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With its tremendous success, it's not surprising that Squaresoft and Electronic Arts have ported the mammoth Sony PlayStation role-playing game, Final Fantasy 8, to the personal computer. However, current personal-computer hardware obliterates the PlayStation's capabilities; although Final Fantasy 8 offers hours and hours of addictive role playing, its game-play graphics and sound effects aren't up to par with the PC's best.

Gamers dive into the role of Squall, a scruffy cadet of SeeD, which is an elite military unit formed to fight the war brought on by a nefarious sorceress. The game opens in The Garden, a collection of training communities for SeeD members, where Squall must perform several tasks before completing his enrollment. Squall encounters dozens of unique nonplayer characters during his journey (some of whom join Squall in combat), and while the dialogue sequences are mostly brief, the characters exude personality through posture and animation.

Despite Final Fantasy 8's inconsistent game-play graphics--spell and combat effects explode with color, but background art and character models lack detail--its cinematic movie sequences are nothing short of breathtaking. Game play consists of completing missions and exploring new places to advance the story line. Along the way, you'll battle a diverse bestiary of enemies using weaponry, magic, or Guardian Forces (immense creatures summoned to assist during combat). If you're looking for a massive, story-oriented role-playing game with the best cinematic sequences you've ever seen, Final Fantasy 8 won't disappoint. --Doug Radcliffe


  • Addictive game play
  • Gorgeous movie sequences
  • Epic-sized game world
  • Dazzling spell and combat effects
  • Game-play graphics and sound appear slightly dated
  • A console-game feel (no mouse support, etc.)

More than a sequel to the top-selling Final Fantasy 7, Final Fantasy 8 is an entirely new story, following the adventures of Squall, a young military cadet. Aided by an unusual group of allies, Squall must deal with a desperate rival, a powerful sorceress, and his strange dreams.

Set in a world where magic and technology coexist, Final Fantasy 8 provides players with a variety of weapon, magic, and transportation options as they explore the vast game world. Maintaining the best features of its predecessor, Final Fantasy 8 allows those familiar with previous games to easily adapt to the battle, menu, and exploration controls, while providing unique story-line elements, features, and minigames to make for a breathtaking new experience. Characters and backgrounds take on a much more detailed, realistic look through enhanced 3-D graphics and are seamlessly combined with nearly an hour of stunning computer-generated cinemas.

Customer Reviews:

  • A True FF Title, But Not As Legendary
    Final Fantasy VIII defintely has the look and feel of a true Final Fantasy title. The game plays well and tells a great story. It is worth the purchase for the PC version even though the graphics were not upgraded from the Playstation version. I was personally happy when the game came to PC - I don't buy game consoles anymore.

    FF8 is not the best Final Fantasy title out there. In my opinion, FF7 is the best, with FF6 and FF4 (3 and 2 in the U.S., respectively) tying each other for second. Then FF5 (not released in the U.S.), then good ol' FF8. (That's my list and I'm stickin' to it.)

    I am going to assume that you are reading this review as an avid RPG gamer or a diehard Final Fantasy fan. With that assumption, I will leave out all the great details of the game since, as I said before, FF8 is a true Final Fantasy title. Therefore, you know it rocks. But I'd like to focus on the drawbacks if I may be so bold, and explain why it ranks below the Super Nintendo versions and its PC predecessor. All in my humble opinion, of course.

    First, the magic system for FF8 is the greatest drawback in my opinion. It removed the idea of magic points (MP). In the old titles, if you had 350 MP, and you used a Cure 2 spell, it would decrement to 325/350. You'd have to replenish eventually or simply run out. In FF8, however, the magic you use depends on two factors: (1) you have to "Draw" the spell out of enemies (the amount you draw determines how many times you can use the spell), and (2) the strength of the magic you use is determined by the amount you drew (up to 100 effectiveness/capacity).

    If that all sounds confusing to you, it is. It still doesn't make any sense to me, and I think it almost killed a great game. But Squaresoft is reknowned for altering each release with something totally different. Too bad the magic system in FF8 was such a flop.

