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A first-person shooter that mixes spy and sci-fi, Perfect Dark is both a thoroughly engrossing one-player experience and a riotously fun multiplayer romp. Easily one of the best games of its genre on any video game console, this long-awaited follow-up to GoldenEye 007 is a must-have for Nintendo 64 owners--and a damn good reason to be one if you're not.

The futuristic Perfect Dark casts players as Joanna Dark, a secret agent who becomes embroiled in a sinister conspiracy involving aliens and an evil corporation. Gameplay is broken down into missions, each with objectives that must be unerringly completed before progressing to the next mission. This is not your typical kill-anything-that-moves game: putting a bullet in the wrong person, not keeping the right one alive, or perforating a seemingly unimportant inanimate object can often result in mission failure.

While Perfect Dark's solo missions play out much like those in GoldenEye 007, the game's fantastic multiplayer options are another matter entirely. Cooperative and counteroperative simultaneous-play modes allow for another player to join in on a mission as, respectively, a teammate or the enemy. However, the real fun here is in the highly customizable Combat Simulator, a one-to-four-player simultaneous-play mode that features both free-for-alls and team-based challenges and can include up to eight Simulants, computer-controlled combatants of varying behavior.

Although Simulants make for decent adversaries or teammates, you'll want to grab a friend--and an Expansion Pak, as only 35 percent of the game is available without one--to fully enjoy Perfect Dark. --Joe Hon


  • One of the best first-person shooters on any video game console
  • Outstanding multiplayer game with huge replay value
  • Bevy of game options, cheats, and secret features
  • Excellent training mode with challenges all of its own
  • Graphics get ugly when playing with more than two players

Customer Reviews:

  • Still Good
    I have a rather large collection of N64 games, and still play them. This is one of those games that, even with the breadth of first person shooters available today, still stands out on it's own. Improving on the Golden Eye engine, you're given plenty of imaginative weapons to work with, from the Farsight gun that shoots through walls, to machine gun that allows you to cloak yourself, there's plenty of toys to go around.

    The one player campaign is filled with replay value, especially with co-op and "counter-agent" options, allowing another player to either play a mission with or against you. Same format from Golden Eye exists here: easy, medium and hard difficulty levels with rewards for completing each.

    The multiplayer does suffer a bit in terms of graphics, but the fact that you have so many options, from adding simulants, to changing the format of the game (team mode, death match, capture the flag, etc.), to customizing your level weapons, makes up for this.

    Wisely, Rare placed some unlockable features from the Goldeneye games, including guns and multiplayer levels. Other secrets include hidden levels, cheats, etc.

    In short, this has to be high on the "must" list for anyone who still plays N64 games.

    For the sake of parents buying this for children, I will note there is some occasional cussing (guards sometimes yell "what the h***" when they see you), but this can be turned off on the options screen. Animated blood can also be turned off. By and large this is incredibly tame compared to what passes for "M" rated now, but it should be noted....more info
  • Great Gift! Awesome site, Amazing Seller
    Perfect Dark

    The product came on time! In good condition, and the seller was very quick to respond that there was a mistake in what way I needed it sent. I was very satisfied with the seller, the site, and the product. THANKS SO MUCH :-D...more info
  • Perfect Dark should be called Perfect Light instead
    This is an awesome game. These prices here at amazon are GREAT.....i bought mine for 5 bucks at toys r us. thsi game is worth at least 30 bucks. The rpelay value si 10 cuz it has bots....more info
  • too much fun
    I dont know where to begin on the greatness of PD. The fact that is has a firing range in the game makes it the best first person shooter ever created for N64. As well as the combat training and the other training scenarios this game is a must have for any die hard shooter fan....more info
  • perfect dark hints the name PERFECT
    my pen name is DarkFusionX for a few games

    Dark-Perfect dark and goldeneye

    Fusion-Metroid and animal crossing

    X-Super mario 64 and Zelda ocrina of time...more info
  • Golden eye is a peace of shit

    Perfect dark toatly whoops golden eyes ass i mean the graphics are incredible the game its self is toatly awsome like combat simulator mode is way cool .. I highly recomand this game get it today at gamestop. Have fun...more info
  • What could be better, GC quality gfx, advanced ai, and more!
    This is the first (and only) FPS game on my N64 and my only "Mature" game, but it really *isn't* that bad; you can turn on a paintball mode so theres no blood, you can turn on a language filter, you can't kill anyone, it may end your mission. When I found Cassandra de Vries, I shot, but that was the end, you gotta punch her. And even though I've had it for weeks, I am still addictid to this game,
    -A 9 year old gamer....more info
  • Perfect Dark - The Greatest Game EVER_ PLEASE READ
    This is the first game I EVER bought for my N64. This is the only game I ever bought for my N64. This is BY FAR the greatest game for the Nintendo 64. If you don't buy this game, there is definately something going on in your head that prevents you from enjoying something so awesome. I've had so much fun playing Perfect Dark, I look back and see the great times I shared with my frinds playing it. There are so many different things to do in this game. You can play the regular story-mode, and if you get bored, go to the training room and test your skills at different levels. If that gets old, go to my personal favorite, the shooting range. You can shoot any gun in the game and earn ranks with each one to unlock more things in multiplayer. Got a buddy over? No problem, play some co-operative mode and work together to complete those solo-missions. Got more than one friend over? Play Multiplayer and blast eachother off the planet. There is also a great bot system, there are bots that aren't so good for if you are just starting out, ranging to bots that are extremely awesome which will challenge you and your friends. There is also challenge mode where when you complete challenges, you can unlock even MORE things in multiplayer, from guns to different devices used to your advantage. This is probly the most well-made game ever created.
    PLEASE, do yourself a favor and buy this game, even if you havent played your N64 in years, go buy this game and hook it back up. You will not stop playing unless the older graphics annoy you. The graphics were top of the line when this game was released. I HIGHLY rate this game, go and buy it....more info
  • "A Near Perfect Experience
    Perfect Dark
    This game has been on my review and to get list for a long long time. I finally got my hands on it for $3. I'll say it right now, this game I believe is superior to the evolutional game Golden eye. Some people may argue with this fact but I still think it is better. The single player missions are a delight to play.
    They have wide ranges of objectives like blowing up satellites to rescuing aliens. The enemy's AI is amazing for it's time. The AI is strong and makes you think in certain situations. The story is great also which I will not reveal. The amazing detail and creativity of the guns in this game also blows my mind with the wide variety and selection of arms. When you play this game you realize how many other games stole parts of it. This game is truly original.

