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This Walt Disney movie is the story of Tarzan.

After viewing Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Edgar Rice Burroughs wrote to Walt Disney about adapting his novel of an ape-man into a feature animated cartoon. Sixtysome years later, the tale is finally told with brilliant design work that looks unlike any previous animated film. The story is a natural for Disney since the themes of misunderstood central figures have been at the heart of its recent hits. Disney's Tarzan doesn't wander far from the familiar story of a shipwrecked baby who is brought up by apes in Africa. What gives the film its zing is its clever use of music (the songs are sung by Phil Collins himself rather than onscreen characters) and the remarkable animation. Deep Canvas, a 3-D technology, was developed for the film, creating a jungle that comes alive as Tarzan swings through the trees, often looking like a modern skateboarder racing down giant tree limbs. The usual foray of sidekicks, including a rambunctious ape voiced by Rosie O'Donnell, should keep the little ones aptly entertained. The two lead voices, Tony Goldwyn as Tarzan and Minnie Driver as Jane, are inspired choices. Their chemistry helps the story through the weakest points (the last third) and makes Tarzan's initial connection with all things human (including Jane) delicious entertainment. Disney still is not taking risks in its animated films, but as cookie-cutter entertainment, Tarzan makes a pretty good treat. (Ages 5 and up) --Doug Thomas

Customer Reviews:

  • One of those movies.
    Tarzan is a classic that I can watch over & over like Lion King, Aladdin, Wall-E, etc. It has some awesome songs by Phil Collins too boot!...more info
  • Animated Tarzan A Pleasant Surprise
    I found this surprisingly good because not only was animation well done - which they all seem to be in the past decade - but an involving, action-packed story that was interesting start-to-finish. The action is not overdone, however. The color in here is magnificent and it looks spectacular on DVD. I'd like to see this on Blu-Ray some day.

    The film turned out to be a good combination of drama, action, comedy and romance. I would think this would be a little too frightening, however, for little kids, for those wondering about that. The only negative I had was listening to the grating voice of Rose O'Donnell. Otherwise, I have nothing but good things to say about this film.
    ...more info
  • Great Classic Disney Animated Film
    The animation in Tarzan is a joy to watch from start to finish; the music a treat. My 3-year old grandson LOVES his "newest" movie!...more info
  • Tarzan purchased by NeeNee
    The DVD is great and was shipped quickly. My grandson has thoroughly enjoyed it and we have too!...more info
  • Good movie
    I've always like this first animated Tarzan movie. The kids like it too. Disney knows how to entertain kids of all ages....more info
  • One of the best recent Disney movies,
    This movie is probably one of the best recent Disney movies, as well as of all times. It's got humorous and serious moments both, and always makes me really emotional. Plus, there are some songs but it's not the corny musical style numbers that Disney had been making a lot of in the 90's.

    The animation also is amazing, and this film featured well-blended cg in the scene where Tarzan slides down the trees, showing that Disney is still a pioneer in animation techniques. You will not lose with this movie....more info

  • True to the Original!!
    In terms of animation, this has to be one of the most recent best which Disney has produced. From the beginning segments to the end, it is a whirlwind adventure.

    Phil Collins drumbeats are an incredible addition to this film's vision to keep to the original story. And one of the most marvelous things about this story, is that there isn't any singing going on between Tarzan and Jane. They are who they are and can be appreciated outside of any singing and dancing.

    If you're looking for a great couple of hours of entertainment, this is a good place to look. In fact, look no further. It is here!!!...more info

