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Sony CRASH TEAM RACING part number CRASHTEAM or C-RASH-TEA-M Compatible with:

PlayStation owners no longer need to borrow their friend's Nintendo 64 in order to have a rollicking good old time racing virtual turbo-charged go-karts through outlandish environments. Crash Team Racing does an excellent job of re-creating that same thrill on the PlayStation.

Crash Team Racing has all the marks of the kart-racing genre, including big-headed characters driving diminutive go-karts, power-ups to increase speed and slow down opponents, and thematic tracks with multiple paths for exploration. What CTR adds to the mix is fairness: tighter-turning cars are rewarded for precision driving, skillful jumping, and strategic placement of booby traps. Sure, the playing field is level, but the better the driver, the better chance he or she has of winning consistently without any annoying "catch-up code."

The one-player game is wonderfully presented as an exploratory adventure, while the multiplayer mode is a split-screen must-play for anyone with a PlayStation (and, of course, friends). Twenty-five tracks, 12 characters, and responsive control make CTR the gotta-have racing game. --Jeff Young


  • Excellent kart control, including power slides, hops, and wheelies
  • Wide tracks encourage passing
  • High replayability, especially in multiplayer mode
  • Characters aren't as cute as those in Mario Kart
  • Sony Playstation 1 (PS1) video game
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Customer Reviews:

  • HATED IT!!!
    I did not like this game at all. I thought it was very hard and there was no diversity. I understand people like racing but when you by a Bandicoot game you expect to jump, race, glide, swim, not just one thing. I am going to by Bandicoot for Playstation 2, and I expect it to be much better than CTR. Loved all the rest, hated this one....more info
  • One of the best.
    I have played the Crash games ever since the first one back in September 9th, 1996. Of all the Crash games, this is my 2nd favorite (other than Crash 3).

    Naughty Dog quit after this game, therefore that's why there's a cheat for a "scrapbook" option in the Main Menu.

    In this, you have your fellow Crash characters racing to go against Nitrous Oxide, the main enemy. You go through tracks, which are character themed i.e "Crash Cove". You collect trophies, gems, relics, and CTR tokens.

    As a veteran to this game, it can get hard getting a full 100% completion, since you need gold relics or better to obtain the 100% and the epilogue when you beat Oxide.

    A trick to the times: collide into all the time crates. All the crates are placed strategically on the track, so it is possible to get all the crates within 3 laps. When you complete the track with all the crates, you get a 10-second "shaven-off" bonus on your total time, therefore easily obtaining a gold or a platinum relic.

    I've played the other Crash racing games... this one, even though is 32-bit graphics, is the best.

    5/5...more info
  • Great Classic!!!
    This game is one of the greatest games EVER on ALL consoles. amazing artwork and great gamplay all together! I would only make one thing better. I would make harder AI. But don't even think about not getting this game.I can tell you that this game is fun for 6 years! Iv'e been playing since I was 8 and I still enjoy it! Im really happy that sony still sells CTR.

    And if you never bought the game,you are not a human being!...more info
  • An excellent racing game that gives even recent Mario Karts a run for their money
    + fun!
    + advanced techniques add depth to the gameplay
    + great controls
    + excellent adventure mode
    + time trial mode is cool
    + awesome tracks
    + excellent music and sound effects
    + lasts a long time overall

    - bosses have unlimited items
    - no crash detection when bumping other karts

    Crash Bandicoot was one of the leading franchises on the PlayStation, and for good reason. A few top-notch games rightly earned him the position. After a few great 3-D platformers, Naughty Dog decided to take Crash to the racetrack in Crash Team Racing (CTR): a solid kart racer that has much more to it than your average Mario Kart.

    CTR is a blast to play. The controls are great and there is much to master if you want to race with the best methods. If you play as a character like Crash or Cortex, you can make it around most curves by simply turning. However, proper use of drifting can become extremely beneficial, and it is a much harder technique than in Mario Kart and takes a lot to fully master.