    The graphics are also surprisingly great for it's time and is even good now. Now to move on to a few cool features. This game has co-op! Yeah you heard me right. The co-op is wonderful and you will have to count on your friend to help you out and if he messes up an objective you will end up slapping him in the face! The game even has I believe the only counter-co-op mode. Where your teammate is a bad guy and tries's to stop you which is also an amazing feature. The challenge mode is also a joy to play to unlock guns and maps. You can even create your own character!! How awesome is that?! The multiplayer is the main and best feature in this game. There are so many guns, maps, and modes you will probably never get bored as long as you have friends to play the game with. They even keep track of all your stats for all you people obsessed with stats (me). This game is truly great in almost every way. As I said before I prefer this over golden eye because it has more blood and a more mature theme. There are only 2 problems. When you die and re-spawn you will have blurry vision if some one hit you before you died. Then the biggest problem is there is some slow down at some parts of the game. Overall I give this game a near perfect 9.5/10

    Score: 9.5/10
    By: Snuggle
    Rating: M
    Suggestion: Any FPS fan must be graced with this game's glory....more info

  • Amazing game
    If you have never heard of perfect dark or have never played it then you are missing out. This is the only game in its genre for the N64 to match the gameplay and graphics of Goldeneye 007. I swear by this game and name it one of the best games of all time. Great replay value, multiplayer and single player missions makes this game worth purchasing for any amount of money....more info
  • One of the best games for the N64
    I bought this game having played 007 quite a bit, which was made by the same people and is one of the greatest N64 games ever made. The advantage that Perfect Dark has is in the multiplayer combat. In addition to friends, you can have up to 8 computers playing in the game, with any combination of teams that you want. This is fun with several real friends, or just for playing by yourself against others. The AI is smart enough to be extremely challenging at the hardest difficulty levels, or slow/dumb enough for a new player to learn against at lower difficulty levels. Newer systems have better multiplayer capabilities (online, or hooking up multiple X-boxes for Halo parties, etc), but for the N64 this is as good as it gets (and if you like to play against computers instead of real people, then this is as good as any newer system games that I've seen)....more info
  • awe filled
    Perfect Dark is a simply amazing game. I know... I'm writing this almost 5 years after the game came out, But I assure you i beat the game years ago. I was rummaging through some old games several hours ago when I rediscovered this gem. To think, I had almost forgotten how good this game was. Sure, compared to Games like Doom3, Half-Life 2, Halo 2, and Golden Eye Rouge Agent, this game has horrable graphics, but this is very easily overlooked. The story is engrossing, the weapons are fantasic, and the multiplayer is the best thing since online play. The controls take some getting used to (I've been spoiled by these controlers with two thumb sticks lol), and the N64 controls are a little too sensitive for this game (corrected by some auto-aiming functions), but you will get over this. The guy before me (who wrote his review 4 years ago...) isn't entirely right. Is the game difficult? yes. Is it impossible? no. I beat the whole thing on medium difficulty and got half way through hard before finially retiring the game (I hope to one day beat the whole game on hard though). The game will actually require you to practice if you want to beat those higher difficulties (thats why there are tons of training ops, and a combat simulator), and you will have to try missions over. The game is not nearly as hard as you may be led to believe (If you want it to be though, the game can be set on some insainly hard difficulties... we're talking about so difficult, that they could be concived as a cruel joke rather than a difficulty level... but thats only if you want to set the game this high.) The game offers so much variety, you will hardly get bored with single player, and enough customization options for multiplayer, that it rivals most modern games (which is pretty sad). From stealth, to hostage rescue, to defense, to assault, to reconance, to assassination, to infiltration, there are so many things you will do in single player. I some how get a feeling that this review will never be read, but if by some chance your wandering eyes glance over this review, and you are still the proud owner of an N64 with and expansion pack, then believe me when I say that if you find this one, you can't afford to not pick it up. This remains one of my all-time favorite games... don't miss it....more info
  • A Exciting Sci-Fi Adventure!
    Perfect Dark is hard to review because in many ways it is the same as Rare's previous shooter, GoldenEye 007, but in other ways it is so much better. In short, Perfect Dark is the perfect, non-official, sequel to GoldenEye 007. Sure, the settings are different, and there are some different weapons (after all this IS a science fiction based game), but overall you can still see the loving touches the developers brought back from GoldenEye.

    The game is set in a well developed science fiction environment and many of the levels provide difficulties that are handled by the new features added to the character's options. The wide range of weapons is one of the major improvements over its predecessor, GoldenEye, as well as the unique plot (after all, this one isn't based on a movie). So the plot is an interesting one involving alien invasions and government conspiracy and does keep the gamer interested throughout its run, but without a doubt my favorite feature of this game that I found lacking in GoldenEye 007 is the actual use of voice actors. Joanna Dark and all the other characters in this film have a voice we can link to their image, while with GoldenEye we'd have to go back to the film to recall the voices of our characters.

    Of course, the major improvement over GoldenEye 007 is the multiplayer feature which is fun, and do to a wider range of weapons the gamer is allowed to execute new strategies, so overall Perfect Dark really is an expansion of GoldenEye 007 as well as being a great gaming experience by itself.

    This is a game that is great to play back-to-back with GoldenEye 007, because you should probably learn the controls from GoldenEye before you play this game because it makes it a lot simpler (but I suppose you could play this before you play GoldenEye, but I'm someone who likes to play/view in chronological order).

