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Skil 92940 FlexCharge 3.6-Volt 1.0 Amp Hour NiCad Battery
List Price: $18.80

Our Price: $11.65

You Save: $7.15 (38%)


Product Description

- 3.6 volt rechargeable - For use with all flexi-charge products - Nickel cadmium

  • Fits any of Skil's cordless Flexi-Charge tools

Customer Reviews:

  • Great size
    Hard to find batteries work great in my wireless drill. Really like the cylinder/modular design....more info
  • battery order
    Quick and easy order and you all had the best price going on an item not readily in stock. ...more info
  • FlexCharge Battery
    A truely international battery, widely used in Europe and the Middle-East. Good for quite a few appliances besides the Skil portable drill I own. The Europeans use the battery for power screwdrivers, toys, radios, boom-boxes and etc. Only trouble is that the Ni-Cad battery has a charge memory if you don't properly discharge/use until it's flat. The old battery I had lasted for about eight [8] years....more info
  • Skil 92940 FlexCharge Batteries
    The batteries would not charge up. I was unable
    to use them because they were fully discharged
    when they arrived. Amazon gave me a full refund....more info
  • Good Product, but don't bother!
    Owning a Skil screwdriver for many years, I bought two new batteries after the old battery died, charged them up and was very happy. Unfortunately on the second charge I discovered that the charger had burned out. So, if I buy a new charger it will cost me more than buying a brand new screwdriver set with a new battery ( different style of course! ) and charger. What would you do? I have two new batteries available if you still have a charger that has not burned out....more info
  • Skil 92940 FlexCharge 3.6-Volt 1.0 Amp Hour NiCad Battery
    The price was right. These batteries,a pair of Skil 92940 FlexCharge 3.6-Volt 1.0 Amp Hour NiCad Batteries, work just as expected. I am very pleased with this purchase....more info
  • Flexcharge Battery
    The Battery is fine, but the charger is not well designed. It keeps charging the battery even after it is full and the battery gets very hot. One has to monitor the temp on the battery to make sure it doesn't overheat or overcharge. I hope that doesn't ruin the battery short-term....more info
  • Best Little Battery Pack
    This compact battery assembly provides excellent contact reliability in the tool and in the charger. The retention clips are easy to use and the battery capacity is also excellent. I have used all the others and this one beats the pack....more info