    Second, the funnest part of the other titles, I thought, was the coordination of items (like weapons and relics) to progressing skills. (Which FF7 nailed perfectly.) FF8 only allows a milder version of this coordination. Character development isn't such a focus in FF8, I think.

    Lastly, to be quite honest, the most fun part about the entire game of FF8 for me was the card playing - not the actual game itself or the storyline. In fact, exploring the FF8 was actually dull for me! (I was surprised to learn this, too!) But when I found places to play that wonderful little numbered card game, I found myself spending hours doing just that. I was hoping Squaresoft offered a side version of the card game that I could trade FF8 in for.

    The card game for FF8 was supposed to be like the Chocobo development offered in FF7. However, like I said, the card game turned out to be the best part of FF8.

    To give some slight pros, I would say that the creatures with which you do battle were rendered quite nicely in FF8. I also appreciate a lot of the bosses (especially the Twins). The graphics are also good enough for the RPG genre - I don't complain about that stuff when playing RPGs.

    To close, if you never bought FF8 and stuck with only FF7 and your Nintendo titles, you'd be alright, in my opinion. But if you want it all, FF8 is not a total waste....more info
  • The Best RPG I've played
    Final Fantasy VIII is a great epic tale about a young boy named Squall who keeps to himself and comes across as very cold and uncaring, and who goes on a quest to save the world from evil sorceresses. As a member of SeeD, and elite military force, Squall and his friends journey all over to complete their mission and achive their goals.

    First of all, the graphics in this game are outstanding, some of the best I've ever seen. A far cry from the disproportianate madness of previous Final Fantasies and the newest one, FFIX, FFVIII characters have a more realistic look. Some might think that this takes away from the Final Fantasy legacy, but I think it is an emblem of change in the RPG world.

    Moreover, the sound quality is amazing. The music and sounds are clear and fitting, and the sountrack (which includes one song with lyrics called 'Eyes on Me' by Faye Wong)is incredible.

    The storyline, I'm sorry to say, is less exciting than Final Fantasy VII, the next best thing, but the missions and battles bring it to life. It is easy to follow, and though sometimes boring with long, extended dialog, always keeps moving and is never without action.

    Another step away from traditional final fantasy is that no longer is there an MP system to gain magic. Now, you use the draw command during battle or at specific draw points to gain magic. Also, the full summons of Guardian Forces (GF's) are shown every time they are used, and the use of them is unlimited.

    Sorry, no mages in this game, but there are Chocobos! There is a small game included in this PC version that allows you to raise a chickobo (baby Chocobo). Go into the Chocobo forest and catch one. It's really cool to raise them in Chocobo World (the game).

    The cinema in this game is just absolutely astounding. I cannot tell you how much I wish to watch them over and over again. Their is, I believe, over an hour of cinema, all of it breathtaking.

