Galaxy Quest
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The alumni cast of a cult space TV show have to live out their roles when an alien race needs their help.
Genre: Feature Film-Comedy
Rating: PG
Release Date: 26-DEC-2005
Media Type: DVD

You don't have to be a Star Trek fan to enjoy Galaxy Quest, but it certainly helps. A knowingly affectionate tribute to Trek and any other science fiction TV series of the 1960s and beyond, this crowd-pleasing comedy offers in-jokes at warp speed, hitting the bull's-eye for anyone who knows that (1) the starship captain always removes his shirt to display his manly physique; (2) any crew member not in the regular cast is dead meat; and (3) the heroes always stop the doomsday clock with one second to spare. So it is with Commander Taggart (Tim Allen) and the stalwart crew of the NSEA Protector, whose intergalactic exploits on TV have now been reduced to a dreary cycle of fan conventions and promotional appearances. That's when the Thermians arrive, begging to be saved from Sarris, the reptilian villain who threatens to destroy their home planet.

Can actors rise to the challenge and play their roles for real? The Thermians are counting on it, having studied the "historical documents" of the Galaxy Quest TV show, and their hero worship (not to mention their taste for Monte Cristo sandwiches) is ultimately proven worthy, with the help of some Galaxy geeks on planet Earth. And while Galaxy Quest serves up great special effects and impressive Stan Winston creatures, director Dean Parisot (Home Fries) is never condescending, lending warm acceptance to this gentle send-up of sci-fi TV and the phenomenon of fandom. Best of all is the splendid cast, including Sigourney Weaver as buxom blonde Gwen DeMarco; Alan Rickman as frustrated thespian Alexander Dane; Tony Shalhoub as dimwit Fred Kwan; Daryl Mitchell as former child-star Tommy Webber; and Enrico Colantoni as Thermian leader Mathesar, whose sing-song voice is a comedic coup de grace. --Jeff Shannon

Customer Reviews:

  • absolutely hilarious
    Even people who aren't Trekkies get the jokes in this movie. If you are, it is one of the funniest movies ever made....more info
  • Best of the spoofs
    Probably the best Sci-fi spoof ever. If you like the original star trek it's a must. Really funny to watch no matter how often I watch it....more info
  • Perhaps the best sci-fi comedy of all time
    If an Oscar was awarded for ensemble acting, this movie would have won hands down. Every member of the cast turns in a fantastice performance. Sigourney Weaver as the token blonde eye candy with no real purpose on the ship, Sam Rockwell as the glorified extra waiting for his inevitable death scene, Tim Allen as the washed up glory hog all give hilarious and nuanced performances. Even the minor characters are memorable, for instance, Justin Long as the obessed fanboy. This is a perfect blend of parody and homage, & of comedy and action....more info
  • What's Guy's last name?
    Not real fond of Tim Allen but this is a good movie. Entire cast is great. Very funny movie.
    Probably favorite is Guy, #6. Last name please? He had some of the best lines.
    Someone "acquired" first copy so had to buy another one!...more info
  • Good for a Laugh
    Personally, I think this movie is pretty cheesy, and it isn't one of my favorites. My husband, however, thinks it is a riot. He loves it. He laughs out loud every time he watches it. For me, it is worth watching it just to see my husband's reaction.
    We both like the characters and how it plays off of Star Trek. I think the acting is good....more info
  • Best StarTrek spoof ever!
    I saw this in the theater when first released. I never laughed so hard and so long! While I grew up on StarTrek, which was before my daughter's time, she laughed histerically too. It is my favorite pick-me-up....more info
  • "I only have one job on this ship" - Highly Recommended
    "Galaxy Quest" is a fantastic satire on Star Trek and pokes a little fun at Trekies too, but all in good taste.

    Staring Tim Allen as Commander Taggart, Sigourney Weaver as "Lt. Madison", and Alan Rickman ("Snape' in the Harry Potter movies) as "Dr. Lazarus". Well more acurately, they play actors playing those parts.

    No spoilers from me, but the movie has a strong plot, good special effects, and is very well acted. The best parts of the movie are the scenes where the writers "nailed" the Trek actors (Shatner comes to mind :-) and the convention crowds.

