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Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional Upgrade [OLD VERSION]
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Product Description

MODEL- MS-CD18745NT VENDOR- MICROSOFT CORPORATION FEATURES- Windows 2000 Professional- Full Product Built on NT Technology, Windows 2000 Professional offers rock-solid reliability and improved manageability that simplify desktop management. And its integrated Web capabilities and broad support for mobile computers and hardware devices make it easy for business users to connect to the Internet and work anywhere, anytime. * Windows 2000 Professional is built upon the rock-solid reliability of Windows NT technology, which makes it significantly more reliable than either Windows 95 or Windows 98 technology. Reliability improvements in Windows 2000 Professional make it even more stable than Windows NT Workstation. Windows 2000 Professional offers high system uptime, dynamic system configuration and resilience to application failures. * The support for standards-based security in Windows 2000 Professional protects corporate data in stand-alone and networked environments. Windows 2000 Professional offers a set of built-in tools that make it easier to deploy and manage. In addition, Windows 2000 Professional offers an intelligent user interface that adapts to the way users work thereby making the users more efficient. * Windows 2000 Professional extends the capability of notebooks through support for Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI), Smart Battery and Advanced Virtual Private Network (VPN). It enables users to

With its responsive user interface and improved reliability, Windows 2000 Professional is truly the most appealing version yet of Microsoft's operating system. Provided you have the hardware to run it (at least 64 MB of RAM is required), you won't find a better, more serious OS for business computing.

If you are upgrading from previous editions, the Windows 2000 wizards are particularly useful; they'll detect all your software and possible compatibility problems before you make the switch. In testing, our upgrade for a laptop was smooth and sure, and all previously installed software was automatically brought onboard to the new version.

Previously, Microsoft offered only limited support for notebook users within Windows NT 4.0. Windows 2000, however, allows most recent laptops to take advantage of power-management features, plug-and-play standard, plus recent hardware advances, such as the Universal Serial Bus (USB), IrDA for infrared devices, and FireWire. All these improvements mean that Windows 2000 will run on a greater array of systems.

There are some unexpected additions, too. You can also "hibernate" your Windows 2000 notebook to save and restore your work quickly as you go out on the road. In addition, this new OS adds more support for working offline with data saved from the Internet. (The Windows 2000 version of Internet Explorer 5.0 and Active Desktop, which allows you to access Web content from the desktop, are bundled here too.)

Besides support for mobile users, Windows 2000 beefs up reliability and greatly reduces the need to reboot as you update drivers, settings, and the like. Although you can still expect your Linux friends to brag that their favorite OS is even more reliable, the ease of configuration in Windows 2000 and its new-and-improved reliability make for an excellent choice for any serious computer user. Of course, if your business is using Windows 2000 Server on the back end, you will also benefit from easier installation and configuring of software, since these tasks can now be automated by remote administrators.

In all, Windows 2000 is a great-looking operating system, with a slick visual style, a responsive user interface, and plenty of power beneath the hood. For desktop and mobile users, it's a state-of-the-art choice for running today's Windows applications and for getting to the Internet. --Richard Dragan

Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional is the most reliable desktop operating system for business. Building on the power of Windows NT and the ease of using Windows 98, Windows 2000 is the best choice for work environments--big and small. Windows 2000 Professional offers the launching pad businesses need to benefit from the productivity and Internet applications that they use most. When combined with Windows 2000 Server, Windows 2000 Professional is the foundation for the distributed platform that will optimize your business for today's dynamic work environment. The built-in Windows 98 business features include a simplified user interface, improved Plug and Play, Power Management, and support for a broad range of hardware devices. It's more reliable, secure, and manageable than Windows NT Workstation because of its new file encryption system and application management tools. Windows 2000 Professional was designed for business solutions and is not intended to replace Windows 95 or 98 for entertainment, gaming, or typical home use.

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Customer Reviews:

  • Upgrading for a laptop
    I purchased W 2000 when I needed to upgrade a laptop hard drive on a computer with NT 4. The upgrade was excellent. The PCMCIA cards all functioned properly with no additional driver downloads. I would highly recommend it to anyone....more info
  • Much, MUCH better than Windows ME
    My faith in Microsoft is restored by Windows 2000. It's a much more reliable operating system than WinME, and has never crashed on me in the couple of weeks that I've been using it (by contrast, WinME crashed on a daily basis).

    The user interface is pretty easy...can't say whether it's different from Windows NT, as I haven't used that OS.

    Windows ME is touted as being a better OS for multimedia, and perhaps that's true. However, I haven't encountered serious problems in that department. The most significant problem is that Baldur's Gate II seems to run much slower under Windows 2000 than it did under Windows ME.

