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Carmen and Juni Cortez will soon find out that their favorite bedtime story, "The Spies Who Fell in Love," is really the story of their parents. So begins this affable fantasy, a James Bond adventure for wee ones with all the trimmings. When Dad and Mom (Antonio Banderas and Carla Gugino) mess up their first mission after coming out of retirement, their kids must come to the rescue, equipped with some cool gadgets. The Cortez family gets involved in a bizarre plot hatched by a Pee-wee Herman-type entertainer named Fegan Floop (a wonderfully hammy Alan Cumming) that's as giddy as it is ridiculous. Needless to say there is plenty of derring-do concerning long-lost uncles, goofy monsters, double agents, evil robots, look-alikes, and energized chases. Did we mention the gadgets? Although Banderas and Gugino make terrific impressions, the movie is carried (as it should be) by the younger Cortezes, winningly played by Alexa Vega and Daryl Sabara. Who would have thought an action/horror studio (Dimension) and writer-director Robert Rodriguez had this pleasing family film up their sleeves? Rodriquez (who produced with his wife Elizabeth Avell¨˘n) seemed to be mired in cheesy horror films but here breaks out by capitalizing on the talent that gave him instant status with his debut, El Mariachi (1992). Spy Kids has plenty of verve but never swerves into potty humor (OK, there is one good potty joke) or wicked gunplay. All 7-year-olds should have a film as fun as this in their movie-going lives. --Doug Thomas

Customer Reviews:

  • Stupid Boring Gross!!
    This movie is stupid beyond words. I watched a half hour of it and COULD NOT watch any more I was so lost and BORED. Makes no sense, talks about creepy gross and disgusting things, is boring and stupid!! Don't waste time on this dull as dust film!...more info
  • Parents, Pick This Up For Your Children!
    This is the smartest kids film in at least 10 years. Look at all the talent that went into this. Parents and kids alike will find it enjoyable. It provides great male and female role models, which is surprisingly rare in today's childrens films.

    It also looks better than "Harry Potter" 1 & 2, "Mummy/Scorpion King" Series, "Men In Black" 1 & 2, "Star Wars" 1, 2, and the added effects in original 3 (oiy!). "Spy Kids" was done cheaper too.

    In conclusion: if you have any respect for your children or just want to watch an excellent film, watch "Spy Kids"....more info

  • this movie is great!!!
    but why did everyone else copy it? there's been like 3 movies that copied it! like:
    1.agent cody banks
    2.catch that kid
    yes the incredibles copied it. the WHOLE story!! i don't know why they did that? can't they leave movies alone? like shrek was copied with monsters inc. and ice age! i'm getting tired of that at least madagascar is original....more info
  • What in the name of donuts?!!
    Ummm... Okaayyy... Yeah. Years later and I'm still asking, "What is up with this movie?" Whoever made this has some serious problems. I mean really. Serious problems....more info
  • Taking your breath away !!
    Carmen and Juni are the world's best spies' kids.They didn't know that at all until one day,their parents left them with their "uncle".While they were staying with their "uncle",Thumb-Thumbs (characters from a show)emerged and their "uncle" was caught.Their last sentence from their "uncle" was "The third brain lives".Carmen and Juni escaped from their house and went to a place called the safehouse.

    Unfortunately a tremendously bad lady who is a spy agent manages to break into the safehouse and tries to trick them into giving her the third brain.What will happen? Will this bad lady manage to take away the precious third brain? Will Carmen and Juni manage to rescue their parents? When I saw this show,it took my breath away.Every scene was breathtaking.I recommend this movie to everyone....more info

  • Robert Rodriguez is My Friend!
    Why is Robert Rodriguez my friend? Anyone that can keep a nine year old enchanted for 90 minutes is my friend.

    A friend of mine came from Mexico for a visit. He brought his nine year old son with him. The kid doesn't speak a word of English. The kid was board and bouncing off the walls. Just to keep the kid occupied, I put on the DVD version of "Spy Kids." On the DVD version there is a Spanish language track.

    During the two day visit, that kid must have watched "Spy Kids" about 30 times. At the end of the visit, I had to give them my copy. The kid was so in love with "Spy Kids."