    I would call this my favorite game, and recommend it to anyone....more info

  • Mature and compelling, but more of a story than a game
    Final Fantasy VIII has one of the most complex Final Fantasy games ever. It doesn't have the usually RPG "Evil villian wants to destroy the world by summoning a ancient magic/monster" fair. Instead it deals much more with magic and the use and abuse of it. There are many nuiances in the world that make it seem like it is truely living and breathing. FFVIII also has a much more mature theme, love. Though the main character is at first a pretty cold fish, later on he warms up to the female lead. Though this is a great game, I do have a few gripes: 1)Not much exploration(chocobos have a much more limited role this time around) the game is pretty linear and what few side quests there are usually involve lots of fighting and having a strategy guide handy. Several of the side quests pretty much require you to know exactly where to go and what to do because the in game clues aren't very helpful. All the islands, penisulas, continents and mountains have names in FFVIII, but this is far from being a novelty, some of the side quests make you go to these specific places and run around until you (A) get into a fight, or (B) find something after frantically pressing the 'X' button. 2) The fights can be long, while the light show is spectacular, it gets a little annoying after a while. Especially some of the summons later in the game that take almost a minute to do. While you won't be sitting there dumbly watching the same flashing lights go off again and again (during the summons you can push buttons to increase the damage they do) it still gets to be a little monotonous, sort of like a pokemon game. Overall I say this game is definately worth while. Though as the heading states, it's more like reading a good book than playing a actual game. Though it is very involving and a enjoyable experience, I would have liked to have been able to see more of the world....more info
  • A Good Series goes Swirling Down the Can
    After the genius of FF6 (FF3 in America) and the brilliance and intrigue of FF7, this is EASILY the series' biggest letdown. Final Fantasy6 and 7 were succesful for many reasons, one of which was intriguing storyline and likeable characters, both of which the game fails at. After playing it for only a few minutes, you'll probably think or wish (as I did) the following: "The characters will all HAVE to become more likeable by the end". HA! They don't, and eventually I started hoping they'd all get in a fiery plane crash (or airship crash, whatever). Plus, there is virtually no need for money seeing as you armor etc. never goes beyond the clothes on your back. These factors and an ending that was apparantly slapped together by some programmers who were and just wanted to end this crap make this game the worst FF to date, though FF9 seems quite competitive in that category....more info
  • Oh...My...Gawd...
    I have just finished this game, and am still winding down. This game is the best RPG I have ever played, and probably the best game I have ever played... ever. The charaters are so cool they could freeze heck. The graphics are phenominal, unlike FF7, where it looks like they made Dragon Ballz 3-D and changed some characer appearance. And last, but no least, the story is one of the best so far! By the time I had finished, I found myself quite literally going through some sort of emotional crisis.
    Anyway, I'd say that if you haven't played this one, do it. It's worth the money. And It's WAY better that FF7....more info
  • The Final Fantasy VIII: The Ultimate game
    This is a fantastic game that I would reccomend to anyone who owns a computer and likes RPGs! This game Keeps up a great story, holds the quality of the earlier final fantasy games and even puts them to the test. The ability to Junction Guardian Forces to your charactors truly allows you to customize them to your own individual playing style. Its awesome graphics and intense videos draw you in and keep you in. It has a great and unique story line with a futureistic theme and the age group is different from alot of the other games. Some would argue that Final Fantasy VII is the best final fantasy ever, I say VIII all the way....more info
  • good game bad price
    It has been a while since i bought my copy of this game but and it is one of the greatest games i have ever played. Sadly i can not recommend it here because when i got this game it only cost me 28.99 so i am almost positive i you can get it for a lower price if you are willing to look hard for it....more info
  • The best of the best in FF games
    FF 8 is the best out of all the FF games. Best story, very good graphics (not as good as 10 though), best mini games and the fighting..outstanding and very good game to start with if you are just getting into FF, however, i would start with FF7. Well worth your time and money for this game....more info
  • A Pure Gaming Masterpiece
    When I first saw the opening sequence, I was mind-boggled. I never thought that the PSOne could deliver such anthropomorphism, but I was proved wrong. I would defintely give the graphics a huge score.
    Now the storyline. The game's plot is pretty much straight forward with directions to your next mission or destination. As with all Final Fantasies, there will be occasional times where you have no clue what to do next, forcing you to backtrack about 20 minutes, but I can only remember two times when this happens. Those of you who can't focus on two stories at the same time might have trouble with the side-story of Laguna and his gang, which ultimately collides into the main story, revealing any questions you've been crapping your pants over trying to figure out.
    For all you musicians(Insert sound byte here), the sound. I'll admit that the sound effects could use some reconditioning, but the music is.... phenomenol. Nobuo Uematsu has done it again with yet another award-worthy score. I especially like the Garden Vs. Garden theme on disc two. Along with songs like "The Extreme" and "The Stage is Set", you can't help but pause the game and just listen.
    The battle outline for FFVIII is pretty much like recent FF's, with the exception of one major difference: no MP. That's right, instead of using Magic Power to use magic, you instead "stock up" on magic. Basically, if you only have three Curas, if you use all three, they're history. No more Cura until you hunt down some more. Of course you can always refine items into magic with GF abilities. Abilities that let you do things like refine 1 Mezmerize Blade into 2 Mega-Potions. Very useful indeed. Also, instead of getting money from battles, you get paid about every 500 steps you take with an income depending on your ranking as a SeeD.
    This game is loads of fun, has over 20 sidequests, plenty of challenges, and a great theme that envelopes you into a world that is truly a Fantasy....more info
  • A great leap forward in graphics, backward in gameplay
    Everything about this game is wonderful except one tiny detail. The storyline is great, the graphics excellent. The sound, music, even the minigame is wonderful. The only thing that this game lacks is gameplay.