    So if you enjoyed GoldenEye 007 (as so many other people have over the years) you should certainly dust off the Nintendo 64 and come back to this perfectly worthy successor.
    ...more info
  • perfect challange yet!!!!!!!!!!!! perfect fun!!!!!!!!
    i got my 64 in 97 at that time everyone was rating the playstation to be the best game console ever maybe they are right!!!!!!!!!! but game like donkey kong 64 and perfect dark , zelda , turok ,mario and 007 some how keep the nintendo fans loyal these games were fun enough for kids yet challaging enough for and adult, i love perfect dark and at that time i felt like this was the best fps ever i still think so i have a ps2 now yet i have never gotten rid of my 64 its that good perfect dark is one of my perfect collection , i will tell any one even if ps1, mauled 64 because of it's games variation 64 is still the console for a true gamer most play station titles are easy by far so maybe thats why it was more popular, perfect dark is the gamers game....more info
  • Perfect Dark Review
    Perfect Dark is an excellent shooter, made by the same company that made Goldeneye 007 for N64. Look at any review site, and you will find that Perfect Dark has always received high marks, it is a must buy for any hardcore shooter fan....more info
  • Perfect Dark
    This game is ratical. See I don't have an expansion pak but I'm getting one. Even without it rocks. But I've played it before it ROCKS!!!!!!!! ...more info
  • Perfect
    Great game for the shooters out there that loved Bond 007. However I think this game is much better than the Bond games. Very cool weapons and awesome gameplay for multi-player....more info
  • Just Shopping Around
    I received the game really quick and it worked the way it is supposed to (it was in great condition)....more info
  • Horribly dated!
    I bought this game because I'd heard through word of mouth and really old magazines that it was really good. When I tried to play it, however, it didn't work well at all! The main problem, and indeed, perhaps the only problem, are the controls. A first person shooter on a system with a controller that has only one analog stick is doomed to failure. I couldn't find a control setup that didn't suck. For all I know, the game itself, should you be able to slog through with these abysmal controls, may be quite good. But as a gamer weaned on FPS's on my Xbox 360, I can't recommend this game to anybody....more info
  • Nice
    If you've ever played Golden Eye 007 you'll find many similarities between the two games. They're both made by the same people. It's kinda like they took one good idea, made a few changes in names, characters, levels, gave it a different name and said, "Here's something new!" If you were a fan of Golden Eye you'll like that the controls in Perfect Dark are the same. There are a lot of the same guns but plenty of different ones. My favorite would be the orb gun that can see through walls and with good aiming skills can kill your enemy while they're all the way on the opposite side of the level from you trying to hide. I used this one a lot during multiplayer. Basically what it comes down to is if you've played Golden Eye, you'll probably like this. Almost everyone with a Nintendo 64 has played Golden Eye at some point. Most of the time get addicted to it. You might not get AS addicted to this one, but it'll keep you busy when you should be off doing something other than staring at a TV....more info
  • I Have Played This Game For Years
    Perfect Dark is a game with no flaws. It does everything right and I think the biggest challenge is to find something that the good people at Rare messed up on and there is nothing. This game is perfect. I have spent many days and nights playing this game- there is so much to do. The funny thing is is that this game wasn't nearly as hyped up as Goldeneye and infact, this beats Goldeneye. This game actually is good enough to put shame to Goldeneye and it is the only game that I feel can be associated with the likes of Halo, Goldeneye, or maybe even Call Of Duty. There is so much to unlock with this game. Maybe at least thirty maps(if you spend a good long time on it, as you should), so many simulants to choose from incase you don't have a friend over to school at this game and a picture perfect single-player. Great Graphics for its time, unlimited gameplay and the best damn first-person shooter you will find on the N64. The only thing that I think will differ people from the greatest first-person shooting experience of your life is the fact that the nintendo 64 controller only had one-joystick. If you play games on the computer or fps's on the Xbox this game will be a challenge at first but, if you are willing to play a great game and to adapt to Rare's greatest game(besides Conker's Bad Fur Day) then give this game a try. It is truly worth hassle of buying a used game. As for Rare leaving Nintendo and going to Xbox that wasn't the best move and neither was developing Grabbed By The Ghoulies, a game that currently has tarnished their great UK-based name,but hopefully they will come through and make their experience on Xbox as memorable as the ones I hold so dear to myself today on my beloved N64....more info
  • Great Game for Great price
    Awesome oldy for a good price. Only issue was that the documentation tells us of some things we should be able to do without a memory card, but seems we have a different version. Still, great game....more info
  • Halo....UT2004....They got NOTHING on PD
    Aight...first off, i know that many people will disagree with me when i say that honestly this is the best FPS created to date, better then both halo and halo 2, better then unreal and unreal2004, better then timesplitters 1 and 2: in general better than anything that has come out in the 6-7 years since Perfect Dark came out....

    First of all, the graphics are amazing. Goldeneye had graphics when it came out that were too considered "revolutionary", and that included characters with block heads and hands, weapons that could stick through walls....etc.... Given that Perfect Dark is on a system so inferior graphics-wise to the Xbox, the PS2, even the PC, and the graphics are still the best ive seen in a FPS to date. I think PD started as the first FPS to have actual battle physics, including grenades that dont go straight in the direction you throw them, and launchers that require you to actually aim and calculate where to shoot, rather than just shoot when your crosshairs are red. PD also has superb(yes i said superb) graphics for any match including 1-2 Human players and 8 Bots, but adding anymore to that will cause it to get a little choppy. But to have 10 players playing similtaneously on screen without problems? Thats true Gameplay at its best.

    The story line of PD is also one of the best ive ever seen, which switches the primary focus of Joanna Dark and the Carrington Institute between many different main objectives, including protecting a computer containing valuable knowledge, a hostage situation at Carrington's Villa, Rescuing an alien ambassador from being cut up, saving the president on Air Force One and after a plane crash, Protecting against terroristic threats at your own home base, and destroying an alien race that was about to destroy the world with a superweapon. The constant switch between mission objectives keeps the player guessing how the storyline goes, and is something that almost all FPS to date are missing, with the small exception of Halo 2.

    The weapons are incredible, relating to SOCOM as they have many weapons from many different races, all of which with their own primary and secondary functions. The only problem i have with weapons is the sniper issue, of which PD is not the only FPS to have this problem. The sniper in PD hits like a wet noodle, often taking even 2-3 head shots to kill a person, which is extremely unrealistic, but on the otherhand, PD and Rare did a great job averaging the damage out of the different amounts of weapons.
    Overall i believe there is 35 different weapons, which blows every other game out of the water.