    This is a seriously funny movie! Highly Recommended!...more info
  • Galaxy Quest
    Mildy funny movie. Very funny in a couple places. Enrico Colantoni was a hoot, but I'd rent this before I bought it....more info
  • Quality satire
    Some actors think they are acting in a scenario where they fight some baddies but actually its real! Robert Downey Junior pretends he is a black character and Martin Shortt is a former childstar with a famed "quick draw." Ok, well, its Tropic Thunder and 3 Amigos which features the same plot, but this spoof out does them both. The humour is dry and the character observation spot on. I wonder if Bill Shatner has seen it and if he recognised himself in it. Rickman is wonderful as cynical "Dr Lazarus". The whole film is a little lads' fantasy and one that I'm sure appeals to us chaps in our adult world, who wouldn't want to be suddenly in command of a real star ship tasked with saving the Galaxy?

    What I particularly like is the reluctance of most of the actors to be associated with their work. I remember attending a conference and hosting Blackadder star Tony Robinson some years ago. The PR people had one word of instruction, we were under no circumstances to refer to him as "Balders" or "Baldrick" as he is particularly un-humorous when it comes to being associated with one of the best comic creations of recent times. Well, what else are you going to say to him? Its true, je doesn't like being called Balders! He should have got a job on a checkout if that is his attitude! Humph.

    This is one of those brilliantly watchable films you can safely add to your dvd collection as it can be watched many times and still be funny. Would highly recommend a double bill of Galaxy Quest and "Mystery Men" for an enjoyable "beers in/wife out" evening of entertainment.
    ...more info
  • Deluxe Edition Contains Extras Worth the Double Dip!
    When Galaxy Quest was released in 2000, it was a modest success but it certainly didn't light the world on fire. Over the years, it has quietly amassed something of a cult following who delight in the film's affectionately satirical jabs at the Star Trek franchise and its fans, specifically the first incarnation with William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy. With this new Deluxe Edition DVD, it is about time for Galaxy Quest to be revisited and re-evaluated.

    "Historical Documents: The Story of Galaxy Quest" is a retrospective making of featurette that has key cast and crew members reminiscing about the experience of working on the film. They take us through its origins and we see how the original concept was quite different but was tweaked over time. In a nice touch, the main cast members return and tell all kinds of filming anecdotes, clearly looking back at this project with genuine affection.

    "Never Give Up, Never Surrender: The Intrepid Crew of the NSEA Protector" takes a look at the cast of Galaxy Quest and they talk about how they approached their respective roles. The filmmakers talk about why they cast the actors that are in the film and everyone dishes more wonderful stories.

    "By Grabthar's Hammer, What Amazing Effects" takes a look at the film's snazzy visual effects. They had Stan Winston do the aliens while ILM do the special effects. Winston speaks about his creations in archival footage.

    "Alien School: Creating the Thermian Race" examines the alien race that enlists the help of the Galaxy Quest crew. Actor Enrico Colantoni talks about how he came up with his character's voice.

    "Actors in Space" takes a look at how the cast made fun of their profession and their character archetypes.

    "Sigourney Weaver Raps" features a taped message that she made for her agent's birthday where the veteran actress raps with help from her fellow castmates.

    Also included are eight deleted scenes that feature more with Fred Kwan as he tours the ship's engineering section with his Zen-like calmness. There is a scene where the cast are shown their quarters based on their characters' personalities from the show. And we also get more of them bickering among each other on the alien planet.

    "Thermian Audio Track" allows you to watch the entire film dubbed in the alien language, which is actually pretty funny but I don't know if you would ever watch it more than once.

    Finally, there is a theatrical trailer....more info
  • Loved It.
    This was just plain outright funny. Pokes fun at the Trekkies out there. Tim Allen is super as is Sigourny Weaver. Two thumbs up....more info
  • Great Family Movie Spoofing Star Trek
    This is a great family movie. We watch it all the time. The DVD commentaries are great too. Look it up on wikipedia and get some additional movie facts. But it spoofs Star Trek in a way that is absolutely respectful. Action, space, sci-fi, and a load of comedy! Exceptional plot and acting. I wish the DVD had more features like a director's cut. When Laredo pulled the ship out of the space port for the first time and scratched the side of the ship against the space port wall on the way out, I rolled out of my chair....more info
  • Love this movie
    A great movie, great theme and something you can let your kids see. Teaches teamwork and honesty....more info
  • Note on Audio Encode only...
    Note on Audio Encode only
    Disc carries DTS Full Bit rate of 1536 kbps
    Back cover appears to be purposely deceptive in the way it presents the DD information as it was mastered when DTS Full Bit rate discs were about to no longer be produced.... disc only carries DD 2.0 at 192 kbps (confirmed)[as opposed to the apparent DD 5.1]
    side note: Display Frame rate is only 2.26:1