    This is the first Final Fantasy game I have ever seen that actually DISCOURAGES exploring the world around you. Every second you pause to explore the scenery instead of moving forward to the next plot element you've had dictated to you is one more second towards losing rank in SeeD and the money that comes with it. Every monster that you actually try and fight just makes all the enemies which you fight after it stronger, to the point where some online guides recommend running away from every single battle in order to make the bosses easier. Thinking perhaps that exploring could get you better equipment for your character? Not very often here.

    In short, the best way to make your characters stronger is to sit there and use the "Draw" command over and over again to increase your junctioned magic. How positively thrilling. I'd give up the graphics, sound, even a bit of the storyline if only the battle and gameplay system in this game were different....more info

  • Goodbye real life...
    Two words - damn amazing.

    The story is great. Everything you would expect from a Square game and more. Character development is well-done (even though Squall is a bit of a prat), and it's hard not to become attached to them while playing.

    The GF's (new to FFVIII) are incredibly well-animated, and will leave you feeling good about spending all that money on your graphics card. :)

    Squaresoft have perfected the art of FMV, as far as I can see. FFVIII features seemless blending of FMV into game sequences, and even supports layered polygon characters over the top of the movie during the game. Very impressive.

    RPG's aren't famed for their replay value, but FFVIII has bags of it. Tons of sub-quests will keep you busy, and the ever-changing plot takes on a few new meanings every time you play.

    There are one or two slight niggles I found with the game. Like I mentioned above, the GF's look pretty damn nice. But trust me - you'll be grinding your teeth when you're forced to watch Shiva do her thing for the millionth time. Couldn't there have been a "skip animation" option or something?

    And then there's the music. Some tracks (like the intro track and the title song "Eyes On Me") are well written and enjoyable. Others (such as the world map music) make you want to turn your speakers off. Not quite up to Square standards, IMHO.

    Finally, there's the baddie. Oh, I'll grant that there's nothing *wrong* her as such. It's just that she seems a little *boring* after the great fruitcake that Sephiroth was in FFVII. :)

    Final verdict? Yeah, it has a few problems with it. But you really should buy it, 'cause you can't live without it....more info

  • where did my family go?
    granted... this was requested by my sister. But if I had found this by accident, it still would have been the best gift I gave this season! All of us are in amazement over the game! it flows well and is a challenge. the scenes are better than I could have hoped for given the generation of the game. Overall, every game enthusiast would love this game!
    A word about the person who sent it!!!Way to go! the follow up e-mail was wonderful. it got here in just a few days! you are really on the ball and I appreciate it....more info
  • Good Story, Strange Battle System
    I really like Final Fantasy VII. It had a very interesting story, an excellent battle system and great graphics. Final Fantasy VIII is not nearly as good. The storyline is good and I liked it, but the other things bring it down.

    The Battle System is too strange for me. The whole drawing magic and GFs is confusing. The magic system should be simpler than that. There is hardly any character development either. The stories behind most of the minor characters is hardly even explained, other than that they all knew each other.

    The graphics are very good and the cutscenes are excellent. There is no flaw there. There must have been a lot of work put into creating these cutscenes. Even on the PC version, they are crisp and clear.

    Overall, it's an OK game but with flaws. Many people probably disagree, but this just was not a great Final Fantasy game....more info

  • This game is da best!
    This game is mega cool, esp. on PS1 but on com itz cool too (esp. since i don't have a PS1...) If you like adventure games with a purpose and all, you'll love Final Fantasy VIII...It has a whole heap of animated movies in addition to the game play. Da nusic is cool, da graphics are cool, it's just all over GREAT!
    Enjoy it if you get it!...more info
  • Only for the storyline
    FF8 is perhaps the most romantically-oriented game in the Final Fantasy series. Many have bought this game for that reason alone, setting aside the fact that all Final Fantasy fans will eventually buy any and all games in the series, regardless of reviews.

