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Super Mario World
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Product Description

The classic Super Mario World for Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

  • Exploration adventure game with good old Mario
  • Hunt dinosaur eggs with Yoshi
  • Featuring 74 areas in seven different castles
  • Lots of special power-up items
  • For 1 or 2 players

Customer Reviews:

  • Not as good as Mario 1,2,or 3
    I bought this game wanting more of what the Mario games offered but it's not what I was hoping for. Granted I haven't gotten far but if you ask me Yoshi just slow and a pain to keep up with....more info
  • Super Game!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Super Mario World is da best, noquestion! If u wan't good games, dump your GC and geta SNES...more info
  • Best Mario yet
    As the original pack-in game for the Super Nintendo, this is a worthy successor to the Super Mario series! It expands the Super Mario universe without sacrificing the fun or addicting gameplay. In addition to improved graphics, Mario has new moves including the ability to throw turtles, fly, and ride around on a little green dinosaur named Yoshi (his first appearance in the video game!). The world itself is huge compared to previous Mario games, with a nice variety of settings including Haunted Houses. A battery backup lets you save up to four games. This game should be standard issue for all Super Nintendo owners....more info
  • Best Mario game
    I still play this game to this day. I played it as a kid, never beat it, but I played it so much with my friends and alone, and I pull it out to play every once in a while still. Mario has always been one of my favorite game series of all time. Opening up with arguably the most influencial game of all time: The Original Mario Brothers, then an average game by Mario standards of 2, Lost Levels only released in Japan, which is a great one by the way, and one of the most popular games of all time: Super Mario Brothers 3. World had a huge reputation to live up to, and it did, even exceeding expectations for a lot of people, including me.

    Gameplay: 9.5/10

    The levels in this game are brilliantly done by Nintendo. Fun platforming, cool enemies, and just above all else, amazing level design. Those of you that have played a Mario game know what I'm talking about. It's the heart and soul of every Mario game; the reason every Mario game is praised so highly. Every level is done very nicely. As usual with Nintendo, brilliant stuff here.

    Back when the Super Nintendo was king, Videogames were marketed more towards people ages 15 and under, so with this, the challenge of the game isn't hard. For the most part, you can just fly through these levels but there's the occasional tricky one. One thing Nintendo should do is add a difficulty setting to their games. It pains me to play such great games, but be challenged so little with them all.

    At the time of this games release, games were anywhere from 5-10 hours in length, with the RPGs going 25+ hours. You can get through this one in easily under 10 hours, and possible in 5 hours on your first time. With each time you play throug it, it becomes quicker.

    I would complain about the length, but for the time it came out, it was your average length. Plus the replay value is good. The levels, as I said, are brilliant, so you want to play through them more than once, and Mario=Fun, so you will want to play through this game atleast a couple times. All in all, the length disappoints for the time it is now(2003), but it's still good, and was normal for it's time.

    I took off the .5 because the difficulty setting is too easy for a lot of people. These are Nintendo games, so people don't complain because they're amazing, but you have to admit, a more challenging Mario game would be a lot of fun.

    Replay Value: 8.7

    I touched on this already. Nintendo games are amazing, so you'll want to play through this one atleast twice. Can't complain in this department, but extras would have helped.

    Music: 9.4

    Nice stuff here. Easily one of Nintendo's best soundtracks. Cheery tunes in the normal levels, darker tunes for the castles, and Ghost levels. Very nice intro for the game as well. Just great stuff through out the whole game; not a bad song anywhere.

    Graphics: 9.8/10

    WOW. This is the Super Nintendo at it's best. Mario looks great, and the levels are bursting with color. The castles with lava look especially great. Vibrant, beautiful colors. Still very pleasing on the eyes to this day.

    Overall:(Not an average) 9.6/10

    Considered by many the best Mario game of all time, and rightfully so. From brilliant levels to great music and graphics. Nintendo went all out on this one....more info

