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Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage
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Product Description

Spyro 2 is the sequel to the charming, family-friendly Spyro the Dragon adventure game. Spyro is the same lovable dragon, but his challenges are now larger and more complex. Help him fly and head-butt his way through incredible new 3D fantasy worlds with more puzzle elements and bonus levels. Made in USA.

The feisty little adolescent dragon is back in a sequel that is far superior to the original. Both Spyro fans and those who didn't play the first game will revel in the exploratory greatness that is Spyro: Ripto's Rage. Gone are the impossible tasks, unbeatable enemies, and fragmented game flow. This game sports superior controls, more colorful and faster graphics, a tighter story, achievable goals, and plenty of gameplay variety.

Don't be fooled by Spyro's cuteness--this isn't a kid's-only game. With multiple goals and side quests, a fantastic soundtrack by ex-Police band member Stewart Copeland, and a veneer of understated humor, Spyro: Ripto's Rage is highly addictive. The playfulness of the main character comes through in the exploration of the otherworldly levels using the new moves, including super high jumps, rapid underwater swimming, and extended flight and hovering maneuvers.

Determined explorers are always rewarded--sometimes with an ice hockey match or other sub-game, sometimes with riches enough to learn a new move or uncover a new area. Simply put, Spyro: Ripto's Rageis one of the best action/adventure games for the system. Despite the fact that this game is a sequel, it manages to bring a fresh new look and feel to PlayStation gaming. --Jeff Young


  • Massive, fun levels are completely navigable
  • Cute and quirky sense of humor will appeal to all ages
  • Responsive controls are an extension of Spyro's upbeat and exacting personality
  • Camera angles can be problematic, but are completely adjustable
  • Platform: PlayStation.
  • ESRB Rating: Everyone.
  • Ages 6 and up.

Customer Reviews:

  • The best!
    I LOVE this game. I played this one before the first one and it's still a favorite. There's so much to do! Swimming, gliding, mimi-games...Some of the mini-games take some practice, but they are all completable. Some of them, you even get to play as Spyro's new friends that he sets free! Find codes to change Spyro's color. Finding the baby dragon eggs- all of them takes some time. Or a strategy guide. (Which is also good.) But they all have names and are so cute! The mini-games are all so original. It's hard to STOP playing this game and there is never that point where it gets too hard to continue. Too bad there are only 4 of these
    games...for PS2. This is the best series ever made!!!!...more info
    This game is my all time favorite of all the Spyro's 'couse you can swim, super charge, fly, and even play it for hours and never get sick of it!!!I love this game and if you buy won't be dissapointed!...more info
  • Spyro 2 For The PlayStation
    A sequel that builds upon a successful formula. More action, more adventure, more power-ups....what more can you ask for?? If only all game developers and producers did this, we would have ssoooo much more solid titles (and sequels). Got 4 more PS classics to go, including Spyro 3....more info
  • Perfect game!!
    If you buy this game, you'll never stop playing it! It's very fun....more info
  • Best game ever!
    I saw my cousin playing a different type of spyro game and with all the good reviews for this game i decided to buy it. once i started playing it, i understood what the reviews were. the graphics are excellent. the gameplay is also great. i never played the first or the third one but i must say that based on my opinion,the reviews and the screenshots i think this is the best of the three. this is the best playstation game i own. i rated this five stars. if i could i would rate it ten. if you see this game, buy it. its definitely worth the money....more info
  • The best game ever
    this game is thight i played it at at my friends house the graphics are unbeliveble....more info
    I love this game i beat it once and bet it again but bon't think its easy because its not it gets harder as you go on.Get this game if your kids want it because they will enjoy every minute of it.Also if it ever got to hard get the cheat guide for it....more info
  • Spyro second adventure!
    The first Spyro was great game already, but this game beats it by far. With loads of new features and tons of new characters, this is one of the best Spyro games out there. In this game you get to travel through 4 new worlds with over 30 colorful levels with your old buddy Sparx and your new companion, Hunter, the cheetah. You must collect over 14 tallismans and 60 orbs to finally come face to face with Ripto. Also in these game, meet Moneybags. He can open up doors or drop bridges for you at a "small fee". Some new features in this include some fun mini-games, the ability to swim, and some new power-ups like the super charge, super flame breath, and super flying power. Here an overview of the game:

    +Improved graphics 8.5/10
    +Challenging but not too challenging boss battles 8/10
    +Autosave 10/10
    -Not enough new abilities 7/10
    -Levels are a bit small 7.5/10
    -Storyline is a bit bland 7/10

    Overall, a great Spyro game. It provides lots of entertainment and lots of fun mini-games, therefore, it's a MUST-HAVE!
    ...more info
  • My favorite game of all time!
    When I first go this game when I was 8 I immediately fell in love with it. It's much better than the first Spyro, and the new levels and abilities make it even better, I especially love the Winter Tundra world. I noticed that this game seems to be easier than the 1st one. This game is definetely worth buying, if my disc still worked I'd be playing it right now!...more info
  • Spyro!
    Spyro fun aholoic sweet game!!! Very fun but not hard, it can be very very easy but it is alot of tottaly wicked fun!...more info
    I have all the Spyro PS1 games and they rock! The best PS1 games you can buy.
    I have Gateway To Glimmer instead of Ripto's Rage though, but they are exactly the same but with diff names and covers.
    All the worlds rock, and it's nice to see more friends to help Spyro on his way to beat Ripto- and when you finally beat him, the game still isn't over! How cool? There are many skill points to earn,a amazing new level- the cool Dragon Shores, and a permanent fireball!!
    If you have a PS1, you have to play this game!...more info
  • SPYRO 2
  • A sequel and an original in one
    When I first bought the game, I thought that it would be just the same as the first one. In fact, it was completely different. The only thing that remained from the first spyro was spyro, the dragonfly, and the portals. Everything else was different. Even if you did not play any of the other spyro games, you could easily play all the way through this game the first time. If you had a prowess at any of the things in Spyro 1, it doesn't matter. Overall this is a great game....more info
  • Awsome Game.
    I,being a HUGE Spyro fan I think this is the best game of all
    time....more info
  • Great, but not Insomniac's Best
    I was a little bit disappointed with this Spyro. Don't get me wrong, it's an awesome game, but Insomniac could've put a little more effort into it. With only three worlds and about twenty-one levels, this game may only be for true Spyro fans, but, I strongly encourage you to buy this game....more info
  • Better than I thought
    Just wanted to let you moms and dads know out there that I resisted getting Playstation because I thought that Spyro (which is what my daughter wanted) was going to be a typical noisy, hyper video game that would keep my daughter so hypnotized she wouldn't see the light of day! But the reality is this video game is really fun for her,but much more relaxing than your average game. Far from being noisy, this game is pleasant for me to hear as she plays. It is really fun but not too hyper or noisy. I'm still suprised at how action packed yet peaceful it is! I'm 34 and not a fan of video games but would love to give this one a try (when I get a minute as I have a one year old too!)...more info
  • This ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This game is awesome! From the moment I got it I have played it like a maniac! This is a MUST HAVE!...more info
  • Ripto's Rage improved on Spyro's original formula, as if it really needed to, and made for a really fun 3-D platformer
    + excellent gameplay
    + smooth controls
    + tons of bonus missions and stuff to collect
    + fun boss battles
    + great level design

    - a couple levels really aren't too great
    - looking around doesn't work as well as it should -

    Spyro the Dragon was a big success on Sony's PlayStation for many reasons: its excellent platforming gameplay, smooth controls, and tons of stuff to collect. Naturally, a sequel was released a year later: Ripto's Rage. This game further excelled areas that the first game already did well in and brought Spyro into a whole new world, both literally and figuratively. Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage is a really great game that's fun, has a lot to collect, and is just plain hard to not like.