  • Great Film
    Disney brings the legendary story of the Lord of the Apes to animation with excellent results. The film follows the story of Tarzan, a young baby orphaned and alone in the jungle. After being found by a kindly gorilla named Kala, Tarzan is adopted into the gorilla family and raised as one of them. As he grows up, he attempts to prove himself to his family, most specifically the family's patriarch, Kerchak. This becomes even more difficult when more humans come into the jungle, including a spirited Englishwoman named Jane Porter. As he begins to fall in love with her, his loyalties are divided and he must choose whether to stay with his gorilla family or remain with Jane. The film is excellent, but, to me at least, doesn't seen to really take off until Jane enters the picture half way through the story. Most of Tarzan's adventures with sidekicks Terk the gorilla and Tantor the elephant near the beginning of the film are not as interesting as many of the events later on. The music by Phil Collins is great, the animation stunning, and the relationships between both Tarzan and Jane and Tarzan and his adopted-parents are also well played as well. A very well crafted film and worthy of being called one of Disney's best....more info
  • Excellent! :)
    I was totally amazed that disney created this movie. It is absolutly spectacular. The animation will totally blow you away, and the action scenes are totaly great. The thing that really amazed me was that you actually saw Tarzan's dead parents in the corner and the bloddy footmarks from Sabor the leopord. And Clayton is also one hell of a villain....more info
  • great story!
    I loved the story to this Tarzan version! THE SOUNDTRACK IS AMAZING! :)...more info
  • Subtract 14 stars from my rating.
    First of all, don't get me wrong here.. I've always liked Disney movies. I mean c'mon, everybody, old and young.. we all grew up watching them, but this is [bad]... Why do they continue to make the characters' eyes bigger and bigger? Walt is more than likely spinning in his grave at the moment.
    Ya' know, I've always thought of Tarzan as a masculine, purely instinctive person, not a dropout Looney Tunes character with eyes that resemble pogs, sliding around on treelimbs in speeds of excess of 50mph (or so it appears about that fast, anyways).
    I only saw around 30 minutes of this disappointing [movie], and decided not to torture my VCR any further......more info
  • A fine tuned disney masterpiece
    This movie has to boast one of the best soundtracks Disney has to offer. The animation is stunning. Jane is every bit as charming as Belle, and Ariel, and has to be one of the most well drawn disney female characters put out, with her big eyes and sweet facial expressions. You could tell disney spent a lot of time studying the gorillas and their mannerisms and habits with the amount of realism that was given to them. The humor is trademark disney, charming and funny without being overly corny. Disney does recycle a lot of it's older themes, but it works this time. I recently rewatched this movie and I was stunned at how well done it is....more info
  • Tarzan
    Great movie for both kids and adults. Kids watch movies over and over. When a movie is put together well, as this one is, it is a relief to the parents that also have to watch over and over...
    Good soundtrack...more info
  • Tarzan
    Great movie for both kids and adults. Kids watch movies over and over. When a movie is put together well, as this one is, it is a relief to the parents that also have to watch over and over...
    Good soundtrack...more info
  • Funny!
    This is a great movie, including the characters Tony Goldwyn, and Minnie Driver. I even liked the scene where the monkeys were playing music out of supplies. But next time you should rate it PG for Action Sequences and Brief Rude Humor....more info
  • Dude Of The Jungle
    Disney's Tarzan is the coolest Tarzan ever. Where can you find a Tarzan with a deep voice, long braided hair, athletic, powerful jaw, natural imitator, with Phil Collin's soundtrack and the best of all - the greatest tree surfer ever?

    The Plot(5 stars). I'm glad how this Edgar Rice Burrough's eternal adaptation was well presented. Disney's version about a wild man discovered in the midst of a remote jungle, raised and brought up by an ape was truly enjoyable. The story was executed with a heart, with some funny and playful moments for the kids (and grown ups too), not to mention how artistically this was visualized for our eyes to fathom.

    Likable moments of the film were "The Sabor(leopard) - Tarzan Fight" - great angle and timing and the "The Jane-Baby Monkey Chase" - very hilarious.

    This is a story about family, acceptance, leadership, betrayal, friendship and love.

    The Players (5 stars). What a great voice cast. Each gave justice to their parts. Tony Goldwyn of "Ghost" as Tarzan is mysterious - like his deep voice. Minnie Driver as Jane is entertaining - like her giggle. Glenn Close as Tarzan's mother Kala is comforting. Lance Henriksen as Tarzan's father Kerchak is authoritative. Brian Blessed as Clayton is mildly sarcastic. And of course Rosie O' Donnell as Trek is a natural attention grabber.