  • One of my favorites.
    Great game to have in your collection.
    It's fun and easy to play and understand....more info
  • Super Mario World for SNES
    It would be great if I had ever gotten it! YOU GUYS GOT MY MONEY AND I DIDNT GET THE PRODUCT FOR MY SONS BIRTHDAY! I can't wait to hear from you....more info
  • Good Game!
    I Love this game,thus i only found 60 goals.There are 74 goals(levels)in all!This game is great!!!The only level that i call a waste of time is SODA LAKE.It took me awile to beat Bowser.I would rate it four overall,but i rated it five for the mystereis of the SPEICAIL WORLD.It contains the hardest level of the game,called OUTRAGEUS.If u beat the speacial world u get a prize.Hint for speacial after completing:look at Koopa Troopa's(not Bowser,nor his kids),Parana Plants,and bullut bills....more info
    When I bought my Super Nintendo almost four years ago this was one of the first games I owned for it. Now I have a stunning 119 games for the SNES alone, meaning it has the biggest selection of games of any of my other systems. NO ONE SHOULD DISLIKE THIS GAME IN ANY WAY, IF YOU DO, YOU MUST REALLY DISLIKE CLASSICS IN GENERAL. It is one of the wildest and insane games ever made, and that is a clear signature of the originality of Nintendo. The game is basically about Mario and Luigi battling their way through the island while defeating the forces of Bowser yet again and rescuing the damsel in distress YET AGAIN. As you beat the different sections of the island you move to larger and much more challenging sections of the island which get crazier as you move from stage to stage. The boss battles can be challenging and funny because of how the bosses are designed. No retro gamer should miss out on this hilarious and original game that is still a lot of fun to play despite its release almost 20 years ago (in a few more years it's going to hit 20). One problem is the fact this game can be quite challenging and confusing in some areas. And the Game Boy Advance version of this game lets you play either Mario or Luigi (it doesn't make you stay exclusive to one during segments of the game). Still, if you don't have a SNES, you can easily find this game on Game Boy Advance and it looks and plays the same as the original classic....more info
  • Greatest Game EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I'm actually 17, I just didn't want to get an account and all.
    I'm a child of the 90's and my first game console was in fact a Super Nintendo. Super Mario World came with it and I loved that game. I still do. I think that game was the greatest game ever!!!!!!! I played that game over and over. I don't have it now nor a Super Nintendo, but I'm planning on getting one in the future. It has around 90 levels, with MANY secret levels and secret worlds. The great thing is you can have 2 players! The graphics are great (for a Super Nintendo). And most of all it's VERY VERY VERY FUN!!! Their's many different kinds of levels to go through. The music is catchy and goes good with it all. And best of all you can save your progress in the game. I even beat the game (sort of) and beat Bowser at the end. My cousin actually helped me beat it. Plus he showed me how to get to the star road. Anyways, I think it's perfect for all people to play. If you have a Super Nintendo, I HIGHLY suggest you get this game. It's 100% worth it....more info
  • Best Game EVER!
    Super Mario World is by far the best Mario game. Excuse me, THE BEST GAME EVER! It has been more than ten years since it came out and it seems to get better and better. Over 60 levels and lots of secrets. Yoshi is the best thing you can use. You probobly won't be to find this game at stores, but, you can just order the GBA version or just buy on this website.

    ......more info

  • Best SNES game made
    This is the first game i got for the snes and is still one of my favorites. The graphics r about the same as the nes graphics but they added a little more color and smothed out the blockeyness. The sound is great for the snes. After u get the hang of it it gets eaiser to play and the controls get more simple. This is the eaisest mario game to beat for me but not for other people. I love the multiplayer mode, it makes it eaiser to get farther in the game. It seems after this game on the snes, marios games were not as good untill the GC came out. Like i said this is the best snes game made....more info
  • Awesome Mario/SNES Title
    Super Mario World is a game that runs synonymous with any discussion about the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Being the initial release title, usually bundled with the SNES until the release of the second model, there's virtually no one who owns a SNES who doesn't have a copy of this game. Even still, there are those out there who have never played this game and the only thing I have to ask in response to that is just "Why?"

    Super Mario World encompasses all that is great about not only the Mario franchise, displaying the rightful place for Mario in games, but shows us what is right about video games and the SNES in general.

    When you talk about Mario, the first things that come to mind are go-karts and side-scrolling platform action. Super Mario World grabs the platform genre, puts it on growth enhancer, and takes it to whole new levels of fun while building on the legend that was created after Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros. 3 on the NES.

    The plot of the game is essentially no different from that of the other Mario games prior to this with the exception of Super Mario Bros. 2; Bowser has kidnapped Princess Toadstool (yes that was her name before she had a name change to Princess Peach) and it's up to Mario and Luigi to rescue her. Bowser has a lot of help this time from his Koopa family much like he did in Super Mario Bros. 3 and they're not going to give her up too easily this time around. Being Mario, he'll just hop his way around town to find her and that'll be the end of it right there.

