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ClueFinders 3rd Grade
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Product Description

This package includes ClueFinders 3rd Grade Adventures and Kid Pix Deluxe 3 ClueFinders 3rd Grade Adventures: When exotic animals disappear and a world-famous scientist vanishes, the ClueFinders know something fishy's afoot. Join these bold adventurers on a clue-searching trek into the depths of the rain forest. From reading maps to building bridges, every activity brings you closer to unraveling an astonishing mystery - and to mastering important 3rd grade skills!

Playing 3rd Grade Adventures is a lot like falling into the middle of a Saturday morning cartoon adventure. On the first CD- ROM, "The Mystery of Mathra," Uncle Horace is lost in a South American rain forest said to be the home of Mathra, an evil mythical bird. You have to join with a team of young rescuers to find Horace and learn what's destroying the jungle. But get ready to practice a lot of math, reading, science, geography, and problem-solving skills along the way.

Following this long and twisted tale takes players through "The Monkey Kingdom and the Goo Forest," where problems are presented by a colorful cast of apes, spiders, and even a quartet of talking flowers that sound a bit like the Beatles. Each problem solved earns you whimsical items for bartering--sneezeberries, goo beetles, or snagnets--that later become your ticket to the keys to the Lost City, where Mathra resides.

Solving "The Mystery of Mathra" takes a lot of perseverance. Although the game is rated for children aged 7 to 9, and is equipped with a system that adjusts the program to different ability levels, it's really too difficult for 7- and 8-year-olds to play alone. But 3rd Grade Adventures' games are clever, and kids will love playing along with the animated characters. The package also offers a second CD-ROM full of printable workbooks and activity sheets--just in case parents feel their kids are having too much fun. (Ages 7 to 9) -- Sharon Griggins

Customer Reviews:

  • ClueFinders 3rd Grade is great
    My 1st grade son loves this product. He is not only having fun with it, but also learning. Great product!...more info
    Our 4 year old LOVES this!
    He needs a lot of help doing this b/c you have to be in atleast 2nd grade to get it but he loves the adventure and is picking up some new skills along the way whereas he didn't really enjoy the Reader Rabbit series that much... it was too "babyish" for him.
    ...more info
  • Getting Better
    Even though I'm getting a little too old,my like of this game is high.It gets scarier and better the farther you go,and it is very fun.I suggest that it is a good way to learn and have fun at the same time....more info
  • A Kids Review
    I love this game. You are in the rainforest, with Santiago and Joni,when Joni's uncle gets kidnapped by Mathra,the island monster! You have to solve math problems, and gather info from the island monkeys. Santiago and Joni use Laptrap, Joni's uncle's flying robot, for a map of the island, for help on math problems, and for a profile of the team.
    You have to cross the rings of fire and get to Mathra's layer.
    You also have to weigh rocks to Medusa's evil pet snakes.
    You can feed the island queen's pet monster by telling the queen the feeding day according to a message and a calendar.
    Help find the exact money amounts and help the palace gard get his tail unstuck from the royal treasure chest.
    Also, help one of the monkeys stop his house numbers from falling and breaking.
    I had to play the game twice before I got it, but it was lots of fun anyway!
    -Asia ( 8 years old, Elizabeth's daughter)...more info
  • Great learning game!
    My children loved the adventure game so much that they were willing to do the math required to solve the puzzles. It made a great review for them to use over the summer.

    They even wanted to play the game again after finishing it the first time....more info
  • Excellent and challenging for a 3rd grader
    Cluefinders 3rd grade is terrific. It has provided hours of fun for my daughter and her friends. I like to play it with her, too. I'd highly recommend it....more info
  • does not work on OSX
    There are two discs in the package. One does not work on OSX at all. The other disc says that it will work on OSX. My laptop running the lastest OSX software though was unable to run it as well. A total waste of money....more info
  • The perfect blend of education and fun
    Both of my children have thoroughly enjoyed the Cluefinder Series, especially this 3rd Grade Edition. I have tried many similar products but have found them to be either to heavy on the education, thereby losing the kids interest, or too heavy on the fun and they don't really learn much. In this product, the children get to work with a small group of kids (whom they may know already from other Cluefinders adventures)as they seek to solve the story/mysteries. I love the way the kids get rewarded for progress during their journey, providing even more incentive to continue. And the best part of all: they really do learn! During dinner one evening, my son showed off some of the math skills he had learned quite far in advance of his school classmates. And it wasn't just rote memorization. He had really learned the concepts. My hat is off to The Learning Company!...more info
  • My son loves it!
    My son loves this game. His approval means a lot, because he has practically every educational game for his skill level and can really compare. He is now asking me to buy him the 4th, 5th and 6th grade version of Clue Finders, so that when he is ready he could start playing them right away....more info
  • Few Math problems that can be solved by trial and error
    In this game the two characters travel down a trail that takes them to places where they have to solve "ONE" math problem. Therefore, children playing this game don't get much practice and do not learn anything. Even worse, you can solve this multple choice problem by trial and error and then proceed down the trail to the next math problem. My four year old that does not know any math is able to complete the game just by trying every answer at every math station. My two daughters do like this game, but it does not teach them any math. The Jump Start Math for Second Graders is actually much more challenging. There at every stage chidren have to solve many problems and sometimes they have little time to do this....more info
  • Cluefinders 3rd Grade
    I've played a lot of different educational games and this one is the best so far! I'm seven and love it. I especially like the geography. I like the story and the graphics too. It's easy to understand and also challenging....more info