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Battlefield Earth [VHS]
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When Battlefield Earth was released in May 2000, this inept sci-fi epic qualified as an instant camp classic, prompting Daily Variety to call it "the Showgirls of sci-fi shoot-'em-ups." Other reviews were united in their derision, and toy stores were left with truckloads of Battlefield Earth action figures that nobody wanted. As the film's star and coproducer, John Travolta must have felt an urge to enlist in the witness protection program.

Recklessly adapted from the novel by sci-fi author and Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard and set in the year 3000, the film is no worse than many cheesy sci-fi flicks, but the sight of Travolta as a burly, dreadlocked alien from the planet Psychlo provokes unintentional laughter from first frame to final credits. As Terl, the Psychlo security chief who conquers Earth and hatches a secret scheme to steal all the gold from Fort Knox (which sits conveniently in wide-open vaults), Travolta hams it up as if he knows he's in a camp-fest. (In a cameo as a long-tongued Psychlo seductress, Travolta's wife, Kelly Preston, only adds to the absurdity.) Barry Pepper (the praying sharpshooter from Saving Private Ryan) tries his best to convey charisma as Jonnie, the human slave who leads an uprising against Terl's tyranny, but he's adrift in a foolish plot that makes even smart humans look stupid.

The decrepit look of a dreary future is convincingly established (the ruins of Washington D.C. recall Logan's Run on a grander scale), but in the wake of its ludicrous climax, the best that Battlefield Earth can hope for is a Dune-like fate: it might improve in a longer director's cut--but that's wishful thinking. --Jeff Shannon

Customer Reviews:

  • Message for Jean-Luc:
    I hope you're joking, I really do. For if you aren't then I will personally come to your house and beat the living sense into you.

    I too though that this would be a kick-a** sci-fi action flick, but I warn everybody out there: DON'T SEE IT! If you're into campy classics like Ed Wood films or Showgirls, then go ahead, I even dare you collectors of bad trash to buy it. But if you appriciate good cinema or have any faith in Jesus Christ whatsoever, then stay away from this one. It's considered one of the worst films of all time....more info
  • Scientologists Versus Post-Apocalyptic Mall Dwellers
    "Exterminate all man-animals at will, and happy hunting!" So bellows Terl, played ridiculously over-the-top by John Travolta, in an attempt to quell an uprising of humans on the slave planet Earth circa 3000 AD.

    This film has absolutely nothing to recommend it as a serious science fiction movie, but viewers seeking depraved camp value will find numerous unintentionally hilarious elements in abundance. The film, adapted from L. Ron Hubbard's novel, tells the tale of Terl and his followers from the planet Psychlo (clever huh?) using the Earth for resources (especially gold) and slave labor. Barry Pepper plays Terl's chief human (or "man-animal") nemesis in a film so incoherent and vapid, that I had to wonder what his agent promised him in return for his screen presence. Terl is the chief of security on Earth, and is very upset that he is sentenced to remain on Earth due to a dalliance with a Psychlo senator's daughter, prompting him to become extremely deranged and psychotic. The film has ill-executed anti-capitalism sentiments, the merits of which I would debate if it was worth the effort: as it is the film collapses under its own ponderous and pretentious weight, rendering all serious debate a moot point.

    Eventually Terl teaches selected man-animals to do various tasks (fly spaceships, run complex mining machinery, etc.) with the thought of making himself richer, ultimately desiring to remove the gold from Fort Knox. It turns out that perhaps they shouldn't have taught the man-animals much, as they quickly become adept at waging war on the Psychlos in CGI scenes that go on seemingly forever. (Have I mentioned the film is quite long and seems even longer?) I laughed out loud when I saw the man-animals find a perfectly intact AV-8B Harrier simulator (complete with electricity) and a squadron of Harriers at their disposal, all perfectly preserved after 1,000 years of unprepared storage. As an aside here, as a former military pilot I am familiar with many types of aircraft and know many people who have flown the Harrier: please note that it is one of the most difficult aircraft to master according to everyone I have ever known who has flown it. Terl relates that when the Psychlos invaded the Earth the combined militaries of the planet were defeated in nine minutes. It will come as no surprise, then, that this self-educated band of aviators has no difficulty whatsoever defeating the Psychlos in combat: they are such good self-taught combatants they are even able to destroy the entire planet of Psychlo itself. As if this wasn't enough to give viewers a bout of terminal eye-rolling, Terl ultimately becomes a prisoner (this is what heavy-handed Hubbard apparently thought of as "irony") in a prison of gold.

