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Parasite Eve
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Product Description

Parasite Eve is a survival horror with many RPG elements. Movement in the various environments is free. Movement in the "world map" (which is a map of Manhattan) is limited to specific destinations. Upon the player walking over a "hot spot," there's a constantly increasing chance of a random encounter. Enemies materialize suddenly and though there is no shift to a separate battle screen, the player is bound within a perimeter of unseen barriers until the battle is over, either by defeating all enemies or using the Escape command. In battle, the player has an "Active Time Bar" (ATB) that sets the time for every turn to take action. Upon each turn the player may choose between attacking with their equipped weapon, using PE (Parasite Energy) for defense, assistance or attack, using items, changing weapon or armor, or escaping the battle. If the player chooses to attack, a dome symbolizing the range of the weapon appears. If the enemy is outside of the range, the shot is likely to fail. Even if the shot lands, the damage will be less than normal. When the player decides to use Parasite Energy, they must choose from the menu the desired PE skill. The same goes for weapon, armor or items; however, if the player choose to escape, experience will be lost. Parasite Energy is slowly recharged over time. When not in battle, the player has the option of altering the weapon and armor attributes and effects with tools and super-tools. The player selects the "tune-up" option, choosing the weapon that will be altered and the weapon from which the attributes or effect will be taken. One of the principal RPG elements of the game is that experience-based levels are present. Each time the player's level increases, his/her attributes go up and BP (Bonus Points) are given. These points can be distributed to the ATB, item capacity, or attributes of a weapon or armor.

Parasite Eve tells the story of Aya Brea of the NYPD on a case involving mass spontaneous human combustion, mutating animals, and the mitochondria revolution. Sound fun? Confusing? Parasite Eve is both.

It begins when Aya is attending an opera at Carnegie Hall. The soloist bursts into song and the audience bursts into flames. Somehow, Aya is the only attendee who isn't affected. Not surprisingly, she wants to know what's going on. This curiosity, coupled with her duties as a police officer, grows into a full-scale investigation.

Parasite Eve's mechanics are simple, yet elegant. From combat to level advancement, the game runs easily and smoothly, making it ideal for someone new to role-playing games (RPGs). Experienced RPGers should still enjoy it for its brilliant storyline.

Technically speaking, the game's graphics and sound are good, but not spectacular. The full-motion cutscenes are superbly done. Parasite Eve is a good game--there's just not enough of it. While it doesn't feel crammed together, the story seems to resolve quickly. Brilliant while it lasted, Parasite Eve left me wanting more. --John Cocking


  • Mutating dogs
  • Involving storyline
  • Elegant game mechanics
  • Too short, and it's confusing
  • Sony Playstation 1 (PS1) video game
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Customer Reviews:

  • It was good in 1998, it's still good 10 years later.
    I loved this game back when it came out. Very unique RPG and Aya Brea is the hottest RPG character ever. The setting was awesome (New York coool!) and the story was good too. It's science-fiction but it's not too intelectual (sp?) I bought this game because I lost it a long time ago and yes, this game still rocks. Way better than the 2nd one which is a Resident Evil rip-off. ...more info
  • Eye Candy
    Don't let anyone fool you; Parasite Eve is pure eye candy. The game itself is extremely sub-par, and most of it you will spend watching FMVs. If that's your idea of a good game, fine, but I'd call this more of a movie than a game....more info
  • Great game!
    With an interesting and unique story line and awesome graphics, Parasite Eve is a game that lives up to its expectations. Game play is relatively simple which makes it user-friendly. There are ample opportunities to save, pick up ammo, medicine and other useful items such as armor and weapons throughout the game. Also, as an added bonus, you dont have to search every single area of every room on the off chance that you'll find something useful. All items are stored in storage chests which are simple to spot and as a result, saves you a huge amount of time and effort. This game is challenging, yet simple enough to actually enjoy. There is nothing worse than a game that tries to be challenging and only suceeds in being frustrating. Parasite eve is worth purchasing, especially now that the prices are low. Once you solve the two discs, there is another building to explore and after you finish that...well, theres always Parasite Eve II to start on. Anyone that enjoys the Resident Evil series or similar games will want this for their own....more info
  • One of the best games for PS1
    A true classic!, i really love the story and it kept me on my feet and wanting more. To me, this is one of PS1 best games in a long time in the RPG section....more info
  • As the saying goes it's hip to be Square
    I love this game. It makes sense (you'll need to pay A LOT of attention mind you), the cutscenes are very well designed the characters are brilliant, the monsters are very creative (no offense whatsoever to the other review but there are no zombie dogs those are rats), and the story is incredible. I would reccomend this game to anyone who is alive and breathing. The Playstation Greatest Hits version is cheaper by around 10 bucks (or it's supposed to be) and the original tends to be out of stock all over. I'm 14. I...uh, oops. Now buy it and have a great day. +_+...more info
  • Aya Kicks Butt!
    Parasite Eve is a game that blends both the survival-horror and RPG genres together, keeping the best of both worlds. Ultimately, this makes this a unique game the likes of which I've never seen successfully repeated (yes, the sequel is quite bad). That being said, I really enjoyed this game, and I'm sure you will too!

