Rubbermaid 1170 ActionPacker 8-Gallon Storage Tote
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Product Description

Perfect for storing those frequently used smaller items, this Rubbermaid storage totes features durable construction and tough, lockable latches to protect stored goods for years to come. Great for quick pickup and storage of toys and tools around the yard, weather resistant plastic keeps out moisture and stands up to sun and cold without cracking. The totes are stackable for stable vertical storage. For convenient, compact storage when empty, the totes are nestable, tucking inside of each other so that they don't take up too much space. To keep out dust, wandering little hands, or whatever might inhabit your storage area, lids latch and lock tightly. Unlike other tote lids, ActionPacker lids interlock nicely for easy storage when the totes are empty. Plus, they're double-walled for added strength-- an extra nice feature if you like to cram the totes full. Rubbermaid covers the purchase with a full 6-year warranty. --Brian D. Olson

  • 8-gallon plastic tote for general storage
  • Weather-resistant construction for optimal durability
  • Tough, lockable latches hold down lid; bungee cord tie downs
  • 19.9 by 14.1 by 12.1 inches
  • Stackable for stable storage; nestable for compact storage when empty

Customer Reviews:

  • I wish every product were as good as the ActionPacker
    I've been using ActionPackers for hunting gear for at least 5 years with great success. The boxes usually ride in an open ATV trailer behind my truck and have proven to be rugged and weather tight. My ActionPackers are always packed and ready to go for the next hunting or camping trip.

    Because they stack so nicely, I plan to replace all of my other plastic storage boxes with these.

    The only downside to these boxes is that you cannot see what's in them until you open the box, so some sort of labeling system is useful. ...more info
  • Rubbermaid Container
    I have purchased the container for international travel. After a couple of trips it seems to hold extremely well and I hope it will continue to serve me well for a long while....more info
  • Great Storage Container
    This is my second ActionPacker because it is a very useful storage container. I store my camping gear and emergency supplies in it. I take it when I go camping because it is extremely rugged and doubles as camping bench/table. It is made of lightweight material so the container by itself is not heavy. The lid is strong and durable. The latch provides an opening so that a padlock can be used for security/safety. Although, the latch is made of hard plastic so if someone really wanted to open the unit they'd find a way or I imagine they could just pick it up and take it. So, for added security it would be nice if the unit had some external handles or tie-downs for a security cable, but it doesn't. The unit is a decent size, but also fits in the back seat of my 4-door Saturn. The container, as far as I can tell, does not provide an air/water tight seal when closed, but when the latch is close does provide a firm seal. Overall, a great container and I would buy it again....more info
  • Best little container for travel or camping
    Being a "handyman" - of sorts, when I go to the summer cottage or to see the grandkids, I need to have my tools and their accessories with me. Rusty, my faithful hound takes up the cargo area of the SUV, so I needed weather-resistant containers. I have a trailer-hitch carrier which readily accommodates these containers- on either side of the license plate - and allows the tailgate to open while they are still on the carrier. Perfect.
    *BE CAREFUL of using trailer hitch carriers for valuables. Thieves lurk at rest stops and roadside restaurants. ...more info
  • Good but too pricy online!
    These Rubbermaid storage boxes are useful and durable products. However, they are so expensive online! My local Walmart sells the 8 gallon storage bin for $15. The 24 gallon storage bins are only $20. So check your Walmarts before shopping for these. I have not found the 35 gallon bins at stores though. You most likely have to purchase the larger ones online! ...more info
  • flexable use
    I use Action packers of several types in my work, as environmental enclosures for electronic equipment. They are reasonably priced, nest for shipping, and shed water from the lid. They hold up well in weather for over two years & do not deteriorate in sunlight. I've used well over 200 over the years. They used to cost about $12USD !! Oh, well....more info
  • Awesome ActionPacker!
    Whatever issue the previous reviewer's had it has now been resolved. This is a great product and came exactly as described! ...more info
  • Keeps items dry and clean...use for camping & fishing trips
    Nice tote for tools, camping, and fishing gear. I use the larger 24 gallon tote for basement and garage storage; also works good to organize your gear on camping trips. Keeps items dry and clean. I use the 8 gallon tote to carry fish gear on trips; also works good for tool storage in vehicles. I usually use adhesive labels to identify whats items are in the tote (long term storage).

    The description on this item was previously incorrect (had it corrected); it previous had the description of a larger item. Looks good to me now.

    Look for a sale on this item, $19-$20 is fair value....more info
  • Storage Container w/ True Dimensions
    Some previous comments have disputed the true dimensions of this product, so let's set the record straight:

    Rubbermaid claims 19.9 by 14.1 by 12.1 inches, which are accurate EXTERNAL measurements.

    Rubbermaid fails to note the INTERNAL dimensions of the product (i.e., where the actual storage occurs). The tricky part is that the inside of the tote has a few nooks, which may (or may not) be useful depending on your needs. So, at the narrowest points the dimensions are 15.3 x 11.5 x 10 inches. As the tote tapers out, that 11.5 width expands to nearly 14 inches.

    I use this tote for holding jumper cables, a few handtools, an old jacket, and spare towels/rags in the trunk of my car. The tote is sturdy enough to use as a seat while changing a tire or working on a headlight.

    My only compliant is that the width/strength of the black plastic (bottom) should be thicker. The current plastic gets the job done, but a bit more toughness would boost my recommendation.
    ...more info
  • Great Product
    I use these for camping gear, and they are perfect. Sturdy, easy to carry (unlike the larger models), stackable, and waterproof. I even use them as an extra chair... try doing that with any other storage container. I highly recommend these....more info