    Jumping is also a key to winning races. By pressing R1 at the top of any kind of bump, ramp, etc. you can get a boost upon hitting the ground (provided you manage to get enough air). This element is really cool and certain courses require lots of strategizing with the jumps to make shortcuts and get the most boosts possible.

    The weapons are also great. They are mostly modeled after basic weapons found in most racing games (homing missile, bomb that rolls in a straight line, potions and TNT to drop behind you, shield, etc.). However, you have the opportunity to upgrade your items within the race by collecting 10 fruits. This puts all items you get in an upgraded form as long as you have the fruit; it's a neat element.

    Believe it or not, CTR actually has a story. An alien named N. Oxide has decided that he wants to turn the world into a giant parking lot. Therefore, it's up to your character of choice to save the world from too much asphalt and a lot of white lines. You race against 7 other characters on 16 tracks and 4 fast bosses to become the world champion who gets the opportunity to challenge the alien invader. The story is played out in the Adventure mode, which is the main part of CTR that puts it above the competition.

    In the adventure mode, you have to win a race on all 16 tracks (thereby collecting all the trophies) and then finally face Oxide. Along the way you'll race four bosses too including the classic Ripper Roo and the Komodo dragon Joe, each of which give you a boss key allowing you to reach the next area of the game.

    What did I just say? Area? That's right, Naughty Dog found it impossible to stray entirely from platforming with Crash. The game actually has a pretty big world containing five areas, and you get around by driving. You enter a level on warp panels (or something of the like) and race from there. It's really neat way to do a racing game and it's much more fun than picking and choosing what to do from a menu.

    The Adventure mode also has extra stuff to get. You'll be about 38% done with the adventure if you quit after getting the 16 trophies; each level also has a CTR token and relic. There are also four battle courses to get CTR tokens on plus a handful of gems. So as you can see there is a lot to do in the main mode, but to be honest it's not all that difficult to complete overall. Still, it's fun to do and lasts a while, and does present a few challenges. I can almost guarantee you'll play through this mode more than once if you own the game.

    Almost all of the game's 16 courses are really great. They're not exactly creative for the most part, but they're extremely fun. It's hard to choose a favorite when they're all so awesome! Most of the tracks are dedicated to one specific character. Several of them have shortcuts that can be taken by jumping with perfect timing and they can be quite difficult to make, so more advanced racers can take the lead with ease (provided they're really good at getting the shortcuts, that is).

    Of course, there is also a regular Grand Prix mode like any other racing game. You probably won't get around to it until you've beaten the adventure but it's there. There is also a battle mode also like most other racing games as well as multiplayer (of course).

    The time trial mode of CTR is really good. Not only do you go for the best time possible, you can stop the clock by hitting yellow boxes with numbers on them. This adds a cool element to the time trials and makes it so that you can get huge cuts in your times.

    There are quite a few characters in the game. You start with eight: Crash, Cortex, Coco, Tiny, N-Gin, Dingodile, Polar, and Pura. You can later unlock the adventure's bosses too, as well as a couple other characters. The original eight characters can be used in the adventure but only one per save file and you can't change them. Weight isn't an issue in the game, but turning, speed, and acceleration are the main statistics.

    Graphically, CTR kept up with the times. They're really not bad at all and playing it today isn't an eyesore. The sound effects have always been a strong point in Crash games and CTR is no exception to the rule: everything from shooting a missile to getting hit by one has a great sound effect. The music is pretty good too and you'll undoubtedly agree that it's a true classic in that sense.

    Overall, CTR is an excellent game. It's the most solid racer I've ever played, and it adds more to the normal racing formula with a great adventure mode, a neat time trial method, and having everything else your average racer of the day should have had. I highly recommend you get this game if you have any of the PlayStations, it's one racer not to be missed.