    The Production (5 stars). The water is a crystal. The sky is blue and clear. The jungle is green and luscious. Wow, what can I say? The background is realistically visualized, characters are well-animated and the soundtrack/music is fresh - loved it. Don't mind what other people say, the soundtrack is 4 ? stars beating the film (4 stars) alone, with 195 reviewers (as of this time). So I don't mind giving Phil Collins some credits.

    Tarzan is a wonderful entertainment for all ages. Enjoy!

    Plot (5 stars x 40%) = 2.0
    Players (5 stars x 20%) = 1.0
    Production (5 stars x 40%) = 2.0
    Total is 5.0 or 5 stars - perfect; a must-buy.

    *For the animation, I gave big emphasize on the production/visualization rather than the actors/voice.
    **Check the criteria on how I decide to select stars for movies at my profile. I hope my review helps you a lot. Thanks....more info

  • Great Movie!!
    This is the one of the best movies I have seen in years! I personally love animated films but here lately regardless of what you pick out, regular movie or animated, they all [stink]!! Its like no one has imagination anymore. well anyways, the movie starts with tarzan's parents escaping from their burning ship & end up in Africa. At the same time it shows the ape family. (Without giving any details as dont want to ruin the excitement) tarzan ends up with the ape family & grows up. He has 2 main best friends: ape named terk & elephent named tantor. while trying to get acceptance from his ape dad kercheck the humans (mr porter,jane,& clayton) show up. after learning more about the human world, everything comes to a head. tarzan disobeys kercheck & brings the humans to his ape family. he soon relizes how bad humans can be. at the end, clayton is cageing all of tarzan's ape family & plans to take them to England to sale, of course then Tarzan & his friends must save the day! I will not say how he does it, you must watch it for that but what I can say is: This movie is definity a keeper! Just to let you know there are a couple parts when animals & people end up dead but disney does a great job of letting you know exactly what happened but doesnt get graffic & discusting so even small kids can watch this. SO ENJOY!...more info
  • That magical Disney touch
    Tarzan, Disney's 1999 entry, showed Disney at the top of its game, and in many ways that was why I disliked the film for nearly three years. After watching it a second time recently, I realized that I was being overly critical, and found that now I actually really enjoyed the movie, and am very eager to add this DVD to my collection.

    Why did I initially hate Tarzan? The closest comparison I can make is to the James Bond film "The Spy Who Loved Me." By that film, the producers knew what worked and what didn't, and the film was basically a recycling of the best stuff that came before it. Tarzan is in many ways the same, as it borrows heavily from the top-grossing Disney cartoons of the 90's. We have the title card flashed twice, once at the beginning and once at the very end (Lion King). We get an animal stampede (Lion King). There is the authority figure whom our hero has to win over (Mulan), and a montage showing him gradually overcoming his disadvantages (Mulan). Two cultures meet (Pocahontas), and some of the new arrivals have mercenary motivations (Pocahontas). These antagonists trick our hero into betraying his friends (Hunchback), and at the end their leader dies by falling to his death (the list is endless). I've never seen any other Tarzan movie, but on my first viewing I got the feeling that, like Hercules, Disney simply threw stuff together without paying heed to the real story.

    However, like The Spy Who Loved Me, none of that matters. If Tarzan had been produced by Warner Bros. or anyone else, it would have been condemmed for all its cliches, recycled material, and plot devices. However, this is Disney, and Disney has a way of sugarcoating its offerings so that even though you know you've seen this before somewhere, you don't really care. All the borrowed material, even the cliches, feel slick and polished, and some work better in Tarzan. Tarzan and Jane are loveable characters with great voice work, and their inital meeting has more meaning than the one between John Smith and Pocahontas.

    It also helps that this is, hands down, the best animation I have ever seen. Everything feels three dimensional, especially the tree-surfing scenes. The backgrounds are simply mind-boggling, and the characters all move fluidly and subtlely. It has to be seen to be believed.

