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Annie (1999) [VHS]
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Disney's 1999 TV production of the classic 1977 musical Annie is remarkable for its casting of stage actors rather than ratings trump cards. Tony winners Audra McDonald (Grace), Alan Cumming (Rooster), and Kristin Chenoweth (Lily) join four-time nominee Victor Garber (Daddy Warbucks) and Les Mis¨¦rables veteran Alicia Morton (Annie) to tell the tale of the Depression-era orphan who gets a taste of the upper-crust life. Not surprisingly, they all turn in strong performances, and even Oscar-winner Kathy Bates acquits herself well in a singer's role, as the villainous Miss Hannigan. Perhaps best of all is the original title moppet, Andrea McArdle, making a sensational one-minute cameo as the Broadway Star-To-Be in "N.Y.C."

Compared to John Huston's plodding, overly busy 1982 theatrical release, this production as directed by Rob Marshall (Cabaret, among other shows) is quite conservative; few numbers leave the confines of their sets, giving it the feel of a stage production. It is also more faithful as a whole to the Broadway original, though at a running time of 90 minutes it leaves out most of the historical context of the FDR administration as well as some of Charles Strouse and Martin Charnin's familiar songs, and makes a few plot changes, some of which work and some of which don't. Because of the omissions, this probably isn't a definitive film translation of Annie, but it's well paced for a young audience, and would be an excellent introduction to get children interested in live theater. Annie was produced by the team behind the 1993 telecast of Gypsy with Bette Midler, as well as 1997's Brandy-Whitney Houston Cinderella, and there are plans for many others. As Broadway shows are too often represented on video by inferior big-screen translations, this trend toward good, solid small-screen productions is most welcome. --David Horiuchi

Customer Reviews:

  • Weak Remake
    When I was a kid I loved the older Annie that was made in the 80's. This one is not even half the movie the other is if you ask me. However, there are more songs, so I'm sure some people like that. The downfalls of this movie is mainly the cast. The little girl playing annie is cute, has red hair (but straight!) and can sing but she cannot act well at all. She is quite stiff with her lines and the girl in the old one was much better at conveying emotion. Ms. Hannigan is also less mean and threatning. They tried to sugarcoat her "cruelty" to the girls when it wasn't even presented as that bad in the old one, and Carol Bernet was naturally hilarious as she always was in the old version. I also don't like the Mr. Warbucks in this version, because he isn't as distant and cold as the other one is. Annie is supposed to be so sweet she makes the stern, hard, even scrooge-like Mr. Warbucks melt and become a caring father figure. In this version he isn't as serious or rigid as I think he should be. As I said, the music is good, but for a better all around movie, get the first one. ...more info
  • The best ANNIE ever!
    This is the best Annie, ever!
    The original brodway production in a fun filled musical movie that charms both children and adults.
    This movie fallows the original classic story and has all the traditinal songs and senes. I love to dance and sing along to this movie virsion of the best classic browdway production, ever!...more info
  • What Was Disney Thinking?
    The 1982 version of Annie was my favorite movie when I was a kid, so after reading the reviews here I was very optimistic about seeing this Disney version. It turned out to be a huge disappointment and I really can't understand how it got any good reviews at all. Sure, the music was nicely recorded and the actress who played Annie was even decent for the role, but the script and other characters demolished any hope of a viable remake. Though many talented actors were present, they were casted terribly. Kathy Bates was nowhere near as good as Carol Burnette in the role of Miss Hannigan. Could she be less scary? The orphans seemed like such brats it made her seem more like the victim rather than the other way around! Also Victor Garber was incredibly unconvincing in the role of the cold hearted, money loving Warbucks. It didn't seem like he was even expected to try. They showed absolutely no development in the relationship between him and Annie so his immediate attachment to her came off as creepy. It practically appeared as if he was going to propose marriage, not ask to adopt her. This was a big mistake because one of the best parts of this story is how Daddy Warbucks starts out as a man so consumed with power and money but slowly realizes that there is more to life through the charm of a dirty little, somewhat homely orphan who would be the least likely person to affect someone of his caliber. None of the villains were even slightly threatening either which gave no victory to the plot in any of the conflict either. Because these elements were completely missing there was no point to the story. Let's not even talk about how ridiculously fast they wrapped up the ending. The historically inaccurate, P.C. portrayal of the 30's was also laughable. It's basically a complete waste of everyone's time so spare yourself the grief....more info
  • No cigar.
    This film just doesn't compare to the original film. I liked that they included NYC, but the cast struck me as lackluster. When I heard Kathy Bates I was excited, but she pailed in comparison to Carrol Burnette. If you want your kids to see the story of Annie I reccomend finding a stage show....more info
  • Fun for the whole family!
    This is a very kid friendly version of Annie. It's nice to find a movie the whole family can watch together and not be afraid something will be inappropriate. My 4- and 6-year-old can't get enough of this movie! I don't mind watching it either. The songs are all so catchy!...more info
  • Great Annie production brought to DVD!
    My daughters and I went back and forth with which Annie to buy. We felt this one wasn't as dark as the original. We do like the original too, but felt this was more toddler friendly. Enjoy! The sun will come out tomorrow if you do!...more info
  • Much better than the other one
    When I bought this DVD for my 2 daughters, I was pleasantly surprised. The coreography is great, the storyline sticks to the original, and the actors keep the script true to it's original intent. And as an added plus, this version doesn't come across as scary as the original one, which is great for the [impressionable] kids. I give it two thumbs up!!...more info
  • The ideal cast
    I almost cannot imagine a better-cast "Annie" than this one, unless they could somehow get a time machine and bring young Andrea McArdle herself forward to reclaim the title role. Kathy Bates! Alan Cumming! Audra McDonald! Victor Garber as Daddy Warbucks -- maybe the best of all. The musical is regrettably simplified and shortened for its TV running time, but remains extremely enjoyable and, despite budget and set limitations, far livelier than the overwrought 1982 film. The songs are beautifully sung, and the production numbers are no less delightful for their simplicity. I wish that they could have filmed the full musical, as plotted, with exactly this cast; the result would absolutely have been the definitive "Annie." As it is, I think we are still waiting on the definitive version -- but this is by far the best yet. This is one of the things i watch every Christmas while wrapping presents: just an hour and a half of pure fun. ...more info
  • Not impressed
    I didn't care for this version at ALL. The bright spots were Andrea McArdle, Kristen Chenowith and Alan Cummings! But the orphans were dull and underused, Kathy Bates was NOT mean enough and Victor Garber wasn't gruff as Warbucks is supposed to be. Alicia Morton has a sweet enough voice, but she is NOT Annie material...she doesn't belt like Andrea McArdle or the other Broadway Annies I've seen! There's no power in her voice at all. Overall I was tremendously disappointed, and the ending was so awful I cringe just thinking about it....more info
  • Beautiful
    I love the story, and thought that this version was awesome. The actors cast were perfect and the songs were great. I recommend this DVD with enthusiasm....more info
  • One little orphan girl stands out... not Annie
    First time I saw this on video my eyes headed towards Duffy she was so sweet and cute. Infact when the orphans sang "You're Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile" she stood out. Anyway the movie itself is a classic remake but Duffy stood out in the crowd. I mean she's just naturally gorgeous. Watch this movie and look out for the special one......more info
  • Annie Lite
    This version of Annie is a great introduction for the younger set and showcases some terrific Broadway talent, but leaves out a lot from the original stage version. As others have mentioned, the politics, romance between Grace and Warbucks, and villianous behavior of Miss Hannigan that were such a winning combo on stage have been toned way down by Disney. Alicia Morton is adorable and has a beautiful voice, but trades in a lot of Annie's signature pluck for sweetness. Some of the song lyrics have been changed, while other songs have been cut completely. The purist might find all of this this detrimental, but my 3 year old does not know the difference and just enjoys the heck out of the story, the singing, and the dancing. And the length of the film is perfect for her attention span. Miss Hannigan appears to have kicked her drinking problem in this version, which robs both the actress and the viewers of some great comedic material, but leaves parents of young children with less explaining to do.

