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MAGLITE M2A016 AA Mini Flashlight, Black
List Price: $26.25

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  • Mini-Mag flashlight; water and shock resistant
  • High-intensity adjustable light beam; features candle mode for hands-free operation
  • Rugged, machined aluminum for durability
  • Includes flashlight, key ring, spare lamp, and 2 AA alkaline batteries
  • 5-3/4-inches long; 1-inch head diameter; 3.78 ounces with batteries; limited lifetime warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Maglight Mini AA is worth the price
    All in all, given the price, it is worth it. Using it just as a pen light it has sufficient power and battery life for it's designed purpose....more info
  • Lightweight and tough, be sure to pack one
    I've been hiking and camping for 24 years now, and I have used many, many flashlights. Since finding the AA Mini Mag Lite, however, it's the only one you'll find in my pack. They are very tough and durable. On a recent trip to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, I even used it submerged to look for a fellow camper's eyeglasses that had fallen into the lake. While it is not designed for underwater use (being only water resistant), the lamp performed flawlessly.

    While nearly perfect, I will recommend picking up the accessory pack available for the AA Mini Mag Lite. The accessory pack includes a rubber cover for the lens end that helps prevent the lamp from rolling and also absorbs some impact if dropped. It also includes a wrist strap with a split ring so you can keep it close at hand (I usually put the strap around my wrist when I slide into my sleeping bag--if I need to get up quickly during the night, the lamp is always at hand). The accessory pack also includes three plastic lenses--blue, red, and clear (the product description lists an amber lens in palce of the clear one). I've found the red one useful when I want to rummage through a pack when my tentmate has already turned in for the night. It gives you illumination that is not as harsh as the non-filtered white light....more info
  • Horrible Product!!!!
    I've gone through two of these flashlights. They are horrible. They work great when they work, and the light is bright but after the first time I used it it got dim and now when I turn it on it flickers and goes off. A much better flashlight that I own is the Illuminator Flashlight. It is a hand cranked flashlight. It is also less than this flashlight on Amazon. ...more info
  • Why is it everyone loves a great flashlight ?
    This is a great flashlight. The size, feel and performance all scream "big bucks" and then you discover that this little beauty costs about as much as two grande lattes at Starbucks. I have one in each car and they have come in handy looking for street signs, house addresses and map reading. Last Christmas, I gave everyone in my department their own Mini Mag Lite. I can't tell you how many times they have come and told me how handy they have proven to be. When you've thrown away your last broken plastic, made in a place you can't spell or pronounce junk flashlight, go and get one of these babies. You will smile. Really!...more info
  • Buy one forever
    I got one of these little like 1980-something. I still have the same one, it still works great with only changing bulbs and batteries throughout the years. It has been practically everywhere with me and always worked.

    These flashlights are campact, bright, durable and focusable. I've dropped mine, tossed mine, even used it as a hammer once or twice. Got it wet, cold and generally yucky. Still works great. The only way this won't be the last flashlight you'll ever buy is if you do what I did, finally get a bigger Mag-Lite a few years ago for those times when I want more light.

    These have to be the best-supported flashlights on the planet. How many other flashlights have so many accessories available for them and have been copied so frequently? You won't be sorry....more info

  • Tough as nails, great value
    This is one tough little flashlight! I once dropped a Mini Mag forty feet onto a rock-while lit-and it survived with only a tiny dent. There are cheaper flashlights out there but this is the one to buy. Solid, well thought out design and great value make this a winner!...more info
  • Size doesn't matter
    I bought this flashlight out of recomendation from a friend of mine. I needed something that was small, but powerful. This is jsut that. For something so small, you would figure that it would let out very little power. I was rather amazed that it provided excellent lighting and the free standing candle mode is very useful too. Mag Instruments deffinatly makes some of the best stuff I've seen....more info
  • pure awesomness!
    Its small, its well built(i bought it to fit a burner lazer in it, but after i held it in my hands i just coudnt let my self tear that masterpeice apart), its so bright that it can make you go blind, it has adjustable beam width, ITS AWESOME!
    money well spent....more info
  • Very decent flashlight for the money
    All right I'm going to cut to the chase. This light is definitely outdated although Mag has introduced its excellent Minimag LED. Some of the complaints about the reliability of this light are absolutely hilarious. Mag flashlights have been the standard light for maintenence, security,law enforcement, and many other types of personnel and have proven to be a very reliable and durable light. Its an incandescent light, which can fail if dropped just like any other light of its type. P