    Tarzan is a fun movie, and this 2-disc edition is worth the money if you can find it. Yes, I still think the movie is blatently recycling, and Disney must have thought so too, because its latest offerings have all been extremely offbeat (Emperor's New Groove, Atlantis, Lilo and Stich). But really, I don't care anymore! Disney magic rocks, and your kids will be watching this one for a long time to come....more info

  • Tarzan!
    Not only did I love this movie I absolutly adored the animation. The water looked so real and same with the jungle. Very cool. The story begins when Tarzans parents escape from a burning ship and end up in africa. They build a tree house in a huge tree. While they are building two gorilla's Kala and Kerchak also ahve a baby and they seem to love it very much. Then (this is the part where it gets a bit gory) a leopard called Sapour kills Kala's baby and then climes into Tarzan's tree house and kills his parents. When Kala hears a cry and she climbs into the tree house and see's tarzan's parents lying dead in the corner with sapours footprints covered with blood. Well anyway now let's fast forward. Tarzan finds two friends Terk (a gorilla) and
    tantor (an elephant).
    When Tarzan becomes part of the ape family he kills sapour and tries to convince his stepfather kerchak to like him. That's when human's arivve in the seen. They are a small group with a clumsy professor, a hunter named Clayton and the professor's daughter Jane. When they meet Kerchak is not to happy about their arrival and scares them off. Then at the end of the movie Clayton kills Kerchack and fights with Tarzan in the trees. Eventually Clayton gets tangled up in vines and suffocates. The end....more info
  • Great movie
    I loved the animation, the musical score and mostly Tarzan. Tarzan can tree surf and almost fly through the air. This is what Burroughs imagined when he wrote Tarzan, but this could never be accomplished in real life. In the animated world, Tarzan almost flies.

    I loved his strained relationship with his ape-father Kurchak. The scene where Tarzan hands the dead leopard to Kurchak and 2 stare into each others' eyes is almost mesmerizing. Unfortunately we never get to see if Kurchak would've accepted him because that's when the humans enter the scene.

    I also loved the scene where Tarzan and Jane were sitting in the tree and Tarzan touched his hand to hers. For the first time he saw that there were others like him. This led to a lot of confusion for Tarzan.

    He wanted to protect his ape family, but at the same time, wanted Jane to stay in Africa. This leads him to endanger his ape family.

    The DVD is THX certified and the picture and sound definetely live up to it. It uses Dolby Digital 5.0 (minus the LFE, but if you have a subwoofer you'll get plenty of bass). The picture is done in deep canvas animation and looks as close to 3D as a non computer animation can.

    The only thing I hate about the DVD is you have to fast forward thru ads to get even get to the menu....more info

  • A Real Winner!
    Only one word can describe this DVD: amazing. The people at Disney sure made one heck of a family film. The animation is superior (I'm especially impressed with how they animated Tarzan himself--all those muscles look real convincing; Glen Keane, the designer of Tarzan, must really know his anatomy), the music is awesome (I just love Phil Collins), and the characters are a scream, especially Terk and Tantor.

    Throughout this entire film, you are kept right on the edge of your seat. This DVD is packed with action, humor, and even a little bit of romance. The behind-the-scenes stuff is pretty cool too, which contains several deleted scenes (including an alternate opening and an alternate fighting sequence between Tarzan and Clayton), a few games, and awesome music videos that you'll hardly find anywhere else.

    On a scale of one to ten, I give Tarzan a 15. ...more info
    unless u count the Phil Collins songs.... Well they are forgettable indeed and an intrusion at times. This movie didn`t need songs....

    The entire production is inventive and a repeated pleasure...