    Classic movie! Rare DTS encode for DVD's...more info
  • Cult Classic
    Galaxy Quest is an instant cult classic. Every scene and line is memorable and can be used as personal jokes. The "thermians" approach Commander Taggart and declare "You are our last hope" or the Galaxy Quest motto "Never give in never surrender" are messages for us all. The casting is great, the pace quick, its good, clean fun. Its Star Trek the way we would remake it....more info
  • SciFi Fandom makes fun of itself
    SciFi fans have been picked on for years. It's an age old joke, the nerd in his or her basement with a 'set' of their favorite TV show or movie, dressed in a homemade costume, recreating or living their own fantasy in the fantasy world. Well, Galaxy Quest takes it a good bit further.

    Galaxy Quest starts where all good SciFi fans would be most suited: a SciFi convention, dedicated to a TV show cancelled years ago, but living on through its fans. Here, the actors, played by Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver, Alan Rickman, Tony Shalhoub and Daryl Mitchell, settled into their old roles for the fans. Seemingly unable to gain any other line of work, Conventions and store openings are their only way to get by.

    After a rude awakening by some hecklers, Tim Allen explodes over a group of young fans questions and heads home to drink it off. The next morning starts the real adventure: aliens come calling for help. Allen as Jason Nesmith as Cmdr. Peter Quincy Taggert is transported to the real NSEA Protector, as envisioned by the Thermians, lead by Mathesar (Enrico Colantoni. A hung over Nesmith takes everything to be exquisite set pieces and negotiates with the enemy.

    From here, the movie picks up as Nesmith returns to Earth to seek out his fellow actors, including the show's own Red Shirt who hitches along, to show them the real thing. Watching this movie can be like looking into a mirror for us geeks. You can either laugh because you've either seen or done or you can cringe because you've either seen it or done it.

    True to form, the movie runs almost entirely like you'd expect an episode to run. Ship fights (with the actors being thrown about the bridge), away missions, transporter accidents ("And exploded."), and alien doppelgangers. But the kicker is watching the character realize what they need to do. And then do it hilariously.

    I can't count how many times I've watched this movie, but I always end up laughing throughout it. It's just funny watching even with a weird sense of social commentary. Unleash your nerd and give it a chance....more info
  • Excellent Star Trek Spoof
    Tim Allen mocking Captain Kirk, Sigourney Weaver repeating everything the ship's computer says, classic. Bored, bitter and alcoholic from touring the conventions, the washed up has beens are suddenly beamed onto a ship modeled on their TV series and expected to defeat a formidable foe. The problem is -- even though their hosts expect them to know how to do everything (after all, they did on the show) -- they initially can't even perform basic tasks. This is a silly movie, but if you liked Star Trek and can handle some silliness, this is among the best you can get....more info
  • A very pleasant surprise!
    I vaguely recall hearing about this film, and I don't even remember what it was I heard. All I know is I had no desire to see it because Mars Attacks! kept coming into my head, and I hated that film.

    In 2006, on a Chrismtas flight back home, I happened to look up at the monitors from time to time and caught a few bits and pieces of the film while listening to my MP3 music. Without sound, the film seemed stupid, the villain seemed corny and the acting looked horrible. The only thing that kept my attention was wondering if the blonde was actually Sigourney or just a younger look-alike. Hey, the in-flight monitors are small! Bottom line is, I never realized the film was mainly a comedy.

    Flash ahead four months when I was moving into a new place and a friend had given me the Galaxy Quest DVD as a house-warming present. I hooked up the home theater system first thing so I could get some activity going in the new place, and I took a break and watched a little of Galaxy Quest - and the rest is history. I instantly loved it and have watched it more times than I care to admit.

    For all the reasons and more that many of the previous reviewers enjoyed this film, I do, as well.

    It's a solid story with great acting and writing, terrific spoofs, excellent special effects, and is tremendously pure and funny. Move over, Spaceballs, there's a new kid on the block! Without a doubt, the single-best sci-fi comedy ever created! And the drama is good, too. It's a great combination of everything, which is why it's so entertaining and can be watched countless times. Can't believe as an avid sci-fi moviegoer that I somehow neglected to find this gem sooner.

    Other sci-fi flicks I enjoy include: Alien, MIB, Evolution, Deep Rising, Zathura, Explorers, Bi-Centennial Man, iRobot, H.G. Wells' The Time Machine, King Kong (2005), Jurassic Park 3, Cube Zero.

