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Star Trek: Armada
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The Borg have returned! A starship from the future has materialized to warn of the latest Borg threat. You are in charge of the fleets on Federation, Klingon, Romulan, and Borg ships that will wage this epic battle. Build starships, construct space stations, and research special weapons to lead your side to victory. Along the way, you will survive a Klingon civil war, Romulan subterfuge, and the Borg's search for perfection. The future is in your command.

Star Trek: Armada is the first real-time 3-D strategy game set in the Star Trek: The Next Generation universe. In various campaigns, the player assumes command of the fleets of the Federation, Klingon, Romulan, and Borg, using up to 30 starships in dynamic ship-to-ship combat as well as overseeing the construction, repair, and staffing of the ships.

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Game
    Star Trek Armada is one of my faivorite games. The Omega Missions that you can only access by beating all the other campains was a big plus because I actualy had a reason to play through the missions and not just use the Instant Action option. Also the fact that the missions have some of the races that you can't play like the Sonia, or the Cardassians is fun. The only problem is because the builings are the same as some of the races buildings. Only the shipyards were diffrent. The Feringi had a Federation Dilitium Mining ship. Other than those flaws the game was enough to keep me occupied for several days of game play....more info
  • Great as far as Star Trek goes, but middling in general
    Star Trek games are for some reason notoriously awful. I'm not sure if developers are intimidated by the fame of the series, or if there simply aren't very many programmers who can handle the Wing Commander level many of us gamers expect from a good space game. While Armada is better than most, it still could be so much more.

    Yes, you can be one of four groups - the Federation, the Klingons, the Romulans, or the Borg. Each has its own ships and bases, and special abilities. The graphics are Homeworld-esque - very lovely, with details on ships and other stellar objects.

    I grew up loving Star Trek, and it is neat to be able to manipulate the ships. However, playing is like sliding miniatures around on a glass tabletop. Where is the space aspect of this? Scales are not always proper as they slide from Point A to Point B. You do traditional StarCraft types of operations - mine your dilithium, build your base, kick out fighting units, take out the enemy. Instead of choosing an attack stance, you choose the red/yellow/green alert.

    Getting into the game is extremely difficult for new players. The manual itself is not very helpful, and the commands are not always intuitive. One of our test machines was a P2-266, which they list as supported, but the machine only ran at the lowest graphic setting available, choking constantly. Even on faster systems the crash rate is rather impressive.

    I really, really wanted to enjoy this as a strategy game. My love of Trek tried to get me to overlook some of the flaws. However, no matter how gorgeous the ships themselves and the generated mid-game cinematics, the AI is simply lacking and the gameplay itself is nothing special when compared to other strategy games out there.

    If you're a Trek lover, grab a copy to play with the ships. If you're a true strategy player, wait and hope that the next one that comes out resolves some of these key issues....more info

  • Star Trek Strategy
    A great game for strategy game players. Star Trek fans will love it, science fiction fans will love it, gamers will like it.