    This is a big budget, big name movie that is a big flop in every way other than unintentional comedy. Never in William Shatner's life did he overact like Travolta; never has a movie rested its fate on such lengthy passages of middling CGI; and never before has a cult made itself such a laughingstock with a single motion picture. There are many extras, most of which are full of shallow and self-absorbed introspection about the genius underlying the film and the film itself. There's also a commentary with director Roger Christian, but I couldn't stand sitting through the movie again, so I declined that option.

    If you want to watch a totally embarrassing squandering of talent and money, I highly recommend "Battlefield Earth"....more info
  • book good, movie BAD
    Anyone who has read the book just knows there would be no way to make a movie of it. So why try? The book was the first science fiction I ever read and I loved every single far out minute of it. So read people, and forget this movie even exists. This link is making me give it at least one star--I didn't want to give it any....more info
  • A waste of good celluloid
    Battlefield Earth is, quite simply, the standard by which bad movies should be judged. One wonders where they spent the millions it took to make this train wreck of a movie. It clearly wasn't on the screenplay which has so many holes in it, it could make Swiss Cheese envious.
    Many reviewers comment on how these "stupid humans" could learn to fly sophisticated fighter jets basically overnight. This didn't bother me. I can suspend disbelief far enough to accept the idea of instant education. After all, this theme has appeared several times in sci-fi. What I cannot accept on any level is that the planes themselves, after sitting, unmaintained for 1,000 years, would function at all. They should be nothing more than piles of rust. This is just one example of dozens why this should have gone back for a complete re-write before any film was sacrificed on the altar of bad moviemaking.
    The special effects are pretty good, but the script, the dialog, the acting and the directing do nothing to back it up. So what the viewer is ultimately left with is an empty suit. It looks good, but it totally lacks any substance....more info
  • May be a fun sci-fi movie, but it is not Battlefield Earth
    Very disappointing. I am a sci-fi fan for many years. I may have enjoyed this movie. But Battlefield Earth is a great book, and this movie does it such an injustice, it is indescribable. When the movie first came out I read movie critic's reviews that spoke badly about the book based on their seeing the movie. It seemed obvious to me the critics I read had never read the book. They couldn't have. Again, as a sci-fi movie, you may enjoy it. But as a depiction of the book, this movie is very, very bad. Very disappointing. ...more info
  • hilarious movie
    many previous reviewers have already gone over this movie in detail. Suffice it to say that this movie had nothing on any of the ed wood classics. But at least ed wood had an excuse. He did not have anywhere near the budget that the creators of this disaster had, nor did he have access to the a-list celebrities that the producers of this movie did. So given what ed wood had to work with, i would say his movies are far superior to Battlefield Earth anyday. I was crying i was laughing so hard. ...more info
  • The True Zenith of American Cinema
    In this stunning adaptation of the novel of the same title, John Travolta is able to bring to the screen the passion that he feels for the teachings of the late L. Ron Hubbard. This is perhaps the finest performance of the venerable actor's career (without a doubt his best since "Look Who's Talking Too"), and it is indeed an honor to Hubbard's legacy.

    But there is much more to this film than Travolta's astonishing performance as the evil alien Terl. The supporting cast members are all excellent as well, and their acting is only enhanced by the terrific costumes that they wear, particularly those of the appropriately named Psychlos (although the rags of the cavemen are very good, too). Barry Pepper is also great as Jonnie Goodboy Tyler, the revolutionary human who leads the just assault on alien rule, and Forest Whitaker does a fine job as Ker, Terl's abused sidekick.

    I will not spoil this film by giving away too many details, except to write that the plot is is clever and clear. And the premise -- that human civilization will one day crumble, leaving mankind dwelling in caves again -- is thoroughly original. That the cause of humanity's descent is enslavement by aliens is a well-conceived but chilling twist. Even the dialogue is witty and intelligent -- from Terl's harsh but eloquent criticisms of Ker to the grunts of Jonnie's fellow men.

