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Nancy Drew Secrets Can Kill
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Nancy Drew is back--but this time as an interactive sleuth. Secrets Can Kill offers stimulating, long-term gameplay with an interesting plot and intricate word games. With all the intrigue, mystery, and adventure you've enjoyed in the Nancy Drew books, this role-playing game provides challenging and exciting computer activities for girls.

In this traditional Nancy Drew mystery, you play the role of Nancy as a junior, senior, or master detective. While visiting your aunt, you become involved in a murder case at Paseo Del Mar High School. You must help the police find the person who killed Jake Rogers--a notorious member of the student body. Through sleuthing with your ever-present magnifying glass, you discover hundreds of clues, each leading to the truth behind the students of the high school.

Secrets Can Kill employs 3-D graphics with detailed animations. Each character reacts to Nancy's specific situations. The intelligence of the game leaves nothing to be assumed--and the creepy music and hazardous situations keep you on your toes. Remember to talk to everyone, and check for evidence in the most unlikely places. With a surprise ending--unless you are the ultimate supersleuth--Secrets Can Kill is a fantastic mystery for girls of all ages. --Madeleine Miller

A crime has been committed in Florida's Paseo Del Mar High School, and Nancy goes undercover to track down the criminal. Secrets Can Kill is a daring role-playing mystery game that challenges you to solve a murder as you role-play the part of the famous teenage detective, Nancy Drew. Use your powers of deduction to decide which of the students at Paseo Del Mar are friend or foe. As the crime unfolds, explore the town and find hidden clues, solve cool puzzles, collect and save useful inventory items, interrogate the suspects, and catch the murderer red-handed! Solve the mystery--if you dare!

Customer Reviews:

  • Fun and Challenging Games
    This game is one of the first ones Her Interactive created, so it isn't as enhanced as the later ones, however it is a lot of fun and makes you think about your next move. ...more info
  • Secrets Can Kill review
    The only bad thing about this game is the fact that you have to keep switching disks. When you go to the school you need disk A but when you go to any other place, you need disk B. It got very annoying but if you're a Nancy Drew fanatic, you'll deal with it and enjoy the very first Nancy Drew game HerInteractive created. ...more info
  • Secrets Can Kill
    I would reccommend this game to anyone who enjoys a good mystery!I didn't like the idea of changing disks but It wasn't a big huge struggle or anything! The Characters were a little cartoonish but this was Her Interactives first great Nancy Drew Computer game. The storyline and the plot was excellent in this game,you'll surely be sorry if you dont have this great game to enjoy :)!!!!!!!...more info
  • worst one ever!!!
    i have played and beaten all the nancy drews and this was my LEST favorit ones.the graphics were cartoons and you dont even get to meet the bad not ever play this game!!!!!!...more info
  • Awful!
    I absolutely DO NOT recommend this game. First of all, it was way too easy. I finished it in about 4 hours and since it is really no fun after you've played it once, I felt that the game was a total waste of money. Secondly, the game contains two discs and you have to keep switching back and forth between them which is positively annoying. Third, the graphics look way too cartoonish. I wouldn't really mind the cartoonish graphics if everything else about the game was cool, but it's not. I would not recommend paying money for this game unless you've played all the other games and are just desperate for another....more info
  • Nancy drew Secrets Can Kill
    This game is not very good. There aren't enough places you can go and i hate how you have to change disks every time you have to go somewhere. Also the people are cartoons but the background is 3-D. I wouldn't recommend this game to anyone....more info
  • What??
    Well, I am 12 years old and I own all of the 13 Nancy Drew computer games.I didn't finish this game because I thought it was too confusing. I was scratching my head all the time.I mean I give the company that made this game some credit because you know it was the first game they made after all....I ssoo recomend all of the other games besides this one!...more info
  • Secrets Can Kill Your Computer
    Buyer beware: This was the second copy of this game I have purchased - I returned the first copy when I couldn't get it to install on my computer. My PC is new (purchased July 2005) and has plenty of power and memory, but this game crashed my computer three times, and the last time - immediately after I uninstalled the game - it had a hard time recovering from the crash. (I have played three of the later Nancy Drew games on the same computer with no problems.) In addition, the game is muddled and confusing, with a poor plotline and an unsatisfying ending. It relies too heavily on decoding secret message after secret message (most of which did nothing to help me advance the game), and not enough on sleuthing or interacting with the other characters. Switching between discs was no big deal at first, but about halfway through the game, it started to accelerate until I was switching discs every 5 minutes (NOT an exaggeration). I absolutely DO NOT recommend this game - go buy one of the later Nancy Drew games instead....more info
  • Original Nancy Drew - not as slick at newer ones but still fun
    Nancy Drew fans who have played many of these games will notice a huge difference between this first mystery and future ones. Notably, the computer graphics are more elementary (the people you interview are actually cartoons as oppposed to 3-D) and it's tedious to have to switch back and forth between two CDs as you play the game. There's no "to-do" list that we found either which is a nice plus in the newer ones. That aside, it's still the Nancy Drew mysteries that we love and it's still fun to play!...more info
  • Secrets Can Kill
    Ok, Secrets Can Kill was a good game, don't get me wrong! The graphics are okay, but the people look like cartoon characters. I beat S.C.K. and it was easy but hard enough for me to take awhile on figuring things out. Anyone who adores Nancy Drew anything would like or love this game!...more info
  • All Right considering it's the First ND
    This is the first Nancy Drew computer game that Her Interactive made. You can tell when you play it.... it has a very 90s feel to it and it is not nearly as advanced with as many places to go and cool games and puzzles as the other later games. Also, one of the more annoying things is that you have to switch during the game from CD 1 to CD 2 and back again many times. The characters are not that well animated, and I found the ending to be disappointing.