    The game lets you take the role as the Federation, Klingon, Roumulan, or Borg factions playing the same over all story but from the others point of view. Each side has it's own start, and all lead up to the fight with the Borg and their renewed invasion of Sector 001. ...more info
  • Awesome...but...
    Armada is totally awesome. graphics are very well made. Unlike most games that has overhead view of the playing field, you go on the level of the playing field... as space is. It is a very good Star Trek game and well worth the game. For me, it has tendcy to crash and lock up in game in multiplayer mode. Single player mode, it never crashed or locked up. There is also dozens of MODS to add ships and plays to downloadd maps. I am awaiting a update to fixed the bugs in it myself....more info
  • excellent
    doeasn't need a patch, not buggy, just excellent (Win98, runs on Me as well, and therefore XP too). Lots of fun, long hours of gameplay, adddictive. Can go back and play other levels over that you mde it through and won already. CAn alt clickl or double click and hold and drag for close-up veiws of anything . Better than Armada II. Easy, once you get the hang of it. Plannig and strategy wins the game. Manufacture what you need with resouces. Fun to rescue damaged ships and repair them. Save the Steamruner class ships at all costs; they are the best for long-distance assaults ansd you cannot make them....more info
  • Where no Real Time Strategy has gone before
    Yes, this is THE best RTS I have ever played. The controls are quite simple, the concept is intreaging, the graphics are blazing, and sound is blasting, and the game play is like none other. I was suprised at all the bland, average ratings and reviews Armada was getting among the game sites, but when it came down to the people's choice, Armada glittered. This game is simply amazing, with 4 different races, other Star Trek people (such as Cardassians, Jem'Hadar and Feringi) that are standing by for gaming support, and multiplayer options! Woa, overdrive. Okay, look, I didn't even know what GENRE Armada was before I bought it! I was just in the store, and it was $20! (Canadian). I had ... beans in my pocket, so I shelled 'em out, since I am a huge Trekie, I trusted that the game would be good. Noticing that it was RTS, I was suprised, and almost dissapointed, but when I played the game, it was far richer than any Sim or Action! If you have $... lyin' around, get Armada...! It will take you to the far reaches of your moniter, erm, space....more info
  • Give it a few months.
    Straight and simple: Wait for a couple more patches. It has the potential to be a great game, but the game is presently just loaded with bugs that Activision was just too lazy to fix in the Beta versions.

    Buy it, but not yet....more info

  • Excellent game.
    This is a really cool game. The graphics are great. They're better than the two dimensional graphics of Starcraft. If you liked Starcraft you'll like this one. My only complaint would be the unrealistic size relationships between the Borg and other ships and between the starships and starbases....more info
  • Something Awfull
    Hey I'm a bit of a Trekkie, but this games is something of a (terrible) dissapointment. Is it just me, or are a lot of people trying to make money utilizing the magnificent star trek universe? Don't waste your money on this :(...more info
  • Star Trek: Armada
    "The game crashes while playing in windows xp", it only happened with me twice.
    Life span of the game is defiantly short. The story line is perfectly imitative from the original star trek series.
    If you are a star trek fan, you will enjoy it. As for me, I'll continue with Starcraft and hope that a game is released soon.
    ...more info
  • Good game, Better than star craft.
    The only problem I have with this game is all the bugs, one second your about to begin your final assult then bang, your destop appears from out of no where! Besides the bugs, the game play is easy to use, The story was well researched and go smoothly with the game. The multiplayer Intant action is also fun, you can play Multiplayer maps by your self. One disapointment is there isn't a map editor or builder like seen in Age of Empires or Starcraft. Over all fun game for people whoe like the Starcraft genre of gaming....more info
  • A definite step in the right direction...
    Star Trek Armada is : A very good game!

    What do you get when you have millions of trekkies or trekkers wanting to play Star Trek on a broad level but don't want to be restricted to one race? You get the latest game to hit the compters, Star Trek Armada. Now you can control multiple starships ranging from Federation, Klingon, Romulan and our favorite, the Borg.

    Following some of the same guidlines found in Blizzard's Starcraft, you must play 4 chapters in the struggle with a fight to fend off the Borg. You mine dilitium moons and build starbases in space to amass huge armadas of ships to do battle with. Each chapter focuses on a specific race that you must control and successfully complete each mission. It does make for some fun game play and insight into a story created for this game.

    The graphics are very nice and you do get a sense of what it is to control ships and manage space stations in space. Although alot of the screen is taken up by menu boxes that can be removed, the ability to zoom out my have you scrolling like crazy to manage your space battles. As for the cutscences, they are not anything to write home about, but they are nice.

    The gameplay is a little awakward to get used to. You are limited on what you can build depending on your mission and even then it is time consuming to build up a sizeable force. This would have been taken care of if you were able to manipulate your ships more instead of moving near another ship and firing. I really wish they would have allowed you to allow your ships to make evasive manuevers rather than just sit next to enemy and exchange fire until one is dead. The ability to have more control over a few ships would not make it necessary to amass huge armies of ships to attack the enemy terriortory. Being able to target specific systems on ships with firepower would be nice too. Are you listening Activision? I hope so. At least enemy ships do the the brains to retreat when they become heavily damaged. But even so the AI is not too smart.