    Graphics (score 7/10): The graphics look a bit dated by today's standards, and weren't even the absolute best for their time. However, they look good enough, and are not too displeasing to the eye. The CG cutscenes still look excellent, in my opinion, and do a good job of showcasing the freaky creatures that the game features.

    Music (score 8/10): I really love the music for this game; I even went and got the soundtrack because I enjoyed it so much. My only complaint is that the opera scene in the game uses a synthesized vocal track which sounds absolutely hideous compared to the regular opera singer's voice on the soundtrack. Why they didn't just use the un-synthesized song is beyond me. Also of note is the excellent exploration-related sound effects. I don't think I've ever heard squeakier, creepier door sounds in my life. Yes, these sounds are a bit unnaturally loud, but they are well-suited to this type of game, and add to the creepiness factor. Unfortunately, in battle sounds like gunshots are oddly muted--eve the rocket launcher is quiet. One more thing--even though the music itself is great, there are times when it is strangely absent. At times I can tell that the silence is used for dramatic effect, at other times it just seems random. For instance, the Weapons Department of the police station (where I store my excess crap) almost always has no music, but the rest of the station does. This makes no sense at all. Oh well. Rest assured that the negative points to the music really don't detract much from the overall fine experience.

    Characters (score 8/10): Aya is the main character, and the only character which you will get to control. That being said, I really liked her and think she is more than capable of carrying the game alone. Being a survival-horror sort of game, only having one character helps add to the feeling of loneliness and fear since you are on your own. One thing I really like about Aya is that she is not treated like a stereotypical girly-girl nor as a blatant sex-object. This unfortunately seems to happen a lot in games where the main character is female. She is very much a believable no-nonsense cop. After seeing too many games where the female characters fight while wearing mini-skirts and heels (who fights monsters in a mini-skirt?!), I've really started to appreciate the fact that the designers opted for realism in Parasite Eve and put Aya in jeans, sneakers, and a jacket. It's really unusual to see such a believable female lead character, and I'm very pleased. As for the other, supporting characters (and even Aya herself), they do not get a lot of background information or dialogue, and do not really get a lot of character development. The other characters are really more archetypal characters, such as the workaholic cop who doesn't spend enough time with his family, or the nerdy, socially inept scientist. Even though their personalities aren't deeply developed, you can still understand and relate to them as characters because you're familiar with the archetypes. This lack of deeper characters normally wouldn't work in a traditional RPG, but the game pulls it off well because it is more story-driven.

    Story (score 9/10): The story takes place in a fairly short amount of time (6 days), but it's very engaging. True, the premise of sentient mitochondria is a bit far-fetched, but if you suspend your disbelief, the story is incredibly enjoyable. Square did a good job of crafting a creepy tale full of hideous monsters that'll keep you on the edge of your seat. The main storyline is great, but one thing I must point out (without spoiling anything) is that the bonus ending (for going through the Chrysler Building in the EX Game) is a real bust. I felt so cheated after seeing that ending--it is way not worth the effort to get. However if you stick to the main game, you're likely to have a great time.

