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A young couple's stormy romance scandalizes English society in this acclaimed adaptation of Jane Austen's classic love story. Amanda Root and Ciaran Hinds of the Royal Shakespeare Company are the star-crossed lovers Anne and Wentworth whose passion is thwarted by a scheming socialite. Eight yearslater when Anne is considered an old maid and her once-rich family is on the verge of bankruptcy Wentworth returns. Will their second chance at love be ruined by the social conventions that destroyed it once? Or will the heart be persuaded by rules of its own? Adding flirtatious fun to Austen's irresistible romance PERSUASION takes your breathe away! A dazzling five-star feast.Run Time: 155Format: DVD MOVIE Genre: DRAMA Rating: PG UPC: 043396039520 Manufacturer No: 03952

Movie adaptations of Jane Austen's classic novels were all the rage (relatively speaking) in the mid-1990s. Clueless updated Austen's Emma, which was more conventionally adapted in another version (Emma) starring Gwyneth Paltrow. Emma was produced yet again, this time for British television, as were a celebrated miniseries of Pride and Prejudice and this splendid film of Austen's Persuasion. Persuasion is the story of a love that survives eight years of dormancy and the frustrating obstacles of class prejudice in 19th century England. Anne (Amanda Root) is captivated when she meets the dignified naval officer Capt. Wentworth (Ciar¨¢n Hinds), but she is advised to discourage his romantic overtures because he has no fortune. They meet again eight years later, but now Capt. Wentworth has become wealthy while Anne's father is in reduced circumstances in the wake of reckless extravagance. A series of circumstances ensue which prevent Anne and Wentworth from expressing their mutual and inevitable love. The film's success depends entirely on the subtle, superb performances of Root and Hinds. The film builds slowly, occasionally leaving you wondering if anything at all is going to happen. When it does, you realize how carefully crafted a film this is, and the final result is grandly rewarding. --Jeff Shannon

Customer Reviews:

  • didnt do my favorite book justice
    I wasn't impressed. It could have been more romatical.. I guess it could never live up to my imagination...more info
  • Persuasion
    Though I love Jane Austen, this story isn't my favorite, but it is enjoyable, especially the character of the hypochondriac sister. The only drawback is that the BBC tends to use actors who play bad guys on Jane Tennison as heroes on Jane Austen.

    Ciaran Hinds is sufficiently skilled as an actor that I almost forgot the child molester that he played on Prime Suspect, but the actor in Emnma played Mr. Knightly exactly the same way that he played Jane Tennison's unpleasant boss and this has made it difficult for me to decide to purchase this drama.

    As much as I love the movies made of Jane Austen'a works, Hollywood tends to depict her stories as satire while the BBC shows her characters as real people. But there is no comparison between Jeremy Northam's subtle, humorous, affectionate Mr. Knightly and the rather short tempered man in the BBC version.

    Pride and Prejudice is still my favorite (both the book and the TV drama) and the 1995 BBC version will probably not be bettered in my lifetime. Now I'd like a good DVD copy---my VHS video is wearing out, ...more info
  • Good Version
    I like this version of Persuasion better than the recent Masterpiece Classic one. It tells the story in a much slower fashion and allows us to get to know the characters better. It has a wonderful romance and suspense appeal. My only complaint was with leaving out the important factors of Mrs. Smith's life with regards to her association with Mr. Elliot and how Captain Wentworth ended up saving her land and livelihood in the end. That was important to the novel and they left it out entirely; however, it is still a wonderful story as told in this version. I think Amanda Root portrayed Ms. Elliot even shyer and less assertive than the book character, but it was a very good portrayal even with this difference.

