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Hunter Fan 27185 Light Remote Control
List Price: $75.00

Our Price: $36.99

You Save: $38.01 (51%)


Product Description

All-Fan/Light Remote Control, Separate Buttons For 3 Fan Speeds Plus Instant Off (1.0A), Full Range Light Dimming (300W), Manual Light Operation With Wall Switch Access Plate, Unique Switch Plate Holder Included.

  • Separate buttons for three fan speeds
  • Instant off
  • Full-range light dimming
  • Manual light operation
  • Unique switchplate holder included

Customer Reviews:

  • Light blows, remote controller goes
    I have replaced the receiver twice because of lights blowing out. Each time a light goes the receiver stops functioning correctly. The first time the unit wouldn't operate at all so I spent $32 and 2 hours of my time replacing it. The second time the unit still controls the fan, but now the light is either on or half-way dim--won't go off and the gradual dim function doesn't work at all. Hunter's suggestion is a new unit. No way. I am looking for a better product. ...more info
  • Good remote. Make sure you change dip switches from default.
    I found the remote fairly easy to install and was pleased to see the fan/light control working immediately. Then the problems started. The lights would come on in the middle of the night. The garage door would go up randomly. Obviously we needed to change the dip switches. That is probably the biggest dissapointment is that I wish I would have set them to something else to begin with because taking the fan back down was just about as difficult as putting it up in the first place....more info
  • JUNK
    This remote turns the fan on by its self 3 or 4 time a day. Hunter has no answer....more info
  • I would like this but...
    Sadly I'm having the same problems as other people with it randomly turning on/off and changing speeds. Not sure I'll bother trying a replacement since it's a pain to install these....more info
  • Many dead spots, even near the fan!
    I give this remote two stars for ease of installation, otherwise I'll be looking for another remote. The unit may or may not work, depending on the location of the handheld transmitter in relation to the receiver. This is not an out-of-range problem because the receiver might not pick up the signal even if the transmitter is only a few inches away. At first I suspected a weak battery but this was not the culprit. I have spent several hours orienting the antenna wire in every possible way and retesting the unit, and there are still dead spots in the room where the transmitter will not work, even though it works very dependably in other spots. Reading some previous reviews praising this unit, it sounds as if the manufacturer has a quality control problem regarding consistency. But it seems that we all agree on the unit's lack of ability to remember the last brightness setting -- when you turn off the light, regardless of where the dimmer is set, turning the light on again brings it immediately to the full setting... not very comfortable on the eyes after waking up in the middle of the night. You can only "dim down" the light -- starting from full brightness and going gradually to off. There is no way to increase from dim to bright. Overall, I am very disappointed....more info
  • not much to say
    I purchased this remote at the same time i bought a Hunter Fan. The fan worked but the remote didn't so i had to send it back. Since the electrician had to come back to do work with the fan in order for the remote to be used i was hesitant to order a replacement in case it too didn't work....more info
  • Problems
    This remote has issues. All you need to do is search the internet under Hunter and the product number and you can see for yourself all the reviews and websites discussing the issues. My lights on the fan turn on randomly in the middle of the night (kind of scary the first time it happened but now its just annoying) and the speeds will change randomly as well. Changing the frequency on the remote and the fan (which requires taking the fan down again) doesn't solve the problem either. ...more info
  • Not recommended for use with hunter original fan
    I bought the Hunter remote control to control the hunter original fan I bought. The installer could not fit the control electronics in the shrould, so he placed it in the attic, and fed the antenna into the shroud. The control turns the fan on and off, and changes speeds perfectly. The only, BIG, problem is that the fan comes on by itself even if no one is home. We had to pay an electrician close to $300 to install a cut off switch, so the fan electronics could not start the fan if the switch is in off status. At least now, we can leave the house knowing the fan will not be running full force without us being home. I am not pleased that the only Hunter remote control won't properly control a Hunter fan. Also, on the site where I purchased the fan, there was no note of this problem, or advice not to use this remote with a Hunter Original fan....more info
  • 1 out of 3 so far -- NOT RECOMMENDED
    I bought 3 of these remotes this weekend and the one in MY room did the whole 'bright light in the middle of the night' routine last night. I finally turned off the fan at the wall switch. Installer came today to change the DIP switches (complained VERY loudly about what a pain that was), and it kept doing the same thing. We have an electrician coming tomorrow to try his hand at it. If it comes down to it I'll just have the remote removed and go back to the chain.

    I wish I had read these reviews before I bought 3 of these.
    ...more info
  • Poor control functions and a complete disaster in lightning storms.
    I used to have a similar unit before, and that one worked perfect. This unit has many negative aspects. Some of the other reviews talk about the bad range, but I believe it's the bad quality of the transmitter. The unit will work or not work from wherever, there's no system in that, but if you keep the remote in the same location and hit the same buttom a few times, it will work... The fan speed controls seem to work OK, that's the only star this unit deserves. The light control is very bad quality. I have two of these units, and the light button on both units tend to stick, so you have to play with them to release them again. The control only dimms down, so every time you turn the lights on they come on full bright. The dimming process is not easy either. There is only one button to turn the lights on/off, and that same button is supposed to dimm the lights by holding it. There is a lot of hesitating in the dimming which results in having to press the button many times before it starts dimming. The other fun part is getting the lights to a low dimm. Since the unit only dimms down and you want a very relaxed low light, be carefull, because before you know you're back on full bright...
    OK, besides these very poor control functions, here's the real problem. I live in South Florida, which is the lightning capital of the USA. Here, we live with it, are used to it and even sleep through it. Except with these control units. It's very normal for the lights to flicker in a bad lightning storm. But, these units don't flicker. If the power goes down for even half a second, the unit shuts the fan off and turns on the lights full bright. Try that in the middle of the night... Besides lightning, every single power fluctuation will bring the lights on full bright, so I have had many days I got home where all the lights where on. That's a waste of energy and that's why these control units are useless and will be removed from my home. Don't waste your money......more info
  • It stops working after 8 months
    The remote was easy to install; however it had many dead spots. The dimmer on the light was almost impossible to control. Last but not least- it stopped working entirely after 8 months. I definately would not buy this remote again. We have two other ceiling fans in the house with remotes(different brand) and they have been working fine....more info
  • Good Idea, Bad Execution
    Like many others who have reviewed this product, I found issues with random changes of state for both the fan and light unit. I have installed this with a Hunter 25578 The Studio Series 52-Inch Five Walnut/ Medium Oak-Blades-Ceiling Fan, Antique Brass. My first codes, out-of-the-box and a first code change, resulted in the fan coming on when it wanted to. The second change resulted in the light fixture coming on when it wanted to (generally at times when I was sound asleep). The third change, now in effect for two weeks, has been quiet so far. These changes wouldn't be so bad, but it is a royal pain to drop the canopy to change codes. I cannot recommend this product, but I do not have a suitable replacement yet either. It is a good idea. It is just done poorly. ...more info