    But the stability and information security is well worth that tradeoff....more info

  • the best version of Windows, bar none
    I have used just about every version of Windows. These are my observations.

    1. Windows 98. Windows 98 was easy on the memory-hogging a/v pizazz, but where Windows 98 ultimately fails is in the security department. I expect my OS to be secure. In addition, I expect my OS to be stable. Windows 98 frequently crashes...sometimes for what seems like no reason at all! Windows 98 fails these tests.

    2. Windows XP. Windows XP is based on the stable Windows NT architecture, but XP fails with me on several issues. The first issue is too much a/v pizazz in the GUI. I want an OS with a GUI that "just works" without any frilly stuff. Number two, Windows XP has been very suspectible to security flaws since its release. And number three, Windows XP is not as stable as Windows 2000 Professional and crashes from time to time. So Windows XP fails these tests.

    3. Linux. I mainly use Xandros and Linspire as my choices of Linux distributions. Linux was built to be secure and stable. Xandros and Linspire are both secure and stable, but sometimes their GUIs (the KDE desktop environment) seem memory-hogging. Ubuntu Linux has a GUI called GNOME which isn't as memory-hogging, but GNOME just doesn't feel the same as Windows. I don't consider any of these Linux distributions to fail my test because I use Linux more than any other OS, including Windows 2000 Professional.

    4. Windows 2000 Professional. Windows 2000 Professional offers me many security options...even though a good firewall and antivirus tool helps out more, Windows 2000 Professional was BUILT to be secure and stable. Windows 98 crashed like a mofo, and Windows XP likes to crash from time to time. I have yet to have Windows 2000 Professional to crash on me. In addition, Windows 2000 Professional gives me a GUI which doesn't rely on frilly nonsense...the a/v pizazz I mentioned above.

    Windows 2000 Professional is an OS that is stable, secure, and "just works". Next to the very secure and stable Linux distributions, you can't go wrong with Windows 2000 Professional....more info
  • Great Upgrade For Older Computers
    If you have a windows computer from between 1998 and 2001, this is a great upgrade. Most hardware and software today works with at least Win 2000, and Win 2000 gives you the great security and stability of Win XP, without hogging your memory or hard drive. I put it on an old Compaq Presario 1255 from 1999 which originally had Win 98. It works great. Win 2000 is a great way to keep your old computer around for a few more years....more info
  • The stability is refreshing..
    I still use Linux (Caldera's eDesktop) but Win2K is more fun. And a correctly configured recent machine runs VERY reliably. Its getting pretty close to Linux in that respect.

    Admitted, that for servers Linux might be a better option, but as far as desktops are concerned, Win2K is simply easier to install, operate, and deploy. Plus there is more software available....more info

  • Windows 2000 Professional user
    Love it! Works great with Windows 2003 Server. Great for home & professional use. You can limit a user, enable a guest account. I love it for Desktop PCs. Overall it gets done what I want it to. My Central Processing Unit (CPU) is running at 400MHz. Seems fast like a brand-new computer!!! If you don't have it, I would highly recommend getting it! Although it requires at least 64MB of RAM....more info
  • Superb OS
    From my first experience with Microsoft's Windows 2000 Operating System I knew they had finally got it right. The desktop edition, Professional, makes all those BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) worries seem like old news along with the idiotic Scandisk. It is extremely reliable and if problems occur, the OS is smart enough to not let it effect other programs and prevents frequent restarts. If you're someone who likes to never shut-off your computer then this is definitely for you. For the standard home user, I would not recommend this. It does take some Tech knowledge to fully experience and it's hardware and software compatibilty are not as vast as Win98SE or Win ME because it is a business OS. If you run mainly business software then it is a must....more info
  • Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional
    This operating system is the best I've had so far. I used Microsoft over the years and this has to be the best. No more blue screens, no more nothing works and no more just plain unhappiness. The security is the best. You can configure this operating system just the way you want it. There is an upgrade that is on the Microsoft site and it is easy to install....more info
  • Windows Getting Better & Milenium and 2000 were the worst ideas
    You actually think that windows2000 is stable and the XPs aren't? That is talking backwards. It is the other way around. I have used the XPs for 4 years and they have never crashed on me, but Millenium and 2000 have been always a hassle to my family and friends. There is nothing stable about either of those two. Maybe it is because I am a programmer, maybe not, but I do know this, what you are saying is wrong. The GUI in XP can be changed back to the original 95, 98, Millenium, and 2000 GUI so it doesn't take up extra resources. Have you tried doing that yet? Millenium and 2000 were not the successors of 98 2nd and WinNT 4.0 either; they were temps until the "true" successors, the "XPs", came out. If you believe they were the successors, then you need to do more homework on the subject, and using Microsoft as a refference is useless because they will tell you what ever they want you to know, whether lie or not....more info
  • Very good. Only a few minor complaints.
    This OS is very nice. Stable and secure and easy to use. Microsoft took it's NT technology and added the Win98 user interface and made it better. I upgraded my 98 box (which ran great for over 6 months) to 2000 about a month ago and it has been running excellent. The only problems I ran into were software incompatability. I have a HP CD-Writer Plus and the software (Adaptec CD Creator) is incompatable with 2000. Fortunately HP is offering updated software for less than $10. I am subscribed to MSN Internet Access, and the strange thing is that Windows 2000 doesn't support MSN Internet Access. Strange that Microsoft would leave that out. But I figured out how to get connected (just add "MSN/" in front of my username). Overall I really like Windows 2000. Just make sure all your hardware is compatable (Windows 2000 hardware compatability list can be found at info
  • Windows 2000
    I do not have the cd code to use this product!
    I sent a e-mail to you but I have not seen a response.
    Please help me with this problem.
    Gene LeVan...more info
  • Best os ever
    this is the best ive ever used and you can get so much for it i also think its easier to use...more info
  • Excellent Operating System!
    I love this operating system. I had an old compaq computer from 1998. It came with Windows 98. Which is very crash prone. Everytime we would insert a disc, we would get the BSOD. It was so annoying. We put up with it until I got pissed off with it and asked my friend if I could use his Windows 2000 disc. He gave it to us and we installed it. It worked like a breeze. No crashes. We were able to put in cds without a problem. It was so great that we went out and bought our own copy. Windows 98 would freeze up a lot. With Windows 2000, it would work flawlessly without any problems. It is one of the best microsoft OS's ever made. XP is good for a few extra features. But it ran slow on my old laptop, so I install 2000. So if you are looking for a lightweight, flawless and better system then 98, I recommend this. Especially for older computers that want a good OS.