    The multiplayer experience is what gets me to play it still consistently, even after its been out for about 5-6 yrs. How many other FPS do u know, besides the Timesplitters Series, that you can play against computer simulants? This is the crucial element that keeps Halo and Halo 2 from being perfect games, there are other flaws with the games, but this element is the KEY. Sure, playing against your friends is always a fun experience, and the Human Mind is alot harder to predict than the Computer AI sometimes, but there there are very few people who can get 4 people to play with them everytime they want to play a game. halo is exceptional in multiplayer, but it gets hard at times to play against friends because their not always available.

    The customizable options in PD is unheard of to date, as nobody even comes close to it. You can customize team colors, the names of the teams, every weapon and which slot it spawns in, the amount of damage,team point limit, the individual point limit, the time limit, and EVEN THE SONGS THAT PLAY!! how many other games do u know that give u that kinda customization?

    The key thing that gets me is the stat-keeping and the AI customization....You can send the computer simulants on your team and give them orders on what to do, from protecting you, to patrol an area, to attack a certain person....its PRICELESS. The stat keeping i amazing, kills, deaths, head shots, ammo used, Damage dealt( in LITERS OF BLODD SPILLED), accuracy, wins, losses, awards, even the distance in Kilometers youve walked. The only thing that gets me is that the distance part is a lil too extreme, ive played since it came out and only have like 3000 km, and u need 9000 to be ranked 1.

    Overall.....nothing touches this game.....not even close. If you read any of the replies and reviews, take it from me, this game rocks. I am the Eastern Regional US champion of PD, and am playing in the National tourney in a few months. Ive won over 20000 games, and play almost religiously. This game is completely untouchable, and until they make a game that is maybe like a VR version of PD, there will be no shooter that even comes close to this game....if you dont have it, pick it up NOW, if you dont have 64, go get it just for this me, its worth it...

    -BC REBEL-
    ...more info
  • Great Action Shooter Game
    Perfect Dark is GoldenEye's gameplay sequel. Not the story sequel. It involves more and more weapons than GoldenEye and a co-op campaign missions to help you if you get stuck. This game also has dialogues which means not only do they have the subtitles, the characters actually speak. GoldenEye doesn't. Plus the sound effects of footsteps make things more realistic. Very challenging and very fun. Beat GoldenEye first, then get this game and beat it....more info
  • best game ever.period.
    my favorite game. bar none. so much content, and so much to'll have trouble putting it down for months. like halo? you'll adore this one...and realize where the intensity, and the ideas came from. sure, goldeneye was first...but this was perfect. ...more info
  • Excellent Title to Add to your Collection
    This is a well done game. The game play is smooth, the weapons are a lot of fun, and the variety of game modes is really nice. Some of the maps are quite large, which makes for a lot of running around looking for other players to kill. I especially like the fact that the bots in this game come with different skill levels. The more advanced ones will definitely give you a run for your money. Switching weapons or using devices isn't always as smooth as I'd like it to be, but overall this a great game to add to your collection....more info
  • One of my favorite FPS games
    Possibly my favorite N64 game as well. Tons of stuff to do. One of Rare's finest works....more info
  • The best 64 killing game yet.

    This game is so fun i play it everyday .I always do the combat simulator mode and shoot one of the simulants in its penis and and it falls to its knees and crys AWWWOOO YOU B**** and i bust out laughing this game is fun get it today at blockbuster or gamestop for 5.99.

    Have fun....more info
  • Best Multiplayer Ever (written in August 07)
    I've never played a better multiplayer game within my entire life. I own an xbox, a 360, a Wii and a Gamecube and despite all the games I've played online through xbox live none have come close to beating the multiplayer on this game (which doesn't go online!!). I'm sorry to say this but there simply is no multiplayer better than this game can provide. The game has better weapons (not to mention a lot, a lot more of them) than any other game out there. Yea the graphics aren't as good as some 360 games but it as any gamer knows, it doesn't matter when the game is good. It is my ARCHETYPE of a PERFECT multiplayer game. You can play Multiplayer in Slow-Motion (why other games haven't thought of this I truly don't know!?!?) and if you get tired of it YOU CAN USE an item to SWITCH it off in the MIDDLE of the game!! In addition I can't think of another game where you can actually stick remote mines on another player's body!! Nor can I think of another shooting game that featured so many different guns (not just repeat guns either), OR a game that had so many guns with multiple modes. (yes grenade-launcher/machine guns, multiple firing-pattern guns, Knifes for throwing/hunting and Fly-by-wire rocket launchers just to name a few) In addition it also has "challenges" that are Multiplayer and SinglePlayer, yea you heard me MULTIPLAYER which will keep you busy for days alone! It also features CO-OP play throughout the entire campaign as well as an innovative Dark-Ops mode throughout the entire campaign where you essentially play from the "bad-guys" perspective. It's kept me up countless nights even though it's years old. Outdated, yea right!! It should be the future.

    PS: Don't judge this game using its horrible sequel Perfect Dark Zero because the only thing the two games share is the character names. The gameplay is totally, repeat TOTALLY different as is the quality. The sequel isn't even a quarter the original! If you think I'm wrong, buy it because not only is it the best, it's cheap. You could buy a Nintendo 64 and the game for less than one supposedly-great online-multiplayer xbox 360 game. I seriously hope a game designer reads this review as well as the many others one day because he'd make millions. ...more info
  • Pretty innovative shooter game
    Before even HALO dared to hit gamers with the X-Box, PERFECT DARK from the old N64 first came to our senses in 2000.

    I admit, I haven't played throughly with the game. I haven't beat it, but I can tell by playing several multiplayer levels that PERFECT DARK is one cool game. Basically it's part HALO/RED FACTION shooter game where you play a female agent who try to wipe out featureless beings from the far-future. Is that right?

    I don't know the story, but I was impressed with the innovative graphics, gory violence and tight futuristic weapons this game has. Man, the weapons are weird! But that's the cool part!