    You really have to say something about the graphics for this game. Even to this day, it's still probably one of the best looking SNES games in the library. The colors in the sprites and background graphics are very vibrant and really stick out at you. Everything is detailed as much as possible for a 16-bit game and there are virtually no graphical flaws anywhere. What's more is that you hardly come across any situations in the game where there are too many sprites on the screen at a time and the game starts to lag and sprites start to "shiver" as I call it (where half of Mario's head would be somewhat transparent and try to come out fully drawn).

    The controls in this game are very responsive and feel as natural as can be for a SNES game. You never really feel like you have to force or struggle to perform any available action. Mario never stops dead in his tracks and doesn't just start moving at a constant speed. He builds up to a walking speed and comes slowly to a stop. As was introduced in Super Mario Bros. 3, Mario can run and if he has a cape equipped he can fly in the air after reaching a maximum running speed. A totally new addition to the series for Mario was the spin jump. By pressing the "A" button, Mario was able to jump into the air while spinning around like a tornado. Doing this allowed the player to usually defeat enemies requiring multiple hits in one shot and you could also break certain yellow blocks by performing this jump onto them.

    Another new addition to the Mario series was the lovable green dinosaur named Yoshi. This faithful lizard would put his unusually long tongue to work for you which allowed you to swallow certain fruits on trees (I've always thought they looked like some really odd strain of tomato), certain enemies, and what's more, swallowing certain turtle shells endowed Yoshi with some additional abilities. For instance, red turtle shells, when spit back out, produced three fireballs that ripped through pretty much any enemy. My personal favorite, the blue turtle shells, would allow Yoshi to fly simply by holding the jump button. Some levels can't be fully completed without Yoshi as well. Additionally, Yoshi doesn't just come in the green variety either. Finding hidden places in the normal levels, or gaining access to the hidden levels like Star Road and the hidden levels after that, allowed you to find the different colored Yoshis who, when swallowed any shell, would have the power of the turtle shell that matched their color. For instance, if you found a red Yoshi, any shell would make him spit fireballs back out.

    The world map for the game is huge for its time. Starting off on Yoshi's Island, working your way to the Donut Plains, then to the Vanilla Dome, next into the Forest of Illusion, then the dangerous (but tasty) (direct quote =) ) Chocolate Island, and finally right into the domain of Bowser himself, you're guaranteed hours of playtime. But that's not all. Aside from the levels required to progress through the game, you're able to travel to the Star Road for an additional challenge. Again, that's not the end of it. After finding a hidden passage in the Star Road, you can travel to an even more hidden area hosting some of the most challenging levels in the game.

    I strongly recommend this game to anyone who plays video games. It's the perfect game for casual gamers, enthusiasts, or children (hopefully their parents are kind enough to introduce this gem to them before a Xbox 360). It'll provide you with hours of fun and is still one of the absolute best games for the SNES....more info
  • Classic Goodness
    I loved this game fifteen years ago and I love it today. Super Mario World is one of my all-time favorite games. I recently bought this game to play after I became bored with some of the newer games I own. My girlfriend is a big Mario fan, and she and I spend time playing Mario World and unlocking all of its secrets.

    Super Mario World is great fun for anyone of any age....more info
  • Classic SNES game
    When you mention an Super Nintendo, this should instantly come to mind. Everyone that owned a Super Nintendo System had this game. It is a classic. This game and the Donkey Kong series are the best games for Super Nintendo. If you have only one game for your SNES, this is the one to have. ...more info
  • Great game but...
    This is a very good game for SNES, but it isn't perfect.


    very fun
    *Many different levels and worlds
    *Cool powers you could get
    *Nice graphics (for SNES)
    *Good sound


    *Graphics aren't perfect
    *Could be very frusterating at some points
    *some challenges may be too hard
    *Action may not take place in game when button is pressed sometimes, killing Mario

    This game is extremely addictive, and good for the people who like playing levels over again (100 times) but I don't reccomend it for the people who like playing a level once or twice. Otherwise, it's perfect!...more info

  • One of the best
    ...But if you don't have an SNES (and you should) get one and this is DEFINITELy one of the games you should get. This has a good amount of replay, there are a bunch of paths you can go through. Some of the levels are frustrating, especially the Star World levels. But if you beat all of it and get all the secrets, you'll change some things, but I won't say what. The music is what you would be used to if you have played Mario games before. Better Mario games have come out like Super Mario 64, but this game definitely comes second, then Yoshi's Island, then Super Mario 3 for the NES. This is worth the money, ......more info
  • a must have game
    Are you kidding? how could you own a super nintendo and not own this game? its about as classic as the system itself....more info
  • A Miyamoto classic
    This was the first Nintendo game I received. It came with my SNES back in 1993. The game kept me hooked for years to come. I have spent more time playing this game than any other, most likely.