    This is a wonderful movie! Not only does children like the picture, but adults will like it too. If you have kids, or looking for a DVD that a nine year old would like, get "Spy Kids."...more info

  • Imaginative, Fun Family Film
    Carmen and Juni are two kids who are just trying to grow up. Carmen resents always having to look out for her brother, and Juni is constantly afraid of everything and is the bullies' favorite target at school. But one day, they learn that their parents are really spies who have been kidnapped. The kids soon realize that they alone must find and rescue them. Along the way, Carmen and Juni will have to learn to work as a family if they have any hope of returning home alive.

    This is a delightful film the entire family can enjoy together. The plot is cleaver and entertaining so everyone will enjoy it, and the characters are endearing. I especially love the scene where Juni meets his hero Floop and gives him advice. There is definitely a strong message about the importance of family, but it is brought out by the story and never feels too preachy.

    A movie with this much imagination doesn't come along very often. Children of all ages will enjoy this purely escapist adventure....more info

  • Fun for the whole family
    Clean, thrilling fun for everyone, from the little kids to the teens (well, the teens will watch it once or twice). My elementary kids watch this over and over!...more info
  • Worst movie I've ever seen
    I expected more of an Antonio Banderas movie, but this didn't live up to standard. The humor was shallow and the storyline was way too ambitious for enjoyability. Bad, bad movie....more info
  • AWESOME MUST HAVE TAPE!!!!!!!!! :)
  • What was Rodriguez thinking?
    I thought both Desperado and From Dusk Till Dawn were great ground-breaking films. Then I seen a commercial for Spy Kids (when it was released), I thought it was the dumbest looking film on earth, then I heard Robert Rodriguez was responsible for it and I lost a bit of respect for him. Not only did he cast two extremely annoying children to play the lead roles, but he mis-casted people he usually works with, Antonio Banderas??? Playing the father of two extremely white children with red hair???? Who the heck could buy that? Cheech and Trejo both in this film??? Why would you mis-use these actors in such a way? It's a nice gesture to put them in your films but it just doesn't work no matter how you put it. I think he did this more for the money than anything else. I'm sure many people don't take him as serious as they once did because of stupid movies like this one....more info
  • magic mysteries
    This DVD is something for the whole family.Here's a little about this DVD.This is a good story about an unusual family. the family has a life time of surprise from the begining. well if you haven't seen this i would highly recomend it. also i haven't seen the 2nd one but if you like this then like myself i would go and see the 2nd one. but back to the story. when the kids find out who there parents really are they say they aren't cool enough. but then they get the hang of all the mysteries and secrets and why they never knew.to find out the end see the movie!!!...more info
  • A Great Movie For Kids of All Ages
    I like this movie. It reminds me of my childhood fantasies of adventure, excitement and the certain knowledge that I was smarter than any adult.
    The premise rests on the question of what would happen if two superspies get married and have kids? The answer is the kids would inherit the bravery, cunning and derring-do from both parents and would save their perents and the world.
    It's escapist at its best. Thoroughly enjoyable for kids of all ages....more info
  • if you don't like this nickelodeon is worse!!!!!
    this is almost like a nickelodeon movie!! look they made this movie because the director when he was a kid he said he drew stuff like this sheesh and i draw stuff like that too since when is this stuff digusting? i grew up with alot worse on nickelodeon like big walking noses that did BAD things too people and a big head stuck too a wall that sneezed.what's disgusting in this movie?...more info
  • Spy Kids and Spy Kids 2 the best Kid movies ever .
    Spy Kids and Spy Kids 2 are the BEST
    ok? they're THE greatest most fantastic
    movies ever ok?
    but i don't know if Spy Kids 3 is great.
    but it is going to be!!
    O.K.?...more info
  • Great movie, not-so-great DVD
    I enjoyed this movie very much; even paid to see it twice in the theaters. If it had been up to my 5-year-old, we'd have seen it a lot more. So I picked up the DVD as soon as I could.

    Unfortunately, the DVD disappoints. The alternate shark scene that precipitated the rerelease? Nowhere to be found. Neither are any other cool extras that I love to play around with and are the real reason I got a DVD player in the first place. If you've switched to DVDs, get it for the movie. But if you can find it cheaper on VHS, it's one of the few movies just as worthwhile picking up in that format....more info

  • Imaginative, Funny, Entertaining, and at Times, Surreal
    This is an excellent family film, with plenty of action, comedy, and solid pro-family messages for both kids and parents, messages which don't beat you over the head or drip with saccharine. A great mix of fantasy, adventure, James Bondian gadgets, and kid-accessible characters and themes.

