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MAGLITE S3D016 Heavy-Duty 3-D Cell Flashlight, Black
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Product Description

Bright lights, burly cases, fail-safe on/off switches, virtual indestructibility: there are good reasons to rave about Mag Instrument flashlights. Powered by 3 D-cell batteries, the bright, powerful light adjusts from spot to flood simply by rotating the head. The light is housed in a case made of high-strength aluminum alloy that has been anodized inside and out. This, along with high-quality O-rings at both openings, give you water- and shock-resistance in a lightweight package. Maglite's switches are rubber-coated, weather-protected, and self-cleaning-they're virtually indestructible. In short, this flashlight is almost indestructible-a good quality when it comes to the tools re rely on to help you find your way in the dark. Limited lifetime warranty. Requires 3 D-cell batteries (not included). Includes spare bulb (stored in end-cap). If you want the same design in a smaller package or if you want more run-time than 3 D-cells will give you, see Mag Instrument products #S2D016 and #S4D016.--Josh Dettweiler

What's in the Box
Flashlight, spare bulb

Unless you've been hiding in the dark for the last few decades, you're sure to recognize this classic from Mag Instrument. The solid dependability of Mag flashlights is hard to top, which explains why the brand is so popular with police officers, security guards, and other people who can't afford to be left in the dark. This three-D-cell model is great for home use and an essential part of any home emergency kit. It shines as bright as most homeowners could ask for, and a simple twist of the head changes the beam from a spot to a luminous floodlight. Having a Mag flashlight on hand can keep an inconvenience, like a November blackout, from becoming a small disaster. It is also a great light for illuminating the woods and keeping the bears at bay on summer camping trips. The weighty feel of a Mag-Lite also offers a sense of security in the dark that other flashlights just don't have, enough to give you the confidence to confront any basement bogeyman or mountain monster. --Brian Trinen

  • Heavy-duty 3 D-cell flashlight
  • For task and emergency lighting
  • Powerful, projecting beam focuses simply by rotating the head
  • Self-cleaning 3-position rotary switch: on, off, and signal
  • High-strength aluminum alloy case

Customer Reviews:

  • Terriffic
    Great flashlight and beautiful color. Knurled grip with ON-OFF switch as opposed to the twist action required from other models. Twisting still allows you to adjust the focus, however. The light comes with an extra bulb that's stored inside the base. ...more info
  • So good it's not even funny
    The flashlight to get. That simple. Bright, Durable, Sturdy. It's everything you'll need in a flashlight. I love mine. It makes you wonder why anyone would even consider paying the same price for some dinky plastic flashlight....more info
  • The Cop Flashlight
    C'mon, you know you've seen police officers and security guards carrying this thing. It's not just because it has a great beam you can adjust the intensity makes a great defensive weapon, too! Learn the proper way to hold it and you'll never feel uneasy trying to track down the source of that strange sound in your backyard at 3am again. Trust the law enforcer's choice! The Mag 3 D-Cell rules the night!...more info
  • Hey MAGLITE, how about hands free options?
    i have a mag lite and love the quality..the firm click of the off/on button is satisfying and a sign of suberb craftsmanship! i do wish that maglite would make a head lamp model and/or a tripod option to assist in hands free situations! other wise the cost is minimal if one considers that these flash lights will survive our life times...i would bet that the designers at maglite will soon offer us a hands free model, but til then i will light my way with maglite! thank you for reading and considering my opinion!...more info
  • Old flashlight
    This was a great light back in the 80s but today they just don't stack up to Streamlight and Surefire. If you want a light that's bright, lightweight and white light (Not that old incandescent yellow) your best bet is to check out other options. You may pay more for other options but you will have a light that is 1/4 the weight and twice as bright....more info
  • Needs quality control
    Light wont stay on . After filing and sanding all contact areas it improved a little . I still have to bang it to stay on . very disapointed . Flashlights from a Dollar Store are better .
    ...more info
  • A Hitech Hefty Metal Flashlight
    This flashlight is a spare flashlight that we keep around for blackouts and anytime we need a larger portable light source. It is our heaviest flashlight. Despite this it looks hitech due to its black sleek metal case. My son loves to play with this one....more info
  • Great product, but go for the LED
    I consider all my Maglites to be great products. I purchased this 3-cell along with a 2-cell LED Maglite as gifts. I hadn't seen the new LED Maglites in action so wasn't confident getting this 3-cell as an LED too - plus the LED isn't available in the gift-receiver's favorite color - purple.

    If having a purple Maglite isn't a priority, go with the LED version. The light quality is much bluer and crisper than the standard bulb. I don't know if the bulb puts out less lumens than the LED, but the visual perception is that it is not as bright.

    If purple is a must-have, you can upgrade with an LED module - which is what I plan on doing with all of my main Maglites....more info
  • From Law Enforcement to Your Wifes Car....
    I've used Maglites various flashlight for many different jobs. From using it on the job in law enforcement to making sure there is always one handy at home or in the car. They are rugged and durable and take a beating....more info
  • Purple Flashlight
    This Mag light was the best as always. There is no other Flashlight that can compare to Mag lights. This light is the best for anything. I am simple not interested in any other Flashlights, unless they can be proven to out last a Mag light, as to which I doubt very serious....Gary! ...more info
  • Time has passed this by.
    A Mag is to a flashlight what a Hudson is to a car--a great product in its time, but not something you would go out and buy today if you wanted to take advantage of what new technology has to offer. Instead, take a look at some of the new LED based flashlights, or the Xenon/LED combo lights made by Streamlight (called "TwinTask"). For most purposes you will get vastly increased battery life and a much better white flood light (while using the LED's) and and with the TwinTasks still have the option of a high grade incandescent light for the times when you need more "throw"....more info
  • This is the Flashlight you need
    I have three of these flashlights and they are fantastic. I keep one in the garage (see accessory section for mounting bracket), one on the fireplace mantle, and one in my car. They all work perfectly, project a bright, adjustable beam, and feel great in your hand. Not only does it work in normal conditions, but the gaskets and buttons do a great job keeping water out - I live in the Pacific Northwest and use it in the rain frequently with no problems.

    This is the same model that many of our local law enforcement types use day-in / day-out. I'd image that may a miscreant has received a "bop" on the head with one of these babies and will think twice before resuming their layabout ways.

    Get one of these with three fresh Duracell's and you're set. This flashlight will last you a lifetime!...more info

  • One of the best flashlights ever!
    I have a couple mags and I think this is one of the best flashlights ever! It's bright, it's light, and nicly sized. A must have for someone who needs/wants a flashlight....more info