    Gameplay: 9.0
    Graphics: 8.5
    Sound: 9.5
    Value: 9.0

    FINAL SCORE: 9.1/10...more info
  • Psychetron
    CTR is a good racing game.It's not one of the best,but it's OK. I don't play often racing games.
    It's not much fun,but racing games rearly aren't so fun like the others. ...more info
  • COOL!
    This game is asome because its a racing game and i LOVE racing games this game you can pick up to 5 places but thats not all because it just isn't.If you beat all 5 or 7 i'm not sear you can go on to MORE places....more info
  • this game is ok
    this game is an A. i tried and tried but didn't manage to beat the game. because it was very, very hard to get all the tokens and the relics....more info
  • Great Game!
    A great game for all ages. My 5-year old sister likes it, my 41-year-old uncle likes it. When you race, don't concentrate on trying to get all the weapons to shoot people in front of you, just try to race and butt in front of people. Eventually, you will collect weapons and defence mechanisms. Those are in the Question Mark box. The life points are in the blank box. And always chose a good guy. The bad guys are hard to steer. The god guys are easier to steer but slower. If you can steer good, you'll win (it doesn't matter how fast you are really). I reccomend this game to everyone, especially thrill seekers and video game freaks who just want to master every game....more info
  • A Classic for all Ages
    CTR has got to be one of the greatest games for a family to play. It has very good graphics, effects, sound and react time. CTR can have up to 4 players, with split screen for each viewer. Highly recommended for players 5 and up....more info
  • Fun to play
    Fun to play especially if you have a young child. You'll enjoy playing this with your kids and they'll love playing it too....more info
  • addicting!
    well i had this game for a while cuz i only have a ps1 but i really enjoy it....easy 2 2 play and very addicting...every time my girlfriend would come over she would want to play this game...very fun......more info
  • Possibly the best kart racer ever.
    I just wanna make this short, so I just wanted to say to families, independent playas, and friends to buy it, and never trade it in to your local game store, since youll be having the most fun youve ever had!!! I recomend this game to the world, wheather they hate racing or hate Crash or not!! Im telling you, YOU WILL LOVE THIS TO DEATH!!! I dont play it anymore, but it still remains one of my favorite Crash games. BUY OR DIE, PEOPLE!!!...more info
    Let me be clear: BEST. GO-CART. GAME. EVER.
    The most fun. The best quality. The best everything.
    Yeah, it's old, but it's still the best go-cart racing game around!

    I don't play Crash Bandicoot games. I don't play Mario games. Spyro's lame. I don't like any of them. But CTR is different! This is a racing game of a completely different breed. It's actually GOOD! Really, really GOOD! It's not glitchy, it supports 4 players really well, it has great racing/arena boards & options, it's fun for all skill levels, it's a damn fine game!

    And don't be a loser: play this with/against other people! Get 4 people together and go nuts on either the racing tracks or in the combat arenas! Tons of fun for all ages! You'll only be bored if you're dead or you play like a big stinky fish that's been run-over by a tricycle. Great with friends. Great with people you don't know - but you'll be friends with them after you've been playing this game together! This game is a BLAST!

    Accept no substitutions. Accept pizza & beer. Accept good scotch or whiskey. Accept pizza rolls. Accept microwave burritos. Do not substitute with anything "Mario".

    "BOOM!" goes the Dynamite!

    BEST. DAMN. GO-CART. GAME. EVER. ...more info
  • Aboslutely the BEST!!!!!
    This is one of the best games out there for any console. If you don't know whether it's a good game, it is, and it's worth $54.99 (I'm serious!). It's got lots of tracks, lots of charactors, bonus tracks, bonus characters and much much much much much more (MUCH). It's got good multiplayer, nice adventure mode, VERY COOL CONTROLS, including the ability to power slide for a boost (easy to do), and of course, much much more. By the way, if anyone knows how to REEEAALLYY get Nitrous Oxide, PPPPPPPLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSEEEEEE LET ME KNOW HOW!!!!! If you're going to get this game (PLEASE DO) you might try getting the official strategy guide from Prima.