    However, the strongest point of "Battlefield Earth" is the extent to which the film truly reveals the literacy of director Roger Christian and screenplay writers Corey Mandell and J.D. Christianson. To understand just how well-read they are, I recommend the DVD's superb commentary by Christian and production designer Patrick Tatopoulos, since the discussion of various scenes demonstrates the filmmakers' astoundingly deep historical and cultural awareness. In one such scene, the theft of the Earth by the aliens is described as an allegory of how the U.S. stole its land from the Native Americans. Also, the scene in which Jonnie discovers books is outstanding, since his reading of the Declaration of Independence leads to the humans' revolt against the aliens. Though this particular allusion is not discussed in the commentary, that scene is clearly a metaphor for how Americans' "rediscovery" of the Declaration through the rhetoric of Abraham Lincoln coincided with the freeing of the slaves. Absolutely brilliant!

    In the year 3000, mankind will look back on this film as one of the greatest in history....more info
  • Splatterfield Dirt
    This movie is aweful. I watched it for about 45 minutes and decided I could be more productive with life and went to clip my toenails.

    Travolta is one of the luckiest actors in Hollywood, he wouldn't know a good script or movie if it came up to him and said 'I wanna be a Scientologist'. Strangely enough, he seems to pull out modest hits occassionally. This is not one of them.

    His choices of movies to star in are dubious, definitely hit and miss. More miss than hit. That's not to say he doesn't HAVE talent, I believe he does. He just has no idea what's good and what's bad, and this movie is definitely bad....more info
  • Battlefield Earth
    This movie has a lot of action,a very good plot, and parts of this moive was very funny. The good guys won and the security chief did end up with all his gold,well john now you can buy anything, happy hunting....more info
  • Worst film ever
    This movie definitely deserves the title: Worst Sci-fi movie ever created. It had terrible acting by an A-List actor(John Travolta), over a billion plot holes, and weird camera angles. If they(the movie studio) had recast the whole movie, got rid of the tilted camera angles, hired a different director, hired a new script writer, and basically changed everything about the movie Battlefield Earth could probably not be called The Worst Sci-fi film ever.
    ...more info
  • Excellent, Camp
    Somebody has said that sci-fi is simply Westerns in Space.

    Battlefield Earth brings it back to earth.

    What we have is simply a Cowboy and Indians movie, with the Cowboys replaced by the evil space beings (John Travolta, Forrest Whittaker, etc.)--wearing truly clunky and twee 12 inch boots and 50 inch hair--and the Indians replaced by Barry Pepper and friends, wearing leather and fringe and 40 inch hair.

    The stupidity of the plot, and the incessant overacting by Travolta and Whittaker, make this a gem.

    It is so bad, it's good.

    You have to approach it as cotton candy for the mind--and then you can enjoy it.

    The more you analyze it, the stupider it gets. (For example, why do aliens who are so sophisticated that they can teleport across galaxies get so obsessed with gold??????)

    And this makes it fun.

    No cliche is left untapped, no used-to-death Western event is left untried.

    Great stuff.

    ...more info
  • There is a story here... the producers just blew it!
    Battlefield Earth.

    The movie that couldn't - many say. Laughed at by others. This is a movie that sadly isn't to be faulted for its story. Its more to be faulted for poor production, cinematic adaptation and direction.

    First - any good storyteller must lay the foundation in which brings people into the movie. From the get-go we get a couple paragraphs about Earth and then we are whisked away to a tribe in the Rocky Mountains. Its not the smoothest entry into the events of the movie. It would've have been a better scenario giving some visuals of Earth as the Psychlos took over a millenium ago. Then introducing us to Johnny right as he left to gather his father medicine would've set the stage nicely.

    Second - I don't think Johnny was protrayed well in the beginning. The actor does a hell of a job to rescue the writing. However, introducing him as a young man who missed giving his father medicine and critized by his tribe. I don't think was flattering. There could've been a much better set up in who he was and where he was at.

    Third - Travolta. I've never been a fan of Travolta. Mediocre actor at best. He's far too campy in this role. He is about as intimidating as a flea. Terrible miscasting job.

    Fourth - The Jets. Now, I can go along with Ft. Hood having power still for the simulator albeit unlikely. Bases have internal power availible. However, jets flying after 1000 years? Thats just rediculous. Where'd the jet fuel come from? From some 1000 year old stockpile - ludicrious.

    This movie is bad, but I don't say so for the usual reasons. There is a story here and a quite interesting one. Humanity fighting back from the verge of extinction while being brutally opressed by a alien species here on Earth. Could've been extremely interesting.

    It fails though. The story clunks along especially in the set up. The direction, the casting faux pas and the attempted stylish star wars bows just do not work.