    Director Robert Rodriguez, best known for his ultra-violent films such as El Mariachi, Desperado, and From Dusk Till Dawn, crafts an well-paced, well-told, and highly enjoyable story. I easily sat through this film in the theater, pleased with its impressive production values, acting, story, special effects, and its sheer imagination. I was engaged and interested from the very beginning, as were my kids (4 and 6). I remain impressed by the clearly adult themes (and visuals) of the opening boy spy-meets-girl spy bedtime story, as we slowly realize that the story being told was that of the now boring, predictable, and thoroughly domesticated mom and dad. We've watched this film dozens of times since, and it's still easy to sit through, great fun for both me and the kids.

    The morals of the story are clear enough to any adult viewer: the importance of family and family support, the importance of believing in yourself, and the importance of being open and honest. My 4-year-old son picked up clearly on all three messages, without any pointers from me. By the end of the film, everyone has matured in one way or another, every character has gained insight, and the family is closer than it ever was before.

    There are great supporting appearances by Cheech Marin and Robert Patrick (Terminator 2), although we sadly don't see enough of either. Alan Cumming as the fanciful and ultimately influential Floop is very enjoyable. Tony Shalhoub is great fun, as he is in every role he touches (check him out in Barton Fink), as the diabolical master manipulator, initially in the background who eventually becomes the ultimate bad guy, Alexander Minion. His best line, as he takes over: "I can assure you, it's MISTER Minion now." He gets his in the end, naturally, but it is not unpleasant or gory. It's actually quite comical, and he appears even to accept the final result/punishment he has brought upon himself.

    There are a number of other celebrity cameos here, including Teri Hatcher, Beavis and Butt-Head creator Mike Judge as Donnagon, George Clooney right at the end as Devlin, and a very stealthy Dick Clark as one of Floop's financiers.

    The story of the kids discovering that their parents are spies, having to strike out on their own with neither knowledge nor support, and then using their smarts and talents to take action to regain control of the situation and find their parents is plausible throughout, even when they're flying over the ocean and desert in personal jetpacks and mini-jet planes. We trace the kids from their home into the bad guy's lair, and the journey is easily believable and logical.

    The gadgets are a treat, from mini-jet planes to personal flying Buddy Pacs to homing devices, electrostatic gum, pinpoint video cameras, submarine minivans, instant McDonald microwave meals, and a totally cool Super Guppy submarine. The best part is that the kids get almost all of the gadgets, and they put them to instant good use defeating the bad guys.

    There are plenty of good comic bits to liven up the film as well, both jokes and sight gags. The kids act and talk like kids throughout, which adds to their plausibility of the film. The humor is both juvenile and adult, and presented in such a way as to keep the two separate, as they should be. There is no swearing, no blood or gore, no violence (some minor fisticuffs), no gunplay or weapons, no nudity, and no drugs.

    Spy Kids is original, creative family fare, great for a video/DVD purchase and repeated viewings at home. The messages in the movie are strong and highly positive, yet subtle enough not to overshadow enjoyment of the story, its characters, and their adventures....more info
    This is the worst film I've ever put my eyes on. As a matter of fact, I didn't even want to see this hunk of garbage in the first place. If it wasn't for my niece to make me see this..., I would have never seen it. This movie is very childish and ignorant. It is very immature. If I were you, I would never even think about seeing this movie. It is horrible....more info
  • Fantasy romp is a real pleasrure
    I recently said that Hollywood may have forgotten how to make family movies. It seemed like an art lost in a sea of social changes. It is often said that children aren't as innocence as they used to be. If so, this is equally true of adults. Stories that entertained our grandparents are ones that many of us today find tame, trite and tedious. So, Spy Kids is a welcome surprise. It's fast, funny and innovative. By design, it's greatest appeal is to children, but most parents should enjoy it, too. It is like a Tim Burton movie [The Nightmare Before Christmas, Batman, Sleepy Hollow] with all the dark overtones happily banished. It doesn't make any sense, but, like all great tall tales, it exists in its own space and time.

    It took an odd pairing to create this movie. Its star, Antonio Banderas, gained fame as a very hot lover in movies in his native Spain. Director Robert Rodriguez started out in Mexico making movies that were stylish and creative but extremely violent. Until Spy Kids, his American movies were the same. I don't know what drew them to this project, but I'm glad they chose to do it.