    Sincerely, RedHawk48. GO DESPERADOS! GO COWBOYS! GO WHITE SOX! ...more info
  • It Bores Me
    It's okay. I'm 7 and just some levels I don't like. I always win, but sometimes I don't win. I like some of the levels. The levels are pretty cool, and I know that some levels, the characters live there. I don't play it that much because it bores me....more info
  • I hope they never stop making copies of this game!
    This is the best game ever! It's been out there for awhile, but it's still my favorite. Even my son, (who's been playing all of the newest games for years), was thrilled when I brought another one of these home. (Our first copy was purchased around 6 years ago and had long ago ceased to work). I'd recommend this game for anyone of any age!...more info
  • A funny game for moments of relax!
    Everybody love Crash Bandicoot:he's funny,he's one of the most important charachters of mondial console,he represents the GOOD.Cortex the BAD.Their challenge can't finish,lucky!After three incredible adventures in technicolor scenaries Crash enters in race's world.This time he's versus Nitros Oxide,a green ugly alien that wanna conquer the world.OH MY GOD!Like Redman said,"Time 4 sum aksion".Doctor Cortex and Bandicoot mix their forces for defeat this new enemy!Incredible,ya?
    The player can choose 8 basic charachters:Cortex,Crash,Coco (Crash's sista),Pura,Polar,N-Gin,DingoDile,Tiny Tiger.There are many game modalities:for the training you can use "Arcade",you will run for defeat the hothers;"Adventure" is the real story and you must win trophies,defeat bosses and DEFEAT OXIDE...Winning gems you will get new charachters like Fake crash and Pinstripe;in "Time Trial" the player must finish 3 laps in a determinate time for unlock N.Trophy's challenge..defeated that blue doctor he must defeat Oxide's ghost (not easy...)for obtain a platinum star.SHOW HOW ARE STRONG YOUR WHEELS!!!
    It's a good game,dedicated to all Crash's fans and for who want relax himself playing to playstation....more info
  • Best Cart Racer Ever
    I know that Nintendo invented the cart racing genre with Mario Kart, and usually when Nintendo comes up with an idea they outdo everyone else. But here we have an exception. Crash Team Racing outdoes Mario Kart in so many ways that it puts Mario Kart to shame.

    CTR basically uses the same weapons as in Mario Kart. They may look different and be called different things, but they basically have the same effect. The two best weapons to have are the guided missile and the warp orb, which when juiced up, can cause all the racers ahead of you to crash and put you in first place. When you collect and hold ten pieces of fruit, you go faster and your weapons are "juiced up."

    What really sets CTR apart from the other racers out there is its adventure mode, where you race through different circuits to unlock more racers and courses in arcade mode. The game is actually very similar to a Crash adventure game, in that each course has three objectives. First, you have to come in first place on the course. Then, you have two more things to earn on the course--a relic for beating a certain time and a gem that you earn when you collect the letters C, T and R from the course while also finishing in first place.

    There are also boss levels, where you have to race against a boss on their course, which can be very difficult. There are also a few gem collecting levels, where you are in an arena and have to collect all the gems in a give amount of time. These additions may not be incredibly fun, but they at least add a little variety.

    Finally, I enjoy the multiplayer mode in CTR much better than that in Mario Kart. You can play with up to four players split-screen, either racing or playing in a battle arena trying to take out the other players.

    Overall, CTR is a very solid game. For all I care, there could never be another cart racing game made again because this is the best one I have ever played, or probably ever will play, unless there is a sequel to CTR....more info

  • great!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I have played this game many times in my life.It is great to play all the levels u get to play and once u reach the top the skys the limit in the game. Please buy it!...more info
  • Best Kart-Racer I've EVER Played!
    I'm completely aware that Nintendo invented the way this game works, but I like this version better then Mario Kart. Crash Team Racing (CTR) is much more creative. The storyline is that there's this new alien from outer space named N. Oxide who's come to earth to brag about his racing skills and is challenging Crash, friends, and some of his past foes to see who the best driver is. Of course, they all think that they should be the one to race Oxide.