    While this version of Annie is a bit of a "Lite" approach, it is in my opinion an improvement over the overdone 1992 version. Editing a few things out is to me less of a crime of creative liberty than adding a character (Poonjab) and songs that were not part of the stage version.

    So far there is no movie version that is a worthy substitute for seeing Annie live on stage in its entirety, but this movie covers the basic storyline and memorable songs, and is great for young Annie-lovers....more info
  • Disney's at it Again.... But is it the Right Move?
    The Walt Disney Company comes out with Annie with some new twists on the cast, sets, and plot... Disney remade Rodgers and Hamerstein with a diverse cast of
    Brandy Moeisha), Whitney Houston (The Preacher's Wife), Victor Garber (Legally Blonde), Whoopi Goldberg (Sister Act, and Berdenette Peters (Into the Woods)

    Is Disney Making the right choice of remaking a Broadway classic?

    An All Star Cast like Cinderella features....

    * Victor Garber (Rodger's and Hamerstien's Cinderella, Alias)- 1997 - Daddy Warbucks
    * Audra McDonald (1994 TONY Award winning actress- Caurosel)- Grace Farrell
    * Alan Cumming (Spy Kids, X Men)- Rooster Hannigan
    * Kathy Bates (Academy Award Winnig Actress- Misery)- Miss Hannigan
    * Kristin Chenoweth (1999 TONY Award Winning Actress- WICKED, You're A Good Man Charlie Brown)- Lily St. Regis
    * Lalaine (Disney's Lizzie McGuire TV Series, Disney's You Wish!)
    * Andrea McArdle- Star to Be in "NYC"

    Disney's version seems more "kid appropriate" that kids can enjoy. The dance, color, music, and happy smiles.

    The original had some dangerous/unappropriate footage like Miss Hannigan is drunk, Rooster Tries to kill Annie, and Carzy orphans that are ugly...