    Overall this game is very nice and enjoyable to play. I especially loved playing the Borg (who wouldn't?). As for bugs others encounted in the game, I found none and you can download patches to add additional ships to build if you desire. The replay value is very minimal unless you focus on the multiplayer side. Activision has taken a good step in making this game. They have many of the basic conceptions right on the money. All they need to do now is add more functions and polish the game up a bit. I will definetly purchase any sequels to this game that might come out in the future. So Activision, plot us a course and "Engage!"...more info

  • Endless fun
    Wow--what a great game. The graphics and sound are great, the strategy a blast --just 2 comments I didn't see below.
    1) Even after you're done with the missions, by going into the Multiplayer area and chosing instant action, you can play against as many as 7 other Computer AI driven enemies, on a series of maps included with the softwear --so the fun literally never ends while you play game after game with no two exactly alike. The Computer AI is exceptional, and you can set AI enemies to ally with you or each other in a series of neverending combinations.

    2. The graphics are not only good as the game starts, but by clicking on the "action monitor" window (that shows a tv-style image of whatever action is happening elsewhere on the board in a rotating fashion) you zoom into that area with the whole screen occupied by the much larger ships as they dogfight. You can also zoom in our out yourself. One criticism related to this --I wish you had the option of zooming out a bit more than what is permitted you, since it can be tricky to keep tabs on everything happening --there's just SO MUCH ACTION!....more info

  • First good Trek game.
    I have to admit, it does look a whole lot like StarCraft, except has a whole lot more bugs. But it is a GOOD game. Despite the lack of single player missions, and a storyline, the multiplayer functionality is quite good. I gave this game up for Diablo II pretty quick, but not after a good 2 weeks or so of a good time playing.

    But, the price seems a bit steep....more info

  • Star Trek: TNG at its best....
    I've waited for a good Next Gen game to come out, and I was not at all disappointed. I enjoyed watching as an amazing story unfolded before my eyes. It was a good storytelling, action packed, and a thinking game all rolled into one. To those of you who were mentioning the Borg being too powerful...that's what they are. It was refreshing to see that not everyone was on equal footing, otherwise where would the challenge be in playing as the three empires against the overwhelming horde of Borg. I hope that everyone gets as much thrill out of this adventure as I did....more info
  • Where are all the Intrepid-Class ships at?
    I was unimpressed with this game. The races are too similar to each other. The ships within each race do not differ much except in size. Mouse control is painfully sluggish. Space is two-dimensional - ...Resource collection is uncreative. Several ship classes are missing, such as the Intrepids. Only 8 ships can be selected at a time. Whether I played the Borg or the Federation, I got the feeling that I was just building the same things with different graphics in a [copy] of Starcraft.

    Generally, a rather half-hearted effort at a real-time strategy game. It's not bad, really, it's just that there are much better games out there. Like Armada II....more info

