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Targus PA410U DEFCON CL Notebook Computer Cable Lock
List Price: $42.05

Our Price: $5.00

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Product Description

A cable lock made from galvanized steel enabling you to attach your notebook to any secure object

With up to 10,000 user-settable combinations, the DEFCON Cable Lock is the first notebook security product to offer the benefits and convenience of a keyless solution. The Targus DEFCON CL uses 6.5 feet (2 meters) of cut-resistant, galvanized steel cable to attach your notebook computer to any secure object. Simply loop the lock around a desk or chair, then insert the DEFCON CL into your notebook's lock slot and set the combination. The included security base plate provides another convenient way to lock down a notebook or desktop computer equipped with a security lock slot.

  • Product Type - Cable Lock
  • Cable Length - 6.5 ft
  • Cable Material - Galvanized steel
  • Up to 10,000 user-settable combinations
  • Locking Device - Up to 10,000 user-settable combinations

Customer Reviews:

  • Does as advertised
    This thing does what it is supposed to an nothing more. I don't feel extremely safe leaving it unwatched even with this on, but it certainly makes my laptop less appealing to steal. If someone really wants you're notebook, this thing will only slow them down. So don't swear by it. I feel this item is slightly overpriced, but so are all laptop locks. No real problems with this item, just nothing great either. ...more info
  • Very disappointed
    I purchased this product (from a different retailer) in June 2008. The combination that I set worked fine a few times and then suddenly stopped being recognized by the lock. I was able to use the lock less than ten times before it failed. I owned it for less than one month before the cable lock got stuck in my notebook computer; the lock is still stuck in there now.

    Just so there will be no confusion on the product... Here is some information from the original packaging: "NOTEBOOK SECURITY Defcon CL combo cable lock"..."Targus". In the lower left corner is the model number PA410U....more info
  • Lock changes combination by itself - Do not buy
    I have been using this lock for a few months without changing the combination. Suddenly I could no longer open it as it appears that the lock has changed its combination by itself.

    I called engineering in the hotel I was staying in to help me. It took them less than a minute to cut the cable with ordinary pliers.
    ...more info
    I am a college student and recently bought this lock for computer security. My sister, who is also in college, bought one as well. Both of us have now had to saw this lock off our computers because it has suddenly changed the combination and became locked on my computer, keeping me from taking it anywhere. The only solution Targus gives is to "try every possible combination." There are 10,000 possible combos. This is an extremely terrible product, do not buy it....more info
  • Targus PA400U DEFCON 1 Ultra Notebook Computer Security System
    I had this for approximately 2 years. It worked fine for couple of months but suddenely started to activate the alarm without any disturbances. One day I left my laptop attached the alarm in my office for about half an hour. During this period, the alarm was activated and I was embarrased to face my office workers. This is without increasing the sensitivity of the alarm. I sent it back to Targus and they were nice enough to give me a new alarm. But after several months, it started the same problem.
    So, now I am afraid to use this security system with my laptop. But I did not face problems like changing the combination by its own. You can use it without the alarm activation (i.e: without batteries) but the cable is so thin, it is not recommended to protect any valubles....more info
  • Lock down laptop
    Bought this for my daughter's laptop at college. It works well and she loves it. Easy to set-up....more info
  • Once it's on it may never come off.
    While I don't have any evidence to refute the package claim that it "attaches to any notebook", once attached to my son's computer it was almost impossible to remove. It took 10 minutes to get it off and we were pulling so hard I thought we would damage the computer. We will be returning it. Not recommended....more info
  • Not For Apple ibook
    DO NOT BUY IF YOU HAVE AN iBOOK!! It slides in easily, but it is almost impossible to get out. I had to call their support line and they told me to apply pressure in the upper left corner (lower right corner if the lock is upside down). Even after doing that, it took me 10 minutes before I finally got it out. When I called, the guy asked me if I had an ibook before anything else. He then told me that they are tight in the ibooks and people have trouble getting them out. It is not worth the struggle if you have an ibook. I highly do not recommend this product for apple ibooks....more info
  • Changing Combos
    I am a student living in a dorm situation and so wanted some basic protection for my lap top computer. I purchased the defcon cl because it was inexpensive, widely availible, and easy to use. Unfortunately, it has one major drawback, occasionally it decides to change the number combinationss which unlock it. I went to the company website and they suggested trying the numbers immediately around the combination and if that failed trying all the number combinations possible (there are 10,000). Several hours, one blister, and 1787 combinations later, I got frustrated and used a jewelers saw to cut through the connection to my computer (this solution took only five minutes). I would not suggest this lock to anyone who lacks the patience to try trial and error experimentation until they reach the correct combination, nor anyone attending a school with a metalsmithing program....more info
  • Exactly same as the description
    This is the best lock you can find for laptops, but I am still not very confident with it. It looks flimpsy but better than others....more info
    First of all, Targus is aware of the mysterious/magical combination resets and their only suggestion is to cut it off and buy a new lock. This review regards the Defcon CL, the thicker cable security 4 digit combination lock.

    This is a DEFECTIVE product that apparently has a design flaw.

    The first time it happened, I went through 9700 combinations to find the right one. I'm not doing it again! Fortunately, the lock was not on my laptop. For me, both times, I left the lock with the correct combination (the open position) and when I went to press the button to lock my laptop, it was reset. And the second time, the combination was still 0000 but who knows what it is now.

    Cleary, there is a large amount of people with this problem. I had the small, original lock for 3 years and never had a problem but lost the cable so I bought this beefier one but that was a mistake.

    If the people from Targus read this, you should refund everyone who has a defective lock or replace it with the original lock.

    If the people from Amazon read this, you should stop selling this product. Clearly it is defective and if you're selling this defective product, I should I assume that ALL of the products on your site is defective.

    If an attorney is reading this, you should put together a class action lawsuit against Targus.
    ...more info
  • Sturdy and User-Friendly Notebook Lock; Highly Recommend
    Please note that this review is for: "Targus PA410U DEFCON CL Notebook Computer Cable Lock." It is a four-digit combination cable lock and does not use a key or have an alarm (as some of the other reviews seem to suggest).

    Great Aspects:

    This Targus Notebook Lock does its job well and is relatively small and light. There are 10,000 possible combinations and an "anchor plate" is included to create a "secure object" if you are usually using your computer in an area without such stable objects. The 6' cable itself is pretty strong and would take quite some time to cut. The lock can swivel/pivot when locked into a notebook, making it easier to move the notebook and keeping the cable from getting entangled with itself or other things. Re-setting the combination is simple and the lock is very easy to install.


    Obviously, really determined thieves are going to be able to work thier way around the lock, either by destroying the computer's casing on the side the lock is attached (particularly for plastic-sided notebooks), guessing the combination, destroying the secure object, or cutting through the cable. Provided, most of these actions will take some time (and probably make considerable noise) but the lock is a deterent to theft, not an invincible bastion of security. Use a little common sense with your laptop and don't feel that the lock will save your computer from everything. The price of this lock isn't particularly cheap but it's probably worth the price.


    This notebook lock should satisfy the security needs of almost all notebook users. The price isn't excellent but, then again, it's also a very good lock and most people probably wouldn't mind paying a few extra bucks for a lock that will actually work well. This is about as good as it gets for general notebook locks.
    Highly Recommend....more info