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Basic Comfort Ultimate Crib Sheet
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Product Description

Changing the crib sheet has just became a little easier. The Ultimate Crib Sheet is four products in one. It's a quick-change sheet, mattress pad, super absorbent pad and waterproof pad. It can even absorb up to four cups of liquid. Fits all standard cribs. Crib, mattress and bedding sold separately.

This all-in-one crib sheet is the epitome of ease and convenience. Instead of needing a separate sheet, waterproof pad, and mattress pad, parents can just use one Ultimate Crib Sheet. This fantastic nursery bedding accessory combines absorbency, comfort, and wetness protection in three layers: a sheet on top, soft padding in the middle, and vinyl next to the mattress.

Basic Comfort's crib sheet simply attaches to the crib's bars.
Installation requires simply snapping the sheet's four corners onto crib bars, making this quick-change bedding ideal for those middle-of-the-night accidents. You don't even have to remove the bumper guard!

Measuring 52" x 28" Basic Comfort's crib sheet will fit all standard crib mattresses, and its 50/50 cotton/polyester blend means you can machine wash it. As with any time saving product as brilliant as this, we suggest you buy two: one for the crib while the other is in the laundry.

This all-in-one crib sheet is designed for ease and convenience. Instead of using a separate sheet and mattress pad, now parents can use the "ultimate" crib sheet that combines absorbency, comfort, and wetness protection all in three layers--sheet on top, soft padding in the middle, and vinyl next to the mattress. A real time saver, this sheet is made for parents who have better things to do with their time than change sheets and mattress pads. --Jane Snyder

Just when you thought Garmin had cornered the market on powerful, affordable, and effective wrist-mounted GPS devices, here comes the Forerunner 305. The release of this device is a major achievement from a design and technology perspective. This isn't just marketing-speak; the Forerunner 305 is the most accurate, most reliable wrist-mounted performance and GPS tracking tool we've ever tested. Yes, it's that good. While no device this compact can do everything (yet), the 305 pushes the boundaries of what is possible from something strapped around your wrist. The 305 model includes wireless heartrate monitoring and it can also be connected to Garmin's wireless bicycle speed and cadence sensor. If you don't need these features, consider the lower-priced Forerunner 205.

View Garmin's Forerunner demonstration video.

Choose from 12 data fields to display on the 305's screen. View larger.

The design cleverly integrates the GPS antenna and aims it towards the sky when you're running or walking. View larger.

The simple docking cradle makes charging and data connectivity a snap.

The Virtual Partner function makes your workouts more competitive. View larger.

Choose from three workout modes that help you target your training goals. View larger.

The 305 features rudimentary mapping and location marking functions. View larger.
The 305's design is a radical departure from Garmin's previous generation of wrist mounted GPS devices, which reached a pinnacle with the Garmin Forerunner 301. While the 301 delivered accurate heart rate monitoring, good performance tracking, and decent GPS reception, it didn't quite deliver in the design department. The form factor was bulky and wearing it wasn't much different than duct taping a full-sized GPS device to your wrist.

Not so with the 305. Garmin's engineers obviously burned the midnight oil and have come up with a waterproof design that, while certainly not as small as a sports watch, feels just as comfortable. The curved casing allows the unit's antenna to face the sky when you're running, while the widescreen display is perfectly positioned for viewing when you need it. And the display certainly deserves a few kudos. While it's smaller than the display found on previous Forerunners, its resolution is far higher, offering incredible clarity and crispness.

Garmin has smartly given the 305 a simple button layout and the buttons have a nice tactile feel with good pressure response. The right side houses the menu selection and enter buttons, while the left houses a power/backlight button and a mode button. This simple and elegant solution is a big improvement over the sometimes confusing button functionality of previous Forerunners. View button layout.

The underside of the 305 is pretty nondescript, except for a row of contacts that interface with the included charging and data cradle. The cradle is small and unobtrusive and its single mini-USB port connects to either an included AC adapter, or a USB cable that connects to your PC. In addition to data transfer with the USB cable, you can also charge the 305's embedded lithium-ion battery via a powered USB connection from your computer.