    Carmen and Juni [Alexa Varga and Daryl Sabara] are kids who live in a cool house overlooking the ocean. Their parents, Gregorio and Ingrid [Banderas and Carla Gugino] are loving but decidedly uncool as far as Carmen and Juni are concerned. Mom is overly protective, and Dad seems to be a wimp. They run a consulting business out of the house. What the kids don't know is that Mom and Dad used to be international spies. Currently, Gregorio and Ingrid are looking into the disappearance of some former coworkers. Juni is obsessed with a wacky children's show starring the bizarre Fegan Floop [Alan Cummin]. The boy, as well as the rest of the family, is about to learn that Floop and the disappearing spies are very much connected. When Gregorio and Ingrid also vanish, the kids set out to find them. It will prove to be the adventure of a lifetime.

    The sets are colorful and imaginative. There are lots of cool gadgets - crayons that are actually lasers, neat cars that are also boats and submarines and so forth. Floop has a treasure trove of creatures he has created, including the robot children he plans to use to take over the world. My favorite characters are his bodyguards - pudgy, waddling things that are literally all thumbs.

    Banderas is fun as Gregorio, playing a kind of a parody of himself. Varga and Sabara make the children likable. These aren't the cloyingly cute kids you see in most family films. They have personalities with flair and great senses of humor. Cummin plays Floop as a Pee Wee Herman gone completely mad. He's a great villain.

    Spy Kids may be about kidnapping and espionage on one level, but it's also about the importance of family, not in the sense of so-called family values, but in the sense of love and loyalty. There will be a sequel in 2002, and, for once, I'm glad to hear it....more info

  • What in the name of donuts?!!
    Ummm... Okaayyy... Yeah. Years later and I'm still asking, "What is up with this movie?" Whoever made this has some serious problems. I mean really. Serious problems....more info
  • spy kids
    Carmen and Juni are two kids who discover that their parents were once spies. The kids dress up as spies and uncover mysteries to save the world. This movie, and The 6th Day are two state of perfection and are worth watching if you like action adventures....more info
  • spy kids
    I must admit i didnt think i would like this HOW WRONG WAS I ,this is such a good movie i would suggest that anyone who hasnt seen it do so NOW.
    The story concerns the two children of former secret agents who are now living a normal life when their parents are kidnapped the kids are told by the 'Uncle'that they have to save them
    cue 90 minutes of great comedy effects driven filmmaking from Robert Rodriguez a veritable 1 man band-he wrote and directed the movie edited and produced and even wrote some of the music ,the two juvenile leads are great and so is Alan Cumming as the bad guy who turns goos there are also great turns from Robert Patrick and Teri Hatcher and the action whizzes by and it really is one of those movies you wish were 20 minutes longer.
    ...more info
  • horrible
    Okay, i am usually not the type to give anything one to zero stars, but, this is awful. This movie makes fun of technology, I mean robots that are so smart and strong that everyone thinks they are the real people, but they can't talk unless they have a miniature brian that the arch enemy of the bad guy happened to build. plus the children act like babies. Fighting and teasing and being dumb. I was 10 when I saw this and am 13 now and never liked it it at all. The kids arent goood actors, the action is bland at best, and the ending is cheesey. the only good parts are when george clooney makes the guest appearance, and the "Mushrooms" joke. I am a fan of action/comedy/science fiction and classics like Cassablanca. I have seen many movies good and bad, but this is one of the 2 absolute horrible movies. the other being A.I.

    All in all, if you have a kid of 8 or less, they'll probably like it, or if you have to see it, rent it, you'll thank me...more info

