Dress to Kill
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Eddie Izzard, an \""executive transvestite\"" performs his stand-up comedy in San Francisco and covers topics from Scooby-Doo to Stonehenge.
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Street Release Date: 10/05/2004

In Dress to Kill, Eddie Izzard spins free-flowing jokes about San Francisco (where the comedy concert was filmed), transvestitism, squirrels, American optimism, Hitler, the British royal family, mass murder, and Stonehenge--and that's only the first 30 minutes. It's as if this ingenious comedian says whatever comes off the top of his head, but giving that impression demands cunning and skill; Izzard romps through human history and transforms surprisingly complex ideas into biting satire--as well as knockout bits of sublime frivolity, like describing the movie Speed entirely in French. His mercurial patter is sprinkled with four-letter words, but his twinkling glances make this more mischievous than crude. Izzard has delivered some excellent performances in movies (like Velvet Goldmine and The Cat's Meow), but it's on stage that he really explodes with daffy wit and charisma. Simply brilliant and completely addictive; you will want to watch this over and over. --Bret Fetzer

Customer Reviews:

    Robin Williams says he's the funniest man on the planet -- I'm forced to agree!!!!
    D2K is classic Eddie and nothing is sacred -- including the Bible, chocolate at Easter (it's the color of the Cross???), James Mason, jam, Sean Connery and covered in BEES!!!!!

    Get past the 'omigod he's dressed like a GIRL' and pay attention to what the man has to say. You'll laugh, you'll
    think - you may learn something...

    All I need now is Definite Article and my collection will be complete!!!! Love him!...more info
  • The best Eddie Izzard comedy special
    I have viewed all of the comedy specials of Eddie Izzard and this, by far, is the best one. He has a charm that entrances the viewer. His mannerisms are a large attribute to his comedic style, but after 20 minutes, you completely forget he is wearing heels and lipstick! He has pure talent that absolutely has you captured from beginning to end. ...more info
  • Great service
    I purchased a DVD from the seller and I recieved it fast and it was in almost new condition. I give this seller 5 stars!! woot!!!...more info
  • Hilarious
    I absolutely adore Eddie Izzard, and this is his absolute best performance. I would recommend this video to anyone, no matter what kind of comedy they are into. It's ALL funny.

    LOVE IT!...more info
  • Dress to Kill is a polished act.
    D2K is my personal favorite out of all of Eddie's performances. He is brilliant and this shows his talent, from beginning to end; from God attack the Queen to the Flag bit to the French bits. I absolutely love Izzard and this is my trophy of my collection....more info
  • Funniest Stand Up I've Ever Seen
    It took me 3 days to be able to function. My stomach muscle hurt for days. I literally fell off my couch 3 times the first time I saw this. DO NOT MISS THIS ONE. So funny you'll fall apart....more info
  • Hilarious and Brilliant
    Dress to Kill is my second favorite Izzard video. I never tire of watching it and have incorporated many of his 'lines' into daily life. Don't let the makeup fool you...he is a very intelligent, talented performer and entertains without resorting to dirty language or insults. I've actually learned alot about history from Eddie. This is probably his most widely known video....more info
  • Brilliant!
    I'm somewhat new to stand-up comedy and this is the first Eddie Izzard DVD I bought (from recommendations which I received from friends) and I was totally blown away. Eddie Izzard is pure genius. He is entertaining and funny, and while some may perceive his jokes as being rude, there's a refreshing feel to his routine. His blunt and frank style and in-your-face humor is brilliant. I laughed endlessly the first time around and did so again when I watched it with my wife. Highly recommended!...more info
  • Historically Funny!!
    We love Eddie! However, the first time I watched this DVD about 4 years ago, I wasn't too impressed. After giving it another go, I caught on to his humor and found him to be very intelligent and incredibly hilarious! I highly recommend this to any open-minded individual looking for a good laugh! ...more info
  • Executive Comedy
    Izzard is unrelentingly funny in this late 90's concert from San Francisco. There are laugh out loud moments nearly all the time and even having watched it more than a dozen times now it I still find it funny. Even when the material isn't that funny (which it can't be 100% of the time for everyone) I always find Eddie Izzard interesting to listen to. Underlying his comedy is an intelligent and thoughtful man.

    There are some good extra's, particularly if you speak French (as Izzard does)! Many of his shows are worth buying but this DVD catches him at a comedy peak. Sadly since then the shows have not been of the same quality but this one and the ones that precede it are all worth getting.
    ...more info
  • Customer Satisfied.
    Thanks for the DVD. It's in great condition and it arrived in a timely manner. I'm impressed with this service. Thank you....more info
  • Eddie Izzard Dress to Kill
    By far one of the funniest stand up routines I have ever seen. Izzard is brilliant and non-stop with his outrageous humor. I recommend this DVD to anyone who wants to laugh so hard they cry....more info
  • Very Funny
    Worth every penny. Eddie Izzard is a hoot- we watch this DVD all the time....more info
  • Did I leave the gas on?
    Among other things, it's World History and Religion at its best. Where else can you learn and belly laugh at the same time?! Eddie is brilliant and entertaining - a crowd favorite for many years in my neighborhood.

