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A young woman and her two children reside in a secluded island mansion awaiting the return of her husand from the war. Her children have a mysterious disease that wont allow them to be near sunlight so she is vigilant about keeping the curtains and doors closed at all times. Studio: Buena Vista Home Video Release Date: 01/10/2006 Starring: Nicole Kidman Fiona Flanagan Run time: 104 minutes Rating: Pg13

A welcome throwback to the spooky traditions of Jack Clayton's The Innocents and Robert Wise's The Haunting, Alejandro Amen¨¢bar's The Others favors atmosphere, sound, and suggestion over flashy special effects. Set in 1945 on a fog-enshrouded island off the British coast, the film begins with a scream as Grace (Nicole Kidman) awakens from some unspoken horror, perhaps arising from her religiously overprotective concern for her young children, Anne (Alakina Mann) and Nicholas (James Bentley). The children are hypersensitive to light and have lived in a musty manor with curtains and shutters perpetually drawn. With Grace's husband presumably lost at war, this ominous setting perfectly accommodates a sense of dreaded expectation, escalating when three strangers arrive in response to Grace's yet-unposted request for domestic help. Led by housekeeper Mrs. Mills (Fionnula Flanagan), this mysterious trio is as closely tied to the house's history as Grace's family is--as are the past occupants seen posthumously posed in a long-forgotten photo album.

With her justly acclaimed performance, Kidman maintains an emotional intensity that fuels the film's supernatural underpinnings. And while Amen¨¢bar's pacing is deliberately slow, it befits the tone of penetrating anxiety, leading to a twist that extends the story's reach from beyond the grave. Amen¨¢bar unveiled a similarly effective twist in his Spanish thriller Open Your Eyes (remade by Cameron Crowe as Vanilla Sky), but where that film drew debate, The Others is finely crafted to provoke well-earned goose bumps and chills down the spine. --Jeff Shannon

Customer Reviews:

  • Spooky
    not many movies suck me in,but this one did...i did not know that they were ghosts.really cool movie.the ending was great.Better...more info
  • High Quality Supernatural Horror
    The Others is a psychological thriller set in a haunted house, so don't let the PG-13 rating fool you, this is a hardcore old style horror film. It is far more of a horror film than the blood-soaked money-making trash infiltrating our beloved cinemas every weekend and harkens back in spirit to supernatural classics like The Haunting and The Changeling, which I would also recommend.

    Two important things make The Others special. Firstly, the mystery element is so powerful that it is a hard film to watch without finishing. As a lover of horror films I've always felt that horror without mystery descends to madness, and other than for getting a good chuckle while disturbing your wife I would see little reason to watch a movie like that. Gore can work in the right hands but it is rarely a necessity for something to scare this viewer. What is necessary for me is surprise, which The Others is chock full of. It is a smart film. Secondly, another incredibly important element to all films for me is characters that work. That kind of thing requires success on a number of fronts; namely the screenplay, and the actors, but here the cinematography, music, and art direction are just as crucial. It is no coincidence that one mind directed this film in every way as almost every element mends together perfectly. Tom Cruise may have been a producer but he clearly kept his Hollywood ego in check and let director Alejandro Amen¨¢bar (Open Your Eyes) run this show his way and his way alone, even if it meant turning Cruise's then-wife into an emotional wreck in doing so. Nicole Kidman was very possibly driven temporarily insane while starring in almost every frame of this movie and looking exhausted as she seems to consume herself in the role. An underrated virtuoso performance for sure in a film that constantly appears alarmingly isolated. I get exhausted for her while watching The Others unfold.