    eople who I consider to experts on the topic of flashlights, who even have websites dedicated specifically to flashlight reviews, also consider this to be a very decent entry level light with high reliability. These experts have recognized the Minimag as being a dependable flashlight not known to have any major design flaws that affect reliability. Sure there are better flashlights out there, they also cost more money.

    I consider all the Mag flashlights to be good entry level lights. You aren't getting a Surefire or Streamlight but you will end up with a light that is going to work every time you use it and offer a very long service life. These lights have been torture tested to grave extremes on public forums pertaining to flashlights and their durability will amaze you.

    Where it truly does not compare to the Surefire and Streamlight lights is in beam quality. Once you have used a Surefire or Streamlight you might never go back. This little Minimag has a lot going for it though. It is reliable, has fairly good output, and has a decent run time on relatively inexpensive AA batteries. Other lights may be brighter but they are either more expensive initially or more expensive to feed battery wise. I just can't stand back while people are trashing probably the most proven flashlight of the 20th century. Many police officers, security personnel, and search and rescue operatives have used Mag flashlights in one form or another for decades in harsh environments. They are not the best flashlights out there for sure, but they certainly are not junk.

    In conclusion, I think its fair to say that its not the best flashlight in terms of technology but its definitely a versatile and durable light that will offer many years of reliable service. Maglite has kept the design simple so that they can offer a very high quality product at a very reasonable price. Quality has nothing to do with features. What the Minimag lacks in features it makes up in quality and reliability. While I have many higher priced flashlights that are better in terms of brightness and technology, the Minimag has provided me years of service and has been abused heavily. It works as well as the first day I bought it. ...more info
  • Great features, great purchase
    I needed a small flashlight for a trip to Australia-- something that would easily fit in the one piece of luggage I'm allowed (In this case, a backpack).

    The Mini Mag Lite is perfect. It is very small (about six inches long and maybe about as thick as a cigar) but has some weight to it. It isn't flimsy at all, and I'm not worried about it lasting through the trip.

    The flashlight came with batteries (very nice.) and an extra bulb in the little screw-on cap on the end (also, very nice.) The bright beam can be adjusted, and although it doesn't focus to a very exact point, it focuses well enough for my purposes. The candle option is clever as well.

    All in all, a very worthwhile purchase, and recommended....more info
  • For me, the Pelican Verasabrite II is better
    Don't get me wrong, I used a MiniMag for years, but then I was given a Pelican Versabrite. While the original Versabrite was not as bright as the MiniMag (and no focusing), it has a tiltable head and built in clips to mount to a hat brim or shirt pocket - useful features when you have to inspect things and take notes at night, or otherwise need light and need both hands free. The Versabrite II ended the controversy. It's brighter, no matter how the the MiniMag is focused.

    By the way, for a keyring light, try one of the coin-sized LED lights like the Photon Microlight. They're amazing....more info

  • Great flashlight - bright as many D cell types
    The first time I used one of these was on a hiking trip in the Grand Canyon. I was amazed how bright it was. My only two complaints about these are: 1) While they are very tough when the batteries are installed, don't drop one while it's empty. The batteries must help strengthen the tube. I dropped mine and the tube dented easily. I couldn't get it round enough again to reload the batteries. I had to buy a new one. 2) Don't let your batteries get old. They fit so snuggly in the tube and if they swell or leak, you'll never get them out....more info
  • Get to your car safely!
    This Mag Lite is just the right size to carry along if you have to travel through a poorly lit area to get to your car at night!
    This company makes excellent, reliable products!...more info
  • Multiple frustrations
    I have owned at least 5 maglites and especially like the mini mag but with ALL of the maglites I have had the same problem: suddenly they don't work. When I take the batteries out and put new ones in, they still don't work. If I change the bulb they still don't work.