    In general, the storyline is excellent in terms of character development. The characters come alive much more than they did in previous FFs, since each person's mannerisms are expressed in more detail through the way they stand, think, and talk. However, the planners were a little ambitious and go overboard on a few leaps they take in the storyline - at several points in the game the complexity of the storyline increases by several orders of magnitude all at once, with inadequate explanation (the last boss, for instance, appears essentially out of nowhere; although she technically affects the entire story you have absolutely no knowledge of her for most of the game)

    From a technical standpoint, this game was already under-par when it was released, and as everyone knows, it only gets exponentially worse with time. This is not one of those classics like its predecessor FF7 or Chrono Trigger, where gameplay is enough to make up for dated graphics and sound.

    Character development has nothing to do with building levels. Everything revolves around the notoriously aggravating 'junctioning' system, which involves hours of boredom spent 'drawing' spells from enemies (there is no 'mana' or 'MP' in this game). As you use spells, you will need to draw them again. Later in the game, the only significant source of damage comes from the main character's limit break, which can be used continuously because of a fundamental flaw in their limit break system, which is based not on how much damage you take, but your character's current hit points (the lower your health, the higher the chance your next attack will be a limit break).

    The Guardian Forces (summon monsters for this game) have stunning animations, even for FF games (and I thought FF7 was impressive), but they are all rather lengthy and there is no way to shorten them. Also, the damage rapidly becomes insignificant after the first few hours of playing. What this means is that you'll hardly, if ever, summon them later in the game.

    If you are not already a Final Fantasy fan, there is no reason to get this game. The graphics and sound are poor, the gameplay is annoying for all the wrong reasons, and since it is now 'rare', it costs ten times what it is worth....more info

  • Stepping out of the shadow
    Following a legend is never easy.....especially when that legend is considered by many to be the greatest RPG of all time. Even today, nearly twelve years after its release, Final Fantasy VII still receives all the accolades.....but Final Fantasy VIII does a tremendous job escaping the shadow of its predecessor. Let us take a closer look at the eighth installment in this best-selling series.


    The star of this installment is Squall Leonhart, a student at Balamb Gardens, a military institution that trains people to become members of the internationally-revered mercenaries known as Seed. Final Fantasy VIII does have a unique plot - almost bizarre at times - but the further you advance in the game the more the plot unfolds into what one expects from the series. The game does take breaks from the main story as you play Laguna Loire, a soldier with ties to Squall and his companions.


    Final Fantasy is famous for its battle system and in VIII that system shines. Final Fantasy VIII introduces the gamer to GFs (Guardian Forces) GFs are VIII's version of summoning spells, but with one huge advancement - as the GFs advance in levels they learn abilities that can then be used by the character wielding it by ways of junctioning.....these abilities range from finding hidden save points to eating monsters. There is also another key addition to FFVIII's arsenal. In past Final Fantasies you would need to learn spells before being allowed to use FFVIII, you can only use spells that you have drawn out of enemies. For instance, say you draw eight life spells from an enemy, you are then allowed to use the life spell eight use it again you must draw out more life spells. Spells can also be juntioned to your characters to boost stats. Example: Junction eight life spells to your HP and your HP will receive a boost. Weapons have also received a new longer are you required to find weapons.....your weapons need to be upgraded by finding parts throughout the realm and applied to your starting weapon to become more powerful. But the best aspect of FFVIII is the Triple Triad - a card game that can be played after you obtained cards from various sources. You play by approaching NPCs and the rules vary depending where you are - each town has its own set of rules. The rewards are minimal, but it is fun to play.

    Graphic and sound:

    As ever, the graphics and sound are stunning, and when you consider that this game was released eight years ago for the PS1, you'll realize just how stunning they really are.