    Battle System (score 10/10): The game designers did a great job of blending action elements and turn-based gameplay to give us an enjoyable hybrid. You can move Aya freely around during battle to dodge enemy attacks while waiting for your time bar to fill. Once it's full, you hit the X button to bring up an attack menu and a grid. The grid shows you the range of you're weapon. Simple, yes? Also, you can opt to open up your menu when you get your turn and use an item instead of attacking. The game features many guns and armor which can be customized by using a "tool" to add features from one weapon/armor onto another. You also get bonus points when you level up which can be used to increase your inventory size, the speed of your time bar, or weapon/armor stats. Overall, I found the customization feature to be very enjoyable.

    Gameplay (score 7/10): This is a bit of a catch-all category for me. One thing that I found annoying was Aya's running speed; it's like her feet are sticky or something because she runs really slowly. Another thing that was a bit annoying is that the game has random battles, but they aren't exactly random. There are "hot spots" on the floor that can trigger random battles if you happen to step in that area. Unfortunately, these are somewhat few and far between, and the more they are triggered, the lower your chances of getting that spot to trigger again. While this is good because you have fewer random battles than a normal RPG, it would've been easier to level-raise if the game featured just regular old random battles that trigger every few steps or so. Other than that, the gameplay is mostly positive. I really enjoy how you can return to previous locations to level-raise or get items (can't leave the final area at the end of the game, unfortunately). I also like the fact that they kept the survival-horror feel of having limited inventory space but also gave you a convenient place you can store extra items (in the Weapons Department of the Police Station). Overall, I think the game designers did a very good job of combining the best elements of survival-horror and RPG gameplay.

    Overall (score 8/10): NOTE this score is not an average; it's my subjective overall score. If you're a fan of RPG's and always wanted to play a survival-horror game but really hate the gameplay element of the latter, then Parasite Eve is for you! It's really quite sad that Parasite Eve is the only game I've found that successfully pulls off this blending of genres; I really wish there were some more (Parasite Eve 2, unfortunately, was quite awful). I strongly urge you to add this game to your collection; you won't be disappointed!
    ...more info
  • HORROR, ACTION, GOOD GAME PLAY, its all here!
    i got this game thinking it would be a complete piece of crap, but to my suprise, this turned out to be one of the best games i have ever played...EVER! the story line was quite good and the game has kind of a twist ending, and that ties the disemboweled story together. another thing i liked, is that the battle system is sooo much better than any of the thousands of final fanticys out there; it kinda works like this, you can run around and dodge the creatures attacks, but when ever you shoot, or hit, your range of fire comes up, and you then can attack. the next great thing about this game is the spooky, yet wonderful sound track, the sound effects, and over all the whole game its self is worth buying a play station for....more info
  • Ambiguous...
    Hyped up because it was released close after FF7, and many anticipated it to be another epic adventure. The thing is, there ARE a lot of positivities about this game. But awkward battle development, a lack of personality for the main character, and slow....very slow moments make the game mediocre at best.
    So you like the CG opening right? Right. So you think, wow this looks cool I'm excited. Indeed at first that is the case, the battle is very innovative. It's RPG-like but action-like too, a little like Secret of Mana or Seiken Densetsu series. The graphics for that time is also quite good, if not the best yet in this category as well as others. The music, although not for all is quite befitting to the mood and sci-fi orientation and quite creepy at times. It's not out of place, contrary to other reviews.
    Now we got to the problems, Aya Brea is so devoid of character and so slow at piecing together clues that you would rather have jumped into the game itself to help her or rather BE HER and just freaking save the people. If you're not one of those people that want to get a date with her, then read on. She's not really...a character you care for, or want to help...nor do you care what really happens. She's just there, and to boot...she runs super slow. It takes forever getting to places, just plain annoying. Not to mention during battle, there are invisible barriers preventing you from getting further from the enemy as not to get hit to earn BP. There are also other problems, such as not being able to carry a lot of stuff early in the game. Quite irritating, the other characters in the game also lack depth. To be honest, the story had potential, in that time they had the graphics and music done...the development was a bit massacred in terms of characterization and functionability and so forth is a mediocre game for some OK fun but nothing to be wowed at or to be hated. C'mon, you can't hate Squaresoft....more info
    This game is worth the purchase. The Graphics are amazing and the stoyline is one of the best I have seen. This game is very well thought out. If you like exciting games with a twist then you will love this one....more info
  • An excellent, if short, game
    I'm a big rpg fan, and have been playing them ever since I can remember. Parasite Eve is an excellent, well designed game, but it does have its shortcomings, especially when compared to the "mainstream" rpgs like the Final Fantasy series.