    ...more info
  • More Jane Austen's Master Piece.
    Jane Austen doesn't need any introduction, and this film has beautiful details of her history "Persuassion".
    ...more info
  • Not a very good movie to watch....
    I haven't read the book but this movie is not very well presented. A very poor adaptation of the said movie with very lousy actors and actresses portraying their roles. Rent the movie for viewing. Not worth owning it....more info
  • Best version!
    This is the best version of Persuasion that I have seen, and I would recommend it to anybody with one warning: There are a few issues with foul language. Beyond that, it was wonderful!...more info
  • I am persuaded...
    Let me state up front that I have never read Jane Austen's novels but I've watched almost every version of her novels put to film. I was confused in places when I watched for the first time this 1995 version of Persuasion with Ciaran Hinds and Amanda Root, but a second viewing clarified -- and I've watched and loved it many times since (however, I've mused that this version would have been even better had Andrew Davies written the screenplay). I love to watch the subtle play of emotions on the characters' faces, which reveal the thoughts and feelings people of that era would never utter aloud. I was so looking forward to watching Rupert Penry Jones' Captain Wentworth in the new rendition of Persuasion because I loved him in his small but memorable role in the excellent film, Charlotte Gray. But I was disappointed in the entire production, especially in the casting of plain Sally Hawkins. I would never for a moment believe that Penry Jones would be attracted to, never mind pine for, her. I was also disappointed in Penry Jones' rather wooden performance (though I think he had the deck stacked against him by the screenplay and the way that film was shot). I found the final scene of Hawkins running through the streets ridiculous and her way-too-long-lead-up-to-a-kiss with Wentworth contrived. What most disturbed me about the new film and the other new film versions of the Austen novels released this season (Mansfield Park and Northanger Abbey, although I thought Northanger Abbey the best of the three; I haven't seen Sense and Sensibility or Emma yet) is that everything feels forced -- the action is too fast and "choppy." Sally Hawkins is plopped onto the back of the carriage like a sack of potatoes, versus the subtle caress of Ciaran Hinds' hands on Amanda Root's waist as he helps her into the carriage, followed by the embarrassed expression on her face as she looks back at him and as he turns away to hide the caring his action revealed. Time and time again in this 1995 version, you can see the subtle emotions on the characters' faces because the camera lingers appropriately. This is only one of countless moments of genuine feeling that is totally lacking in the new version. Is it that we're losing in our increasingly fast-paced results-oriented world -- reflected in many current films -- the ability to let life and feeling unfold according to its own natural rhythms? I was not persuaded that the characters in the new version were real at all. Thank goodness I have my wonderful 1995 version to watch again and again....more info
  • Close to becomming a hohum effect!
    It was ok.But the leading man!I dont think so! Atleast not at first!He just was'nt handsome enough for my taste.I love the aspect of a handsome guy falling in love with a plain Jane. The leading lady was plain and "awesome" at the same time.Her personality;her action's and the look that eye's had steadily held on to;had made her thrillingly "awesome"! But the leading man just could'nt reach her some sort of level.But the yearning and a sense of some saddness within his eyes'; I could'nt; muchless try to deny! His look's could'nt possibly win me over.But by me being a compassionate person; his eye's sure had won me over! Making him very handsome.And indeed; reaching her level!...more info
  • Great Jane Austin story
    I was so glad to see this on DVD, because I have worn out my VHS copy.
    This is a chick flick, and one of the best adaptations of Jane Austin's novel.
    Enjoy!...more info
  • Great Actors Make The Story Believable
    Ciarin Hinds has to among the top of the list (if there is one) of the greatest actors in the World. The entire cast in this movie consists of great actors. This film is so believable to the point that I forget that I am acutally viewing a movie when I watch it. The expressions, responses, gestures portrayed by these characters are so realistic. Nothing in this film is over dramatized like that in typical American movies. I guess I would have to give much credit to the producers, editors and others involved in the making of this film.