    Final Thoughts:

    So, was Final Fantasy VIII able to step out of its predecessor's shadow? It does so and then some. This is a great addition to the family that will keep even the most dedicated gamer busy for weeks. ...more info
  • Greatest game ever created.
    I've pass every singal Final Fantasy game out their (besides ff I, II, V XII, XI)and none had the impact of ffVIII. I still today can play this game for hours. FFVII&IV is the only other ones Worthy to be beside this game in the Final Fantasy series. ...more info
  • Is it really worth it??
    Though considered a classic by many, FF8 raises the question "Is it really worth it?" The first good RPG I played was FF7. After playing FF7 I went on to purchase FF5,6,8,and 9. A great disappointment was my purchase of FF8. The game was lacking in its fantasy like elements. The opening to the game was very impressive and caught my attention immediately. The games graffics were mediocore and the battle system was missing great features from the first game. They replaced them with the junction system which drew all the fun out of the game. Overall if you look beyond its flaws, weak story line, and pointless plot ideas and misselaneous missions ypu have a, well bad game....more info
  • Most spectacular RPG game
    I played Final Fantasy7 and i thought it had an extremely good story-line but final fantasy 8 does too.

    When i first started finalfantasy8 and looked at the intro movie i was amazed. The ff8 graphics are the best i have seen in any game ever. The people are sure realistically animated. Even hair moves. Now alot of people complain about ff8 not being like the traditional cartoon people of the other ff series. But I think the game schouldnt stay with the cartoon people. As the technology improves so should the final fantsy series. I was rather shocked when i heard that final fantasy 9 is going back to the traditional graphics. The Junction system is also much better than the Materia system, just because its harder doesnt mean itas bad. Youll only completely master and see how usefull and great the junction system is once you beat ff8 and thats part of the fun. The battles are much more exciting than ff7s do to the new system and GF and the tons of spells. The stroy of final fantsy 8 is also great. I wont say its better than ff7s but at least the same good. Throughout the whole game your hoocked and must play on because its so exciting. Like in ff7 you always think you know the end or how the story continues and usually it turns out to be something else.

    All in all i love this game really much because it combines story and awesome graphics in one....more info

  • Eye Candy
    This shall be a very short review. If you want to read a review of the game itself, just go and read about the PSX version. Here, I am just complaining about the PC porting :) While the Playstation version is a no doubt five star release, the PC version lacks of the same quality. This does not [stink] like the Final Fantasy VII conversion, where there were also compatibility problems and an impossible controlling system, but: Besides the wonderful graphics (Playstation game on PC? piece of cake...) this game does not offer anything more than the PSX version. (Same could be said for Lunar: the Silver Star Story from Sega CD to PSX... but who owns a Sega CD? It was a way to let the crowd know a Classic) The PC version offers perfect 3D floating on low res locations, while the PSX melted the two elements together perfectly, all in lo res. You must own a 8 button gamepad. (analog rumbling pad on PC? not worth the climb) You won't be able to configure it. I love this game, but on PSX. If you have a PSX, don't even think of "Installing" this thing on your PC. Besides all this, it's still a great game....more info
  • Excellent Game!!!!!!!
    If you want an excellent and realistic RPG game, this is the game!!!!! My ratings 1-10 (10- rules 1-stinks) Graphics 10 Difficulty 9.5 Ease of installation 10 Characters and attacks 10 Story 9.5 Hours of gameplay 10 Play Control 10 Sound 10 This game is well worth the money!!!!!!!! I recommend the black Logitech Wingman gamepad with the transparent blue buttons. The many buttons come in handy! They sell it here in electronics or something....more info
  • Pure perfection...
    This game has always been a highlight for RPGs since it was released. Although it isn't classic like the Super Nintendo RPGs, it really takes it to a new level. The story really stands out in this game, indeed much more than many other RPGs. It truly has a much more emotional and melodramatic storyline ,not that suprising for a Squaresoft RPG, but even really stands out. The way the characters interact and vastly change throughout the game also makes it interesting. This isn't just your average game. The battle system, while very different, is indeed good. The juntion system is a good change, although easy to master and further make the game a bit easier. I also like the GF system. The idea of using GFs to earn spells and abilities is just great. This game is critisized occasionally, but don't let that keep you from trying it. Again the story in this game is just so emotional and sometimes very sad. If you care about storyline I'm sure you'll really find something here, but if you like RPGs with little kiddies running around laughing, this game isn't for you, this is really more aimed toward the mature gamers, or people who just like emotional and sometimes sad stories, and I sure do. If the story doesn't do it for you I'm sure there's other aspects of this game that will satisfy you, although you shouldn't bother with this game if you are an idiot (you know who you are!). If you are into games like 'Final Fantasy 7" "Shadow Hearts" "Final Fantasy 6" or even "Final Fantasy Tactics" and "Castlevania Symphony of The Night" , I'm sure you will highly enjoy this. But if you are into stuff like "Halo" "Kingdome Hearts" or "Half Life" and even "Mario:Sunshine" you will NOT like this...This is a milestone in RPGs for it's time....enough said....more info
  • A buy for the fans.
    Final Fantasy VIII was ok. It had great movie scenes, but an AWFUL battle system. It takes at least 20 minutes to complete a battle and thats just for one bad guy! I bought this game thinking I'm going to love it. I was wrong. My advice don't get it unless you're desprate for a game and I mean desprate!!!...more info
  • Time never ages this game
    I played this game for the first time on the Playstation console. It was my starting point to the FF series. I had alot of fun with this game and I was impressed with the large story that unveils over 40+ hours of game play. Now 5 years after I played the game on playstation I have started the series again on the PC. Just as it was 5 years ago the game is still just as fun as I remembered. The story draws a personality with the characters that you can lose yourself in. Excitement and, sadness to action and, drama, this game is number 1 in my heart. Most people, as said in previous reviews, love this game 100% or, hate it 100%. most who hate this game love FF7. I have not played FF7 all the way through (only first 5 minutes) but, this game is still my favorite. However, I would like to see FFX and FFX-2 on PC....more info
  • A buy for the fans.
    Final Fantasy VIII was ok. It had great movie scenes, but an AWFUL battle system. It takes at least 20 minutes to complete a battle and thats just for one bad guy! I bought this game thinking I'm going to love it. I was wrong. My advice don't get it unless you're desprate for a game and I mean desprate!!!...more info
  • Pretty good game...
    Graphics- Awesome. The FMVS are near lifelike and the Guardian Forces are well animated. The only lack is when you're walking around the city, it's obvious their just polygon shapes etc.