  • Buggy but good
    I've been playing this game for a few years on my 300mhz and just loaded it onto a 600 mhz machine. It has always been a bit buggy even with the 1.2 patch but it plays well enough to be a good time. With the addition of the mods you can find on the net the game can be changed endlessly to keep you interested. I would recommend this game to any ST fan....more info
  • Anohter Good Trek Game
    In the past year, Star Trek games have gone from worst to almost first. Armada is a Warcraft type game, in which you have to build up your resorces to mount an attack on the enemy. While games like Age of Empire do this better, Armada isn't bad. It has good graphics and the game play is easy to understand. It seems a little buggy, but it hasn't crashed on me once. Activision has good support, so a new patch is never hard to get. Again, this is one of the better Trek efforts and it should please all Trek fans and non fans alike!...more info
  • Fun increases with speed.
    Star Trek Armada is a robust game with many challenges. I have played for about 6 months now and the first recomendation I have is to pay close attention to the minimum system requirements. Believe me if you have the minimum it's just not enough. I started out with an Intel board with the 810 chipset (on-board) for graphics, 64 MB Ram and a 400 MHz processor. The game locked up frequently, was slow to install and even slower to play. This is because of Intel's chipset problems with shared graphics memory. It draws off system RAM. I purchased an old used HP Pavilion and upgraded to an 500 MHz Celeron. I added 96 MB of Ram and installed a 32 MB Diamond Stealth 3 Extreme Graphics card. What a difference this made in not only how the game played but how much fun it is to play the game. The game loads fast, doesn't crash anymore and now I can play on-line in multiple player games that I couldn't even access before without locking up my computer. Like I said, the minimum system requirements listed on the game should be at least double what's listed for a truely enjoyable experience. With my upgrades I've even been able to install AND RUN beta modifications. The increase in ship/station offerings add another dimension to the game. Too bad ACTIVISION doesn't support these modifications or enlist these individuals to write ARMADA 2....more info
  • One of the Best Star Trek games Out there.
    Now, when I bought this it didn't look that interesting, even though I ama huge Trekkie and gamer. But I got into this game easier than any before. Now, it does have some problems, but not enough to give it less than 5/5 rating. The view is slightly off and there isnt enough different races to choose from, but it's good points outweigh those faults. I mean, number 1, YOU CAN BE THE BORG! Thats great. It gives you a real strategy game feel and is remarkebly like Starcraft(R)-Blizzard Entertainment, but it is a Star Trek game, and starcraft was a great game, Why not go with a winning style. I would reccomend this for anyone who is extremley into strategy games and/or is a Trekkie. 5out of 5, no, more like 10 out of 5( its that good!)...more info
  • Beware!!!!!!!!!!
    This is an excellent game for any strategic game fan. some reviews have all been consentrating on the fact that the game has a few glitches. i am one of the few who has had the pleasure of not expiencing most of these problems. the key is; let me start by saying that this game is extremly complex, even for a computer. For instance my computer is a Pentium III at 433mhz and about 128mb of SDram. for those who don't know what i'm talking about this is an ideal for Armada. LOTS OF MEMORY! the only way i think anyone can fully enjoy this game is with a computer that can operate it. i also think it is an unfair perspective for those who have a lower grade computer to judge this game without playing it to it's full extent....more info
  • Decent game, when it doesn't lock up the computer
    Locked up my P3 350 with 256M 5 times before I quit playing. If it worked, it would have been a reasonably good game....more info
  • Much better than expected
    I just got Star Trek: Armada a couple of weeks ago and I was extremely impressed. Upon initially starting, I thought just the opening video was worth the money. So when I actually played the game, I was blown away. I'm a huge gamer and Star Trek fan, so a real-time strategy Star Trek game is a dream come true. And Armada certainly is qualified to carry the name. Graphics are excellent, gameplay is easy to get the hang of, and the interface is great. My only complaint is that the ships of the different species are to similar. (AKA, the Federation Akira class is exactly the same in capabilities as the Romulan Griffin class.) But that is very minor, and there are different special weapons that are unique, so don't let that stop you. The story and cinematics are good (voice-overs provided by Patrick Steward, Denise Crosby, and Michael Dorn) and the campaigns are all interconnected, so you get to play both sides of the conflict with four races. (In Tiberian Sun, you get to play two different sides, but the stories arn't interconnected). All in all, an excellent game, even for non Star Trek fans....more info
  • Best game since Starcraft!!
    the game engine allows for scinerios where you don't ever face the same situation time and time again. the graphics are fair and the special effects are pretty well done. my favorite parts are when the ships go under each other and other planets....more info
  • Ok Game - no great
    I've played ST: Armada all the way through all the scenarios and I must say that while the game is fun, the Borg were made just way too powerful. The Federation ships are ok, but the Klingons and the Romulons are too weak to be belived. Not to mention that the AI is NOT (intelligent, that is). When I play multi-player, I play the borg and it's a rare occasion when I loose ships and/or structures to anything but stupidity.

    If you are an absolute ST fanatic, go ahead and get this game. But if you are in to the RealTime Strategies, better if you skip this one for now. At least untill some of the sudden abort bugs are fixed (bugs that cause the game to abort and exit back to windows without any notification or warning)....more info

  • Great real time strategy
    The first thing I'd like to say about Armada is that it is definitely not just for Trekkies. I wouldn't remotely qualify as one, and I still loved it. Anyone who appreciates a good RTS should already have this.