    There are so many potentially devastating spoilers to mention in The Others and for those who haven't seen it I should tread carefully. The film is set in a giant house in the Bailiwick of Jersey (a Crown dependency off the coast of Normandy), but I'm not sure if it's the main island or not. It certainly appears isolated enough not to be, and really the house and its vast foggy property are all we have for a setting in The Others anyhow. The film takes place just after World War II. A family of three; Grace (Kidman) and her two children Anne and Nicholas, wait with little hope in their home for Charles, their husband and father, to return from the war. The children have a unique condition that makes them extremely sensitive to sunlit, perhaps even allergic. Their home's light is constantly being carefully controlled and maintained, making for an effective atmosphere of both vulnerability and isolation. I'm sure that the controlled light inside and the surrounding fog of suffocation outside made the film's cinematography an exciting task and Javier Aguirresarobe delivers quite nicely. The house is soon visited by three new servants and the story goes forward with many exciting twists and turns.

    As a bit of a horror movie snob I'm going to recommend The Others twice. Another look after you know the twists is definitely worthwhile. Everything comes together just right for the sake of giving us a little scare and some fun surprises. Inexplicably, The Others was also a rare success for a smaller film that seemed to put substance before anything else. It made over $200 million worldwide and cost just $17 million to make. I'm sure that success was anchored to some degree by the film's very famous leading actress but nevertheless, it is nice to see good film-making rewarded with a deserving bonus. ...more info
  • Kidman shines thru the gloom...
    Eerie, atmoshpheric and so well-acted this DVD is a sure bet for any videophiles collection.
    This one will keep you guessing til the very end! ...more info
  • A mulitlayered movie
    In general, pyschological thrillers are one of my least favorite types of movies. This movie, however, transcends it genre while offering its viewers a delicious fright. I didn't figure out the plot twist 'til it was made obvious---I hadn't watched The Sixth Sense with its similar plot twist.

    Warning--plot spoilers ahead...
    Nicole Kidman delivers an Oscar-worthy performance as Grace, an uptight woman trying her best to raise her two young children as they await the return of her husband. The setting takes place in an English mansion shortly after WWII. Grace employs servants who slowly and patiently initiate her into her actual status as a ghost. Grace uses her detection skills to figure out that there's something off about the servants--and there are inexplicable photographs of them (if I'm remembering correctly--it's been about three or so years since I've seen this movie). To Grace's horror, she realizes these are pictures taken of people after they have died. For most of the movie, Grace is both confident and rigid about her belief system; towards the end of the movie--after learning she is no longer alive, yet still wanders upon the earth as though she were alive--Grace admits to her children that she doesn't know. She thought she had all of the answers, but nothing turned out as she expected. We see from the ghosts' perspective when the housekeeper warns Grace that "there will be others." We the living are "the others" who impose upon the rest and routines of the life-like dead.

    This movie is thematically rich, giving its audience both the willies and food for thought. It was well crafted and excellently paced. ...more info
  • Superb Gothic thriller!
    What can one add to a masterpiece?

    The cast is superb, the dialogues are perfect, the house is both creepy and engaging, and the rhythm is just as it must be.

    I had my quibbles about Kidman, but she surely shows why she could act so well in "The Hours". She's just great. Such a pent up neurotic would steer one inch and she would become a caricature. Instead, every gesture is perfect, every fit of hysteria just has to be there. Like every note in a Bach sonata. Her icy, statuesque beauty, allure and hairdo (!) make it all "come together". The scene in an unexpected sexy white night gown asking for love from his estranged husband is a small, very small gem :).

    Cinematography is BEAUTIFUL, I want to live in this house! (Unocuppied if possible :)). To all of us who have read "The castle of Otranto" in loony early teens, this was what Walpole was talking about :)!

    Horror is the contrary to gore. It's atmosphere, not ketchup. This is more of a psychological study (and a lesson in acting, let us not forget "Fionnula Flanagan" and Grace's bratty daughter. By the way, I LOVE everybody's English usage, and how it reveals class differences between "Master and servant". Body language too!

    This is a MENTAL drama, the plot wisely gives us SOME keys to keep us engaged, but never enough to foresee what's coming. At least not me! "kate_hartshorn" (Irvine, CA) is right: this could well be a practical case of a "psychology of perception" course. And I agree with Mr. Kleinman from Portland (also on Amazon) that one should better NOT read much before the film. I was lucky enough this time to only watch the pictures and a general look at the cast. Had I read even Amazon's "plot keywords" would have basically spoilt all the fun (as it has, many times before).