    BTW, don't get me started on ME or Vista. They were horrible. Maybe I can recommend vista.... in a few years. I hope this helps you....more info
  • Upgrades are never as good
    Generally speaking, to get the best performance from any operating system a clean install of a full version is recommended. The best choice is to choose a full version of the product and enjoy the benefits of not being left with artifacts and leftover's of your previous operating system which can lead to instability in certain cases. I would only buy this on a limited budget....more info
  • Best Operating System Ever!
    I love the Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional. I think it manages all the things I have to do and it does it perfectally well. If you have a Pentium 4 and have this OS it is really a good combination. If you have a Pentium through Pentium III you really might want to think about XP because it does make it run a little bit faster. I love the applications this version has. I can just scroll through all the screens and everything is right there! If you buy 2000 Professional Edition you should get the Microsoft Office 2000 Professional Edition also. Microsoft is a very nice company and I think Bill Gates is the man. Microsoft just went wrong with the XP but that is the only Microsoft OS I dislike. I might be trying to convert to Apple but I am still going to keep Microsoft computers. If you were born and raised on Microsoft it isn't too hard to run it! People keep on saying Mac OS (earlier than X) was easier to operate than 95-2000 versions but for real life most people in the U.S. and other countries have Microsoft. I like both companies and if Microsoft makes another good OS after XP I will stick with them from then on....more info
  • Don't Use '98, '95 Ever Again!
    There's only one word to sum up the advantages of making the change: stability....more info
  • Excellent, robust, powerful, crashproof
    I've installed Windows 2000 on a host of machines and have loved it. It rarely (like, once every 3 to 4 months) crashes, and it runs a majority of today's games perfectly -- sometimes better than Windows ME. The security is top-notch, and in a lot of ways it is more friendly than Windows 98 or below (although Windows ME ups that slightly).

    If you have the money, get it....more info

  • Great Software
    2000, saved a older pc from the trash. The only step up for old 98 machines that I can find....more info
  • overpriced
    I recieved a cd with the wrong product code. the seller sent me another that also did not work. A friend tried ten codes before we found one that worked. for the price this was bad....more info
  • This is the worst version of Windows yet.
    I used 98 SE happily, then stepped up to this and had 2 crashes within 3 months. My system flew with 98 SE, now crawls with 2000 Pro. I then tried 2000 Server...big mistake. This isn't as bad as Server, and I have only used ME a few times, but I'd stick to 98 SE for home use and NT for the office. I have an 850 Mhz Pentium III with 256 MB of Ram, and I wasn't pleased. My machine was very bogged down, and I wound up wasting money on a copy of Pro, (because it was 'new') and put 98 SE back on my system. I know all of you certification chasers out there want this to help review your braindumps, but it's not worth it. ......more info
  • The Greatsest Microsoft OS Ever!!
    I Gotta Say, This OS is probabbly the best OS Microsofthas ever released! It's so fast and so stable it's wired when you compare to Microsoft 98 from the blue screen of death to just a beautiful blue screen desktop. Windows ME is actually the same as 200 only it's the home edition and it's a lot cheaper. (NOT THE PRICE!) Windows XP Is Nice, but I like Windows 2000 a lot better!! Great For The Home and The Office!! ...more info
  • I only have one fault with this OS...
    If you're a gamer, you will be disappointed with this OS, because it is not designed to support many popular Win9x games. Happily, this is the ONLY drawback to Windows 2000. In every other respect, this operating system is excellent! For the first time ever, Microsoft brought a product to market that was solid and reliable from the moment you install it.