    After saving the dragon world from certain doom in the first game, Spyro now has his mind set on taking a vacation in the sunny Dragon Shores. However, while he is in the portal on his way to his well-earned break, a professor in the world of Avalar intercepts him. He summoned a dragon to help because an evil guy named Ripto entered Avalar by chance a while back, and now he is bent on becoming the new emperor of the unfortunate realm. With the help of his big and stupid cronies, Crush and Gulp, he has been wreaking havoc in the land. It's now up to Spyro to stop him, as Ripto seemed to mention having a fear of dragons. And for good reason, because Spyro is now only more determined to get his vacation than before.

    The story progresses throughout three huge worlds, each having somewhere between five and ten levels each. The levels are pretty big, and although it won't take much time or effort to simply reach the end of each one, there is a ton of stuff to do in each and every stage. Beating a level earns you the talisman of the realm, but there are also between two and four orbs and also 400 gems to collect in each level. The levels are designed in such a way that directly leads you to the talisman, but there are so many side attractions within each and every one that they're hard to ignore.

    Gems are found everywhere: on the ground, on a ledge, inside stuff, you name it. Orbs, however, require accomplishing various tasks to obtain. You may be flying around a cave lighting lamps in one level or saving a prehistoric village from dinosaur hatchlings, but all these side quests earn you orbs.

    Since there is so much to do in each level, the game can last you quite a while if you go for completion, although if you put in the effort it won't be incredibly difficult to do. It strikes a perfect balance in this area, making for a game that you actually WANT to complete at some point and is not extremely irritating along the way. The grand total for the game is 14 talismans, about 65 orbs, and 10,000 gems.

    Visually, Spyro 2 isn't bad. The graphics are just a tad on the polygonal side, but they really look good for a game on the PlayStation. The sound is great too, the effects are quite nice and the music is pretty fitting. There is also, surprisingly, full voice acting for every piece of dialogue in the game, which is pretty cool but you'll probably end up skipping it to get on with the gameplay.

    Spyro 2's controls are very smooth and work almost perfectly. Moving Spyro around feels almost flawless and incredibly smooth, and the button layout is very nice. The only issue here is using the triangle button to look around, it doesn't really work exactly as well as it should but it's not hard to figure out.

    The game's three boss battles are surprisingly memorable. Hurling explosives at the massive Gulp and outsmarting the idiot Crush is always fun, but the best boss battle of the game is the epic, three-part brawl with Ripto at the end. The last part is especially fun, flying around with the super flame power up, blasting the crud out of Ripto's robot bird... good times, good times.

    Overall, Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage is one of the most worthwhile games of its generation. It has so much to it with great graphics and sound, loads of stuff to collect and tasks to accomplish, and it's just a game that's extremely hard to not like. If you want a game with lots to do and a great touch of personality, look no further than Spyro 2; even today it's a blast to play.

