MAGLITE S2C016 Black C Cell Flashlight, 2-C
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Product Description

The Mag-Lite S2C016 2-Cell "C" Flashlight Combo Pack offers you the right balance of refined optics, efficient power, durability and quality. It's got the same power and reliable functioning as the D-Cell flashlights, in a smaller, lighter design. Each Mag-Lite C-Cell flashlight includes two high intensity White Star Krypton Gas Lamps, for enhanced brilliance and extended range. O-ring sealed for water resistance Machined aluminum construction with knurled design Spare lamp safely secured inside the tailcap High-strength aluminum alloy case Requires 2 C size alkaline batteries Beam Candlepower - 10 feet (3 meters) Battery Life - 36 Hours (Lamp life may vary) Length - 8-15/16 (227 mm) Barrel Diameter - 1-1/4 (31.75 mm) Head Diameter - 1-1/4 (31.75 mm) Weight - 11.00 oz. (311.84 g) without battery; 15.70 oz. (445.09 g) with battery

  • High intensity adjustable light beam
  • Sealed O-rings for water and shock resistance
  • Candle mode feature for hands free light
  • Spare lamp in the tail cap
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • absolutly the best
    Gotta say hands down this is probably the most loved flashlight i have ever had. it shines super bright but illumination isnt the real reason anyone would or should buy this. its an excellent security tool. in all states this should be legal as it is classified as an illumination device untill used otherwise. and its excellent when used as other purposes

    the only con i have is that the endcap is not metal, i dunno why when the rest of the flashlight is superstrong aluminum and the endcap is some sort of plastic im guessing. its not so much a bad thing as just an annoyance. i havent had it break nor expect it to but i would of really liked that part to be metal as well.

    edit: contacted the company, they assured me it is indeed metal endcap. sorry for the confusion...more info
  • The Big Daddy of Them All
    Few flashlights will grab more attention than a 6D Cell Maglite. It's 20" long and weighs well over 3 lbs with batteries. As alluded in other reviews, this really guns for the guy instincts. It's exaggerated and gives the same feeling as seeing the volume go to 11 ( la Spinal Tap). Ever since I first saw one on display 20 years ago, I've wanted it (but had to settle for a Mini-Mag). Of course, as a Maglite, it lives up to their reputation of being virtually indestructable and a good substitute for a baseball bat.
    However, in light of recent innovations in LED technology, it doesn't have as much practical value. As one would expect with a 6D (9 volt) light, it is one that can signal satellites. When I first saw it, it was brighter than anything else, at least operating from standard batteries. 20 years later, it still uses the same technology, albeit with the availability of the Xenon "Mag-num" bulb, which adds 23% brightness (per Maglite's web site). Other technologies have emerged that make this beast show its age, especially the so-called "tactical" lights, some of which are smaller than a Mini-mag, but brighter than the 6D. Don't get me wrong. It's tough as nails and extraordinarily bright. But, the 3D Cell Maglite with the LED upgrade puts out a comparable amount of light, while consuming only half the batteries and being 40% smaller. As of this writing (7/2007), there is no LED upgrade bulb available from Maglite, save the 4D Cell version, used with 2 dummy D-Cells (why?)
    Third-party vendors have some good ones, but they are either dimmer or don't focus. One even costs $75+ (for a $25 chassis). One company boasts its upgrade bulb will yield 140 lumens; for comparison, the Mag claims the 6D Cell with the Xenon bulb yields 218 lumens. If Maglite were to put an LED upgrade for this light out on par with the 3D cell LED upgrade, it would make this light incredibly bright and I would also give this the full Five Stars.
    Bottom Line: If you must have a gi-normous flashlight that is well-engineered and virtually indestrctable, this is the one for you. I have one and love it, but truthfully, it's more of a novelty that satisfies some primal yearning inside of me. For emergency and everyday use, I have strategically located Maglite 3Ds and Min-Mags, all LED, around the house.