    I didn't really FEEL much for the characters, although I confess I suffered with poor troubled Grace. I give it a ten although, for I suspect it follows the "rules of the genre" that preclude any glorious and hefty monologue alla "Pacino" or something heroic, political or socially relevant.

    I can't see how this film could be improved, but I am not so sure it would stand a "second viewing". At least, not in the near future. And certainly NOT a third one!! I suspect this is what separates the films that you "carry to the grave" to other "mental exercises". Like some piano players like Perahia, with perfect technique, but somewhat lacking "soul"....more info
  • Mixed Review Coming
    The tension, dialogue and character play is all doing very well. But like others it took too long to set up as if the director/writer did not know how to foreshadow without giving away the surprise ending.

    Also the entrace of the husband was weird and did not connect. Maybe someone who is better at symbolism can explain how he entered into the movie. I get his purpose as a method to communicate what evil had be done and to allow the person who committed the evil to repent and to allow for forgiveness and atonement and closure but where di he come from?

    All in all mixed....more info
    "The Others," is not your typical ghost story. It is more subtle and subdued, without the blood and gore typical of the genre. This is a welcome relief sometimes, as I find some of the scariest films I have ever seen are more atmospheric, and low on blood and gore. There are times when the atmosphere of horror demands this type of imaginative and creative use. Also, the story itself is more of a drama based film, and the horror is introduced in a much more slower and very methodical way. There will be no spoilers in this review, as to write any would destroy the film for you if you have not seen it.

    Grace (Nicole Kidman) is a mother with two young children. Both of her children [a girl and boy] suffer from a rare disease of the skin. This photosensistivity to the sun demands that they be kept out of the light, with curtains covering the windows, and at no time are they ever to be let outside. When a trio of servants arrive at her door, she hires them immediately: as she is in need of help since her place is so large. Grace is awaiting her husband's return from the war [WWII]. The gloomy feel of the film, and near neurotic demeanor of Grace tell the viewer early on that there is something more to her and the children. Especially after the servants arrive. The films atmosphere is much like that of Deborah Kerr's "The Innocents." I recommend the film, which is more cerebral in its thematic structure. Also, the ending does have an eerie surprise. [Stars: 4.5] ...more info
  • Surprising!
    I found this movie to be very well written and thought out! I always love movies where the ending surprises me, and The Others definitely did that.

    The Others isn't your typical ghost story either. As someone who believes in "the spirit realm", I can tell that the writers did their homework on the subject matter (but again, that fact didn't come together for me until the end).

    Great movie despite whether or not you believe in ghosts!...more info
  • Frightening Delight
    For a film that reeks of "The Sixth Sense" (the M. Night Shyamalan juggernaut that set a new precedent for paranormal movies), "The Others" still manages to hold its own with a talented cast, excellent and subtle visual effects and a rousing ghost story that like the above mentioned film, contains a predictable yet entertaining twist.

    Oscar-winning actress Nicole Kidman is Grace, a young woman living in the seclusion of the Channel Islands during the close of World War II. Her grand estate has mysteriously emptied itself of each and every one of its servants and with her husband on the front line in France, she is forced to take matters into her own hands and hire an entirely new staff. Before she has even placed an ad in the paper, a man and two women show up at her stoop one misty morning looking for work. Bertha Mills (Flanagan), Mr. Tuttle (Sykes) and Lydia (Cassidy) all previously served in Grace's household years ago when another family occupied its grand quarters. Relieved by their familiarity with the grounds, Grace hires them with nary an inquisition. All she asks of them is their strict attention to the invariable darkness, for Nicolas (Bentley) and Anne (Mann), her two young children, are inflicted with a rare disease that makes them allergic to sunlight - too much exposure can prove fatal.