    A compatibility checker program is included on the installation disk to warn you if you have hardware that lacks Windows 2000 support. If you have a popular computer platform, such as a Dell or Compaq, most (if not all) of the necessary drivers will be setup during the installation.

    My computer consulting business depends on a solid and reliable operating system. My laptop came with Windows Me and crashed DAILY! Why Bill Gates pushed Windows Me into production without the same care as Windows 2000 is a mystery and a shame.

    Here's the deal...

    -If you have Windows 98 and use your machine specifically for business, GET WINDOWS 2000! Don't wait for XP. You will pay a lot for multimedia features that require more memory and processor power.

    -If you're into gadgets, music and video games don't bother with Windows 2000. Windows 9x/Me will play your titles much better than Windows 2000. You can also wait for Windows XP Home or Professional editions, which Microsoft claims has twice the software compatibility of Windows 2000 and is backward compatible all the way back to DOS. In addition, you will get the stability of Windows NT with your gaming and office work. Bear in mind that XP is for computers less than three years old. Make sure you meet the hardware requirements!

    -If your machine is on the older side, (Pentium II 200Mhz or slower) you will not be happy with the XP upgrade. To play games on these systems, I recommend staying with Windows 95/98. Windows 2000 will run on these computers provided the system has at least a Pentium 166 and 64MB of RAM.

    Think of Windows 2000 as an all business, no nonsense OS. You get limited multimedia support and a rock solid platform to run your programs. Windows XP will be a combination of the multimedia and plug and play ease of Windows 98 and the stability of the Windows NT architecture. I've read nothing but glowing reviews of XP and intend to experiment with it on my next PC.

    Another benefit...
    In addition to running on older systems, Windows 2000 Professional was designed specifically for laptops. Those of you running Windows NT4 on a laptop are familiar with the headaches of data corruption and driver installations. Win2000 was designed for laptops. Advanced power management is built in and the hibernation mode is an excellent convenience. I save my work, close the screen and pack the machine in my bag. The computer stores RAM on disk and shuts off. Wake up time is less than one minute on my Dell Inspiron....more info

  • Wheee
    I would give this product 4.75 stars if I could..however, its definately not worth 5 stars, so 4 will have to do. I love windows 2k, in fact...its the only microsoft product I have *ever* been truly impressed with. My only problem with it? Some of the ACPI IRQ sharing. It plagued my video card until I reinstalled windows 2k without ACPI...however, now software powerdown is disabled. I know, a big deal...but it was still a bit of a hassle on an otherwise wonderful OS....more info
  • Poor Service
    I wouldn't buy anything from this seller at any time they canceled my order without any cause so people like that I wouldn't deal with at any time ever again....more info
  • Windows 2000
    Very stable. My laptop had MS win98se dell from factory. Frequent blue screen of death. Hasn't locked up once since clean install (2 weeks). Very nice install process; recognized all my hardware....more info
  • WIN2K = relatively reliable Windows OS
    2000 Professional is relatively stable. It is less of a hog than Windows XP (although you can alter XP settings to optimize it for your particular PC).

    It has the simple look of Windows 98, but it does not crash as often. 2000 is based on NT technology, a precursor of XP (unlike

    Windows 2000 Professional will receive security patches until 2010. So if you buy it now, it will be officially secure until 2010.

    You must take a few steps when installing this OS.

    1. Download all windows updates.
    2. Firewall. Zone Alarm's free firewall works well
    3. Antivirus -- antivirus software is mandatory, try symantec corporate edition.

    ...more info
  • Not worth it ....
    I am a web designer of 3 years , and I have never seen such awful grainy looking graphics in my life. I was so shocked when I saw it on my father's computer that I vowed never to install it. It takes way too much time to get up and running with it. Why buy this when you can install 98 and be online within a day? You need to install everything seperately. What happens if you need to do a restore? Microsoft can keep this one. Id rather use 98 or NT....more info