    When u see Peter Jackson`s KING KONG 2005, u`ll find a lot of scenes "stolen" og "inspired" by this cartoon; notably the running from the elephants(dinosaurs in Kong), Jane`s chase from the mad apes(Ann`s escape from three Tyrannosauruses) and Jane`s amusing relationship with the ape man(Ann doing vaudville tricks for Kong - urghhh)

    THIS IS A CLASSIC:-)...more info
  • I Like The Movie But..
    The actual DVD sucks. The menu is unimpressive and for some reason, there is like 10 minutes of advertising from Disney. The extras are boring too. I don't want to see a Phil Collins music video! I like the movie. It is funny and visually beautiful. The start is sad, but not as sad as Finding Nemo (a movie that I adore to no end!) As a Disney movie, it is a bit grown up for kids as there are guns and deaths. But hey, I know people who let children watch worse stuff than that, so I'm not complaining. In the end, the movie is watchable, but the DVD blows and isn't wirth the money. By the way, I'm not saying that Tarzan isn't good. Amazon tells us to review the PRODUCT as well as the movie. The movie gets a four from me and the DVD gets a minus ten. ...more info
  • Behold the Legend of Tarzan...
    After churning out less than stellar animation over the last few years, yet still creating hits at the box office, it's nice to go back and watch some of the other films that Disney Studios has made when they used a more elegant, and classy character design. One of the films they used their classic design for was a new interpretation of Edgar Rice Burroughs's literary classic "Tarzan".

    "Tarzan" begins with a family of apes discovering a young baby whose parents have been killed by a jaguar. One of the female apes (Glenn Close) takes the young child to raise as her own. Though he is continually shunned by the leader of the apes, and dubbed `the hairless wonder' by the younger apes in the clan, Tarzan (Tony Goldwynn) perseveres and is raised to adulthood by the apes. Alongside his smart-witted ape friend Terk (Rosie O'Donnell) and a neurotic elephant, Tantor (Wayne Knight), Tarzan learns all that he needs to survive in the wild. However, his adopted world collides with the world he truly belongs in, when a group of humans, including a young woman named Jane (Minnie Driver) come to the jungle in search of apes to study. Tarzan, must now choose between spending life with the lovely Jane in a civilized world, or in the jungle with the only family he's ever known.

    With stunning animation, stellar voice acting from the entire cast, and an excellent array of songs performed by Phil Collins and composer Mark Mancina, this truly is an instant classic. I have to admit that I've never read the original story by Edgar Rice Burroughs, so I don't know how accurate this film adaptation is, though I doubt that the animals talked in the original novel, but if this film is any indication I imagine the book would be a very entertaining and interesting read.

    It's nice to see that Disney didn't always use the clunky design they had given their characters during their films in recent years, because the more smoothly designed characters that were used in their films prior to about the year 2000, made for more appealing and enjoyable films.

    Out of all the other Disney movies that have been released over the years, I have to say in my personal opinion "Tarzan" is one of their best by far. This is a film that I highly recommend that anyone see, definitely a movie for the entire family to enjoy.

    "Tarzan" is rated G....more info
  • 5 for the movie, about hm, 2 for the DVD?
    If you're a fan of buying DVD's, you know of the much-maligned "double dips". To put it simply, it's where the studios re-release a film with more features/enhancements that the previous release didn't have. While early Disney films warranted double dips since restoration and a better understanding of DVD's allowed them to get the best transfers as well as lots of extras, lately they've been prone to either shelving them or releasing them again. Originally, this would've been similar to the excellent 2-disc collector's edition with the bonus features including others but at the last minute, there goes the 2nd disc. It's really too bad since that most likely is the disc they'll keep making rather than the superior CE.

    Everyone knows the story but have to inform you right? A family is shipwrecked and come across an island. Building a treehouse, the 3 settle in and make a home. Elsewhere, gorilla Kala's child has been killed and while grieving she hears the distant baby cries of the shipwrecked family's son. Finding the parents killed by vicious cheetah Sabor, Kala adopts him and naming him Tarzan, but is met with much consternation from the herd leader, Kerchak. Eventually Tarzan grows into a full and agile man who is disarmed when gorilla researchers arrive on the island which presents not only a problem when one has other motives in mind but Tarzan discovering the world beyond his own.