    Its a fascinating watch for what could've been done with a good writing, direction and casting team. Would be prefect for would be writers and directors to watch and learn what *NOT* to do in films if you want to succeed....more info
  • it's a tax writeoff,yeah that's it it's a tax writeoff
    that is the only reason for this piece of junk to be made. however ,it is very funny in a,ok there is nothing funny about this loser of a movie,it's just sad!!!!...more info
  • One of my all-time favorite sci-fi flicks
    Battlefield Earth is pure popcorn-fun that entertains from start to finish. If you enjoy sci-fi/fantasy shows like Outer Limits or any of the Star Trek series/movies, or movies like Planet of the Apes or Star Wars, this movie is for you, as it feels like a combination of them all (among some other sci-fi greats).

    The cast is great, I just love the characters in this movie:

    - Barry Pepper as hero Jonnie 'Goodboy' Tyler was downright perfect in his role, couldn't ask for better
    - John Travolta was very convincing (and funny) as the maniacal Terl
    - Kim Koates as Carlo was another personal fave of mine (Koates played that hilarious "Half an hour, half an hour" sex-starved guy in Waterworld. Heh, gotta love him)
    - Forest Whitaker as Ker was great
    - Richard Tyson as "The Wild Woodsman" was another great character. Fans of the movie Three O'Clock High will remember him as the school bully, Buddy. He was also the bad guy in Kindergarten Cop. He usually plays villains so it was nice to see him in this role

    The story is like something straight out of an Outer Limits episode, but with a lot more camp and humor. The script is great. The special effects are fantastic. It's a beautifully filmed movie in terms of scenery as well. The directing and editing, scene transitions and the like, everything was top notch in my opinion. (A recurring transition between scenes, for example, made use of a simple but elegant "wipe" effect that I really enjoyed.) And finally, the music score for the film is simply beautiful. One of the best soundtracks for a movie I've ever heard, from beginning to end. Really added a lot to the film's enjoyability.

    From cavemen to jetfighter pilots in a few days... Gotta love it.

    Love this movie, always will. A well-earned 5 stars, as it accomplishes gloriously all that really matters in the end: It entertains. :)...more info
  • Abysmal in every sense of the word
    For this movie, I would KILL to be able to score NO STARS!!

    I don't know who came up with the notion that this movie was **supposed to be funny!** but this simply isn't true.

    First of all, it would have been advertised as a "crazy camp movie," secondly, it would not have been so obscenely overplayed by the star, John Travolta, whom, I remind you, gentle reader, has followed Scientology, and was a card-carrying, toga-wearing, purge-your-past-lifes-sins-by-being-hooked-up-to-two-aluminum-cans-connected-to-a-volt-meter follower of L. Ron Hubbard himself, until his death in 1986.

    To say that this movie is even abysmal is an insult to abysmality. It's not funny, it's stupid, ridiculous and tries WAY too hard to impart the demented ravings of a self-proclaimed demi-god....more info
  • Someone owes me two hours of my life. That Travolta guy
    Well, I did learn one thing from watching this film - I no longer think that Lost In Space is the worst sci-fi movie ever made.

    Travolta clearly let his deluded quasi-religious sentiments overwhelm any good sense he had when he decided to hatch this turkey. I'm amazed he didn't invite all his Scientologist chums to take part in this homage to Hubbard, but then Tom Cruise still has a movie career to think about, so he probably would have demurred.

    If you thought Pulp Fiction featured the ultimate "Travolta in a coiffure from hell", think again. Then there's the outfits... I can imagine the conversation between Johnny and his special-effects guy -

    "The Psychlos are really, really tall. Like twelve feet."
    "Sorry, the whos???"
    "Ooookay... *cough* well, we could do some CGI special effects for that."
    "How much will that cost?"
    "Ooooh - a few million."
    "Ah. Youch. Thing is, thanks to this film, and being in such a high maintenence religion, I'm a bit strapped..."
    "Okay, we'll just use platform boots, then."

    To summarise... the plot is rubbish, the acting is rubbish, the special effects are rubbish, the script is rubbish, the costumes are rubbish.