    Music- Good selection of Music, but it sometimes freezes and stops playing when the screen goes black.

    Gameplay-They really need to work on this one. The draw system sucks compared to the MP system. Battles are long and pointless and boost on GFs is really annoying.

    Storyline- Its pretty good for the first two disks, but then it cuts off. By the end of the third disk I really didn't feel like finishing the game.

    Overall- Worth it if you stick to it. This game takes somewhere around 60 hours to finish if you're up to it....more info

  • One of The Greatest Final Fantasies Ever!!!
    Final Fantasy 8 is a great Final Fantasy. I have Final Fantasy 5,6,7,8,9, and 10. 8 is perhaps the best. I think you should buy this game....more info
  • alex, a fairly normal kid from connecticut
    wusup? if you want a good RPG, you should get this game. IMHO, it is the best game ever made. i don't usually get obsessed with games, but i got it christmas and i already have over five hours on it. it will keep you intruiged throughout the entire game. It is difficult for the first two hours, just reading your screen about how to play, but after that it is great. you cast spells that have awesome graphics and it has a very cool atmosphere. you will take on monsters, humans, and robot spiders. this game kicks!...more info
  • Simply awesome
    This is the best game i have ever played in my life. It has a splendid story that'll amaze you. Great characters and a incredible battle system with the GFs and limit breaks that are awesome. Also, the animations, cinematic, and music are grand. It's extremely fun to play.
    I have played it for years and it hasn't bored me yet.
    So far this is the best FF Squaresoft has ever launched, it beats even FF7 and FF10.
    You'll be amazed how good it is when you buy it. Don't believe those people that say this is a bad game.
    Truly deserves the 5 stars....more info
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    I belive this RPG has a pure perfection no other Final Fantasy,much more any other RPG, has or will ever reach! The love story is so beautifull it actually captures you!No rating is enouph for this RPG. That's all. Oh... and the main hero,Squall, is soooo handsome! Too bad he's in the game only..... Squaresoft, keep that up!...more info