    UPDATE: I got this 7/17/2007 from Mag's customer service about the 5-6 cell LED upgrades: "We do not plan on making an LED for the 5 or 6 cell lights because the volume is too small to justify the tooling costs. LEDs are voltage sensitive and if used in the wrong size light will either reduce the overall life of the lamp or blow it out. You can also purchase a battery spacer / dummy battery and use our 4 cell LED module, model # SH34DCW6J."...more info
  • Mag Flashlight Heavy Duty 2 C-Cell
    Excellent flashlight light to carry and very durable. I would highly recommend this for a home user or campers very dependable flashlight....more info
  • This thing rocks!
    Talk about bright! It's like a portable sun! And the best part is, nobody in their right mind would ever mess with you while you're carrying it! The thing is MASSIVE!...more info
  • Maglite is great
    My son wanted a maglite for his birthday. Could not find the six cell flashlight at the local shops in Ames, Iowa. Amazon came through and he enjoys his big flashlight. ...more info
  • Best Lite Yet
    I bought this 6-cell MagLite for my boyfriend as a gift. He now keeps it next to him all day. This is the brightest and 'badest' light out there. We also own two 4-cell MagLites, but this is by far the best value. I recommend it to anyone for the indoors or outdoor activities....more info
  • Great flashlight
    Great solid feel to it, even when screwing on the end cap for the batteries. The beam adjustment is easy and precise. It's a Maglite . . . enough said....more info
  • bright light
    this is a bright light at a great price very happy over all good buy!!...more info
  • Tough and reliable
    As I expected from Maglite, this is a tough and reliable flashlight. Nothing much else to add, it is the only brand of flashlight I buy....more info
  • Mag to the rescue!
    Three of these were wrapped under the Christmas tree for my husband when the power went out for a few hours. My husband began looking for flashlights, but was disappointed that we never have any decent ones around the house. I handed him an early present, and as he unwrapped it he announced, "Finally! A good flashlight." It's super bright and the beam can be adjusted to suit your needs. C batteries make the flashlight nice and slim...easy to hold....more info
  • Not as good as everyone thinks....
    When everyone says mag lights are "top of the line" they are being incredibly naive! Try looking into some real flashlights like Surefire, Fenix, and Huntlight! Mag lights even measure in candlepower, which grossly exaggerates brightness too. You turn them on and they're bright, but in 10 minutes it'll get dimmer. I own a flashlight by Fenix which is easily 5 times as bright as this and will fit in the palm of my hand! Before you buy this light, consider the p1dCE by Fenix, or the G2 from Surefire. Thank you!...more info
  • WOW! Great flashlight!
    I got the 4D LED Mag-lite recently. I was very satisfied. It was delivered two days ahead of schedule, and the flashlight is awesome, durable, and bright. What more do you want? My dad is always getting these cheap flashlights... he's going to be jealous when he sees this. It is very nice, bright, and it makes that satisfying "click" when you turn it on. ...more info
  • A classic
    All men like flashlights, perhaps its a carryover from our days as cavemen when we always made sure we had fire available. The Mag is the equivalent of a muscle car. Sure there are smaller, faster and even cheaper flashlights but the Mag just works. Its totally no-nonsense and has the product recognition value equivalent to Apple Computer.
    The drawbacks are many. Its big, heavy, the krypton light isn't the best and the adjustable beam is rather ragged looking but it puts out a good amount of light and is tough enough to be dropped, used as a self defense weapon, improvised hammer, dog repellent, or crowbar.
    You can get a xenon bulb for greater light output at the expense of battery life, or an LED upgrade which drops right in.
    Many police forces stopped using the Mag not because it was a bad flashlight but because they were beating suspects to death with them so they were forced to use CR123 based mini tactical lights. Thats one tough flashlight.
    They're not overly expensive, as there are others out there costing 4-5 times as much and frankly I'm unsure why they charge such a premium.
    They're made in the USA so they can be considered a reasonably patriotic purchase.
    ...more info
  • Blazing Light And A Good Safety Device
    This flashlight is one of the best, and widely used by law enforcement, pretty much as standard.

    I highly reccomend this flashlight!...more info
  • great flashlight
    Sturdy, bright and well built. Maglight has an eye for quality. the 3C cell is a nice size....more info
    When I got the maglite LED I sorta expected it to be good, how about great, wonderful, amazing! Only 3 White LED's and you can light up the backyard like daytime. I am going to have to give away my old Maglites as they just don't cut it anymore. ...more info
  • not big deal
    Your money'll be better used buying a led technology flashlight... however this is a nice normal one......more info
  • Great item
    Great size and light power..I use flashlights for work and this 3 C battery model has been my favorite for years....more info
  • WOW! Great flashlight!
    I got the LED version of this Mag-lite recently. I was very satisfied. It was delivered two days ahead of schedule, and the flashlight is awesome, durable, and bright. What more do you want? My dad is always getting these cheap flashlights... he's going to be jealous when he sees this. It is very nice, bright, and it makes that satisfying "click" when you turn it on. ...more info
  • Light the night!
    Bright enough to light half the house in a power outage or illuminate objects handily at 50-100 feet. Durable as a pilar. With six "D" size batteries, it's heavy. But I've never seen anything better in a torch!...more info
  • The best!
    MagLites have been and no doubt always will be the best flashlights ever made!...more info
  • Handy Flashlight
    This product is great! Much more usable than my previous 3 D-cell maglight. Package arrived quickly and in good shape....more info
  • MAGLITE S2C016 Black C Cell Flashlight, 2-C
    MAGLITE S2C016 Black C Cell Flashlight, 2-C This is as good as any of the Mag-Light line of flashlights. Awesome!!...more info
  • Great Flashlight
    This is a nice, sturdy, flashlight in a metal casing. It has a nice bright beam and fits easily into a drawer. It is a definite improvement over the cheap plastic flashlight that I had. Amazon has it at a good price. I recommend....more info
  • As a Brit might say: "This is one bloody-good torch"!
    Dear Sirs & Madams:
    This is perhaps the best of all "torches" available, and at a bloody-good price...I am certain that not only the Yanks use these lites, but Scotland Yard AND OTHERS must also as well. Not only does this top-drawer product provide the light sufficent for any night needs and/or exposure of deeds, but by its own heft, it is also quite a good headknoker (without damage... to the lite) should one require such in a pinch.
    This product's pros are also a part of its cons: It is bright-white light, it is well constructed, and it is durable. It is also large and heavy. At the same time this product does not put in harm's-way: an officer, a citizen, or a suspect.
    I would not want to be without my ole MAG-Torch if it will turn the trick, rather than fire-power: indeed you can jolly well take this conviction to the bank...indeed!...more info