    I think that covers it....more info
  • Abysmal.
    Very possibly the worst movie I've ever seen. I'd point out the plot holes but this plot is actually more hole than substance from which a hole can be subtracted. It's about as coherent as an Ed Wood film but without the charming campiness.
    The only reason I would consider buying this turd is to burn it in a ritual bonfire....more info
  • Awesome
    I was so glad to find this movie. It was a present for my father - in - law....more info
  • The book was great and the movie wasn't, period.
    Do yourself a favor and read the book and dont even look at this movie....more info
  • Barbarinofield Earth!
    John Travolta turns into a sci-fi Rasta-man from the Planet Psychlo in this absurd film version of L. Ron Hubbard's equally ludicrous book series. Set in the year 3000, Travolta and Forrest Whitaker are the oversized overlords of a ravaged Earth, and Barry Pepper is the one man who can unite the humans and lead a revolt.

    Which is what this movie does... revolts. From Pepper's stealing of Mel Gibson's "Braveheart" hair extensions to Travolta's dreds, noseplugs and raver boots ensemble there's not a moment in this movie that convinces you it's anything other than a really bad movie. Whitaker manages to look thoroughly embarrassed by his part here as a Psychlo with a conscience, while Travolta rolls his eyes and relishes his part as the corrupt Terl, a signal that he's too far gone to expect redemption at this point.

    The sad thing is, after triumphing in "Pulp Fiction," Travolta committed what amounted to career suicide by championing this flick, which seems to have been his lifelong dream of a project. Wow, what's next? A feature-length adaptation of the blurb from the back of the Cap'n Crunch box? Go for it, Johnny! Live out your dreams in celluloid finery!...more info
  • Youre all pussies, this film was awesome!!!!!!
    Everyone bad mouths this movie, making it seem like a piece of crap. So when i went to watch this, i wasnt expecting much. Boy, was I in for a shock. It had everything I want in a scifi movie, futuristic weapons, atmospheres, creatures and vehicles. I loved this movie and recomend it to any true scfi fan. ...more info
  • A fun, action-filled movie worth every second of your time
    Battlefield Earth is an amazing movie. The plot is great, the acting is great (perfect casting all the way 'round -- every single character), and the special effects are brilliant. It is an amusing, exciting, and thoroughly entertaining sci-fi flick that is a pure joy to watch. But a great movie isn't complete without a great soundtrack to back it up -- and believe me Battlefield Earth does not disappoint. The music score/soundtrack is fantastic. When Jonnie runs for his life with bullets blazin' by him, its significance is amplified by the fact he is also running for the life of the entire human race. If he dies, humanity is doomed -- and the film's incredible music score captures this feeling perfectly, every step of the way. Battlefield Earth is a heroic tale, uplifting and memorable. Man do I love this movie. Or should I say, man ANIMAL do I love this movie. Heh....more info
  • Lack of talent ruins a movie that could have been good.
    Battlefield Earth is an adaptation of the book by L. Ron Hubbard.

    While the book was a rather interesting story about humans, led by Jonnie Goodboy Tyler, taking back Earth from the Psychlos, the film has turned the story into a string of badly filmed action sequences, with silly camera angles and awful editing. The Psychlos already have human workers before capturing Jonnie. This change in the story serves no purpose but makes the story even more messy. The film then focuses on some of the story elements in the book, but leaves most of it out, including the entire last half.

    Considering this was a dream project for John Travolta, it's strange that he would let the book be made into such a bad movie, especially such a silly one. While the book was not without flaws, it was actually pretty good, but the movie is for the most part more or less incompetently made. The director, writers and editors all did a bad job. It does have some entertainment value though, which keeps me from giving it the lowest rating. ...more info
  • the best movie ever made
    there are two kinds of movie critics: those that think the color purple and roots and schindler's list to be the wildest intellectual achievements of the ages; and those that refuse to think at all. movies, mostly, if they are at all honest, are less driven to educate than to entertain. entertainment does not require thinking. so a film is not a work of art in search of a critic; it is a pastime in search of an audience.

    true enough, battlefield is not polished, sexy, stimulating, or sensational. thank god. because all those films that are sexy, polished, stimulating or sensational are very quickly boring, because the sex is dry, the polish caked on, the stimulation shallow, and the sensation ephemeral. so, if you want a piece of amusing tripe; do not need to validate your limited intelligence with pseudo-intellectual clap-trap; and would like to put yourself to bed without tossing around to get another peek, this is it.

    quite frankly, along with about 1 million other examples of equal rank and achievement, the greatest film ever made.

    ...more info
  • This is Travolta's 'Passion of the Christ'.
    Imagine someone combining the scripts for Zardoz and Independence Day and letting a troupe of inebriated special education students control the acting and directing....then you would have Battlefield Earth.