    Out of all of the recent Disney films, this is probably my favorite as far as the animation is concerned. Some of the backgrounds, especially one shot involving an elephant watering hole just look stunning while character animation is also spot-on. Also, Tarzan got notice for its use of the "Deep Canvas" technique. In the old days, the studio used what was called a multi-plane camera which allowed more depth into the shots. Deep Canvas upgrades it to have the camera pull off more cinematic moves that was impossible before. At first, I hated the use of the music by Phil Collins but over time I didn't find it as bad (especially since hearing the bland songs of Brother Bear) and grew to like them. Also it's finally nice to see characters not bust out into song such as if there was, let's say a solo Rosie O'Donnell number (who plays Tarzan's friend Terk, the one weak link in the cast).

    The DVD is disappointing since Disney planned it as a big 2 disc release like Mulan and Pocahontas but for some reason at the last minute, said it's one disc, which is quite a tragedy since all we get is deleted scenes and a commentary while everything else is kids stuff. Where's the featurettes on the backgrounds or the Deep Canvas usage? We have to find the Collector's Edition which is quite hard to find since Disney has made that 2-Disc disappear.

    Granted we're not dealing in masterpiece level but the film is great fun anyways and that's the point of it....more info
  • Don't buy this 1-Disc release.
    I bought the Japanese 2-Disc edition from Amazon's Japanese site. The only thing that is in Japanese only are the kiddy games everthing else is in English with removable JPN subtitles. The JPN edition is NTSC and region 2. If you only have a region 1 DVD player try to find a copy of the old Tarzan Collectors 2-disc edition release....more info
  • A Classic
    Tarzan ranks #2 right under The Lion King in my list of favorite Disney films. It's brilliant and something that the whole family, either younger or older, will enjoy. It's filled with all kinds of different emotions which really puts in the cream filling. It has loads of humor, some sadness, happiness, and not to mention suspense. :) It's definitely worth every penny. The only thing that disappointed me with this DVD was that it was advertised as a double-disc with tons of special features, and that's not what I got. While most other countries-- if not all of them are enjoying their two disc version, all of us living in the United States got screwed over by Disney. Oh, well. At least I have the movie. But... if you're a hardcore Tarzan fan and you live in the United States, I would suggest you get this DVD imported from another country so you can have the extras. ...more info
  • Great Rendition Of The Classic Burrough's Tale
    "Tarzan" is one of Disney's best animated films. It has a wonderful cast that includes the voice talents of Tony Goldwyn, Minnie Driver, Glenn Close, and Brian Blessed among others. The music, scored by Mark Mancina with songs performed by Phil Collins, is great. It contains some of the best music that Disney has put out in the last couple of decades. The movie is fun, raucous, and rambunctious. But at the same time it evokes quite the plethora of emotions. From joy, to wonder, to hatred, and, in classic Disney fashion, sadness, this film has them all.

    This is a wonderful story for youngsters to view. There's no bad language, but there is some violence. Of course, if you have seen the film before, you're quite aware of the violent way that one particular character passes away. It is all handled quite nicely by Disney and it is no worse than some of the violent deaths in films such as "A Bug's Life" and "The Lion King."

    In short, this is a wonderful tale for the whole family. If you consider a DVD only as good as its extras, you might be let down by this helping. However, if you purchase DVDs for the pure enjoyment of the films they contain, "Tarzan" is sure to suffice....more info
  • Disney needs to get it together!
    For months, Disney advertised this as a 2-Disc Special Edition DVD. But at the last minute, that second disc mysteriously disappeared. WHY? This is false advertising, and if I had my way, Disney would have a big fat lawsuit on their hands. It's unfair to force people who really want a 2-Disc to pay very expensive import prices to get one from the UK and to those of us who don't own a region-free player. They did this same crap to Alice In Wonderland, but the other way around. UK lost a disc that we have, and Paramount and Fox have done this to US fans of Titanic by dropping the 2-and-4-disc editions in the US, but not in the UK, and giving fans in the US a 3-Disc edition. I don't understand why these movie companies can't be consistent with their international releases and simply make a single version available for all people all over the world.

    Unfortunately, I have chosen not to buy this crappy excuse for a "Special Edition" DVD. I do not appreciate being lied to. I still love Disney movies as well as the excellent DVD editions, when Disney actually releases the product they've advertised for months, and I will continue to buy the QUALITY DVD releases, but I do not enjoy false advertisement....more info
  • Not a 2-disc edition!
    The movie? Awesome. The DVD? Another Disney rip-off.