GPS Performance
The big news about the Forerunner 305 is that it features an integrated, high-sensitivity SiRFstar III GPS receiver. What does this mean? It means that the 305's ability to both track, and maintain a lock on, your position is better than anything before it. After an intial battery charge, the tester had the 305 on his wrist and was tracking speed and distance with GPS satellites within 3 minutes. The next time we used the 305, satellite acquisition was nearly instantaneous. A run through dense trees didn't faze the unit either; tracking remained true and steady. Performance on a bike was equally impressive. Whatever witchcraft has been cooked up by the designers of the SiRF technology, we like it!

While the Forerunner 305 isn't billed as a GPS navigation device, it does have some rudimentary mapping, waypoint marking, and routing capabilities. In addition to marking locations along your journey, you can zoom in or out of a simple map that displays your current direction and path. There's also a "go to location" feature that routes you back to your starting location, or to any location you have defined. Once you have defined several locations, you can save this information as a route, allowing you to travel the same path in the future. As you'll see below, the 305's new "Courses" feature gives you new levels of control over how you define your favorite runs and rides.

Training Functions
The 305 is first and foremost a training tool, and its ability to organize a ton of data types into a user experience that is intuitive and simple is no small feat. Whiz-bang technology aside, if you can't use it and make it a natural part of your exercise routine, it's worthless. When it comes to these factors -- and here's the take home message on the 305 -- this device is successful where many other devices fail.

The heart and soul of the 305 can be found on the data screens, which give you real-time information about all aspects of your workout. In fact, the 305 can display a dizzying array of data, such as calories burned, distance, elevation, grade, and heading, as well as multiple lap and pace modes. The 305 adds the ability to track heartrate, lap heartrate, average heartrate, and heartrate zones via the included coded heartrate chest strap. With the purchase of a separate wireless cadence and speed meter, you can also track bike performance data.

Thankfully, the device makes it easy to define how much or how little data you want to view during a workout. You can arrange the data that's most important to you and then make that data appear front and center on the device. Indeed, within a few minutes of skimming the manual and fiddling with the device setup, you'll have your most important data displaying just the way you like it. The ability to display heartrate is a big plus, too, as it's a fairly good indicator of excercise output, fatigue, and fitness level. The 305 has all the heartrate functions you'd expect from a full-function monitor, including the ability to set target zones and alerts to maximize the effectiveness of your workouts.

Garmin's Virtual Partner function was cool feature of previous Forerunners and they've decided to keep a good thing going with the 305. If you're the type that performs best when you've got a competitor egging you on, you'll love this function, as it allows you to set up virtual running or biking companions that compete against you.

If you're looking for an complicated workout with a variety of intervals and intensity levels, or just a quick three-mile jog against your best time last week, the 305 has you covered. Navigating to the Workouts menu on the device yields three options: Quick Workouts, Interval, and Advanced Workout. A quick workout is just that; set the distance and time, distance and pace, or time and pace of your planned workout and off you go. Interval workouts are just the same, but they allow you to add repetitions and rest between them. When you really want to get fancy with your exercise, you can step up to advanced workouts, which include goals for each workout step, as well as varied distances, times, and rest periods. You can use the Garmin Training Center software to set up these workouts and then upload them to the device.

PC Connectivity and Software
Garmin has been outfitting their devices with USB connectivity for some time now -- a welcome move for those who struggled with serial port connections in the days of yore. Thanks to USB, the 305 integrates seamlessly with the Training Center software and we quickly had workout history uploaded and stored on the PC (Sadly, Training Center is not Mac-compatible). Not only does Training Center make it easy to track your performance, you can graph data such as heartrate alongside your speed and distance. Over time, this is a great way to view your fitness levels increase, and it also helps you see what types of workouts are necessary to strengthen your weaknesses. For instance, if you see your heartrate begin to spike after a certain distance, you know you need to increase your endurance workouts to train that area of fitness.