    Your protagonist is Aya, a policewoman who starts the game by going to an opera show. During the solo singing part from a mysterious girl, the entire audience spontaneously combusts...except for Aya. You proceed to unravel the mystery of this girl, the power she has, and her connection to Aya. It's an original, if simplistic, plotline that flows pretty well.

    Graphics are nothing spectacular, but granted it is a psx game. Sound is more ambient than anything else. No fast-paced battle music.

    The combat system is an important part of rpgs. Unlike most games, you only control a single character(there is no "party" of characters in this game). She can walk freely during the entire battle while her attack meter builds up to maximum, then she can take an action, whether it be attacking, using an item, or "magic"(well not really magic, but it's the best description I can give without spoilers). Then you proceed to run around an dodge enemy attacks while waiting for your attack meter to reach maximum again. A tad repetitive. Or it would be if the game was longer than 15 hours(unless you want to try that massive 100 level secret area).

    When you level up, you also get a bunch of points that you can spend. You can spend them directly on Aya and improve your base stats(or maximum inventory space to carry more healing items), or upgrade your weapons with them(kind of pointless since you get a lot of new weapons, at least in the beginning). Nifty system, but it doesn't make up for the shortcomings of the game.

    Parasite Eve is evidence of how a game should be made. It is very well designed. However, it lacks the "fun" factor that other rpgs have. If you are looking for older rpgs to try, give Star Ocean 2 a look.

    -Mark Lauer...more info

  • Squaresoft's first decent game!
    This game is mind numbing in it's excellence. The combat system is the best I've ever used, hands down. The storyline, instead of being a confusing and cliche mess like the rest of Square's work, is well thought out and not based around a character allergic to clothing.

    I was very bothered when I saw they'd ruined the series with the second, but this one is straight out the best RPG I've played....more info

  • Like watching a movie
    I'm thirty-one years old and I usually play nothing but RPGs, such as the Zelda series, the FF series, Chrono, Breath of Fire, etc. Started playing this one because my teen-age brother forgot to put the CD back in the case and left it in the playstation console by mistake. Have to say I got hooked immediately.

    Story plays out like a movie, and the dialogue sounds like something real people in the 20th century will actually say. Though other folks may find the game too short, it was actually one of the things I liked about it, since I have to work and don't have hours to spend in front of the playstation. Some people may also compare it with survival horror games such as Silent Hill or Resident Evil, but I think this game isn't as creepy (just for info, my measure of a game's creepiness is totally subjective and depends on whether or not I can play it at night when I'm all by myself :).

    The pacing of the story is just right, just enough to hook you in so that you'll want to know what happens next. Beating the game once also enables you to play in ex-mode, where you can enter another area and find out a little bit more about Aya. In addition, the game allows you to carry over stats or features from previous weapons and armors so that, if you're obsessive about perfection, like most RPGers I know, you end up spending a lot of time customizing in order to get the best possible weapon & armor.

