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Customer Reviews:

  • This is a great album!
    I highly recommend this album. Andre Rieu is a great violinist. If you buy this album you will not be dissappointed. I'd give it ten stars if I could....more info
  • Andre Rieu "Fiesta"
    This CD is absolutely fantastic. There is no musician quite like Andre Rieu. His music does indeed lift the spirit....more info
  • Andre Rieu does not hold back
    Andre Rieu gives all to his audiences wether in concert or in your home listening to a CD or viewing a DVD....more info
  • Wow ! A great performance!
    This CD is made to celebrate the year 2000.It was released in 3 versions !: "jahrtausendfest" "Fiesta";and "Le Bal du si¨¨cle". All the 3 titles are the same CD. There are a lot of beautiful pieces (19) like "Clavelitos" "ouverture de Carmen" "Ouverture: Wilhelm Tell" and, "Auld Lang Syne". You want my advice ? Buy this CD before the year 2000. It last 1 hour. When 2000 will come , auld Land Syne will play. Also, Make you a gift. You will not regret it !...more info
  • Fabulous
    This DVD is spectacular. Andre Rieu is absolutely fascinating to listen to and the costumes of the orchestra as gorgeous. Well worth every penny....more info
  • Andre Rieu at his best
    Music from Heaven! Soothing and envigorating.
    Masterfully done. Close your eyes and sail the universe....more info
  • Fiesta
    Information about the product i.e cost, song titles. Availability of other products of this genre. Safety of purchase. Delivery time. Payment security. Redress if product is faulty or damaged. ...more info
  • The Party!

    A fantastic album that captures the party spirit both gracefully and vividly!

    I have several of Andre Rieu's CD's now and I was unsure of what to expect from an album earlier in his career but my fears were unfounded. He performs effortless transitions, gliding between the raw energy of tracks like, SIRTAKI and CHANTI SONG into the romantic interlude of LA VIE EN ROSE. There is not a track out of place on this listing where the selection in itself adds to its recommendations.

    For Australian shoppers, this item is listed as 'Celebration!' rather than Fiesta!

    Enjoy the music.

    ...more info