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Gilmour Premium Traditional Sprayer 2 Gallon Teal #2000P
List Price: $40.49

Our Price: $30.16

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Product Description

The Gilmour polyethylene premium 2-gallon compression sprayer is ideal for applying herbicides and insecticides. This sprayer features an extra wide 3-1/4-inch mouth opening for easy fill and cleaning, an 18-inch rotating brass wand with adjustable brass nozzle, and a translucent polyethylene tank for easy monitoring of fluid levels. The tank has an actual capacity of 2-1/2 gallons with an operating capacity of 2 gallons. This sprayer comes equipped with a pivoting carry handle and two wand storage clips.

  • Pivoting outside handle for carrying and easy filling/pouring; Ultraviolet resistant, translucent polyethyele tank
  • Extra-wide 3-1/4 inch mouth opening for easy fill and cleaning
  • Extra long 52 inch PVC Hose; Automatic or manual pressure relief valve with pressure indicator ring; Chemical resistant polymer discharge valve with comfort grip
  • Chemical resistant leakproof Viton seals in discharge valve and tip; Fast pressurizing, 10 inch non-corroding polymer pump; Replaceale pump cup
  • Heavy-duty 18 inch rotating brass wand with adjustable brass nozzle; wand storage clips on pump handle and carrying handle. Made in USA.

Customer Reviews:

  • Great sprayer
    My husband has had several hand sprayers and none of them worked very well. I had one of these Gilmour sprayers and loved it so I ordered him one for his birthday. He really likes it-doesn't plug up, etc....more info
  • Excellent sprayer
    I am handicapped so I put sprayer in basket on elec scooter. I can almost use entire 2 gal without recompressing. It has a long reach with connector tubing & nozzle so I can spray about 8' or 9' from elec scooter.
    A very good product that I would recommend to anyone...more info
  • High Quality Sprayer
    If you're looking for a high quality sprayer and need about two gallon capacity, then look no further - for this sprayer is of premium quality and at a price that makes it a very good value. Upon reading about the sprayer and looking at the photos the things I noted most included: 1.) there is a seperate handle to support the sprayer in addition to the pump handle, so as you carry it the weight is on the reservoir handle as it should be instead of stressing the pump handle; 2.) the plastic hose that connects to the wand has a little extra length when compared to other sprayers, which makes those long-reach applications easier; 3.) the brass nozzle is in fact a brass nozzle so that, unlike competitors products, there are no plastic threaded nozzle tips to leak or get cross-threaded during assembly; 4.) the pressure relief valve is a nice feature; and 5.) the polyethelyene cannister and wide mouth add durability, chemical immunity to practically all chemicals that one would want to spray, and ease of filling and cleaning the unit. I highly recommend this product and believe that those who purchase it will not be disappointed....more info
  • A sprayer to die for
    After two years of buying sprayers that didn't "cut the mustard" from the big box stores, I went online to find a "Spray Doc" that I had used for many years. It is now sold under the "Gilmour" name. The sprayer comes almost fully assembled. The pump works great and you can determine how much pressure you want to reach the distance you want. It is easy to fill and clean. Replacement parts are readily available when needed....more info
  • Gilmour Premium 2-1/2 gallon sprayer
    This item is advertised as a premium sprayer and does not disappoint. It is a high-quality unit and very easy to operate....more info
  • Finally a great sprayer
    This sprayer is fantastic compared to the various models from RL Flomaster which did not even last through a season. It's solidly built and super easy to use. It pressurizes without much effort and there is no leaking from the nozzle. This product is made to last but if you ever need a replacement part just call the 800 number and order. I am glad I bought this....more info
  • Not Translucent
    As described I thought this item was translucent. But it is not. The items still sit in the boxes they came in as they are to expensive to ship back and restocking fees ect. You cannot see fluid levels in them. As performance goes I have no idea. They look sturdy enough. But not what I was expecting to get. I am dissapointed I spent the money on the two of them since I can't use them for my business which NEEDS to see the levels. Don't buy if you are expecting to see the fluid level....more info
  • 2 of the 3 were missing parts
    I ordered 3 of the sprayers and 2 of them came without some of the parts. I contacted the seller to see if I can just get the parts shipped to me, and I received a generated email about sending the sprayers back. All I wanted was the parts that were missing, not to send the sprayers back. The sprayers aren't worth anything without the cap or the wand!...more info
  • Awesome Sprayer
    This sprayer is the best. Just pump a couple of times and it sprays forever. ...more info
  • Easy to handle
    I bought this sprayer, because of the extra handle on it... You are not carrying it around by the cap. It also has brass hardware and not plastic and is super durable. Very Very pleased.
    arfGilmour Polyethylene Premium 2-Gallon Compression Sprayer #2000P...more info
  • Great Product
    Excellent sprayer, works very good, I like the handles, separate one for pumping and carrying, good strong metal wand....more info
  • Great So Far
    Gilmour 2000P is very easy to work with. Seems well made, and made it fine through the first season. I wish the nozzle adjustment was a little stiffer, as it can easily move out of adjustment, and eventually does on its own. Plenty of capacity for my needs, I have one acre, using it for spraying Deer Repellent. Holds everything I need, and more. As the container is made of plastic, I have moved it indoors for the winter, for fear of freezing and cracking. Nozzle and wand are mostly brass, nice!...more info