    Of course, this means trouble. You must choose your racer from Crash, Coco, Polar, Paura, Cortex, N. Gin, Tiny, and Dingodile. Then you must outrace the other 7 competitors in 16 races to gain the right to race Oxide. Don't think you get away from facing bosses in the game. There are 5 bosses (including Oxide) that you must race. When you have 4 trophies, you have to race Ripper Roo. When you have 8 you have to race Papu Papu. When you have 12 you have to race Komodo Joe. When you have 16 you have to race Pinstripe. When you beat Pinstripe, he gives you the last key that you need to unlock the front door of Oxide's space-ship. After you've beaten Oxide, he'll tell you that you have to collect all of his time relics (introduced in Crash Bandicoot: Warped) and beat him again to prove that you're the fastest driver. I never managed to beat the game with all the relics, so I can't tell you what happens after you've beaten him with all of those.

    Crash's controls are very solid. They used to spoil me a lot. But the controls in this game are very basic and easy to use. The LEFT ANALOG STICK and the DIRECTIONAL BUTTONS steer your go-kart, the X button accelerates, the SQUARE button puts the brakes on, the CIRCLE button uses any weapons that you can collect, I never paid attention to what the TRIANGLE button does, so I couldn't tell you, I don't remember what any of the shoulder buttons do, so I can't tell you that either. But they respond amazingly well.

    There are 17 tracks plus several bonus tracks that I can't count them all. I know that the boss tracks are Roo's Tubes, Papu Pyramid, Dragon Mines, Hot Air Skyways, and Oxide Station.

    This is the first Crash game to feature a multiplayer mode. I'm going to list all the things that you can do with 2-4 players.
    You can race through any of the tracks that you have unlocked in story mode with or without computer players and you can battle in an arena. However, to play with 3-4 players, you must have a multi-adapter.

    All-In-All, CTR is a great racing game. I really recommend it....more info
  • great game
    great game to play with your kids and you will find yourself playing it when there not aroud...more info
  • my 5 year old loves this game
    This game is great for any child who likes racing games....more info
  • Annoying & Amazing
    This Game is so fun, it has all kinds of game modes, including: VS. Battle, Time Trial, Adventure. V.S lets multi player action on the race course. Pick the track, & let 'er rip! Battle mode lets multible players go to an arena, & duke it out with the regular game weapons, & some special ones. Time trial lets you race to...well to see who can get the better time, but if you get a good enough time Dr. N Tropy will callenge you to a race against his best time. If you beat it, then you can race Nitros Oxide's (the bad guy) best time on that track. Adventure is the main deal here. There are 5 areas of adventure: N. Sanity Beach, Glacier Park, The Lost Ruins, Citadel City, And Gemstone Valley. Each Area has a boss to beat (except Gemstone valley, but Oxide counts, right?) & each time u beat a boss he gives you a Boss Key. Collect four, then race against Nitros Oxide. You can pick some of your favorite characters: Polar, N.Gin, Crash, Coco, Dr. Neo Cortex,(!) Tiny Tiger ( my favorite) Dingodile, & Pura. Not to mention some BONUS Characters, & tracks!!! To sum it all up...

    Pros: VERY entertaining, keeps u on for hours, a lot differant than other cart games.

    Cons: Some things are VERY hard to do in the game, There seems to be NO way to get Nitros Oxide. ...more info
  • Crash Team Racing For The PlayStation
    Wasn't on my classics list, but had the urge to get it. Great game. I used to play the demo for hours on end. I never really played the crash adventure games but CTR was one of my favorite racing games....more info
  • I love this game!
    The only game system I have is GBA, but I play this game on the PS1 at my church. No one can beat me at it. Here's the secret: if you want to win, get Pura, he's the best one. And if you're in first place, and you see two arrows coming together behind your kart, drop into second place, because the rocket(that'what the arrows mean)will hit the one in 1st place. Once that character is hit, you can get back into fist place. Trust me, I've done it before, it works....more info