    The graphics are lively and vibrant. The sound is excellent, with tunes that fit the theme well. The gameplay is wonderful. 74 worlds to explore and 96 goals to complete. Even when you are finished, you will want to come back and play more.

    Mario's cape is darn useful....more info

  • One of the best Mario games ever!
    This was one of my favorite games when I was little, I loved the fact that you could use Yoshi. He is so cute!

    This game is very easy, monsters don't "suprise attack" you as they do in games like Donkey Kong Country and Mario Bros 1, where you have to know they are coming before you can avoid them. Most of the monsters in this game are visible before you get close to them, making it easy to avoid them.
    The bosses aren't that difficult, the only bosses that ever given me problem are Bowser (of course) and the 5 (4?) dinosaurs that stands on some wooden thingies.
    Most areas are easy to complete, especially the first ones. Some areas are quite difficult, especially a mini-castle high on a mountain, thankfully you CAN avoid it, because I hate going to that place. As a matter of fact, if you find a secret star area, you can cheat yourself to Bowsers palace early in the game. And getting throgh his castle, if you use the correct doors, is a piece of cake. Bowser does annoy you a bit, but I beat him the second time.

    Instead of Mario becoming "looser Mario" (mini-mario) as soon as you get struck by a monster, you degrade from Flower/Cape-Mario, to big Mario, then looser-Mario. Also, if you are riding Yoshi and he gets struck by a monster, you don't degrade, but Yoshi runs away crying until you hop back on. This is easy when he gets stuck in a small area where he runs back and forth, but a bit annoying when he decides to run off a cliff. Poor Yoshi!
    So you can basically take advantage of this in a hard area, just get Yoshi and you won't degrade to looser-Mario because you accidently get it.

    There are plenty of secrets in this game, and in some places you can open 2 ways to go by using a key. There's a secret star area where you can teleport from stars quickly and there's also a secret upgrading area, so you can easily upgrade to cape-Mario and get a Yoshi. (or collect hundreds of extra life)

    One thing that annoys me on the SNES version, that is solved by the Virtual Console (since the game "freeze" until you come back) is that if you restart the game, even if you are Cape-Mario, have a Yoshi and 99 extra life when you save = You start with 5 lives, no Yoshi and you are looser-Mario!!!
    You can also ONLY save when you've completed a castle or a ghost-house. Yes, the hardest areas in the game. This is also solved by the Virtual Console.