    Gameplay: 9.0
    Graphics: 8.0
    Sound: 9.0
    Value: 9.0

    FINAL SCORE: 8.8/10...more info
  • One of the Best
    If you're looking for a game with plenty of fun, then this is it. It's got something for basically everyone. You play as Spyro, a Dragon, who has to help a Scientist fix this machine by getting him orbs. It's a simple plot, but a very amazing game all together. I can't believe how much I enjoyed this. Everytime I hand it over to my friend though, it's a mistake, they can't let go of the controller. My friend stayed up all night one night at my house just playing this game..dangerous if you want to be with your friend and not your friend playing a game, lol. Anyway, the only slightly dissappointing thing ( not dissappointing enough to take away a star ^_~ ), was that the replay value was pretty good. It's the kind of game which you can play over again the next day, stop, and then play again maybe a week later. There's also a special secret you get to use in all your games if you complete it once. ^_~ This is a great buy, and WELL worth the money....more info
  • this game is stupid
    ok if you like boring games this is the one. It might be ok for little kids that are under 9. All it has are a few stupid levels that you can beat very quick. All of the things you do in the game is get orbs and open doors to new boring levels.It has almost been the worst game I have ever played. DO NOT WASTE YOU MONEY ON THIS GAME....more info
    What can I say, my daughter will not stop playing this! I know absolutely nothing about video games, but even I stop and look at the graphics when she is playing! Cute and yet challenging screens!...more info
  • Amazingly Awsome!
    Hey yall, if you liked Spyro 1, this game is gonna knock your socks off! I own all three Spyro ps1 games, and Ripto's Rages is my absolute faveorite. Not that I'm saying that 1 and 3 aren't good, but Spyro 2 is definately more adicting, it has a better story plot. It is challenging(in a fun way), yet with a little practice anyone can manage it. Four thumbs up(is that possible?)! Oh yeah, did I mention that you not only get to play as spyro, but a wide variety of other characters as well! BUY THIS GAME! Or at least rent it:)You DEFINATELY won't regret it!...more info
  • I love Spyro!
    I'm not sure if I like this one or Year of The Dragon better. Adorable and all new stuff to do. It's very playable, puzzling but not frusterating to the point of anger and incredibly cute! Why aren't there more games like this?? It has much advanced since the first Spyro game and I love it. Cute characters, interesting things to do, bright colors... Spyro is better than any video game mascot ever! It stays at a steady pace, getting more difficult but following the same difficulty while taking some time to complete.
    I saw the reccommendation for Croc2; I couln't ever find it to rent first, but I loved the idea of Croc1, but the game handling/controlling was not very advanced.
    I reccommend all the Spyro games and Ty The Tasmanian Tiger....more info
  • GREAT!
    This is an GREAT game. The game was shipped and received when they said. I also got it in perfect factory condition. I would recommend any one purchasing Spyro 2 for Playstation from this site....more info
  • Best of the series
    'Best of the series' should already say enough, but allow me to explain. Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage (European title: Gateway to Glimmer) is the follow-up to the original Spyro, which was a fun game as well. Spyro beats its predecessor by every point though, which is quite astonishing.

    The game starts out with Spyro getting ready for vacation after the big adventure of the first game, but of course, vacation is not what's on the other side of the portal Spyro's jumping into. Spyro meets some folk who tell him about evil Ripto, who is wanting to take over the entire dragonworld. Spyro must go and collect the orbs Ripto stole so he can get to him to flame his behind.

    Although most of the gameplay is quite the same as in the original game, improvements have definitely been made. And I mean DEFINITELY. Spyro's size has been adjusted slightly, which makes him more visible, gives you the feeling he's a bit more present, and which makes the controls way better. The dash can now be used very easily for running very fast and jumping over large distances. Spyro also learns to use some new abilities, which enables him to swim, climb and headbash, to name some. This makes for a much greater diversity in the levels, and that surely adds.

    Spyro 2 is probably somewhat easier than it's predecessor, although the level bosses sure pack a punch. They're quite difficult at first, but with proper practise they'll be fairly easy to beat in the end. The speedways on the other hand are tremendously easier than in the first game. Whereas in the first game, they could cause some great frustration, the speedways in Ripto's Rage are just enjoyable. Bonus games are also added, in which you often have to compete against or do something insignificant for companion Hunter. The bonus games are overall quite fun, although some can become somewhat frustrating at times. The levels in general have not only become more diverse, they're also bigger now.

    The graphics have improved as well, and look fairly good. The colors are bright as ever, which makes the atmosphere even more enjoyable. The sound is brilliant as well. Neat voice-acting, and a stunning soundtrack by former The Police-drummer Stewart Copeland (sadly not available on CD... yet?) in combination with all the other positive points I mentioned before, make for one of the finest games on PlayStation ever, enjoyable for everyone....more info

    This is a great game!You fight enemies,complete challenges,and collect treasure to win.Unlike other similar video games and computer games,you don't follow a certain path and don't always have to fight or accept challenges.There are places where you can practice moves or rest.The enemies aren't everywhere.The only bad part is that you can't have more than 4 HP(health points).This game is very exiting.BUY IT!!...more info
  • it's ok!
    This game is kind of good but not as good as spyro year of the dragon!But still this game kicks of spyro the dragon from the shelves!It's has better graphics,good sound and cool boss.