    It seems that they are very touchy about the way they are put back together. They have to have the spring situated just right among other things.

    I can't believe that other people don't have the same problems I do. My boyfriend just spent 30 minutes cursing, trying to replace batteries and/or bulbs without any luck. We now have 3 Maglites sitting around as pieces of art rather than useful illuminating items.

    Help! What are we doing wrong?...more info
  • Would have preferred the casing didn't come out when i increase the brightness.
    Thats how this works. You rotate the top portion around and the brightness and focal length increases. But then it comes off at the end. I read this about this product before, but its kind of annoying when you want to use this in a hurry and it becomes loose.

    Would have preferred a switch.

    Its quite compact and slips easily into your pocket. Would buy again from Maglite, but not the same design.

    Advice: look for something else, but make sure it doesnt operate the same way as this device....more info
  • Good small dependable light
    Mag lite

    Arrived promptly and in perfect condition. The incandescent mag light is a proven product . And while not as bright as some LED lights at short ranges I have found that it provides a longer range beam of useful brightness.
    ...more info
  • Great light, but...
    I like the light - it puts out a great beam, it does not weigh much, it seems to be sturdy enough... the problem I have with it is it tends to turn on when carried in a pocket. To turn it on, the head is twisted. When walking around with the light in a pocket, which I need to do for my work, movement tends to turn the light on. I have ran through numerous batteries this way, and of course, batteries always need to be replaced at the most inconvenient times....more info
  • Mini Mag AA Flashlight
    Mag Lite makes wonderful flashlights of all sizes. This one fits perfect in my leathercraft tool holder that I ware working outside. ...more info
  • Get this model over the LED one if you're planning to buy the TerraLux LED mod
    I originally bought the LED model of this flashlight thinking I can mod that using a TerraLux LED mod, but that model has the wrong type of bulb socket. The regular non-led is the one of buy for the TerraLux mod. And it's very bright as soon as I pulled out the regular bulb and installed the TerraLUX MiniStar2 TLE-5EX mod. The only portable flashlight I need to carry around with me now....more info
  • Great light - lousy light bulbs
    I have owned one of these lights for years. The original light bulbs lasted at least five years but replacements (genuine brand) only last a few months. ... Otherwise a great product - would be five stars if the bulbs lasted longer....more info
  • Great light with little known feature
    All the mag lites share solid aluminum construction and rubber o-ring seals.

    What sets the mini mag off from the other mag lites is its size (easy to hold with teeth while working under car, sink, etc) and one little known feature - "candle" mode. You adjust the beam focus by rotating the mini mag's head, but if you continue turning the head pops off; you are left with the handle and the exposed bulb, which is now throwing light in all directions - it is a "candle". Flip the head over, place it on the ground/table - it is now a "candle holder". Stick the candle into the candle holder. Instant candle for camping. (These directions are actually on the mini mag's packaging, but it wasn't until I had bought my third mini mag (one for car, kitchen, daypack) that I noticed. This is actually a great trick to show other mini mag owners... they also threw their packaging away without looking it)

    Two mini mags in the candle mode do a good job on a picnic table at night... so get two of them... they're cheap....more info

  • Need some extra care and feeding
    I've used these lights for many years now. As a musician, I found them invaluable backstage to help get cables all hooked up in the dark. In fact, I had a blue and red one and I swapped the parts around. I've since lost one of them and now I have this hybrid red/blue light :)

    Anyhow, after a while, the threads start to get full of aluminum dust and debris and the o-rings need some lubrication (I've most recently tried some chapstick and it seems to work. I've noticed newer lights have some kind of oily material on them).

    I would like to see them offer a lght using 3V lithium cell technology and a brighter bulb with fewer dark spots....more info