    More than being good strategy, Armada is also an excellent graphical experience. The ships fight with cinematic intensity, with realistic damage and attractive projectile action. You can even go to a 'movie mode' where you can view a melee from a floating 3-D perspective (although at the expense of control).

    On the strategy side, there is only one resource- dilithium. You harvest it from dilithium moons that can be finite or infinite. It's a pretty straightforward resource model, and things are automated enough that you won't have to micromanage it. A welcome balance tweak is the starbase armament, which makes a rush basically impossible. Bad news for all the fools that like to send zerglings or zealots (you know who you are). Each race has an superweapon of immense power, but in every case they are prohibitively expensive and slow to build. If you see one anywhere in the first 20 minutes of the game, someone is probably hacking. However, once someone gets one, they have a pretty major advantage against anyone that's technologically deficient. You can also make good of the potentially powerful- though also very physically weak- science vessels each race offers. They're expensive and slow, but can be the deciding factor in a major battle. All of this serves to make advancing your tech a very feasible strategy over a simple 'build more warships, wear them down' method.

    The single play campaign is excellent. It has a neat plot and you'll see a lot of unique starships that you won't see elsewhere- such as the two Cardassian types, Dominion vessels, and a Breen battleship. None of the levels are especially hard, but they can take some thinking. I especially liked one where you have to pilot USS Avenger to safety with a Klingon fleet hot on your tail.

    Multi-play is probably the weakest aspect of the game. It's choppy even on a direct connection and hunting down every last one of your enemies can be utterly tedious. Playing online also makes the game notoriously crash prone, and if you have eight people in one game it is both extremely slow and crashy. The computer plays a lot like the Dark Reign AI, building up until it has a huge force and then trying to swamp you. If you survive that one big assault, the computer is plenty ready to die. Rather than improving the AI to be a bit smarter, the difficulty settings give it a handicap- a very huge one on hardest. They build things faster and everything costs less, so they can send a bigger attack at you earlier in the game.

    Now, I know enough about Trek to realize that some of the ships aren't accurately specified. The Defiant, especially, is incredibly weak for something that could take and dish out so much damage in Deep Space Nine. Nevertheless, the actual sides are very well balanced and the models are so well done that the specifications are a minor point. Each side has its strengths and weaknesses. For example, all Romulan ships can cloak, but the Romulans are at a severe penalty when being boarded or trying to board ships of other races. There were a few balance problems with special weapons- such as the chain reaction pulsar- but they have been fixed in updates. The patch also (in my case at least) makes the game far more stable. Be sure you download it.

    All right, so the game has a few weaknesses, but other than that it is a huge load of fun. For strategy fans or Trekkies, this is a must-buy....more info

  • Very fun to play, but unstable
    Being a Star Trek fan, I had high hopes for the game. The preview trailer was exciting and the demo was fun to play. Once I got the game, I played it for four hours straight! I just couldn't stop...I was hooked! Until...the game suddenly just...stopped. "What the-?!"

    Overall, this could have been the best Star Trek game I've ever played. You get to be the good guys and the bad guys. Building ships, starbases, taking over ships, and unique weapons made it exciting. The bugs were the only problem. The game needs a patch to make it stop crashing or else people would have to play the game saving it every 5 minutes.

    Graphics were great, but could have been better in my opinion. I wished they had used the same graphics as they did in the trailer in between the campaigns. One small detail I was disappointed in was the ending, though. It kind of left me with the thought, "That's it?" (After all that hard work). I was hoping for an ending movie like the beginning.

    I hope I didn't spoil anything for people who haven't bought the game. Would I recommend it? Definitely! I'm not going to sit here and say that this is the best game in existence or compare it to games like StarCraft and Command & Conquer, but I will state that this game is a whole lot of fun. Star Trek fans will love it just as I did. My advice is to save your games every 5-10 minutes...just in case....more info