    good graphics 4/5 stars
    cool sound 4.5/5 stars
    nice music 3.5/stars
    better boss then before 5/5 stars

    dont have any but the game is 2 short

    As you can see that you migth want 2 rent the game first but if you already have spyro year of the dragon you migth want 2 skip this game 2 spyro enter the dragonfly...more info

  • really fun to play
    I'm a 7 year old player who plays with her mom all the time, And we both enjoyed it. It has alot of fun stuff you can do in it, especially the hockey play. It has glide, headbash, jump and lots of other fun things. It has great graphics. I really liked collecting the eggs too. Another favorite part for me was the challenge of flying and turning on the lamps. If you don't want to waste your money, this is a good game to choose....more info
  • This Game Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am a big fan of Crash Bandicoot and Spyro.So when I saw this game I had to get it.Spyro 2 is probably one of my favorite games
    I have all the Spyro games(Yes,I have Spyro4 for Gameboy Advance,
    it is so cool!)This game is fun and I discovered some bugs for it online.I even found one of my own in Glimmer at the ending.In
    Glimmer go to the far Super fly powerup outside the exit portal.Get in it and then go to where the whirlwind is.Get has high as you can go and hover next to the wall.If you get lucky,
    you'll land on top of the grassy hills.I hope this works for you. ...If you like this game get Crash Bandicoot games too. ......more info
  • One of the Best
    If you're looking for a game with plenty of fun, then this is it. It's got something for basically everyone. You play as Spyro, a Dragon, who has to help a Scientist fix this machine by getting him orbs. It's a simple plot, but a very amazing game all together. I can't believe how much I enjoyed this. Everytime I hand it over to my friend though, it's a mistake, they can't let go of the controller. My friend stayed up all night one night at my house just playing this game..dangerous if you want to be with your friend and not your friend playing a game, lol. Anyway, the only slightly dissappointing thing ( not dissappointing enough to take away a star ^_~ ), was that the replay value was pretty good. It's the kind of game which you can play over again the next day, stop, and then play again maybe a week later. There's also a special secret you get to use in all your games if you complete it once. ^_~ This is a great buy, and WELL worth the money....more info
  • Spyro II Ripto's Rage
    The best action adventure game ever!
    The first time I saw this game was at my cousin's house a few years ago I thought it was the best game I had ever played.
    Wonderful gameplay+wonderful levels I think anyone who likes action+adventure games woud crave this....more info
  • The original is better
    Ok, i'll go on and tell you this is a very fun game. It's a bit more challenging than the 1st because you have harder things to do to get orbs. Sometimes you have to do something for someone, while others you just have to find a hidden orb lieing around in the bushes. Anyway, this isn't as fun as the 1st, as i've already said. It's only diffrence are the sound Spyro makes when he hops and the plot. Here's a review:
    Control (D-pad)5/10
    Should you buy it:If you're a true fan...more info
  • im 11 and i absolutely love it
    i got this game when i was 7 and i still engoy it today! it is so great!it is fun with tons of levels and amazing graphics it is the best game ever! when i woke up on cristmas morning i screamed and raced up to the tv chewed through the shrink wrap from loving the first one so much!

    YOU MUST BUY IT!!...more info
  • Best platform game for the PS1?
    Spyro 2 is an excellent game. It has everything that makes platform games fun: bright, colorful characters, excellent graphics, excellent gameplay, good variety of gameplay and sheer fun factor. While playing Spyro 2, I realized that I was playing one of the most enjoyable platform games that I'd put inside a console system. Sure, the game is really cutesy looking with all kind of kiddie cartoon graphics, but don't be fooled. Spyro 2 is enjoyable enough to keep even fans of Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy entertained. Also, it doesn't simply cater to the male dominated game audience. It's an enjoyable game for both guys and girls.