    Once all are settled and the house makes it slow recovery from disrepair, strange goings-on begin to occur. Noises are heard, unidentified voices whisper through the dark hallways and Nicolas and Anne are harassed by an entity named Victor, a young spirit with whom Anne has conversed on several occasions. An ardent Catholic, Grace is skeptical about the possibility of the house being haunted and passes Anne's and Nicolas's allegations off as outrageous stories, forcing them to repent for so-called lies by reading passages out of the bible for hours on end. All the while, Grace fights her own battle with loneliness and the steady slip of her sanity, her grief over the extensive absence of her husband Charles (Eccleston) and the pressure of caring for two children on her own pushing her to the edge.

    Director Alejandro Amenabar literally had carte blanche when he did this picture - not only did he direct, but he wrote the screenplay and composed the entire original score, a combination of haunting and beautiful compositions. For a 28-year-old director who was flattered by the 2001 remake of his film "Obre Los Ojos" ("Vanilla Sky") and assumed three major aspects of a motion picture, Amenabar is not just multi-talented - he's an entrepreneur.

    In a film like this, lighting and sound are integral and they become metaphoric as well. It is used to great effect by Amenabar - we are at first almost completely in the dark about the truth. Then, slowly, as more light is poured upon it, we begin to see bit by bit the terrible secret that Grace and her children have been hiding all this time. Shadows are aplenty here and the more there are the scarier it is, the viewer's eyes playing just as many tricks on them as the characters. When there is light, it is either stark and blinding or finely covered with cloud and haze, in keeping with the characters' inability to see beyond the present. In order to get the best scares out of his audience, Amenabar keeps the score quiet and illusive, at times completely absent so that the creaks and bumps of the vast manor are all the more disquieting.

    There isn't a bad performance to be found here, the movie filled with talented newcomers and favored veterans. Kidman, now an Oscar winner for "The Hours", is the stand-out as Grace, a woman who inwardly endures immense despair and hides her tortured heart from the world with a steely front and her staunch faith. Also excellent are Fionnula Flanagan (Waking Ned Devine) as the warm-hearted Mrs. Mills and Alakina Mann as the headstrong Anne - Mann has to be one of the least precocious and most talented child actors I've seen in a while. I hope she gets more work.

    The Dimension Collector's Series 2-disc edition has some interesting bonus material, in particular the Visual Effects Piece which shows all the different layers of digital effects used to create the spooky environs of the mansion and its grounds. Also of interest is the segment "Xeroderma Pigmentosum: What Is It? The Story of a Family Dealing with the Disease Portrayed in The Others" as well as a making-of documentary on the film and a docu-interview on Alejandro Amenabar.

    Bottom line: If you haven't seen "The Sixth Sense" or you just like a good ghost story in general, "The Others" is guaranteed to satisfy on many levels.
    ...more info
  • Not 13
    I'm not 13. i just don't want to sign in.
    "The Others" is my favourite film ever, and I have seen it many times. But I have always wondered one thing. For somebody who seems to prize silence highly, Grace Stewart slams a lot of doors...more info
  • The Others
    Received this video in excellent condition in a very timely manner. Thank You....more info
  • Beautiful movie.
    The funny thing is, I thought this movie would just be a cheesy horror flick... but it turns out to be a beautifully touching movie. Yes, it is a scary movie, but it's certainly got a lot more depth to it than any other I've ever seen. Beautiful movie. Just watch it!...more info
  • eerie, macabre, great pacing, well-written, and suitably cast
    a masterpiece that transcends both reality and the supernatural. definitely a well-made piece and a suspenseful thriller. perfectly titled "the others."...more info
    This is a superb, atmospheric ghost story that will have the viewer thinking right from the get go. There are things afoot here that go bump in the night, but it may not be what the viewer thinks.

    On the Isle of Jersey, during the last days of World War II, a lovely, isolated mansion sits in the shrouding mists. The house is adequately, though sparsely, furnished. It is occupied by a mother, Grace Stewart (Nicole Kidman), and her two children, Anne (Alakina Mann) and Nicholas (James Bentley). The children are afflicted with a great sensitivity to light, so much so that they must, at all times, have the curtains drawn and the shutters closed. Grace's husband, the children's father, had left them to fight in the war. This is a perfect and stark setting for what is to come.