    Overall, if you want to say you've played all of the ND games, then go ahead and get it! Or if you just want the experience. Otherwise, if you want a more fun and cooler game, play the later ones. I'd especially recommend all of them after and including game 3, Message in a Haunted Mansion. That is a good game to start with if you are new to Nancy Drew games. If you're looking for a scary game, go with game 11, Curse of Blackmoor Manor, but not for anybody under 10 years old I'd say.

    Just one last thing -- these games are very good to work on with your friends, siblings, etc. Sometimes you are stumped and it's always better to have two or three people with ideas than just one. Happy gaming! ...more info
  • The Worst in the Series
    This is the worst game in the series.Bad graphics,the story comes straight out of the book.So if you have read the book Secrets Can Kill,there really is no need to play this.Also there are two cds,you have keep taking them out all through the game.Its really annoying.If you want to start with one,start with Stay Tuned for Danger.The rest of the series has little bits from each game.Like magazine covers ,satues etc.See if you can see them....more info
  • Die Hard Fans Only
    I read Nancy Drew religiously in my early teenage years so I was really anxious to try these games when I heard of them. I really wished I had skipped this though. It was terrible. The graphics are too cartoonish. The characters are flat and one dimensional. It doesn't take very long at all to play. I finished it in a fraction of the 20 hours that the package promises. And the thing I disliked most about it was all of the coded messages. It has a lot of messages hidden around but they do not advance you in the game and do nothing more than give away each of the characters secrets. The messages just kill any suspense in the game. Oh and the game also has two discs and you have to go keep going from one disc to the other throughout the game. It's not too much of an inconvience, but this game just isn't worth it. I don't recommend this game unless you just have to own all of them....more info
  • Not worth the price compared to others in series
    First of all, I would like to point out that the editorial review above is not for Secrets Can Kill. It is for one of the other games in the series, and is therefore a better review than Secrets Can Kill deserves. It may be confusing to see the editorial review for the Tower mystery right under the title for Secrets Can Kill.
    I love the Nancy Drew series, and I am a college-educated woman in my thirties. I have played four out of the first five games in the series (I have not played Stay Tuned for Danger). The other games have wonderful graphics and storylines. Talking to the other characters is enjoyable, and the puzzles are challenging enough for an adult when played on the senior detective level. I played Secrets Can Kill on the Master level (there are three levels for this game instead of two), and I found that my nine-year-old son was not challenged by the puzzles. Most of the puzzles are easily solved word puzzles that have clues as to the items to gather or hints about the character's secrets. However, most of the puzzles have nothing to do with the game play itself. There is one slide puzzle that allows you to find an inventory item; otherwise, the puzzles are just there for hints. As mentioned in other reviews, this game has cartoon-like characters rather than the 3D-type characters in the other games, and it really does make the game less interesting. The dialogue is uninteresting and the characters become hostile and barely speak to Nancy through most of the game. Overall, the game requires only a few answered puzzles to solve the mystery, and the ending is disappointing, to say the least. I gave this two stars instead of one, which was my first inclination, because I feel that it might be interesting for a child to play, especially if the child has not had very much experience with adventure games for the computer; however, a child would probably still at least want to play on the senior detective level. I recommend the other Nancy Drew games that I have played to players of any age for a nice, relaxing mystery, and I especially recommend the Haunted Mansion game. I cannot, however, recommend Secrets Can Kill....more info
  • Bad Graphics- Fun Game
    I bought this game under my Mom's account to help my sister and I complete our collection. Although it is fun, the graphics were not as good as I had expected (the people/suspects are 2-D). Also, whenever you travel to the High School to look for clues, interrogate suspects, etc., you need to switch to a different disk. This becomes very annoying because at some points of the game, you are just constantly taking the disk in and out....more info
  • it's okay
    this game was good for the first game Her Interactive made because It dosn't have the good animation that the other games have and It's the only game that has a gun in it at the end. I so recomend the other nancy drew games than this the ones that I loved are the final scene, Secret of the scarlet hand (the best ever!), Danger on deception island, secret of shadow ranch, curse of blackmoor manor (the scariest of them all), secret of the old clock (awsome), and last train to blue moon canyon. But the new game that is xoming out soon is danger by disgn so those are better than this...more info
  • Loved it...good for kids and adults
    I really liked this game: it wasn't too difficult, and it was interesting. The only drawback was that the game didn't take me very long (1 day) to complete. And I did it on the middle "Spy IQ" setting. This game was entertaining, and will be great for my kids as they get a little bit older. I would definately recommend buying "Secrets Can Kill"...more info
  • Just Okay
    This was a good game, and fun, but definitely not as good as some of the later Nancy Drew games. The graphics were not as good, solving it was not as fun, and it goes by faster than the other ones. In this one the people are all drawn, but in the others they are 3D and look real. But it is still fun, especially if you have never played any of the other games and so have no expectations. If you love mysteries, I would recommend this series, but choose a later game. My favorite is Curse of Blackmoor Manor!...more info
  • swapping disks is no fun
    It's an interesting story, and it's a challenge, but the constant swapping of the disks towards the end of the game really ruins the mood......more info
  • Amazing kickoff for the series.
    I loved this game. Of course it didn't have all of the amazing features the others have. I bought it so along ago that it doesn't play on windows xp. It makes me mad i can't still play it. It was a blast. Switching cds was annoying. But this game is a classic. You can get it for so cheap now too. I wouldn't pass it up....more info