    Battle system is nice too, kind of like dothack (where you can run around the enemy and essentially pause the game while you bring up the menu and choose what you want to do next) but without the camera whiplashing around like crazy. Good music as well. Overall, a good buy....more info

  • um........
    parasite eve is a good game but im on day six and i have 2 face the baby on the ship! i keep dying! hints ppl ! hints! lol...more info
  • Wish I coulda' given it more stars...
    Don't get me wrong this game is great. But I think Squaresoft should have spent a little more time on certain elements of the game. But first I will tell you about the good points of the game. The graphics are the best I have ever seen. The story line is great. And the battle system is very well invented. Now the bad points. The music [is not good], the length of the game is ridiculous, and the last boss is two easy. But if you are a person that is just starting out in the RPG genre, then this is the game for you........more info
  • parasite eve
    the worst game ive ever played,very weak weapons and by the way can only be used when eve reaches a certain enery level. if your a re fan you'll probably hate this boring weak, weak game.i never completed game stupid and boring....more info
  • One of Squaresoft's best!!
    When I bought PE, by reccomendation of a friend, I must tell you, I didn't think I'd like it. I sat down and put it in and turned it on. The opening movie was awesome! When I got to playing it I decided it was an "ok" game, when I got farther I realized I loved this game, I was up at 2 or 3 in the morning playing it. The controllers were not confusing, and Aya is a smary and beautiful woman on a mission.

    She has the help of her partner Daniel and a Japanese scientist, Maeda. I think that if you like the Final Fantasy series then you would love PE, I reccomend you go by this game and play it if you haven't already....more info

  • Good, solid game
    I rented Parasite Eve to give it a try and to be honest, I didn't expect much. I figured it would be the same old, run of the mill RPG but I was pleasantly surprised. With a unique story line and great mutated foes, I found myself quickly sucked into this game. The story line is creative and interesting...enough for even experienced RPG'ers to appreciate. The games overall mechanics in terms of battle sequences and general movement are smooth and fluid. The main flaw with this game is that there isn't enough of it. The game moves along at a quick pace and before you know it, it's over. Still, I highly recommend this game for nearly everyone, although the gross-out factor may be relatively high for kids under 13...lots of blood and guts. Take advantage of the great deal currently offered by Amazon, trust me, you won't be disappointed....more info
  • Parasite Eve: A truly magnificent game
    As I stated in the title, this is an excellent game. There are many reasons for this.

    1) The story line is terrific. Like most Squaresoft games, the story line will keep you involved, ensuring loss of sleep from not wanting to stop.

    2) The graphics are amazing. The CG sequences will leave you breathless, even the graphics in the regular gameplay will make your jaw drop in pure awe.

    3) The musical score suits the mood of the game perfectly. They have beautiful classical pieces as well as their own original, techno/instrumentals.

    The game does have one major downfall, the controls. The way the camera moves around, the control changes quite often. Aside from the play controls, pretty much everything else is perfect. The occasional slow load time will kick in, but that's about it.

    This is a game that RPG fans will love. But many gamers who are into games with great story lines or awesome CG sequences will love this game as well. Parasite Eve is one of the best PSX games to ever hit store shelves. Happy gaming....more info

  • parasite eve
    this game was fun to play. it was for my boyfriend's birthday and he was shocked i had found it. thanks ...more info
  • Praise Parasite Eve
    PArasite eve is a rpg/action classic! Just for horror and science fiction fans. The gameplay is fast and fun. The story is intresting and keeps you on the egde of your seat. The graphics are beautiful escpally the cut scenes!! Pick this up now it is a reason to own a playstation! I highly recomend this!!...more info
  • "Pasrasite Eve is an awesome game"
    This a pretty good rpg for the ps1 which has a very in depth story line and has a nice fighting system. Overall I give this game five stars...more info
  • Simply Put, the MOST Amazing PS Game in a LOOONG Time!
    This game was amazing. A cinematic masterpiece. I am a college student and borrowed this game from my younger brother, who hated it. I played it in my friends' apartment. After 5 minutes of gametime, we had 12 people sitting around the television completely hooked. The storyline was incredible - debates among us were constant as to the next twist in the plot. The graphics were incredible, especially in the movie scenes... they rival the PS2 graphics EASILY. The fighting system takes some getting used to, but is very easy once you get the idea. The characters really start to rub off on you right away (Yells of "NOOOOOOO" were constant when we thought one of the characters would die... we honestly became attached!). So to put this whole synopsis into a single line: buy this game. If you're under the age of say 15 or so... don't - it gets really tough. However, for the rest of us, it's a definate must have. The replay value is great, too - I've played it three times already, and I'm STILL not tired of it!...more info
  • Parasite eve
    Not as exciting as most. In many places it moved very slow. I was dissapointed....more info
  • Thought-Provoking And Nothing Short of Spectacular!
    Although PS1 seems to be something of the past now, it's always good to return to it to relive classic games, especially classics that are not on PS2. Parasite Eve is one of those rare finds where no matter how old it is or how many times you play it, it's as good as it was the first time.
    Based on a popular Japanese novel (under the same name), Parasite Eve stars a young female cop named Aya Brea, whom, after witnessing a chaotic senario at an opera, realizes the existance of "Eve" who plans on "freeing the mitochondria's true powers." Aya soon gets entangled in the horrific adventure as she defends New York City from the approaching apocalypse.