In a first for the Forerunner series, the Training Center software also lets you define courses on your PC that you can upload to the device. When course information is combined with uploaded workout information, the Forerunner becomes a complete guide, telling you where to go, when to make a turn, and what kind of workout to do when you're on the road or path. Back on the PC, the software's ability to overlay workout data on maps of the course makes it easy to see where the course offers up the tough hills and the easy recovery spots. Plus, the ability to track historical performance on a given course is a great way to measure your improvement.

The 305 is also fully compatible with Garmin's MotionBased service, which takes your training to another level by connecting your data with the Internet. While we weren't able to use the service, the promise of sharing courses, maps, workouts, and performance data with other users is intriguing. And if you're a serious endurance athlete, you'll be glad to know that the 305 is also compatible with, an easy-to-use web based training system designed to help athletes train for any event.


  • Radically new design is better in every way
  • Amazing accuracy and fast satellite acquisition time
  • So simple to set up and use, you will actually use it
  • No Mac OS compatibility
  • Okay, it's bigger than a sport's watch -- but so much more powerful
What's in the Box
Forerunner 305, Garmin Training Center CD-ROM, heart rate monitor, docking cradle, expander strap, A/C charger, USB cable, owner's manual, quick start guide.
  • Four products in one
  • Easily changed without removing bumper or lifting mattress
  • Holds up to 4 cups of liquid
  • Measures 28" x 52"
  • Attaches to the crib by ten elastic straps to ensure a safe night's sleep for baby

Customer Reviews:

  • Makes life easier
    I love this crib sheet because of its ease of removal and replacement and its protection against all leaks and blowouts. A friend had recommended it and Im so glad she did. From the side you cannot even see it is there because it sits on top of the sheet (it is nice to have the matching sheet for the set to look nice). When a leak happens, just unsnap, throw in the wash, and replace when dried (or buy two which makes it easier). That way you are not fighting trying to cover the mattress with a sheet each time, lifting and tucking, etc. This does make life much easier....more info
  • A real life saver!
    This is truly an "all-in-one" crib sheet! It's absorbent, soft, and fairly easy to get on and off. It also covers the entire crib - much better than those itsy-bitsy "leak guards" we got that only cover about one square foot!

    The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 was that not all the snaps stayed snapped. The elastic-snap thingies (that allow you to secure it to the crib) started to wear out before the crib sheet - one was always coming unsnapped - so I ended up just leaving one unsnapped.

    All in all, however, this is a great buy. I recommend getting 2 so you always have one handy.
    ...more info
  • does not fit certain cribs
    Hi - In concept this is a great idea, but I want to make sure people know about certain limitations. Because of the placement of the securing straps, this sheet CANNOT be used on convertible cribs with a solid headboard. You must have slats on all 4 sides of the crib - or be handy with a needle and thread.

    Just want to make sure people know, as these sheets are expensive and I was very disappointed to learn that I am unable to use them....more info
  • A MUST HAVE !!
    I first read about this Ultimate Crib Sheet in a magazine that profiled "Best Baby Products". It took about a month of owning our first Ultimate Crib Sheet before we soon ended up w/ a 2nd one after finding it INVALUABLE.

    It is not a fitted sheet, but a rectangular sized flat piece of fabric that snaps to the slats of your crib. The sheet top side is a very soft sheet material that feels soooo nice to the touch. The bottom is waterproof, but it doesn't make the top sheet stiff since it's two separate pieces of fabric.

    If I needed to change the sheet in the middle of the night (which seems to be when the diapers decide to leak most often) all I did was unsnap this sheet and let baby sleep on the regular crib sheet below until morning when I'd put another UCS on top. So, actually, I didn't even have to put a sheet on in the middle of the night at all. I've read other moms say they used two (one placed on top of the other) so they just pulled the top off if it needed changing.

    Another reason this is so nice is that it allows you to keep baby's crib looking coordinated with the matching sheet/bumpers, etc while not spending a fortune on the patterned sheets. The crib still looks coordinated because your patterned sheet is what is visible from the sides of the crib. You only see the ULTIMATE SHEET when you're looking down on the crib from the top (esp if you have bumpers).