    One day, three strangers arrive on her doorstep. Grace presumes that they are there in response to her post for domestic help and hires Bertha Mills (Fionnula Flanagan), Edmund Tuttle (Eric Sykes), and Lydia (Elaine Cassidy) on the spot. Grace instructs them on the idiosyncratic ways she has of handling her children's sensitivities to light. It soon becomes clear, however, that this triumvirate has their own agenda and are not strangers to this house.

    Nicole Kidman give a remarkable performance in this film. Tightly wound and controlling, she appears to be a woman on the brink of a breakdown, holding herself together only by a great effort of will, as she awaits her husband's return. Her performance as a lonely wife and seemingly protective mother contributes greatly to the tense and suspenseful atmosphere in the household. While I am not generally a fan of Ms. Kidman's, finding her ice maiden demeanor to be too cool for my tastes, even I must agree that her performance in this film is superlative and contributes greatly to its overall success.

    The children both give excellent performances. It is the young boy, James Bentley, however, who deserves special mention. He shines in the role of Nicholas, giving a sensitive performance that conveys his pervasive fear of what seems to be going on in the household. It is a poignant and moving performance that will capture the viewer's heart.

    Christopher Eccleston is marvelous in the role of Grace's husband and the children's father, who returns all too briefly, like a deus ex machina, conveying an infinite and bittersweet sadness that only adds to the disturbing portents that seem to be gathering about the Stewart household. Eccleston is an outstanding actor who manages to contribute greatly to the film in this small, but pivotal, role.

    It is, however, Fionnula Flanagan in the role of the mysterious housekeeper, Bertha Mills, who steals the show. She is like the voice crying in the wilderness to those who will not hear her message. Strong and commanding in her performance, it is she, and not Nicole Kidman, who is the backbone of this film. Her presence lends such an eerie and discordant note, that one feels her presence to be that of a harbinger of doom. Yet, things are not all that they seem in this household, as the ending has a surprising twist to it.

    This wonderful and highly atmospheric ghost story is one that is sure to delight those appreciative of this genre of film. Intelligent and finely crafted, it reveals an eerie story borne of psychological despair and horror. Beautifully directed by Alejandro Amenabar, it succeeds where others have failed. Relying on well nuanced moments, rather than grotesque special effects, this is a film that is sure to withstand the test of time and emerge as a classic....more info
  • The Others
    This movie is great, until the end I did not figure it out just like Six Sense. is thrilling and challenging since I always read the plot before the end of the movie....more info
  • Genuine, Shocking and Imaginative!
    "The Others" joins Robert Wise's "The Haunting" (1963) as the most unique and believable ghost stories in movie form. Nicole Kidman is excellent as the leading lady, complimented by a very strong cast, especially her two children, and the house keepers. The family is befuddled by conflicting situations, objects and ghosts while living in their New England mansion.

    The fright from this film arrives the old fashioned way: A delightfully spooky premise and engaging story, with many twists and turns along the way! The virtually non stop unexpected (and sometimes shocking) moments allows the youngest of viewers to anticipate what can't be seen (or predicted) without fear of gore or bloodshed. This is a true gem, directed with good and sophisticated taste, and safe for the entire family . . . just don't expect the kids (or even the teenagers) to sleep in their own beds for a couple of nights . . . it's all in the imagination!

    We watched this movie with a large group of friends and relatives, ages 9 to 75. I guarantee everyone jumped out of their seats at least three or four times! It was a fun time for all with several requests for a repeat showing at the next family gathering! ...more info
  • Exquisite Storytelling at its best
    Forget all the other reviews -- the mentions of other movies involving ghosts and kids, the twisted ending or the slow pacing. This movies is beautifully crafted and acted -- and I don't even like child actors that much.