    PERFECT DARK hasn't been talked about that much because it was minor success. But it sure beats the hell out of some other shooter games today! So dust off your N64 from your closet and check this game out!...more info

  • Perfect Dark is the best First Person Shooter EVER!
    And this, Snowboard Kids 2, Super Smash Bros., Mario Kart 64, Goldeneye 007, Wave Race 64, Diddy Kong Racing, Pokemon Stadium and Mario 64 (even though I've overplayed the latter three) are worth owning a N64 again for. Even if you have to buy it used from somewhere.

    Let me start off by saying that this game is so fun. And I mean it's exceedingly fun. Even alone. You play as a character named Joanna Dark. The one-player mode, although I've only played it once since I re-bought the game, is pretty solid. You have a few select objectives to pull off on each and every mission. It gets harder as you go along. The music is solid and memorable, but the graphics aren't great. They're slightly above average at best for the N64.

    But the game shines in its Combat Simulator mode. It is a mode where you make your way through over 25 missions, completing random objectives from Uploading a terminal with a Data Uplink, to King Of The Hill (which pits you against one or more "bots" to take on a challenge that has you having to stay in a certain spot for 20 or so seconds, claiming that it's yours. If you do so, while the enemy stays away, you get the point, and move on to the next "Hill") to my favorite, Capture the case. Capture the case is a mission where you must go to your opponent's hideout and get their little case, bring it back to your hideout, and make it back to your own case. However, if the enemy has already made it to your case before you get back, you must chase them down, which is hella fun, in order for your case to return to its original spot. There are more missions such as just killing your opponent 10 times or holding onto a briefcase for as long as you can.

    Lastly, I'm going to list all the weapons, which are mostly guns, in the game. I'll also list my top 5 favorites and explain their functions.

    DY357 Magnum
    DY357-LX Magnum (gold)
    RC-P120 (don't have this gun yet, don't remember it either)
    Laptop Gun
    K7 Avenger
    S-Dragon (don't have or remember this one either)
    Sniper Rifle
    Rocket Launcher

    #1 Slayer - launches missles just like a regular rocket launcher. However, it has a twist. Although you must stand totally still while using its Fly-By-Wire feature, you get to actually follow the bullet as you search for someone to kill!! Talk about innovative! Go, RARE!
    #2 Laptop Gun - An extraordinary gun that performs fast shooting bullets in its normal use. However, if you throw it on the ground or onto a random wall, the next time someone comes within its sight, they get shot at. It will use all its bullets if it must!
    #3 Dragon - Acts as an ordinary gun that shoots speedy bullets on its initial function, comes alive as a grenade launcher on its second.
    #4 Cyclone - One bad as hell gun. It's very, VERY fast, and its second function lets you empty out 50 bullets, one right after the other at a blazing speed, ensuring a better chance at killing a weary opponent.
    #5 AR34 - A fast gun, but when compared to some of my other favorites, it just doesn't measure up. Has a very close-up scope function.

    Worst. Gun. Ever.



    *Graphics are manageable, but nothing special.
    *Sound is pretty cool. It has a decent range of types of music.
    *Lots of missions to keep a single player busy, while not around friends.
    *Decent realism when you get killed, falling to the ground. Maybe a bit slow, but decent nonetheless.
    *Up to 4 players, which is pure pandemonium!
    *Different personalities for bots keep the gameplay interesting.


    *Starts off pitifully easy, gets painfully impossible somewhat towards the end. Some missions come down to luck, when you're actually revived after a death near a helpful weapon.
    *Graphics aren't anything to scream about.
    *AI is extremely cheap on some missions where there are expert bots.
    *At some point, for about 90% of the people who play this, your blood will be boiling at how impossible this game can really seem.

    Overall, this is the best First Person Shooter that I've ever played (think Goldeneye 007, and then improve it in almost every way), and one of the best and most complete experiences I've ever had. The only real letdown is the insane AI as you move on.
    This game has kept me sane on days where I'm usually bored.

    While not perfect, it has very few shortcomings so I'm giving it a perfect 5. I hope you enjoy it at least half as much as I did, for that will surely be saying something!...more info
  • Best N64 game ever? Could definitely be....
    Before I had Perfect Dark I had 007 Goldeneye. Since at the time I had no idea what Perfect Dark was, I had no idea Goldeneye was crap compared to it. Then I got Perfect Dark, and I felt like throwing Goldeneye out the window! This game blows it out of the water! PD is an amazing follow up to a great game, and in what PD has that 007 doesn't is...
    1 - Multiplayer challenges, test your skills against a bunch of meatsims (incredibly easy) or a few Perfectsims (uh, perfect?), and there are THIRTY of them!
    2 - Multiplayer sims: As I said before, you can choose the difficulty and even type of sim you'd like to face. From meat - perfect, and even Venge sim, peacesim, and fistsim, amoung many others.
    3 - Complex arenas: This what Goldeneye failed in. The multiplayer arenas in that game were at most very small and it was easy to spot your adversary quick.
    4 - Carrington Institute: This is your base, you can look around and even try the shooting range, combat training, and item training.
    5 - Perfect Dark has incredible N64 graphics, perhaps some of the best the system has ever had. Goldeneyes graphics were HORRIBLE!
    6 - Cooperative play, you can either play with a human or even a sim to get started on the mission.
    7 - Counteroperative Play: This is by far the COOLEST addition to the game. One of the two HUMANS is the good guy (I mean girl), and the other is one of the soldiers in the stage, the soldiers can even take suicide pills!

    PD is also a great 1 player game, with i7 missions to play on Agent, Special Agent, Perfect Angent, and another to unlock if you're good enough. I like stages 1, 3, 4, 10, 11, 13, 15, and 16 the most, only 17 is bad in my opinion. Well, I'm done....more info
  • Best mulitplayer game ever made.
    Back in the day this was the best multiplayer on N64. Since then I am sure there are better graphics and such, but none can compare. The weapons were original for its time, graphics, gameplay, control all mastered. ...more info
    Ok first of all you all are dum not thinking perfect dark is the best gun game ever back in the day!!! i played all the best games on every system even PC for many YEARS!!! and i know what a game should be. first of all perfect dark has so many modes that other gun games cant make up for them selfs!! know that gives it alot of points in my mind and even with 2 players with the same modes added on top of that. the Game is hella hard and you gotta have skillz thats why alot of peeps dont like it because its too hard for them and that is the truth. now that doesnt shock me yet because people say it will be a ONLINE GUN GAME!!! so... This game will be number one for a gun game when it comes out, ill even bet my money it will STOMP HALO 2 because already perfect dark for the n64 can beat halo on GAMEPLAY 4 SURE. i think if you still own a n64 you should get perfect dark to buy and it will expain to you how kick a$$ this game really is....more info
  • Outstandingly perfect...Almost...
    With a game made by the same developers as Goldeneye 007 for N64, it is nearly impossible to go wrong. Perfect Dark does not disappoint. In fact, I am going to go out on a limb and say that Perfect Dark is better than Goldeneye, here is why...

