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Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego? Classic
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Product Description

Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego? 2002 Edition takes young people on a thrilling adventure around the world as they chase the famous criminal! Skills taught include - geography, cultures, landmarks, foreign languages, history, reasoning & map reading Ages 8 to 12

Get ready to travel the world, encounter exotic sights and sounds, meet unusual people--and arrest them! Carmen Sandiego's international crime ring is furiously filching world treasures ordinary thieves wouldn't dare tackle. We're counting on you, Gumshoe. So, when you think you've got the goods on the bad guys, submit your evidence, make the collar, and go to court. But beware! Your evidence must be airtight or your suspect will go free! (Ages 9 and older)

  • The infamous Carmen Isabela Sandiego has run off with a rare edition of The Travels of Marco Polo worth millions. You'll work with crack detectives to uncover clues that will help find her!
  • Interact with two crack detectives as you use incredible gadgets to uncover important clues
  • Use your talking translator to make your way through 13 countries, with as many different languages
  • Travel around the globe without a passport as you collect clues in 50 countries
  • Solve puzzles and brainteasers from around the world while studying journal notes and sketches for clues

Customer Reviews:

  • My inner child
    Used to play this game when I was little, so I thought I'd take a stroll down memory lane. It's not as exciting as I used to remember it, but it still brings out my inner child....more info
  • Carmen Sandiego: Review
    Carmen Sandiego is a very good learnig game, because the player must find out where certain cities are in certain countries. The game provents you from geussing, because there is a time-limmit.
    The game also test your skills: based upon knowing alternitive words, for the basic words a child would know.
    The game also teaches a child different langueges to play the game, it really isn't hard to do that. The basics to the game is that you fly to different places over the world asking where the crook might be, and what they look like. Once the player has issued a warrent, they must areest the crook. Good Luck!!...more info
  • Great fun!!
    I had the original version several years ago--hours of great fun--highly recommended...more info
  • Carmen
    This game would have been better if it came with directions so you would at least know how to play it and not have to guess at everything. I finally figured it out though....more info
  • Frustrating Problems Saving
    This game is hokier than the classic version. The dialouge between the ACME agents is somewhat painful, albeit usually educational. For those who are looking to walk down memory lane, you may be disappointed. Unlike the old games where you would hunt down minions, & work your way up the ranks to hunting Carmen herself, this is 1 overarching case made up of several mini missions. I actually like that take on the game. The interface is completely different now as well. Rather than questioning witnesses and getting clues of the next step, the game mostly requires the agents to click on hotspots and retrieve scraps of notes that are, well, rather blunt. Gone are the days of a slow-build to revealing the solution with a broad clue that applies to a region and more specific clues that eventually narrow down the location you need.

    Each mini-mission takes approximately 30 minutes and there is apparently no way to save the game until the mission has been completed. For that matter, even after certain missions have been completed, the game will not save. It could not be more frustrating to keep replaying the same missions over and over.

    In sum, this game appears to be dumbed down quite a bit from many of the other mystery/problem solving games out there. The key clues needed to solve many of the puzzles are automatically put front and center after the puzzle has been selected so it takes little thought to solve them. It's also impossible to lose Carmen's trail. All the player has to do is contact the chief and she just point blank tells you "Go here. Do this." I think the game would be more challenging (and educational) if the Chief would give hints, perhaps for security purposes. Maybe for younger players, that direct approach is necessary, but I find it hard to believe that 12 year-olds need to be so directly walked through the story.

    Finally, please note that this game was copyrighted in 2001, so on a visit to New York City, you will see the Twin Towers, not only standing, but as a point of discussion....more info
  • very educational game not only for kids but for adults alike
    i have this software about 7 years ago and my nephew was only 8 years old then but he just loved playing the game. he used to play it everytime he comes home from school that he soon got to learn about the different places in the world, learn about world geography:the peoples, cultures & products of the different countries. and most of all, he just loved catching the crooks and really had a fun time with the game. even his mother and my other sister also enjoyed playing the game with him. two years after that however, a virulent virus "killed" my software of carmen sandiego and so my younger nieces didn't get the chance to enjoy it as much as their older brother did. i've been looking for this kind of software ever since but i guess it was not just available here in our country (or maybe it's just very difficult to look for one here). i've found out that it is available at and, boy, i'm so glad!...more info
  • educationally and wonderfully fun
    i have so much fun with this game it makes me wish there were more games like this. it makes learning fun...more info
  • Couldn't get it to work
    I've heard great things about this computer game so I got it for my children for Christmas. Unfortunately, I coudn't get it to load onto my computer (and I tried everything!). Oh well! ...more info
  • Where in the world is the REAL Carmen Santiego???
    this is awful!!!
    I had played the original game -- about fifteen years ago I think-- which was a very intelligent set of geography puzzles and hours of fun.
    This "new version" has taken a great concept and destroyed it by thinning the content to a point of triviality and replacing it with a mindless cartoon storyline that often goes into repeated inanities and makes no sense whatsoever.
    Where in the World is the REAL Carmen Santiego???...more info
  • Where In the World is Carmen Sandiego?
    All I have to say is it is GREAT!...more info
  • This is the awsomest!!
    I got it for my daughter and she and her brother enjoyed it very very much.They liked that it was hard but not to hard. Thanks Carmen ...more info
  • A fairly good product.
    My only complaint is that i didn't realize it was the version for schools. Other than that it is good....more info
  • Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego my favorite game
    Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego is a great game it ischalenging exciting gives you a crash course in geography and youdon't even have to be that smart to beat it and it is very very fun....more info
  • A first-class program.
    I love this game. While chasing Carmen and her gang around the world, you come across funny characters, puzzling clues, interesting locations, and you learn a lot about geography and history at the same time! They did a magnificent job on this game - I wish I could find that missing last disk so I could install it again on my new computer!...more info
  • Garbage
    Not the original Broderbund version. The learning company sux. It isn't worth the dollar. These nice guys sent me 2 separate disc's(same day) so they could soak me for 2 shippings of 6 bucks each. Absolute garbage. Never deal with these guys again. Anyone know where to get the version I had 12 years ago. Broderbund's site no good......more info