Dremel 290-01 1.15 Amp 7,200 Stroke Per Minute Engraver includes Letter and Number Template
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Product Description

  • Electric Engraver With Dial Stroke Adjustment
  • Ideal For Decorative Engraving Or Adding Security By Personalizing Your Valuables
  • 7,200 SPM, 115V Motor
  • Engraves On Metal, Plastic, Glass, Ceramics, Wood & Even Leather
  • Corded
  • Features:
    • Ideal for decorative engraving or adding security by personalizing your valuables
    • Engraves on metal, glass, wood, plastic, and ceramic
    • 5-position calibrated stroke adjustment dial regulates engraving depth
    • Includes replaceable carbide steel engraving point
    • Letter/Number template included

    Customer Reviews:

    • Dremel Engraver Tool
      Great product. I used it to engrave a stone garden memorium and it worked like a charm....more info
    • as described; works great and good price
      as described; works great and good price.
      engraved metals and plastics
      easy to control grip in hand.
      able to free write cursive 10pt font legibly, easily....more info
    • Great For A Learner!
      I wanted to learn engraving so I bought this little inexpensive tool. The first thing I ever did turned out really well. I engraved a hummingbird and a flower on a glass. Since then I have engraved names on stainless covered books and frames. A little loud but works well for me. ...more info
    • Really Easy to Use!
      The hardest part of using this engraver is removing it from the clam-shell holder. I hate those things! But after you get it open, all you need to do is loosen the set screw, drop in the engraving tip, and tighten the set screw back up. (Seriously, getting the engraver out of the package was the hardest part!)

      The engraver has a knob to control the force of the engraving tip. As you can imagine, you need less force to engrave on plastic and more on metal. There are nine settings on this rotary knob, and the on-off switch is separate (on the back near the power cord).

      The letter and number template is a really nice touch. It sure beats trying to free-hand engrave and messing up!

      I bought this to engrave my driver's license number on my valuables. I'm sure I'll find other uses for it too!

      ...more info
    • Engraving with a Dremel
      I engraved 79 ornaments for a fund raiser/memory tree for a genealogical society. The tool arrived 3 days after the order, I was delighted. The tool was so easy to use, it was like writing with a kids big pen. The flow was fantastic, and I got many compliments, like "did you really do this?" It just fit my hand and was so comfortable to use. The cord was cumbersome at the beginning, but I found if I wrapped it behind my arm, it was pliable enough and didn't get in the way. BTW, we made $650.00. I kept the engraver for my own use. I have done several Christmas presents with a personal message. Thanks AMAZON.COM....Kay...more info
    • More than an engraver
      I was repairing defects on some small aluminum castings, using grinders and files. The shapes are complex, which sometimes requires very careful control of the tool. I found that a chisel (hit with a hammer, or pushed) was best for some things, and it occurred to me that a vibrating chisel would be even better, because it would allow even more control. There are such things, but they tend to be rather expensive. My search led to fossil preparation, which uses vibrating chisels, but they mentioned that for fine work a Dremel 290 is better. Put in a special tool in place of the engraving tip, and away you go! Seeing that Amazon had it for only $12.99, eligible for free shipping, I thought "can't go wrong with that". I just got it, ground a tiny chisel out of some 1/8" music wire rod, and tried it out on a block of aluminum. It curls up little chips very nicely. I think it will be a useful addition to my tool set. As an engraver, I like the fact that you have some control over the vibration. I have a 'Wen Electric Pencil' which doesn't have that, and sometimes it kicks back quite a bit. As to the Dremel, I agree with others that the 'chuck' doesn't look very strong, but for the price, you can't really expect anything better. So, 4 stars for quality, plus one star for versatility....more info
    • used in our organization
      I purchased three of these with diamond point tips for etching at work.
      They get used daily and provide quality identification making on a variety
      of materials from plastics, to metal. We have found the diamond tip exceptional in making on tempered metal, and case hardened steel. The new design and style are superior to the old design, and greatly reduce fatigue in those long marking cessions.
      Further, the new design allows a greater degree of control when marking in tight spaces.
      We have found these tools to meet and exceed the needs of our organization.
      ...more info
    • Dremel Engraver
      The engraver works really well on plastic, takes a little more time on metal. The diamond point bit seems to work great....more info
    • Works well on soft surfaces
      Works great on soft surfaces such as plastic or aluminum. However it does not do much to hard metals and glass as it claims it does. Works good for the money, just don't expect to be able to engrave your wrenches and it be deep enough that one swipe of sandpaper wouldn't take it off....more info
    • 1000 uses or more
      this product works well.. i use it to engrave my luggage.. so even if the tag gets ripped off the airline can still see my contact info. i also use it to write on power adapters so i know what product they go to. Dont you hate it when you have all those little black adapters and they dont have a name on them? well just write Timmys R/C car, or Daddys Nokia cell phone etc.. and problem is solved....more info