    Graphics- 10/10 Goldeneye set the bar when it was released, and Perfect Dark surpasses it, beautifly. Although the graphics are very similar in nature, everything is much clearer and smooth looking. The guns look much more realistic, and the special effects are upgraded. It isn't a dramatic difference, but Goldeneye had graphics far ahead of its time to begin with, and this game still satisfies. In fact it does much more than satisfy.

    Sound/Music- 10/10 The music, also, is quite similar to Goldeneye. It has the same unique sound to it, and every track suits the level. The music in Perfect Dark has much more of a techno-esque sound, though. The music in Goldeneye set the mood quite well, and so does Perfect Darks, except now it is much more noticeable and louder. The sound effects are great (especially the reaper), and the guns sound realistic. There are some voice-over moments that are laughable, but that's about it.

    Controls- 10/10 The amazing control scheme that made Goldeneye so great has made a flawless return. You use the R button to aim and the control stick to move the cursor around, and it's easier since your screen doesn't always move with the cursor, a flaw that ruined every PS2 shooter for me. I absolutely despise the double control stick aiming scheme used in Halo and Killzone (The games weren't that wonderful to begin with, though, especially Halo, avoid that one at all costs). Anyway, no complaints here either. So far so perfect...

    Stroyline/Gameplay- 8/10 If I were to complain about anything, this would have to be it, but only on a minor level. The gameplay is flawless and retains that Goldeneye feeling...but the story...well I wish I could say the same. While definitely not a bad storyline, it isn't at all memorable. Basically, it is the generic " Aliens are attacking and we must destroy their base" ruitine. During the first half of the game the storyline is well- executed, but the horror begins later on. Basically you meet up with a cute little alien named Elvis later on,and discover some interesting things. The first half are spy missions similar to Goldeneye, just more featuristic. But later on, it turns into a Halo-deal, something I wasn't looking forward to. Actually, when I played this game when it first came out, I hated the solo missions, but loved the multiplayer. After playing through the game again, I can say that the solo missions are indeed very fun, but I never found myself getting attached to them or wanting to finish the game on the Perfect Agent difficulty setting. Overall, the solo missions aren't the masterpiece that was Goldeneye, but given the fact that the gameplay is the same as Goldeneye's, it still manages to be fun.

    Multiplayer- 100/10 The multiplayer is so good in this game that I decided to give it its own category. Unlike Goldeneye where you had to pick a weapon scheme, this game lets you custon design the weapons selection. Theres a whole array of Sims, too, and you can put up to 8 on at once. The nostalgia of this games multiplayer is just amazing and hard to fathom, very difficult. You can also choose from a whole plethora of Sim types, venge sim, turtle sim (They get a barrier for a long while, but they movem extremely slow, making for hilarious moments.) Difficulty settings for sims are Meat, Easy, Normal, hard, perfect, and dark. Dark sims basically can do maneuvers that humans cannot, kinda like robo-bots or something of that sort. Add 3 friends, yourself, and 8 Sims to the mix, including teams, colors, and a whole array or multiplayer schemes (king of the hill, license to kill etc) and you are setting yourself up for a indefinite blast. I can't even begin to explain how fun this is, you just have to experience it for yourself. I have played Killzone and other new-age shooters and can still say PD surpasses them to extraordinary lengths. Also, lest we forget the challenges. The challenges are extremely fun missions where you have to accomplish a certain deed, and if completed you unlock new stages, weapons, and sims for Multiplayer. You can also play the challenges with up to 3 other people, but the difficulty level goes sky high.

    Multiplayer stages- 7/10 I wish Rare would have designed more Goldeneye-esque multiplayer stages. Most of the new stages are rather generic and not very innovative. There are a few great ones (sewers, ravine, and some others whose names I forget), but overall the stages have a rather dull and uninspired look. Don't fear, however, because the Goldeneye favorites are back. Facility (how called faculty or some other odd name) returns as basically a ported but slightly upgraded version of the goldeneye level. Another favorite, Complex is back, and the same can be said about Complex, basically a ported version. Temple also returns, although unfortunately I am not a fan of this multiplayer stage.

    Overall- 10/10 Solo missions asside, Perfect Dark is arguably the best first person shooter ever made. The multiplayer is worth it alone, and for a petty 4 or 5 bucks, you cannot pass this game up. ...more info
  • Perfect Dark is the new and better Bond!
    This is my favorite spy game in the world. It's based in the near future where there is flying cars, UFOs, and anything else futuristic you can think of. It has awesome weapons, a creative variety of characters, an interesting story and many levels to complete. To top it all off, if you don't like playing major missions alone, invite a friend to play co-op or activate how many simulants (up to 3)that you want to help you out. However it's more fun with a human player. Also, there are crazy combinations of multiplayer combat. You can have up to 4 human players and 8 simulants and give them a specific personality. Believe me when I say that it gets crazy! It's a game that will forever be a Nintendo classic! Perfect Dark Zero may have better graphics, but Perfect Dark for the Nintendo 64 has the best story and gameplay! I recommend this game to those who like Bond, but feels there is something important missing - the whole idea of Perfect Dark is what is missing....more info
  • Why Can't Every Game Be Like This?
    It seems that in Today's world of extensive graphics, nobody seems to care about gameplay as much. Perfect Dark was a GREAT game, with a great storyline and challenging missions. While lacking in graphics, EVERYTHING else made up for this, including the unique characters, interesting weapons (some with double features), and different, yet usable, storyline...this made for a PERFECT game.