    Other reviews tend to give too much away or they just haven't watched the movie closely; "it takes place before electricity" No, the mother kept the electricty turned off since they had so many problems with the Germans during the war (II). The cast is wonderful; esp Finonnula Flanagan as the housekeeper, sweet benign and all knowing and Kidman is truly an amazing actress; her pacing and pitch is never over the top even with such a 'heavy' role.

    Bear in mind SUBTLETY and ATMOSPHERE are tools of the director and he knows what a musical score can do. It's down right creepy, esp the Book of the Dead which I suppose is probably a true tradition. It leaves you questioning your own belief system. Myself I kept saying "It's just a movie" but it leaves that lingering doubt .. creepy, full of possibilities, maybe what we don't see what's in front of our faces.

    Bertha Mills is right, down to Mr. Tuttles hair being a mess. This is a movie I can watch again and again and marvel each time at the things I missed. The current slasher films can't hold a candle to this. It's a modern masterpiece, get it and enjoy it....more info
  • The Others
    this movie was great! Nicole Kidman is wonderful. She plays the part well.

    Pay close attention. Watches are there on her wrist then they aren't. lol Just something minor that I noticed...

    GREAT ending! Didn't see that coming!...more info
  • The Others
    I was looking for a spooky movie and what I observed with this one was a big surprise. This is a good psychological thriller if you are into this type of movie. ...more info
  • Excellent Condition
    I bought a used DVD and as promised by seller, the DVD was in excellent condition. Thank you for delivering what was promised....more info
  • dirty disks
    The buying experiance was great. The product came quickly and the package appears new. The disks were skipping, after closer examination they appeard to only have a littel lint on the surface of the disk. The movie seems to be playing well....more info
  • Good film, excellent acting, definitely worth a watch...
    This was a slower-paced thriller that really grabbed me from the get go. The settings and acting were top notch as "others" have stated.

    You could feel the nervous tension that the mother felt and the strange relationship she had with her children. She seemed to both love them and be frustrated with them all at the same time. The children, especially the daughter were very interesting characters with their own "issues". I was wondering at times if the daughter was "in" on anything or perhaps part of a greater plot twist.

    The servants had that overly helpful, polite yet chilling friendliness about them. They were soooo helpful yet there was this feeling of uneasiness when they were on screen and like the daughter I couldnt decide if they were part of a ploy or tied to the house in a special way? Very cool.

    My 4 star rating that I would have made a 3.5 is mostly because the ending was OK but not spectacular. It wasnt "canned" or anything but it didnt blow me away either.

    Overall this film was very well done and for a change had some intelligence built-in. There were minimal if any plot holes or "silliness" which you always seem to get with horror movies these days. Its refreshing to see so much effort spent on settings as well.... that house is about as creepy as you can get!

    Definitely worth a watch and possibly worth buying if you're into the genre....more info
  • The Others
    This movie is awesome! What an unbelievable twist in the end. For once, you get to see what it feels like to be on the OTHER side....more info
  • In the tradition of well written, well acted horror movies this
    one is up there with Rosemary's Baby, one of my favorite movies. Nicole was terrific as the lost soul, along with her two anemic looking children, who don't realize they are dead. I don't want want to spoil it but I think you'll enjoy this one. No blood or gore, just a good story and good acting. Enjoy!...more info
  • A knock-off of a children novel, but a great movie.
    I felt the twist from the 6th Sense was a knock-off of a children book that I read about 14-18 years ago. I was even more shocked that this movie eerily had more resemblances to that children book. Actually this movie started very slowly and about 3/4 of the way in to it, I got this strangle feeling how it was going to end. And I was right.

    The acting was good, but if you were casually watching it, there were not much in the early scenes to excite you. Nicole Kidman moving from room to room as exciting as it sound gets pointless. It had the potential of being a small world feeling like "An American Haunting" type movies that end up half baked. The ending really redeemed the whole movie in the last 10 minutes or so. The ending is like most modern ghost stories: The Sixth Sense, Silent Hill, Stay, Mulholland Drive where the plot string you along in a curtain narrative (somewhat confusing storyline) and in the final ten minutes tell you the truth and then you go: oooh. I think that is cheating, but some of my favorites movies: 6th Sense, 12 Monkeys, Silent Hill, Mul. Dr. are done in this style. They were more interesting in the beginning though.