    I have to admit that when I first watched this film, I was completely bored. I guess I was so condition to expect extraordinary amounts of action packed drama. My problem still remains with most romantic films. At the point that the characters are able to connect and share each others love, that is when the story ends. Very, Very disappointing. I would have given this film 4 stars for the very reason that the romantic part is far outweighed by the facets of suspense and contention leading up to the much-too-brief romantic end, but with this story, something else would have been left out. My recommendation to this problem is for the filmakers to produce sequels to these films such as Pursuasion 2 or a more romantic title - where people can see the happily-ever-after portion of the story. It would be great for the film makers, actors. etc and the movie viewers alike. More money for the film makers, actors etc. and more quality entertainment for the movie viewers.
    ...more info
  • Persuasion
    If you are sick of sanitised period peices then this is a fine example. The lighting is has a very natural quality, there's dirt and it is an honest attempt at Jane Austens book. Well done....more info
  • swoon worthy
    this was i think my introduction to jane austen films. i had always thought them frilly, overly mannered, and just way too girly.. my sister was aghast and lent me her five hour bbc pride and prejudice and persuasion. mansfield park came third in line.
    while the pride and prejudice was lovely and beautiful, i completely swooned over persuasion.
    true that the actors aren't overly attractive. but as the film goes on, hinds becomes handsome and desirable because we see him through Anne's eyes. Anne, who is plain and not overly attractive, goes through the same metamorphosis.
    the acting is subtle, measured, deliberate. we ache, yearn,and love with these characters. it speaks to the love of that we have lost, that we have given up on, resigned to being alone... it is a modern fairy tale, a love story for grown ups.
    the film is beautiful in scenery, music, everything. i never tire of watching it. it remains my favorite jane austen i have seen yet,though the new pride and prejudice with keira knightly, the non masterpiece theatre mansfield park are very very closely behind this film.
    i did see some of the new persuasion done on masterpiece theatre and was automatically put off by the blonde surfer dude captain wentworth. it didn't have the same beauty and majesty as this version.

    this is beautiful..... ...more info
  • My fault ordered wrong one
    I thought this was the one from the Jane Austin series shown recently on PBS, but it is not! Althought it is ok, I doubt I will watch it again, I'll most likely put in in our annual Spring Garage Sale!...more info
  • "Cinderella of Kellynch Hall"
    Amazon reviewers in noticeably large numbers are wholly in the right for lavishly praising this BBC version of Jane Austen's final novel. Of the spate of Austen adaptations released in the past two decades, it's arguable that this particular one is the finest. First of all, it takes striking advantage of TV's being so good a medium for the adaptation of manners novels. Pretty much void of grand vistas, this version focuses on expressive close-ups, raised eyebrows, revelatory tete-a-tetes, and the tinkle of teacups. Amanda Root is wonderfully adept at showing us the painful consequences of Anne Elliot's refusal of Captain Wentworth years earlier. Her face in the early scenes is one with an appropriately faded bloom, and her unhappiness is signaled through her nervous, furtive glances and the almost cringing manner in which she enters rooms. She is the consummate solitary heroine of this potentially tragic, mature Austen novel. At home, she experiences what has been called the tyranny of neglect, being regularly passed over or unexpectedly offered to others for "use" by her self-absorbed father and older sister. The tinkle of teacups in these family scenes reveals to the shrewd observer that some of the hands holding the cups might as well have been claws and the noses snouts. Jane Austen clearly in this film is revealed as a specialist both in domestic humor and domestic horror. With the exception of Anne herself, the other Elliots inadvertently illustrate the truth in G.B.Shaw's witty paradox that "the human family is the greatest instrument of torture the race has so far devised."

    The Lyme scenes of the story are especially well-handled. A combination of the fresh sea air and a growing restoration in the returned Wentworth's good opinion combine to change Amanda Root's face to one of bright-eyed hope "after all hope has been lost." Also, the encounters here between Anne and the heartbroken Captain Benwick have been successfully dramatized and are moving in their rich irony. Having lost his beloved Phoebe, but ignorant of Anne's own lost love, Benwick tells Anne she cannot understand what he has lost. She responds beautifully and powerfully with the quiet rejoinder, "Oh, but I can."