    -Many missions, with challenging levels of play
    -Great things to unlock
    -Interesting new multiplayer (Counter-operative)
    -Pretty good multiplayer levels
    -Special missions as well (Which get better with difficulty settings)

    -Graphics are pretty low, other than than, the game is great!...more info
  • Perfect Game?
    Somebody says that video games makes killers and adds violence.
    I disagree that comment because if that be a whole truth then I will be a serial killer. On the other hand, there are a little human group whom video games can make more aggressive but generally this sentence is not true.

    Perfect Dark is one of my all time favourite games because it's challenging, interesting, beautiful, addictive, funny and awesome. One player game you have survive many missions which are not so easy at all. Use guns, your brain and be careful especially, if you play on hard or dark difficult levels. There are many humans and monsters who are trying to do you in! Be fast and smart girl because you have survive all these difficulties. One level you have to protect the president of United States and other level your mission is kill all alies.

    Why I like this game so much? Because two-four player game is an unbeliveable great option! There are so much good weapons for exemple Slayer(missile that you can lead straigh to your enemy),
    proxy mines ( blue mines that surprises your friend), "golden" magnum( one shot and your head is red).
    You can play without computer players and your frieds!
    You can lead computers players agaist your frieds!
    You can choose your player clothes and head.
    There are so many options that it takes many pages to write them down.
    Finally, this is must game for all shooter/action games frieds!
    (Notion! Don't take this game too seriously because you are killing only visual characters not real humans.)...more info
  • Better than Halo and Golden Eye!
    I love this game! Cool weapons and atmosphere. The sim bot feature makes the game a better choice than Halo for duels. I played the game just the other day and still had blast with this addictive first person shooter. The game may be starting to show its age, but in May 2000 this game was a fest of joy an amazment on the senses. I really think Nintendo made a mistake in selling Rare Software to Microsoft they gave Nintendo a little more adult edge to their gaming library. Whenever Perfect Dark Zero comes out for XBOX I will have to buy it!...more info
  • One of the best games ever!
    The entire Carrington Institute, voice cut-scenes, awesome futuristic menus and more really bring PD to life.

    Amazing 3D architecture, beautiful texture design, real-time lighting, solid animation, etc. Framerate suffers now and then.

    Dolby Stereo Surround Sound, tons of in-game speech, great, ambient music soundtrack and more.

    Whoa. So much to do, so little time. Intense single-player adventure, gripping storyline, and so many objectives. Amazing control and options will hook you.

    Lasting Appeal
    The most replay value of N64 game ever made -- period. If we need to explain why, you haven't read our review.

    9.8 Overall Incredible Game!...more info
  • Try getting a PS2!
    All the reveiws I have seen so far, say that this game is perfect. It's not. As I said, try getting a PS2, then get: GoldenEye: Rogue Agent. Oh, yeah, I've never had this game!!!...more info
  • interesting shooter, with fun 4 player options...
    ...but nothing quite like Goldeneye, or any of the 007 games. If the price is under $10, buy it, it'll be worth it....more info
  • one of the best, next to half life and goldeneye for #1
    Wow what can you say about this game except amazing in every category. You know this year(2004-05) is was all about what fresh innovations could a next gen 1st person shooter pull off.
    Physics, story-telling, immersiveness(Half-life 2) or would it be multiplayer, dual-wielding, and stat keeping cough Halo 2. What the continually growing community neglegted to remember was that Perfect Dark did all of this back in the day. Yes dual weilding, stat keeping, bots in multiplayer, an immersive enviroment and variety of missions. Movable objects in enviroment. Yes folks Perfect Dark changed the FPS shooting genre forever. So recently I rented Star Wars Rebpublic Commando, don't get me wrong, but i played the game for two days and decided to play something else instead, so i dusted of my N64 and put in an old favorite, perfect dark. It had been a while since playing it back in 2000, and boy did i wish i had not stop playing. NOt only is the multiplayer as addicting as halo 2 but there is just so much to do. No friends, no problem, start hacking away at the challenges which at times can be well, quite challenging. Well theres so much to say about a game which has features which are still used in games today. HUngry for a remake, good news, over at half life 2 dot net, the mod community has begun remaking Perfect Dark, you can actually check out some gun models like the "far sight" which im sure the reloading would look pretty sweet on the source engine. Anyways just had to come on amazon to see if people were still recognizing this game for all of its greatness. Sure the new games have the graphics, but whatever happened to stunning game-play. Long live Perfect Dark, now back to the multiplayer. C-ya.
    ...more info
  • If only I could go OVER 5 stars!!!!
    First off, let me say...BUY THIS GAME! This is a classic piece of art that should be played by the world. That may sound like a lot, but this is one of the best games ever made. It's a first person shooter with a James Bond feel to it. This game has way better and MORE guns and gadgets. Here's what the game:
    -Solo Missions
    -Co-Op Missions
    -Counter-Op Missions
    -Combat Simulator
    -And more
    The solo missions have 3 Difficulties: agent, special agent and perfect agent. As the difficulty increases so do the people. You also have to do more things.
    In Co-Op and Counter-Op you can play the missions with a friend. You can help or stop them.
    Then there's Combat simulator. Sweeeeeeeeeeeet!!!There are almost an infinate amount of different games you can make. You can have simulants that have personalites, abilities, difficulties, looks and teams. You can play with four(4) people. You can customize weapons, teams, music, preferences, arena, type and much more. I've spent hours just making and playing games with my friends. This could be the game in itself!
    The "Intitute" is your work. You can walk around and go to the firing range, simulation room, basement, gadget training, and your boss. This is like a tutorial.
    Completing the Intitute, Challenges and missions can unlock new missions, cheats, guns, gadgets and different Co-Op/Combat simulator simulants. There is a cheat mode so you can beat teh game both ways and if you beat the game without treats your in for a treat!

    I don't want to go into to much detail but if you get this game I SWEAR you wont be sorry. This is better than most games coming out now. I still play!!!...more info
  • One of the Best Games Ever Made...
    Perfect Dark is a superior and I agree with one of the reviewers...ERRRR...It...Does beat halo..I can't believe I said that. This game had brilliant well made graphics of its time.
    The weapons are superb.
    It has over 40 weapons! Innovative Counter-Op Mode!