    Touted as a two-disc special edition all the way through the packaging of the Cinderella two-disc special edition, Disney silently changed its mind and charged an outrageous price for a single disc. Even the coupon inside the Cinderella DVD said that this would be a two-disc. Why did Disney change its mind last minute? No official word (and no apology when I complained), but you can bet the answer starts with a dollar sign....more info
  • Where is My 2-Disc Special Edition ?
    Where in the world is the 2nd Disc to the Tarzan Special Edition I was told about in the commerical?
    This is complete false advertisement.
    I bought this DVD thinking there where 2-Discs.
    Disney really messed up on this one.
    They need to send all owner's of this crappy So-called Special Edition a free copy of the next Tarzan release(which will probably be a 2 Disc DVD) or refund unsatisfied customers money back.
    I will think twice about buying certain Disney movies in the future.

    I am also upset about the "New Groove Edtion" of The Emperor's New Groove.
    This is for the most part the same DVD as the previous released.
    Down to the content and even the menus.
    The only thing really new is 2 more deleted scenes.

    I am totally upset about this situation.
    I can not return these DVD's to the store because the DVD's are opened.
    The only way I could know this was not what I wanted was to open the DVD's.
    As a customer what do you do when the stores have a no return policy on open DVD's.

    Total Disappointment!...more info
  • excellent movie, but...
    This film is fantastic and it's nice to see it being put back out on dvd, but the main issue here is Disney's marketing. After promising a 2 disc release (that mirrored the Collector's Edition), the US was shafted and only recieved a one disc with minimal extras. This wouldn't be a huge issue, but most everywhere else in the world DID get the 2 disc release and it bothers me that Disney decieded to do this. The false advertisement of this edition of the dvd is unexcusable and I'm very upset about this. In the back of my mind I'm wondering if they're prepping a 2-disc re-release as well but centered for more around Christmas...

    bottom line, if you don't care about the special features I'd get this DVD. But, for the disney collector, try and find a copy of the Collectors Edition somewhere. ...more info
    OK i was blown away... But there were some problems. Well when Tarzan was little he would put mud on his face and have a spazzzzzz atacke. He thought he was a monkey but thats probli cause his parents would beat him on a regular basis daily. But he grows up and is finally excepted by apes. Just cause he thinks hes an ape that doesnt mean he cant get a hair-cut every now and then. But yea Rosie O-donald does an OK job with that gender confused ape. I also dont like Janes dad. Hes weird. He also has a very strange body-formation. Like half hunch-back and half troll. But yea if Al Pachino did the voice of Tarzan it would have be a 5 no matter what. So I give Tarzan 5 AHHHHHs out 5....more info
    After publicizing this release as a 2 disc set, disney finally changed its mind and released it as a barebones single disc. Those who were waiting to get all those great behind the scenes stuff available previously on "tarzan 2 disc collector's edition" will be thoroughly disappointed with this release.

    However, those who missed out on previous 2 disc collector's edition and want to own tarzan on a two disc set, still have the option of buying it from amazon.co.uk, where it has been released as a 2-disc special edition with all those behind the scenes stuff from previous collector's edition. Just make sure you have a multi-region dvd player which plays discs from all regions.

    Do not buy this unless you just want to own the film. Better still search for the old collector's edition. It will be worth all the money spent....more info
  • yes... there is a 2-disc Special Edition
    Believe or not... there is a 2-disc Special Edition... I do not know why Disney is going to realese a disc Special Edition of this movie in the USA, but in Mexico I got my copy of the 2 disc, and it was realese on May 2005, It has the 5.1 sorround sound track and comes in three languages (English, Spanish and Portuguese), Region 1 and 4, NTSC, and Widescreen. It has a lot of features, and an enhance picture. Includes new musical videos and the old ones. It has alternative opening and endings, delete scenes and games in those languages with menus. So, it means you can access to the English version or Spanish one. For more information visit DisneyLatino. ...more info