    You also save $$ by buying less fitted sheets (really you only need one of the coordinating ones). I do remember the elastic loosening up after a while - but we used the two we had for two years. No piling, tears, frays of any kind on the sheet during the whole time. They were WORTH EVERY PENNY.Once I changed the ULTIMATE CRIB SHEET for the first time, I never went back to struggling with the mattress when changing crib sheets.

    The crib sheet changing process takes about a minute w/ the UCS. And (even with 10 snaps) it is much, much easier than changing fitted crib sheets. Crib mattresses should fit very snugly inside the crib rails, for safety reasons. This means changing the sheets can be a pain!

    I recommend this sheet to every new mom I can, because many don't know how awesome it is. We need all the help we can get making our life easier - and this product does just that!

    ...more info
  • Its Awesome
    Its soooo easy and beats wrestling with sheets! Spit up- or throw up...just take it off and toss it in the washer- clean it and snap it back on- its a blessing and time saver...more info
  • Awesome product!
    I love it when companies come out with products that truely make life easier for parents. This was great for us (especially during the first year). During the "baby blow-out" stage, it is a life-saver!...more info
  • A huge work-saver
    When my newborn was in her Co-Sleeper, changing wet bedding every morning was no big deal -- but a move to the crib meant a HUGE daily struggle to disassemble the bumper, manhandle the mattress and strip the sheet and mattress pad, then reverse the whole process after washing and drying. The Ultimate Crib Sheet is truly that: just undo a few snaps and toss it in the wash. It's soft and durable, and your expensive bedding and mattress pad stay fresh and dry. In hindsight, wish I'd had several of these on my registry....more info
  • This is a MUST have!
    These sheets have been wonderful. When my son leaked out of his diaper all I had to do was remove this sheet and put on a new one. The process only takes 90 seconds. His mattress, that we spent good money for, is still good as new. I couldn't imagine having to deal with a pee soaked mattress at 3am with a newborn crying to go to sleep.

    Buy 3 of these and enjoy how easy leaky diapers become!...more info
  • Rebutting "Dangerous Product" review
    My son is 16 months old, and he has been using this sheet since I brought him home from the hospital. I suspect that the consumer who claimed this is a dangerous product did not snap the sheet in completely. It comes with 8 snaps. My son was able to remove one snap here and there, but that's it. He sleeps beautifully on this sheet, and I love how easy it is to change. Make sure you buy several because there may be nights where you have to change the sheet more than once. ;-) I highly recommend this product....more info
  • Excellent invention.
    I would consider this sheet a must-have for all busy moms (and what moms aren't busy?!). You just snap it to the crib rails over the mattress, and change your baby's sheet in a heartbeat. It's true, you can't see your cute patterned sheet from the top of the crib, but you can still see it through the rails from the side (you also save that cute patterned sheet from a lot of stains and wear!). My only complaint would be that the straps get mangled in the wash (two came off completely), but I sewed them back on. A minor inconvenience compared to removing the bumper and lifting the mattress all the time (I can't even imagine having to that EVERY change!). This is a great product....more info
  • The good outweighs the bad
    Here's what I like about this product: it's easy to change, and it provides a leak-proof barrier between the baby and the mattress. Here's what I don't like: the snaps are not a great fit for my crib and sometimes come undone; one snap stopped working altogether; and the sheet wrinkles and is difficult to smooth out.

    All in all, the good outweighs the bad. The sheet is particularly handy for newborns who might leak during the night, requiring sheet changes when you're half asleep. I only use it now when I know he is prone to leaking, such as when he is between diaper sizes. Otherwise, I use regular sheets. Put it on your registry....more info
  • If you're crafty....
    I have read the reviews discussing the potential for babies getting trapped under these sheets. Thankfully, these sheets didn't fit my crib perfectly, so I sewed velcro onto them and they work perfectly for me. Just a couple of four inch tabs on the four corners and you can attach to the crib, while still making it possible for the baby to get out, if they do get under it. This is a great fix for a truly wonderful product, if you are a little crafty. I am pretty used to adapting store-bought products, though....more info