    You play as this Hot spy named Joanna Dark...And boy this woman dark as she hides and go seeks aiming for what her missions are and completeng them when told.

    You shoot through walls, Guid Rockets by remote and cloak yourself to slip by unnoticed...Thats awesome...

    This game Got a 9.9 out of 10 from Gamespot...thats a pretty hard game site to get a 10...This game almost pulled it through...It is a pain with the Expansion Pak...It costs alot...Well it did when I baught it, which was about the time the game came out...

    It is Hands Down The Best N64 game you can find....Get this masterpiece and play it for all it's worth....It's also a very hard game too...Well I found it hard...But over all it's one hell of a ride...

    It's very fun and innovative...It has a flavor that not alot of FPS have..I think this game ranks up with Half life...God I wish Nintendo made a remake out of this...Rare is very good at what it does...Like...Which I also thought was the best video game ever made, Conkers BFD..That had some flavor in it...I hope Rare keeps it up and I Really wanna see how Perfect Dark ZERO does On the Xbox

    Get this game....IT RULES!

    Later......more info

  • EPIC!! (You Should Own This Already)
    This is one of my favorite games of all time. This is the best FPS (First Person Shooter) I have played to date, so when this first came out it blew me away. There's a great multiplayer combat mode where you can make a custom character with two options (Head and Body). You can face up to 8 sims. You don't need two players to play the combat mode. You can make teams (So you don`t have to kill you friends). You can make a custom list of weapons. It saves your stats on your player profile and gives you awards. You can create a whole game (Enemy Sims, Level, Weapons, Limits, and teams) and save it. If you like any FPS games, you have to get this one!...more info
    This is one of the best titles you can possibly find on Nintendo 64. It has great action, plenty of blood, and excellent mission variety. What also makes this game so much fun to play is when you kill someone you're not supposed to, it will not make you start from the beginning of the mission. So you can be merrily on your way continuing your killing spree. I love the creative weapons as well like the gun you literally feed ammo to. So if you own an old-school console like an N64, pick up this game immediately....more info
  • fun
    This game is fun when you are in a bad mood. Moves quick so you don't get bored. Wish there were more blood and body parts, LOL...more info
  • An N64 Legend
    Perfect Dark is a superior and I agree with one of the reviewers...ERRRR...It...Does beat halo..I can't believe I said that. This game had brilliant well made graphics of its time.
    The weapons are superb.
    It has over 40 weapons! Innovative Counter-Op Mode!
    You play as this Hot spy named Joanna Dark...And boy this woman dark as she hides and go seeks aiming for what her missions are and completeng them when told.

    You shoot through walls, Guid Rockets by remote and cloak yourself to slip by unnoticed...Thats awesome...

    This game Got a 9.9 out of 10 from Gamespot...thats a pretty hard game site to get a 10...This game almost pulled it through...It is a pain with the Expansion Pak...It costs alot...Well it did when I baught it, which was about the time the game came out...

    It is Hands Down The Best N64 game you can find....Get this masterpiece and play it for all it's worth....It's also a very hard game too...Well I found it hard...But over all it's one hell of a ride...

    It's very fun and innovative...It has a flavor that not alot of FPS have..I think this game ranks up with Half life...God I wish Nintendo made a remake out of this...Rare is very good at what it does...Like...Which I also thought was the best video game ever made, Conkers BFD..That had some flavor in it...I hope Rare keeps it up and I Really wanna see how Perfect Dark ZERO does On the Xbox

    The visuals Are superb, Great Controlls, brilliant story and awesome multiplayer makes me give this N64 Classic a

    5 out of 5 stars! This is one of the best N64 games next to
    Conkers BFD and Loz Ocarina of time

    Lates...more info
  • perfect dark
    a fun mutli-player game. the singles missions aren't that great, but the multi-player options definitely make this game worth owning....more info
  • Brilliant
    This game is the only reason I purchased a Nintendo 64. This game has everything, from aliens to semi-automatic rifles. The number of weapons is unimaginable, and you can NEVER run out of things to do in this game. only 40% of the game is accessible without an expansion pak, but even that is better than most games!...more info
  • Golden eye sucks ass
    Perect dark is the best N64 killing game ever made the graphics kick ass golden eye was a DRAG!!! But Perfect dark rocks the world . I dont reccomand this for kids five years of age. I reccomand it for teens age 13 .. Ilove the bloody graphics the bad lanuage and the killing. Golden eyes graphics SUCKED ASS!!!..
    I highly reccomand this video game .. get it today at your loacal gamestop!!....more info
    - Good graphics, for N64
    - Terrific story
    - Excellent replay value
    - Lots of challenges to beat
    NOTHING!!...more info
  • No short single player campaigns or empty online servers, this is the real deal.
    This game is still the king of offline FPS, even 9 years later.


    Combat simulator with a character editor, complete stat tracking, challenges, up to 4 players and a TON of options for BOT A.I. and weapons? bet.

    No replay value, short single player campaign, strictly-online multiplayer, and the fact that you''ll probably have to be buying the sequel that gets crapped out next year?
    ..heck no!!

    The A.I. is no pushover, characters react like they should and limp around when shot in the arm or leg. Death animations add to the realism, so it does'nt seem like you're shooting wave after wave of cardboard cutouts like in many of todays FPS games.

    This is one of the best FPS ever made.. THIS IS an example of the QUALITY one game can achieve, and is a great alternative to the quantity of short games that lack options and force you to buy the sequel year after year (this is prevalent in console games these days).

    Wrestling games of today are having the same issues.

    This is my favorite game of all time, need some insight? Check out the review on ign or read up some of the other reviews (400+ reviews!).

    ...more info
  • Its Dark, Very Dark.
    If you liked 007 Goldeneye, then you have to play this. for and N64, the graphics are pretty good. it takes place in the future wich adds some spice to the guns. probloly the best feature is the duel. that is really fun. Its alot more addicting than goldeneye. the only reason its M, is because blood splats on the walls. and sometimes the dead guys suffer. overall its a really good game. (BETTER STORY LINE TO)...more info