    The spoilers so keep away-
    The children book I am referring to, which I forgot the title, is about 2 children living by a lake. Some of the details may be a little foggy. For some reasons the children were abused verbally and physically by some woman, forgot who. The kids goal were to seek out their mothers (in this sense the father of this movies) to protect them. But she seems distant and they never could catch her when they get close (like the widow in the 6th Sense). When they finally did by a lake, they found out their fate. Their mother, if I remembered, commented suicide into the lake joining her two children that drowned there sometime ago. They were reunited at death and the mean lady that was abusing them was actually alive (like the clairvoyant and the boy, Victor in this movie) and so was their mother at the time. I might be wrong recalling some of the details from the children book, but that was some time ago. I do remembered being sad/ upset for a whole week; why on earth would an elementary school library be so cruel to have a book like that. I then thought it would also have made a good movie and a profound experience for other. If you know what book I am talking about, post a comment.

    The ending of this movie really reflected why some situations occurred early on. Why the faces of the two children were pale with spider vein at times. The mother and children odd mood swings. All the pictures and foggy scenes made more sense too. The reason for the light: referring to spirits moving on to the other side, and the curtains: the living moving out.

    Overall, if you have not seen the 6th Sense or read a similar ghost story, this is definitely a superb movie. Even if the tension was slowly building up at the beginning it really heightens at the end. Very well executed.
    ...more info
  • The Others
    This is one of the classier horror-films. The role of the stern and very pious Catholic Miss Grace Stewart is brilliantly played by Nicole Kidman in what I assume is one of her better roles. The story takes places on the Channel Island of Jersey, just after the end of WW2. Stewart is at home in their large manor with her two children, Anne and Nicholas. Their father; Charles, is lost in the war somewhere, presumed dead. The children are suffering from some rare disease which makes direct sunlight potentially deadly for them, so curtains are always closed when they are in the room or passing. In addition to this, as they leave a room, the previous room gets locked, to avoid any accidents involving the sunlight.

    Three new Irish servants suddenly knock on the door at Grace's manor, (including the lovely Elaine Cassidy from "Disco Pigs") and are put to work, seeing as the previous servants apparently suddenly left without a word. It always struck me as somewhat strange that anyone but Mediterranean's and other similar groups could be Catholics, but the Englishwoman Grace in this film makes her children study the Bible hard. After a while we learn that Anne is full of "strange ideas", which her mother doesn't like, and her brother Nicholas fears. Anne is certain that there are "others" in the manor, and claims to have both seen and talked to them.

    Increasingly more aggressive and bizarre incidents occur in the house; doors get locked or unlocked, curtains disappear, feet run over the floors above and so on, and Grace starts to question her earlier anger at Anne's "strange ideas". The entire story is simply magnificent, very classy and the cast is all-European.

    Therefore, if you want a great horror film, with a very thought provoking secret, amazing cinematography and acting, by bother adult and children alike, look no further! 5 stars....more info
  • Unexpectantly...SCARY!
    I didn't expect to be scared by "The Others." Too bad I was. This movie is proof that films don't need to be oozing blood and gore to be frightening. All it takes is a mysterious noise, a cold chill in the air, or just the feeling that something "isn't right." Nicole Kidman is radiant in this movie. She needs to do more thrillers because she has this vulnerable quality about her that makes her performance in "The Others" so easy to like.
    This film has plenty of scary moments...from the first to the last scene you'll be on the edge of your seat.