    The absolute best thing about PE is it's so intriging and thought-provoking. It makes you think, but not to the point where you're wracking your brain out, eather. The concept of the Mitochondrias may sound bizarre but in all respect gets your creative juices flowing in a plot that PE makes seem all too real. For a fictional storyline, I haven't seen such a realistic-fictional plot like this in a long time!

    Pace is steady and smooth. Some parts will be more action-packed than others, but everything's balanced off very well. Music is brilliant and I find myself watching the opening all the time. Visuals are breath-taking, considering it's age. The field/battle graphics aren't worth a full five stars (maybe 4) but the cinematic scenes are, and it doesn't take you long to forget this is a game. You'll begin to think it's an actual movie. It's not unbearably long, either, so things are tight, cut to the chase, and leave you satisfied, yet wanting more. The characters too, are well-developed as far as depth.

    Overall, Parasite Eve is one of those rare classics that are worth going back to. You definately don't get the privlege of playing a game like this every day. If you're a fan of Sci-Fi, horror, or action-genres, PE's for you. Truely amazing!...more info
  • One of the best games I've played
    This game is great. Aya rocks. A woman with a gun is always dangerous. Moving Aya is a bit bothersome but manageable. The graphics are really good and the story, though confusing at the beginning, is extremely interesting. It is a great game to play....more info
  • Its been 4 years...
    ...and I still have the game in good condition. When i first bought my playstion, this was the frist game i played, hence the first RPG i ever played. I got it cause my friend said its good, and i saw the commerical (the one with the helicopter and the slime and Aya) and figured it would be good. Thank god i was right. Let's get into the battle system:

    Now THIS is the meat of the game, for the most part.For me, in some games, I think that the battle system is the potatoes in an RPG. If its good, then you won't be bored. No, I will not compare this game to Final Fantasy or its sequel. This is Parasite Eve review, not my turn to play fan-boy. Your midocondria (i think) gives you powers. Like heal HP, Haste, Detox, and attacks. Your PE will we restored slowly in battle. While its restoring you can dodge your enemys attacks, and counter attack when your AT bar fills up. AT is active time, where a lil bar fills up depending your level and when its full you attack. And you can't attack just anywhere, mind you. You have a grid that is your range. Enemy out of range (grid) you will miss. Easy, but will keep you on your toes, and will be hard because you have usally more than one enemy to deal with.

    Now THIS is the meat of the game, for the most part. The Story is Amazing. Just too short, but got me glued to my TV set. I will not say anything bou the story cause you already know by other reviews.

    The sound is good, not great. Primal Eyes (the theme song) is geat with its fast paced piano solo.

    Your ganna be hooked on this game, and will want to know what the title, Pasasite Eve, really means. You will know soon enough.

    Like i said this game is great and its my first Playstion game. Now i own most of the final fantasy i own both chrono games, and i have a vast libary of Rpgs, and all because of this lil game. And it wasn't Final fantasy VII that got me hooked.

    It was Parasite Eve....more info

  • plain old fun
    A fun game with only a few down points
    1. it's short, only 10 hours to beat and 2 disc's.
    2. Aya runs very slow and looks funny while running.
    but besides that a very enjoyable RPG with a differnt attitude. The story of mitochondria eve told by sqauresoft in this game is a fasinating one.

    People say it is Final Fantasy meet Resident Evil, I say its True Science meets Stephen King.

    ...more info