    We own a lot of Eddie's stuff but Dress to Kill is our favorite by far and first timers want to see it again and again! I LOVE EDDIE! ...more info
  • The best of the executive tran
    What a fantastic comedy DVD. Izzard is a man of pugnaciously funny satirical intelligence. This routine covers history, philosophy, gender relations, political extremism and the travails of learning French. Eddie blends all these elements into a two hour tour de force of whirlwind comedy. Based in San Francisco, he begins with a description of the Bay Area - 'these cable cars, all levers, the drivers have no idea what to do' and embarks on a frenzied, stream of consciousness stand up routine. Here you will learn why we tolerate dictators who kill their own people but not others countries', why schoolboy French is no use in the real world, why Americans have difficulties with history, and will question whether Englebert Humberdink is dead or not.

    Occasionally Izzard's humour misses a beat, but most people with a brain, an ear for satire and an appreciation of fine, lateral humour, will get great pleasure from this DVD. ...more info
  • 1 star? Really? That's just nuts!
    I just got done reading some of the 1 star reviews for this DVD. Maybe those people were feeling depressed that day? Maybe you weren't in the mood for brilliance?

    Honestly, ignore the people behind the 1 star curtain. This DVD is HIL-AR-I-OUS. I don't even know how to speak French and I laughed my a$$ off at the French bit. THAT's comedy genius....more info
  • Best comedy tape
    I have probably bought 15 copies of this for friends over the last couple years. It's such a hit! He's funny and smart and you will laugh and quote him for months to come. ...more info
  • Eddie at his best!
    This is my favourite stand up routine by Eddie, I think it's hilarious and very witty....more info
  • Eddie Izzard-Dressed to Kill
    The item arrived on time as promised and it was in great condition...Eddie Izzard is a very funny comedian and I was not disappointed with this purchase whatsoever....more info
  • Dressed to kill...die with laughter!
    Eddie is wonderful in this video! The beginning starts off weird- but after that it's great! I highly recommend Dress To Kill!! If you love Eddie...google him and see what other acting roles he's had. It shocked me!!...more info
  • Eddie's Terrific
    Eddie is the thinking man's comedian (dressed in female clothing). His wit ranges from political subjects, to historical data, to slapstick. Delightful and different. Very likeable guy....more info
  • Eddie Izzard - dress to kill
    This is by far the best Eddie Izzard stand up DVD; his unique brand of observational humour flows throughout and he is definately at his funniest and best in this DVD; a must buy for any fan. I would also recommend Glorious and Unrepeatable.Dress to Kill...more info
  • DVD
    Clever, funny and lots of references to humor in history and current events from a British cross-dressers point of view....more info
  • lizzard
    This was alittle off the wall, disappointed as I thought it would be fun to watch and have a few laughs.....not so.....more info
  • Some Advice...
    In my opinion, this is Eddie Izzard's best. The man is a comedic genius! You are missing out if you don't own this......more info
  • Eddie Izzard DVD
    The seller dilivered what they promissed a sealed brand new dvd and in 2 weeks time. I would buy from this dealer again....more info
  • genius of our time
    Oh my God! If you are an Eddie fan, you have to have this. It is the quintessential Eddie Izzard piece. I have given it to others, with somewhat mixed results. I think his fans have a generous sensibility about people- those who don't simply can't get past his uniqueness quickly enough to revel in his comedic laser-like wit and wisdom. And that is truly a loss for them. For those of us lucky enough to have what it takes to gain entry, Eddie is the gold standard. You MUST have this DVD!...more info
  • Izzard is a comic genius...
    Eddie Izzard taps every funny bone in your body with this performance... Biting wit, stream-of-consciousness humor, and superior timing make this DVD a hilarious collection to any library......more info
  • Funniest Thing I've seen in a LONG TIME
    Eddie Izzard's stand-up is not for kids or those who can't handle cussing. He's a hilarious British Transvestite, which evokes laughter in and of itself, and he plays on that, but it's not the premise of his comedy. He is a well-educated comedian who has decided to make light of everything as opposed to being offended by anything. ...more info
  • Share this DVD!!! Discover Eddie Izzard!!
    Although he currently stars with minnie driver on the The Riches, he's best known for his comedy stand-up. This is my personal favorite of all Eddie Izzards dvd's. It is filled with wit, one liners, and a continued plot of genuine world history, according to eddie. i put a flag in it, it's mine!!! He's entertaining and hilarious, and I don't imagine anyone could watch this, whether for the first or tenth time, without laughing out loud. yes, he is a man in drag. yes, he addresses this, he is an executive transvestite, not a weirdo transvestite. a male lesbian if you will. a laugh a minute? only if you're not paying attention... ...more info