  • It was Okay.
    This is the only video currently on the market on Millennium celebrations. Whether you like it or not. But if you want to own a video of Millennium celebrations then this has to do. The picture quality wasn't it's best. The whole video ran only 90 minutes even though the tape box said the running time was 120 minutes. There were a lot of split screens whenever CNN had to cover more than one city at once. Some cities were missing like the fireworks coming out of the Seattle space needle. Not all 24 time zones were included. Only about 17 time zones. We go from London, England at 7 PM EST right to Rio at 11 PM EST. The celebrations in the time zones during the hours of 8, 9, 10 PM and 4 AM EST were cut out. Lot of Sydney's fireworks display was included. It was the longest segement on the video. There was only 45 seconds of footage of the ball dropping in Times Square. But they showed a lot of the confetti and pyrotechnics that followed afterward. It shared a screen with Washington D.C. So this video is in the middle. Not too great but not too lousy either. I give it just an OK rating. I hope a video comes out on Times Square compiling all the 24 hourly celebrations. That would make a good item. They could also include some behind the scene footage on the puppets and the special effects....more info
  • To the guy from Knoxville TN
    I hope you see this!.. I wanted to find out if you could make me copies of your 5 video tapes, and what you would charge me. I wish I had been prepared to do this. I don't see your email address, so please let me know if we can make some kind of an arrangement, I would be happy. Thank you info
  • Horrendous picture quality
    This could have been good, if attention had been paid to the transfer to DVD format. The fireworks look more like indistinguishable blobs of light even on a TV... on a progressive scan computer monitor or hi-res TV, forget it. Don't waste your money if you want to see sharp, clear fireworks & images... clearly this presentation was thrown together with no thought at all. Maybe you taped something off cable on new years eve, 2000... if so, what you have almost certainly looks better than this, so see if you can get it digitized....more info
  • Pyros on Parade
    I feel there is too much focus given to just the fireworks displays at each site. If you have seen one sky rocket, you've seen them all. ABC's video tape on the 2000 celebration (which I would personally rate 4 stars) is much better, giving more time to other events.

    I'm glad I didn't erase the 5 tapes that I recorded ABC for 26 hours straight. CNN could have done much better....more info

  • Great Rememberance of the Millennium!
    Some great highlights of the entrance of 2000 from around the world. A perfect keepsake for an event that each of us will only see once in a lifetime!...more info
  • This DVD really SUCKZ!
    Dont buy this dvd ..... is horrible , you can see the Cnn logo in all the video , just 2 minutes of each country ? ... the Pictury is really bad and the sound sucks , the only good thing of the dvd is the last part that have a kind of video clip . But dont buy this dvd for that. waste your money in others things. And the editorial review says that has the celebration in Buenos Aires .... well .... i dont know what they think when they say Buenos Aires. But i didnt see it in the dvd.

    A really BAD Dvd ............more info

  • Crass cash-in on a major non-event.
    CNN has really embarrassed itself with the release of this Millennium 2000 video. After several years of hype, the coming of the year 2000 came and went with few problems, and with a world-wide celebration that was underwhelming.

    The plans for this video release were laid out before the actual event, and in this instance, CNN can hardly be blamed for the fact that nothing of note happened *anywhere* during the celebrations.

    The video feels like (and is) nothing more than a crass attempt to cash in on a very transient fad. It's very similar to the cash-in videos that many news organizations churned out at the end of the Gulf War, and about as useless. There is no focus upon any individual area of the world, to put the local celebrations into context. Meaningless imagery that blends together into a bland homgenous whole is all that this video provides. If you stayed inside and didn't watch television at all during the 1999/2000 New Year, then perhaps this video might fill some minor part of your life. Otherwise, it's a poor replacement for a celebration, and should be avoided by anyone who wants to retain a happy memory of the New Year....more info

  • Reporting of the Events
    I enjoyed "CNN Millennium 2000." I really liked the events as they unfolded. I had written a customer review of "CNN Millennium 2000" for both and and e-mailed copies of it to CNN's Paul Vercammen, SHOWBIZ correspondent, in the Los Angeles Bureau of CNN. I told him that it's a historic memento, not just for now, but for many years to come, because it's the only time in our lives will we ever see a new year like this-a new year dawn, a new century, and a new millennium. I also told him that I liked the report he gave from Las Vegas, Nevada, and liked Bernard Shaw and Judy Woodruff manning the newsdesk at the CNN Center in Atlanta. I also told him that I really liked watching the celebrations in the Pacific (Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Victoria, and Vancouver, the latter 2 are in British Columbia, the westernmost province in Canada, our neighbor to the north) because it really "heated it up," since all of the United States and all of Canada, its neighbor to the north, entered the new century. He sent me a reply thanking him for the kind words and support. He also told that he liked his assignment. I then e-mailed a copy of his reply to Scott Leon, his boss, in the New York Bureau of CNN.
    ...more info
  • Rush job - badly researched and executed
    This DVD could have been a lot better. For a start, the picture quality is terrible, like it's been taped straight off the TV.

    The programme has been badly researched - take for example Jean Michel Jarre's concert at the Great Pyramids of Egypt. It's described as 'Gene Michael Jarrey's' concert and they read comments from an earlier press release.

    As for the camera work, let's take the pyramids again: it's dark, grainy and you can't even see what's going on the stage let alone the lights on the pyramids. Instead of paying to tap into Mike Mansfield's video feed they obviously decided that a VHS camcorder 2 miles away would suffice!

    Avoid. Get the book "A moment in Time" instead if you want to remember that night!...more info