    ...more info
  • One of my favorites...
    ...which is surprising since I'm not that big of a Nicole Kidman fan. But she was cast-perfect as an over-stressed mother who had done the unthinkable. This was the film she should have gotten a nomination for and not that Moulin Rouge nonsense. I was totally blow away by the acting, direction, cinematography and even the score. Pace perfect-spooky and an all around thriller. If you haven't seen this film, you're serious missing out....more info
  • Body Snatchers
    I still like the original better, since it was before its time, however, Nicole Kidman is sure a good actress. This movie is one I recommend for anyone that is into science fiction and adventure movies. It is very good, entertainment personified. LOVE IT************...more info
  • Chilling... Yet Not Too Chilling
    This is about the perfect thriller film for me, scary, but not scary enough to keep you awake the rest of your natural life, (although I'll admit, watching this before bed wasn't the best idea I've ever had.) Anyways, basically this film comprises elements of "The Sixth Sense" "Secret Window" "The Village" and some really good mystery film, and adds an eerily supernatural touch. In my opion, this film contained one of the 5 most chilling scenes I've ever seen, and no, I won't spoil it, (just beware of old people in communion gowns.) lol

    In the end, this is a very worthwhile thriller, and I reccomend it. ...more info
  • The Others DVD
    There were a few scratches on the DVD but it still plays ok. It did not come with the DVD cover, (which is kind of a bummer) but I can't remember if it stated that in the description or not? All in all, the DVD is ok. ...more info
  • A Haunting We Will Go...
    THE OTHERS is another wonderfully dark, modern ghost story like THE SIXTH SENSE, THE RING, etc. Nicole Kidman (Invasion, Dead Calm, Practical Magic) is the center and soul of the movie. She carries the story all the way through to its twisty conclusion. She is not only beautiful, but a fantastic actress as well. The film itself is gloriously sombre and mysterious. THE OTHERS turns the typical supernatural tale inside-out! This "haunted" house is not your run-of-the-mill spooky mansion. Something is going on within its walls that will cool even the most jaded heart. Unlike fx-dependent mush like the re-makes of THE HAUNTING or HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL, THE OTHERS relies on excellent story-telling, bleak atmosphere, and fine performances to do the job. Highly recommended... ...more info
  • Superb!
    The movie was superb from many points of view--the acting, writing, directing, and music. Nicole Kidman is especially noteworthy--a truly great performance--as was Alejandro Amenabar! I was so impressed by the film that I re-saw it the very next night, only to find it even better, for I had overlooked several points during the first viewing. A Must see!...more info
  • Very Well Done Ghost Story
    "The Others" is surely unipue, as other reviewers have said. It is very well cast and acted. Nicole Kidman is wonderful as always. However, I am surprised that other reviewers, including Amazon's reviewer, liken this movie to "The Innocents" circa 1961. "The Innocents comprised a female run household, a pre-teen boy and girl siblings, and a few servants; that is where the similarities end. Although the children in "The Innocence" were also impressive actors, they became posessed by malevolent spirits and became secretive, mischievous, and was suspected of general wickeness. Because I don't want to expose or spoil the plot, I will just say that "The Others" is very different.

    The truely exceptional acting of the two pre-teens in "The Others" is why I've added this movie to my permanent collection. The younger sibling, played by James Bentley, has a timid personality and can display fright and terror like no other. His facial expressions, body language, and voice will make you go pale. The slightly older sibling, played by Alakina Mann, is the Joan of Arc type. She is centered, out-spoken, radiates intelligence, and takes not too kindly to being accused or punished for something she knows she didn't do. This ghost story is unpredictable and unique, especially the ending...or does it?

    ...more info
  • the others
    I thought that this was a good movie. They had all these strange rules like closing one door before opening another then locking them and having all the curtains closed, etc. Then in bonus footage you learn that xps is a real condition. The characters were really quite interesting, although the husband's story was a little weak. One thing that viewers might find slightly offensive is that it kind of knocks Christianity a little and also the mother says to ask for forgiveness of the virgin. It also is lacking a kind of moral message that would make it a movie that people would watch over and over again. Over all though it's an interesting movie with lots of twists and a good ending. ...more info