    *****Good Parts
    1 hour 30 min (appox)
    Great talent... that makes you wanna smile

    Overall, Disney had a much better sucess with the remake....more info
    I loved this version of Annie, so much more than the original. My daughter is not too into television, but she will sit and watch this movie over and over and over..and I'll sit right there with her. We just don't get sick of this one. This movie is the best!! I highly recommend it and am looking for others that will please us like this one did! Its a life saver....more info
  • Excellent! Perfect for Kids!
    I loved this version. I grew up with the Carol Burnett version which I loved, but was distressed when I watched it as a parent. It's full of sexual references and drinking. I don't mind a scene or two with drinking in it but the drinking scenes in that movie were way too much for a four-year-old. This version is perfect. It's a movie for all ages, and the singing and dance numbers are wonderful....more info
  • Give it up for Annie!!!!!!
    Not having seen the original 1982 version of "Annie" or the stage version on which the film was based, I can honestly say that this is one of the best movie musicals I have ever seen. The only reason I was curious to see the film was because "Chicago" became my favorite film of 2002 and I was eager to see Rob Mashall's film directing debut. (Many people consider Chicago his debut, but this is it, although being made-for-TV). The cast is magnificant--Tony winners Audra McDonald (Grace), Alan Cumming (Rooster), and Kristin Chenoweth (Lily), plus four-time nominee Victor Garber (who makes a terrific Daddy Warbucks) and Les Mis¨¦rables veteran Alicia Morton, who is absolutely mesmerizing in her portrayal of Annie. Oscar-winner and always terrific Kathy Bates is superb as the villainous Miss Hannigan, and surprisingly, she can SING!!! And although I haven't seen the stage version (as mentioned), Andrea McArdle's (the original Annie) cameo was very clever. Mention must also be made to the orphans, whose renditions of "Hard Knock Life" and "You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile" were absolutely sensational. That said, ALL the numbers are show-stoppers and very catchy, and the story is truly heartfelt. At 90 minutes, it is a perfect running length, as opposed to the 130 minute original (if I get fussy after two hours, I can't imagine how a child will feel). Adults and children alike are bound to enjoy this version, which many consider superior to the original. I believe Rob Marshall's brilliant directing and genius choreograhy are to thank. He definitely matured in "Chicago", but this is a fantastic debut, and it is easy to see its influence in "Chicago" iself. I am not a huge fan of remakes, thinking them pointless, but this is one remake I am thankful for. Now, if only a special edition DVD with Commentary and Behind-the-Scenes is released. "Annie" is recommended!!!...more info
  • Good job Amazon!
    We bought this DVD for our grandkids to watch as they travel. The first one we got ran fine until the last 10 minutes, then quit. We could see a flaw in the media. We called Amazon and they sent a replacement copy immediately with no hassle!! You can bet we will be using in the future!!...more info
  • great entertainment
    I have seen the original movie which was good but a bit too long. This version was much better and I enjoyed some of the original songs from the stage version. My favourites were NYC and Something Was Missing sang beautifully by Victor Garber. I also like the dance sequence and singing version of Easy Street with Kathy Bates and Alan Cumming....more info
  • Annie DVD
    Annie DVD arrived very quickly. Will order again from this seller. Thank you very much. My daughter loves the video....more info
  • The very definition of "saccharine"...
    When I saw that Disney had remade "Annie". I was so excited to see it! I grew up watching the old Aileen Quinn version and loved it to bits. However, after the first 15 minutes of this, I couldn't stomach any more. Aileen Quinn's Annie was spunky, spirited, cheeky and appealing; this new Annie is simply cute, sickeningly sweet and has no fire in her whatsoever.

    I did feel sorry for Kathy Bates, having to follow the brilliant Carol Burnett in the role of Miss Hannigan; she does a decent job while unfortunately not expressing any of the worn-out contempt and resignation with which Carol managed to imbue her performance. Victor Garber is adequate (I do like him very much as an actor), but also fails to play Daddy Warbucks with the overbearing bluster and paternal warmth of Albert Finney.

    Although the older version contains more theatrical elements, such as the unlikely dance numbers etc, the new version has a far more theatrical quality to it overall (by which I mean "hammy"). Nor does it convey the sense of time and place as well as the older version.

    Basically, this was a huge disappointment to me, with none of the warmth, attitude and exuberance of the original. It's typical saccharine Hollywood fare of the kind that makes Brits and Aussies laugh at such syrupy but empty American sentimentality....more info
  • A Definitive (Condensed Version) Of Annie
    From top to bottom, this production is quite perfect as a condensed version of the musical. The sensitivity to the material allows a marvelous production to reach the stratosphere the moment Andrea McArdle steps onscreen and begins belting out the NYC number. That this was director Rob Marshall's first film makes it that much more exciting. Everyone is excellent and perfectly cast. Certainly one of the finest film adaptations of a Broadway musical yet....more info
  • Absolutely Adorable Annie Movie
    The extraordinary cast featured in this Annie film will make you laugh, make you cry and allow you to pass this classic story on to generations to come. It is fantastic! ...more info
  • This is the Annie to buy.
    If you are looking for a version of Annie for your kids, get this one. We have three girls and we bought both this and the 1982 version with Carol Burnett. This one is so much better in every way. It is almost perfectly done, moves along at the right pace and is really entertaining. Get the sound track too. The music is wonderful.

    The Carol Burnett version is much less PC and not as appropriate for young children. Carol Burnett is too drunk and mean; the scenes where Annie is in danger are a bit too scary for young kids, and the dancing is of the manic 80's Flash Dance genre - comic today.