    I was engrossed in the game for months. It's not a difficult game at all, but it took me a while to beat as I'm not quite a game expert. Each of the game's levels (in three different worlds) is challenging in its own way. There are many tasks to perform and puzzles to solve. You can speed through the game quickly, or you can take your time and try to collect all the orbs in the game (I think there are 64 total). Getting to the end isn't very difficult at all, but completing the game 100% is a bit more challenging. This adds a substansial replay factor to the game. You can go back and play the levels over and over attempting to collect everyting. It took me a long time to get all the gems and orbs in the game. The game isn't particularly long, but it sure is fun.

    Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage is definitely worth buying for anyone who likes platform games or just really, really fun games. Since it's now available as a Greatest Hits title, it's more affordable than ever. If you have a Playstation, or a Playstation 2, get this game!...more info

  • As good as any PSOne, PS2, Xbox or Gamecube game...
    There are many "buried treasures" in the Playstation One library, which is vast beyond belief, but Spryro 2: Ripto's Rage is one of the very best. There are few games of this calibur and playability even on the vaunted PS2. And in many ways, this game is more than classy enough both in conception, and graphical beauty to BE a PS2 title anyway. Hint, to PS2 owners, add this to your library because as you know, you can play older PSOne games on your system and this is downright a steal at the price compared to some very expensive PS2 games that aren't near as good.

    This isn't a flight sim, a space shooter, a FPS where you look behind some gun trying to kill, it's not a strategy game (though some strategy plays a part), nor is it some Lord of The Rings type of mythical BS. It's all about this purple flying, jumping, swimming (and more) cartoon dragon character. Exploring and learning and collecting within a magical, dreamy, peaceloving, almost Wizard of Oz type land full of beautiful scenery and places, lots of strange characters and creature and things, and lots of pretty psychedelic colors, lights, and special effects.

    This game reminds me of a 3d Super Mario game, and while easy going (trancy, space-type music plays in some parts adding to the strange otherworldly experience), and a pretty simple platform game, that's its main beauty and playability. This is truly like playing in a cartoon and not by any means a static cartoon, as the graphics are almost studio-movie quality in animation. This game genre has been done in countless ways, but this really does rank up there with those long hour killing days of manipulating Mario around, but in a magical, fairy tale land all presented in intense colors and shapes and forms. While the gameplay in Spyro is so simplistic on early levels that a 6 year old would have no problem with it, in a way, this is a game for all ages, and most 60 plus year olds would probably get a kick out of it too. I'd also highly recommend it as a game parents can play along with their kids as its so much fun for both, with enough interest and playability and eye candy for both as well.

    For others between those ages, I can't recommend this game enough as just a pleasant, non-violent trip into a land over the rainbow now and then, and is even a good stress reliever in some ways. A lot of PSOne games leave a lot to be desired, in these days of the second-generation consoles and higher end PC games, that usually means graphics. Then again, a lot of the newer (and a lot more expensive) games of this type on those more costly systems, are great looking but lack gameplay.

    This is not only on a par graphics wise with most PS2 games, but in gameplay as well. PsOne or PS2 owners alike will not be disappointed in spending the low price of this game to add to their collection. I had tried lots of PSOne games (still don't have a PS2 but have seen enough to know what they're capable of graphically) before buying this particular game, and it was worth every cent, because for all practical (and graphical) purposes, this looks and plays a lot more like a PS2 game than a PSOne. My first reaction upon playing this was just, "WOW."

    This is as good as anything on PS2, Xbox, or Gamecube, both graphically and in playability, period. Easy, fun, relaxing trips with a goofy little purple dragon and tinkerbell, in a land of beauty and color and strangeness. What more could one ask from a game? Buy this now while you still can, whether you have a PSOne OR a PS2. This is a real gem of a video game, for the kids, and for those so-called "adults" out here who are simply and forever will remain, kids at heart....more info

  • Happy Family From New Jersey
    This is our favorite game. Everyone in the family loves to play Spyro II. We each have our own memory card to keep our game seperate....more info