    Sci-fi flicks I don't like include: Star Wars series, Harry Potter series, LOTR series, ...more info
  • Much more fun than Star Trek
    I thought this movie would be cheap & cheesy, but it's well made and a lot of fun to watch, even though I'm pretty tired of Star Trek nowadays. This movie points out exactly what's wrong with Star Trek and why everyone got tired of it. Star Trek became very boring because it took itself far too seriously and forgot to put fun and entertainment into the show. The other TV sci-fi series suffer from the same problem, but not as much as Star Trek. I would like to see a new Sci-Fi TV series like Galaxy Quest, with plenty of fun, comedy, and entertainment. Red Dwarf has already proven that comedy works well with Sci Fi. ...more info
  • One of Tim Allen's finest!
    Great take off on "Trekkers" and "Trekkies." Sigourney Weaver and Tim Allen are at their comedic best.Great takeoff on the Star Trek shows. Shows what actors can do when they have to go beyound their acting skills to save a doomed planet from destruction. Great special effects. Great make up and sets. It was also a light hearted salute and tribute to Star Trek and Star Wars. Loved the attitude of the British character. It shows how fiction can be reality to many people.It was great how the fan of the tv show came to the rescue to help Tim Allen and crew succeed. I am a big fan of Sigourney Weaver and have seen her do serious sci fi, this was her chance to take a lighter look at the sci fi format. She did it well. Tim Allen was also good in his role. I have enjoyed this movie several times. This is a great movie for sci fi fans, Tim Allen and Sigourney Weaver fans and comedy fans. A good movie for the whole family....more info
  • A Pig's in Space type of Star Trek spoof
    Captain Kirk is rolling over in his TV graveyard.
    Tim Allen his the thing down for Star Trek's nth convention.
    But the Aliens in far space don't realize it is "just a TV show".
    They make up a look alike space ship where the Star Trek technology actually works. Even the Omega weapon...
    The humor is just nonstop along with the action.
    I really liked this movie: it was almost as much fun a a real Star Trek movie....more info
  • Hilarious parody of "Star Trek" et al.
    The humor in this movie works on two levels. First is the comedy that results from the movie's basic premise: a bunch of TV actors suddenly find themselves in exactly the same sorts of adventures they used to act out on screen, only now it's real. But second, and even funnier in my opinion, is the humor derived from parodying the entire world of science fiction, and its all to often rabid, religiously devoted fans.

    It also showcases the darker side of being involved with a pop-culture phenomenon: actors who become so closely identified with their roles, they find they simply can't get work doing anything else. I imagine the real cast of "Star Trek" could feel how close to the mark this hits (and George Reeves, TV's Superman of the 1950s, may have even killed himself in despair at suffering this fate). The most memorable scene in the movie for me was Alan Rickman's delivery of the line "By Grabthar's Hammer, I've never seen such savings." His rigid posture, hesitant speech, and stony facial expression are hilarious. He's a classicly trained actor who's become pigeonholed in a role he considers beneath him, and he has been reduced to the humiliation of uttering childish drivel at store openings. For all that much of the movie is made in the spirit of William Shatner's famous SNL "get a life" skit, the movie takes an affectionate look at fans, and two sci-fi geeks even provide indispensible help to the heroes in the end....more info
  • By Grabthar's hammer... what a saving!
    Alan Rickman had me from the get-go. In Galaxy Quest, he plays a former legitimate-theatre actor who had the mixed blessing of playing a Mr. Spock-like character in a long-defunct "Star Trek"-like TV show. These days, he is reduced to appearances in full makeup and uniform at fan conventions and ribbon cutting ceremonies at local strip malls, and his anguish is a riot.(That's where the title of my review comes in. It's delivered by Rickman at a ribbon-cutting with such despair and distate, you find yourself laughing).

    This movie is hilarious. There are so many quotable lines, as I'm sure a lot of reviewers here have already indicated.

    Anyway, it turns out that there really are aliens out there, and they have caught every episode of the Galaxy Quest TV show and interpreted them as real-life occurences transmitted from Earth. Believing the Galaxy Quest cast to be real starship personnel, the aliens plead for their help.

    I won't say anything else, except that a catsuit and blonde wig is a very good look for Sigourney Weaver :)...more info
  • For the trekkie
    This is a movie that was written by a true trekkie. I thought it was going to make fun of Star Trek fans but there is so much love in the stereotypical characters that you know the writer loved the series.