  • Great kids movie
    This movie is full of action, adventure and creative characters without being violent and scary. My two boys loved it. It was loads of fun for my husband and I as well as there is plenty of comedy that transends generations. We have seen Spy Kids 2 as well but can't reccomend it as it contains more violence and the characters were pretty scary....more info
  • My 3.5 y.o. daughter LOVES this movie!
    This movie really keeps my daughters attention and HAS now for over a month. That is saying a lot when you consider how easily distracted she is. LOL
    One thing to keep in mind as a parent though, is the older sister is really mean to the younger brother. So I wouldn't call them good role models.
    That said, it's an entertaining story....more info
  • Latino, and diverse!
    Here's a mainstream movie, a kids' movie at that, which is Latino and diverse. Too often films for audiences of color are niche-marketed, thus making it so that only straight-white-middleclass-male movies are seen as universal. Here, children are taught to be proud of their Spanish last name. The son imagines friends with Spanish first names. The daughter takes voyages to Belize. They say Spanish phrases to each other. In addition, the DVD has Spanish and French dubbing. Something more fascinating: one never knows if the family is all-Latino or mixed, white-Spanish or minority-Latino. I love the way this film can speak to audiences beyond race, nationality, first-language, gender, or age. I recommend this DVD for children and their parents of all backgrounds....more info
  • The Best Family Movie Since "Star Kid"
    "Spy Kids" has two very cool young up and coming performers. Alexa Vega, who plays Carmen, and Daryl Sabara, who plays Juni. The movie also has great acting by Antonio Banderas and Carla Gugino, who play the parents who are top secret spies. They get captured on a secret mission.

    The kids are under the watch of their fake uncle during this time. The house is attacked and this is when the kids find out that their boring parents are actually spies! The children are then sent to a special safe house that they know nothing about. The kids then get ambushed at their safehouse. They then go on a mission to save their parents by becoming spies.

    This movie is so cool. It has great cameos by great actors like, George Clooney, Cheech Marin, and Teri Hatcher. This is a wonderful family film that never gets boring so you'll watch it over again several times. I give it 5 stars....more info

  • Good movie for age appropiate children
    Action packed and fun to watch. My kids loved it....more info
  • Holy Shiitake Mushrooms!
    I am a rather large Banderas fan, And such Was the reason I rather begrudgingly decided to rent this DVD. However, I was taken By suprise.

    This Movie is Wonderful - It appeals to all ages. The "Kid's Rule" Message, as well as The various gadgets and the spy underworld Theme appeal to Children, whereas the Delightfully Campy Villans And The Older, James Bond-esque parents appeal to The older Audiences.

    While The two Child Actors Did Beautifully, And Banderas turned in his usual Solid Performance along with His Co-star Carla Guinido, I Must say that the delicious Alan Cumming truly Stole the show with his Outrageous And Loveable Floop, the Host of a Bizzare Children's show. He is truly a brilliant actor who turned in a stellar performance, switching from the extremes of Evil to Good in a single performance. I also Must say that his accent work was amazing - for those who don't know, he is scottish, and has one of the thickest accents around.

    The sets and Costumes were Beautiful, and really should win some sort of award. The Music, also, was a treat, from the flamenco Guitair of the Beginning, to Danny Elfman's 'Floop's Song'. the Tim-Burtonish aspect of the Movie was also Highly appreciated, as I'm a huge Fan of his work.

    All in all, a great movie. I'm waiting for the inevitable special edition so I can add this one to my collection for good....more info

  • this is for people who HAD imaginations when they were kids!!!!!
    ok don't you remember drawing wierd creatures when you were little?this is for THOSE people!!!!! ok???i used to draw the same exact stuff.the thumbthumbs were like what i drew!!!i used to draw superhero comics with mutants,monsters WHATEVER!!!!!!!!!!so i ain't scared of them so there!! i think it's excellent. they did it pretty good the kids were not stupid only in grown up movies they make them stupid they were the heroes of this movie they were not crybabies!!!...more info
  • Better than expected
    I expected this movie to be terrible. The kind with nothing in it that is entirely stupid. This movie is NOT that type. When I watched this movie I was very pleased with what I saw. The movie has very dumb charecters, like the Thumb-Thumbs but all the technology stuff is cool. The plot isn't much, it is to save thier parents. Also it is unrealistic because when they get to a certain part of the movie it's liked they learned everything magicly. It doesn't show them learning or anything. There is plenty of action in this movie as well. This movie is also for the younger children. This DVD has NO Special Features at all which is very upsetting. Overall I say rent it for your kids and maybe watch it yourself....more info
  • A favorite
    movie for us. A family comes together when the going gets tough. Brings family values in a bright light!...more info
  • The Name Says It All
    Let's see... What's this movie called? Spy KIDS? Hmmm - I guess that might mean it's for kids, then.

    My seven year old son loves this movie, and why not? It's alot of fun for kids. Directed well with lots of action, any young boy should really enjoy this flick....more info