    It is so bad it actually has some entertainment value which elevates it to two stars.

    You become mesmerized as you sit back and consider that this is the end result of John Travolta putting his heart and soul into a project.

    Just awful. If Battlefield Earth and Pluto Nash were humans they would deserve to be executed....more info
  • So ludicrous its fun to watch
    I guess this is the product of John Travolta being a scientologist and more or less worshipping L. Ron Hubbard, who wrote the book on which this movie is based and also started Scientology, but I have to admit that it was kind of fun to watch the first time I saw part of it on cable. Maybe it was just by comparison since just about everything that had been on was really bad. I for some reason hadn't really thought it so overt how absurd it all was, though when I watched it again yesterday I was amazed. Ed Wood would have been proud to have made this movie.

    First of all, the aliens are so fantastically naive it's simply unbelievable. They merrily think humans (which look practically identical to them - at least the males do, but hey, they had to get Travolta to still look like Travolta so I guess that they had to do it that way) are completely devoid of anything resembling an intellect. A point which I more or less agree with them on, but they exaggerate it a bit far. For example, Travolta's character finds it hard to believe that a human would be capable of figuring out how to pull the trigger on a gun near the beginning of the film - and yet then he later demonstrates his knowledge that 1000 years earlier, humans had a technological civilization with which they posed admittedly feeble resistance against the Aliens when they conquered Earth. But an airplane is an airplane and a bomb is a bomb. If they were capable of making such things, and his character knew that, he shouldn't have looked down on them QUITE so much and underestimated their threat so thoroughly. At another time, he concludes that humans like to eat rats live, that they must be a favorite food, because Travolta's character witnesses the main character do that after he was set in the mountains without supplies and had gone 3 days without food and nothing else was available. I am sorry but superior aliens wouldn't be so dense. They are unfathomably naive and yet they think the humans are still significantly dumber than they are.

    That was the biggest mistake. The most absurd one. Other ridiculousness abounded as well. For instance, gold is pretty abundant in the cosmos, it's just rare on the Earth's surface because it's so dense, that most of the gold on Earth has sunk to its core - it would be MUCH more effective to mine asteroids. A typical 5-mile wide metal (as opposed to rocky) asteroid on humanity's precious metals markets would be worth TRILLIONS of dollars. It will probably have at least .01% and may be as much as 1% gold (as is the Earth's core) and may be several percent iridium! It's downright silly for us to value gold, platinum and iridium the way we do, and it's just a consequence of it being rare in the Earth's crust, and it should be practically worthless to a spacefaring civilization. The rare earth metals, like erbium, terbium, samarium, or the rare light elements like lithium or beryllium, that I could understand. Even silver is rarer than gold in the cosmos! Also, I had a VCR that lasted 20 years and that was simply astonishing. What do you think the odds are that a Harrier jet will be functional after sitting unattended for 1000 years? It'd be a heap of rust. It would be a pile of aluminum and iron and titanium ore. Finally, WHAT could their breathing gases possibly be? There's nothing that reacts in such a way to radiation, save maybe a mixture of hydrogen and fluorine. If their atmosphere reacted in such a way to the puny amount of radiation released by a single A-bomb, it should have exploded eons ago. Earth as well as any other similar planet in the universe is bombarded on a daily basis by cosmic rays with energies far greater than can be attained in the best particle accelerators. Energies so great they are believed to generate tiny black holes on impact at times! And radiation so abundant that it is a MIRACLE that all the men who landed on the moon survived. It all comes from distant supernovas and hypernovas and at times it's as bright as the sun. If their planet would literally explode from such a miniscule amount of radioactivity, it should be long gone.

    So it's not good on the science side OR on the fiction side, but for some reason when you put together the bad science with the bad fiction, strangely enough, it's actually watchable. You can kill 2 hours with this movie and it's not the worst way to spend 2 hours. I understand this movie is on the top 10 list of movies which lost the most amount of money ever. Right along with Ishtar and Pluto Nash (now THAT was a great movie). I guess they spent way too much on it and it's just not worth what they put into it. But since it's already made, give it a shot....more info
  • wow, I can't believe a movie can be this horrible
    To quote my good friend's uncle "Battlefield Earth was crap" I don't need to say much more about this god-awful movie except that it's perfect for a laugh if you are down....more info