    If the film has any flaws, I would say they lie in the denouement which is truncated and rather abrupt and in the characterization of Sir Walter and his oldest daughter Elizabeth. These two Elliots are too monotonously drawn in their repetitive self-absorbtion, the father caring only for looks and the daughter for rank. On the other hand, Mary, the hypochondriac Elliot middle sister, played with great skill by Sophie Thompson, is a wholly successful characterization, being more than one-dimensional in her awfulness and thus more unwittingly comical - she's a snob and doting mother as well as a hypochondriac. But these flaws, after all, are relatively small ones when taken in conjunction with the understanding and respect for the novel this adaptation shows and for the excellence of the acting in evidence throughout. ...more info
  • Persuasion (The Movie)
    I'm wild about the Jane Austen novels and movies made from these novels. This one was fair, but I felt like a lot of the story was left out. It is difficult to consolidate a Jane Austen novel to screen however since she was so very detailed in her books. Actors were wonderful though. All in all an enjoyable movie. Mrs. R. Miller...more info
  • Terrible adaptation
    I read this book recently and found this movie to be a terrible adaptation of the book. As other reviewers said, Anne was too old and tired looking to represent the Anne of the book. While she had "lost her bloom" she seemed to get it back during the course of the story. She also displayed a subtle strength which I did not see in the character at all. Obviously the movie cannot go into the same depth as the book but I found at times they movie veered from the book too much changing the characters in ways that did not do the story justice. In the opera scene, Anne chases down Fredrich desparately..this did NOT happen in the book -she held her composure at all times. I am pretty forgiving of books to movies but this one was just plain poor. I terrible disappointment....more info
  • Simply THE BEST Version of Jane Austen's PERSUASION
    In my opinion, this film is the very best version of film adaptations of Jane Austen's PERSUASION. The casting seems perfect and the subtle physical transformation of Amanda Root (Anne Elliot) is incredible. Having recently seen the new PBS/Masterpiece Theater version (didn't like the casting on that one), I think that the only place that it excelled over this version was in making the relationship between Mrs. Clay and cousin Elliot clearer--that the cousin wanted not only to marry Anne so he could inherit the estate, but to also have Mrs. Clay as his mistress on the side to prevent her from marrying Sir Walter Elliot and possibly producing a male heir to beat him out of the property. That flaw was probably due to some footage ending up on the cutting room floor. Overall, however, this earlier version is vastly superior and may be my favorite adaptation of all the Austen novels to date....more info
  • Someone To 'Root' For!
    Being a Jane Austen novel (this edition brought to the screen courtesy the BBC), you know it's primarily a chick flick, a romance novel with old English spoken, very nicely photographed with nice period sets and scenery and some interesting women to view.

    What's different about this is the leading actress: Amanda Root, who plays "Anne Elliot." In America, this is not a lady whom we are familiar with, so she was a new "face" for me, as well. I liked her. I've heard criticism of her looks. You don't have to be glamorous to be accepted as a fine female actor. She was excellent in her role and just the looks on her face, particularly the sad looks, spoke more "volumes" than any dialog could manage.
    ...more info
  • Another winner!
    My husband and I are VERY selective about the movies we purchase. Some so often disappoint with crude language, violence, and/or nudity. This one delighted us with superb acting and casting. The only critical remark would be that we had to put the volume so loud to hear the whispers that were pertinent to the story....more info
  • My favourite Austen film
    This British production is of Jane Austen's final book. "Persuasion" was not published until after her death and Austen had written three alternative endings. This screenplay is as close to the book as any Austen production I have seen.

    The film has a great feeling of authenticity and is the antithesis of the many Hollywood versions of her books. The characters are played by actors who have none of the glamour expected of film stars but all performances are very genuine. Together the cast create a truly enjoyable film of which, I can't help thinking, Jane Austen might have approved. It's still my favourite. ...more info
  • Best Austen adaptation so far (for a movie, not miniseries!)
    The best adaptation of an Austen movie so far. I just read the book (and bought the movie on iTunes and watched it right after I finished it). After seeing the movie I have to say it's been the best adaptation so far in that it stays VERY close to the book and deviates rarely, and even these "deviations" are barely noticeable. I was really surprised by it and I enjoyed the movie very much. I don't think there's a better Austen-based movie comparison....more info
  • Classic Austen - best adaptation
    For my money, this is the most faithful adaptation of this Austen book. I find the script flows more smoothly than in the 2006 version. The sequence of events is such that the characters' motivations are better explained. The cast is fabulous and truly capture the spirit of the book. Root's portrayal of Anne is subtle and sensitive, perceptive and mature. We see her bloom on the screen. The special connection between Anne and Cap'n Wentworth is palpable. I love that Wentworth is always in uniform and the scene in Lyme, strolling on the jetty is one of the most memorable in the movie. I just wish they had cleaned up the dvd transfer so the coloring on the dvd wasn't so dim. The production values could be better.
    ...more info