    I highly recommend this game, it has NEVER bored me, and I've played it for years!...more info
  • Same graphics as the GBA version.
    This Super NES version of Super Mario World, has the same graphics as the GBA version (Super Mario Advance 2). This controls are different, but the levels are 100% the same. The bad thing is that you can't save whenever you want to. Unlike the GBA version, you can only save after bosses and beating switch palaces. (The only reason I got this version, is because I lost my GBA one.)...more info
  • retro-gaming
    It's super mario world what else can i say. the game had a wow factor of 10 back in the day, and still has a 7.5 today. I loved it as a kid and like it today....more info
  • An Absolute Masterpeice
    This game was the perfect introduction to the Super Nintendo system. Very colorful, full of excitement, and easy to play (but hard to figure out sometimes). Sounds simple but most games don't have it. I would say this is the second best SNES game ever, right behind Legend of Zelda:Link to the Past. Thanks for reading....more info
  • Fantastic
    What a debut for the Super Nintendo. This is one of the best games ever. TONS of levels, TONS of secrets, TONS of everything. It's no cakewalk, but it's incredibly fun to play. You can play this game for years and years. It's simply spectacular....more info
  • Super Mario World... Kicks Bowser ...
    Today, I bought a Super NES. I also bought Super Mario World. If
    there is one game out of the hundreds and millions Nintendo makes,this one takes the cake! For a 16-bit game on a 16-bit machine, I couldn't ask for more! Incredible graphics for a 1991 game. I have a weakness for history, and Super NES is one of those historical artifacts everyone is trying to get. Super Mario World has a lot of worlds, which are filled with a lot of levels, which are filled with a lot of power-ups, and Yoshis! Irresistable sound and music, Tasteful charectors, same heros and same stupid enemies. If Bowser wants to date Peach so bad, why dosen't he ASK!?!?! If you are fortunate enough to waltz into Funkoland or Media Recyclery and see Super Mario All-Stars + Super Mario World, PURCHASE IT! IT IS THE 21ST CENTURY! WE HAVE DESIRES, SO FULFILL THEM WITH THIS GAME! PURCHASE IF YOU ARE AN ADVENTURE GAME FAN OR A MARIO FAN! THIS GAME DESERVES INFINITE STARS! IT DESERVES TO BE PLAYED BY GEORGE BUSH! If you like this game, also PURCHASE the Sequal: SUPER MARIO WORLD 2: YOSHI'S ISLAND! AMAZON, THANKS FOR LETTING EVERYONE POST THEIR REVIEWS ON your site!...more info
  • SNES Classic
    "Super Mario World" was one of the first games released for SNES. And throughout the long life of the SNES, this game was never outdone. Super Mario World was an awesome game when i was 7 years old, and to this day it's still cool to sit down and play this once and awhile. I'm even gettin' my kids into this, gotta bring it into the next generation....more info
  • THA BEST GAME EVA (other than Starcraft)
    this is a great fun game! buy it!...more info
  • One of the best classics ever!
    This was one of the first video games I ever got and now even though I have PS2 and Gamecube I still go back and play it over and over again. I mean, nintendo couldn't have made it better. There are tons of power-ups, secret levels, and different colored yosiis each with their own special powers. In my mind the super nes version is much better than the GBA because you have to earn the right to save and it isn't a piece of cake to get a special colored yosii. This has got to be one of the best mario classics of all time!...more info
  • One of the greatest games ever made.
    First of all let me say the game looks much better when you play it on a tv than a dinky little Game Boy Advance. The definitive version is this one. The music is amazing the controls incredible the challenges hard but never too frustrating. I think of it as Super Mario Bros 3 part 2 because the games are so similar they are like connected somehow.If you missed out on Super Nintendo(the best video game system of all time) when you were a kid,I advise you get your credit card and order an SNES plus this game pronto.You wont regret it....more info
  • Insanely Frustrating
    At a certain point the levels in this game get incredibly frustrating. There is one castle level not too far in that must have come from a diseased mind. I've played all sorts of video games and no matter how many times I try I can't get by this level. This isn't fun, it's just torture. Give me a nice relaxing shooter game any day over this nonsense....more info
  • Can't get Any Better Than This.
    This is the fourth or fifth instalment of the Super Mario Bros. games. And it is such a sweet game. Yoshi is so cool. what would mario do with out him. This is a must have game.

    If you liked this game then check out all of the Mario Games....more info
  • An instant classic...
    This game is a lot of fun even though many levels are a bit easy. Yoshi rules and finding all of the secrets give it a new twist from SM3....more info
  • accidental purchase
    I didn't want this game. I thought it wast nintendo 64 version. I already have super nes. I wasted my hard earned money. Don't even have super nes anymore. Moved on to bigger and better things....more info
  • wow
    still amazing came with my super so many years ago i think i was like 6 or something and now im 22 and i still play it its amazing...more info
  • The SNES' best game.
    This game is a classic. The story is tha same as the original Mario bros. games, though there are new enemies, and levels. It is definetly a must get....more info
  • Super Mario World
    The ultimate 2D, video game adventure has the Super Mario Brothers in Donut Land, traveling through strange forests, deserts, castles and underwater levels, all the while thinking of their goal to save Princess Toadstool from the evil King Bowser. This game, although poor in graphics for today's standards, is the most involving and fun game to play with friends or by yourself. The levels get you going, and when you find a key or discover there is some sort of special place you can visit, you get so excited. The characters are adorable, and
    the music is great. After all these years, this video game is still my favourite...and Super Nintendo is the best system!...more info
  • 2nd best mario game of all time
    This game I have always considered the 2nd best mario game of all time. the only better game was super mario brothers 3 on the NES. this game has a nice story, and it is fun. this game, i give a 10/10. if you have a SNES, and don't have this game, get it now. `...more info
  • This is my favorite Mario game!
    This is Super Nintendo's best work yet!! Mario is back and ready for action, look out Bowser!!!...more info