    This is laughed out loud, feel good fun that pays homage to the t.v. series that touched millions of lives and made them dream....more info
  • A geek's treasure.
    Excellent and funny movie that pokes fun at "Star Trek". If you like sci-fi and funny movies you will like this one. ...more info
  • Deluxe Edition: The definitive version to get on DVD and a great 10th Year Anniversary tribute release!
    In 1999, "Galaxy Quest" was a film that surprised many sci fi fans when it was released to theaters. At first, many people were not sure if it would be a parody to "STAR TREK" but in the end, the film was actually paying homage to the popular television series.

    The film is directed by television director David Parisot (who directed shows such as "Curb Your Enthusiasm", "Monk", "ER" and many other series) and is based on a story by David Howard and a screenplay co-written with Ric McElvin ("Men in Black II" , "Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events" and "Addicted to Love", etc.).

    The film has received praise from Star Trek alumni such as George Takei, Jonathan Frakes, Patrick Stewart and Will Wheaton and has received nearly all positive reviews from film critics upon its release in theaters back in 1999.


    "Galaxy Quest - Deluxe Edition" has been digitally remastered for this DELUXE EDITION/10th Year release. I haven't done any comparisons to my original 2000 DVD version of the film but I could tell by watching it, scenes like the mission obtain Beryllium, this would shine on Blu-ray. But for now, on DVD the colors look vibrant with the Earth tone colors and blue skies make things absolutely beautiful. Video is presented in widescreen. So, overall, for a DVD release, the picture quality and the new remastering looked great.

    As for the audio, audio is presented ala English 5.1 Surround (as well as Spanish 5.1 Surround) and comes with a Thermian 2.0 Surround track. I will say that watching this film again, I heard a good number special effects from the various channels. Audio sounds very good, I was noticing small details such as the damaged spaceship, the Protector trying to use its remaining engines to move the ship and hearing it trying to move in space on your front channel and rear channels speakers. I don't recall hearing those small details back in 2000. I felt the audio seemed cleaner and clearer in this deluxe edition.

    With a new digital remaster for the DVD coinciding with the 10th Anniversary of the film's release, I can only hope that we get a 1080p High Definition transfer with lossless audio. Knock on wood, I hope there will be a Blu-ray release coming soon!

    But for now, compared to the original DVD release, this is the better DVD version to own for now in terms of picture and audio quality.


    "Galaxy Quest - Deluxe Edition" comes with newer special features to celebrate the film's 10th Anniversary. The original DVD released in 2000 had special DVD Easter Eggs (related to the Omega 13) and a "On Location in Space" featurette that are not included on this deluxe edition, so you may not want to throw out your original 2000 DVD. But this Deluxe Edition comes with newer features recently created in 2009 and are very enjoyable.

    * Historical Documents: The Story of Galaxy Quest - (18:14) A new featurette with recent interviews with Dean Parisot (Director), Bob Gordon (Screenwriter) and David Howard (screenwriter). Also, new interviews with the cast of "Galaxy Quest". A fun and informative featurette of how the film came about, how the talent felt about being at a science fiction convention and being a bit weirded out by the experience and also certain segments that play homage to "Star Trek".
    * Never Give Up. Never Surrender: The Intrepid Crew of the NSEA Protector - (23:25) This featurette goes into the casting of "Galaxy Quest". The cast is interviewed and give their thoughts of their character and what they remember during the filming. Interesting tidbits of Sigourney Weaver being in character once she had the blonde wig and attracting a lot of eyes. How Alan Rickman was very cool and calm. Tim Allen and Daryl Mitchell always having fun on the set and really interesting situations that happened during the filming of "Galaxy Quest".
    * By Grabthar's Hammer, What Amazing Effects - (7:03) How popular Stan Winston worked on special effects for the alien monsters and Industrial Light and Magic working on the CG effects. How the camera work for "Galaxy Quest" was trying to recapture that Star Trek original series cinematography feel and much more!
    * Alien School - Creating the Thermian Race - (5:23) How Enrico Colantoni (Mathesar) came up with the Thermian speech from vocal training they did at Yale. How during "alien school", they would have to learn how to walk and move.
    * Actors in Space - (6:11) In this segment, we learn how being in a popular series, an actor can get pigeonholed. Tim Allen talks about people even today thinking he's Tim Taylor of "Home Improvement", Justin Long talking about despite his film work, he's still looked as "The Mac Guy", Daryl Mitchell known for his work on "House Party" and more.
    * Sigourney Weaver Raps - (1:59) Sigourney Weaver's agent's birthday was coming up, so Sigourney asked Daryl Mitchell to help her create a rap for Sam Cohn and together with Sam Rockwell, Missi Pyle, Jed Rees, the five created a music video as a birthday present.
    * Additional Scenes: Deleted Scenes (Used on 2000 release) - A total of eight deleted scenes. Some of these features include commentary by the talent or Director Dean Parisot and David Howard.
    * Thermian Audio Track - An audio track featured completely in Thermian. Personally, even when this was on the original 2000 DVD, has anyone ever watched the film completely in Thermian?
    * Theatrical Trailer (Used on 2000 release) - (1:54) Original theatrical trailer.