    Our girls have watched this Annie probably 100 times and they always love it. As do I. When my kids belt out the numbers, I get to play Rooster - and the Rooster in this version is so much fun - there's nothing better! ...more info
  • Daughter LOVES it!
    My daughter, who is alomost 4, absolutely loves this movie. She wants to watch it over & over. We even had to buy the soundtrack to listen to in the car for her. It's much better than the 1982 version for younger children; it's a lot calmer & Miss Hanagan is not as mean. It can get a little annoying for parents, but kids love it....more info
  • My Daughter Loves Annie
    My two year old LOVES Annie. She sings the songs all day. And for parents, if you have to watch a video over and over...This is not a bad one to watch....more info
  • Very good for the money.
    All I know is that I purchased it for my daughter when she was 2 1/2 and she LOVES it. She sings all the songs and still wants to see it several times weekly almost a year later!....more info
  • Awful!!!
    I watched the original 1982 version when I was 10 years old. Since, I have watched the 1982 version an uncountable number of times and I still enjoy it.

    Whe the 1999 version came out, I was initially very anxious to see how much it would measure up...let's put it this doesn't even come close! The move was just plain awful!! I didn't want to give it even 1 star!!

    The musical numbers were well-done, but the orphans were very boring and unenergetic. The camera pretty much stayed in one spot, whereas in the 1982 version the orphans literally put on and acrobatics show and was much livelier.

    Albert Finny, Carol Burnett, and Aileen Quinn played a much more convincing cast than that of the 1999 Disney cast. Victor Garber was extremely soft, boring and unconvincing; he disappointed me the most! Daddy Warbucks is suppost to be a mean and cold-hearted billionare who is transformed into a loving father by Annie, but Victor Garber was waaaay too soft from the begining and there was no sense of change.

    Although in this day and age, Carol Burnett's version of the abusive, drunken and lusty Miss Hannigan may be thought of as "not appropiate for kids", I think she played a more realistic and convincing character than Kathy Bates did. I watched Carol Burnett's Miss Hannigan as a kid and she didn't affect me in a bad way.

    Don't waste you money on this! Rent it if you can, and BUY the 1982 version!! Compare the two and you'll know what I mean. Its so much more real and doesn't seemed to be the compressed and hurried movie as the 1999 version is....more info

  • Annie by Alicia Morton
    I bought this movie for my 7 yr old twin granddaughters at their request. They even told my what website to get it on! They saw it at school and they loved it and knew their Nana would buy it. If my 7 yr old grandkids want to watch this movie over and over again I definitely recommend this movie to all kids!!!!
    Nancy J ...more info
  • Disney's Annie DVD
    We love this movie! I am so glad to have girls so that I am able to watch movies like this! We think the acting, singing and dancing is excellent....more info
  • Charming and Memorable!
    We caught this movie on (of course) the Disney Channel. And for weeks afterwards my 4 year old daughter talked about it and sang the sun will come out song. So I bought it for her and then (after she watched it two dozen times) I took her to the full scale production.

    I really thought it would be too much for her since this version and the broadway production are different (as others have stated). But she followed along wonderfully singing all the songs she knew.

    This is by far her favorite movie and she follows the choreographed routines of the orphan girls and mimics the songs much more than any of the princess movies. It truly is very well acted and very charming....more info
  • Annie DVD
    Thanks I've been looking in stores and could not fine this version, Daughter and I love. Was shipped very fast. Thanks...more info
  • delightful
    I was never a fan of the musical Annie thinking it was too cutesy-poo. But this production is delightful. Kathy Bates, Kristin Chenoweth and especially Allen Cumming as the villains are really terrific. The young actress in the title role does not do a sickening Shirley Temple imitation as you would expect, but is actually quite good. I found the direction of this production really expert, and i enjoyed the musical numbers more than ever because the whole package was so much fun and not overly sweet. My ten year old daughter, who I bought it for, has watched it dozens of times already and is really in love with it. I recommend this DVD very much, especially for children, but also for adults who love musicals - non-sophisticated good fun old-fashioned ones. I was quite surprised at what a good time I had watching this. The "Easy Street" number can stand up alongside really classic numbers in movie musicals. It is quite a gem....more info