    The slip cover has a front cover that features Alan Rickman, Sigourney Weaver and Tim Allen in character, standing cool and collected (the image shown above on this review) and when you shift the front of the cover slightly, it shows the three firing their weapons.


    "Galaxy Quest - Deluxe Edition" is definitely a wonderful 10th Anniversary release.

    I have never grown tired of this film and for any Star Trek fan or science fiction fan, you can't help but enjoy and laugh and be thoroughly entertained by the various talent and the overall wackiness of the storyline.

    The new special features is what makes this film worth buying again on DVD. To have everyone return for an interview and talk about their love for the film and how well it was received and how it has become a sci-fi classic was just fun to watch. And the behind-the-scenes tidbits you learn about the shenanigans that went behind-the-scenes to the actual creation of the film, was also informative and entertaining.

    If there is one thing that I can hope for, that would be a high definition Blu-ray release of this film. With its 10th Anniversary, I was a bit surprised that only a new DVD was announced at this time. But with the film now receiving a new digital remastering, I can only hope for a HD 1080p transfer and lossless audio, to me, that would be the icing on the cake.

    But overall, this new deluxe edition was just fantastic and if you are a big fan of "Galaxy Quest", on DVD, this is the definitive version to own. Highly recommended!...more info
  • Well Produced Package
    I deeply enjoyed the movie and it's great cast. The movie arrived quickly and in great shape, no scratches or marks!...more info
  • A priceless spoof
    This is my invitation for all Trekkies to get dual citizenship as a Questarian. I don't want to spoil the fun but check out what the Thermians are waving in Sigourney Weaver's face! It's one of those that I have to pull out every now and then for a good laugh....more info
  • Never give up, never surrender!
    This is the best satire comedy on the market, making fun of the old Star Trek show and all the conventions and Trekkies that followed the show.

    The aging actors of the Galaxy Quest show still attend conventions, signing autographs for money, and no other acting career left because of the previous popularity of their show. Commander Peter Quincy Taggert is just Jason Nesmith (Tim Allen), a has been actor with a big ego. He's in dutch with his fellow cast members for taking side jobs without them. At a convention, Jason runs into the Thermians, who request his help to negotiate with Sarris, the general of an evil reptilian race. Jason believes they are simply fans, and has no idea that the Thermians are true aliens who have modeled their lives, and their ship, after watching transmissions of the show. The Thermians believe the show is historical documents, not old reruns of entertainment television.

    After discovering the Thermians are real, Jason convinces his crew to come with him into space. The Thermians put the crew in charge, not knowing they are just actors. What follows is a hilarious romp through space with 'B' grade actors fleeing Sarris's revenge while trying to save the Thermians. All of the cheesiest aspects of the old Star Trek shows are brought back to comedic life. ("Look around you, can you construct some sort of rudimentary lathe?")

    Stealing the show is Sigourney Weaver as Gwen DeMarco ("I have one job on this lousy ship, it's stupid, but I'm going to do it!"), Alan Rickman as Alexander Dane, Tony Shalhoub as Fred Kwan (a laid-back, stoner type), and relatively unknown Sam Rockwell as Guy Fleegman (the expendable crewman). Their comedic performances are absolutely top notch in this film, and there's a lot more humor hidden in it than just a first time watch can capture. It's a movie to watch over and over again.

    Whether you love or hate the old Star Trek shows, as long as you love excellent satirical comedy, you will definitely enjoy this movie. 10 Stars! Well worth a purchase.
    ...more info
  • Star Trek lovers will die laughing
    As a Star Trek fan since forever, this movie made me laugh till I cried. Acting excellent! Story excellent! Can't recommend it highly enough! Those who are not clued into the Star Trek formulas may still get some laughs but not as many as Star Trek fans....more info