LASKO 2155A 16" Window Fan
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Product Description

The 16" Electrically Reversible Window Fan powerfully circulates air through two to three rooms. Plus, its exclusive Storm Guard feature allows you to close the window behind the fan for safety and security during inclement weather or while you're away.

  • Fits Windows 26 to 34 Wide and 22 High and Larger

Customer Reviews:

  • I recommend this heater
    I just bought this heater after seeing a co-worker's unit. My office area, in the corner of a very large room, is extremely cold all year round. I have been getting by with a small DeLonghi Safeheat, but wanted something taller to provide heat to my upper body. I also suffer from hot flashes so I needed something that oscillated.

    I didn't read any reviews here first. Just went by my co-worker's glowing praise for hers. She does sit in an office and I don't. However, the features seemed to fit my bill.

    I am quite happy with the heater. I appreciate the different heat and fan settings. The oscillation works as I'd hoped - not concentrating the heat right on me. It keeps me warmer and cuts the draft from the windows. It is very nice to have a remote so I'm not jumping up and down to change the settings. I bought it knowing that it would never really heat my area up to the temperatures given. I just need my area warm enough to work in without a coat.

    There are only two drawbacks for me so far: the heater vents are about 5 or 6 inches up off the floor so the heat doesn't keep my feet warm. I have to use the small one for my feet. The second problem is the beep! I can understand fully how this would be a problem in a bedroom. It would wake me up!

    The light doesn't bother me since I only use it during the day. I understand people's problem with them in the bedroom, though. Between my Powerbook and the TV boxes, I swear my bedroom has more small lights than some Xmas trees! I wish more engineers were aware of the studies on blinking lights and the concept of atavistic threat movement. [g]

    For me, the heater only misses a score of 5 due to the annoying beep sound....more info
  • Energy efficient, powerful fan (will it last?)
    I just bought this product a couple weeks ago at my local hardware store. With the cost of energy going up, I wanted a fan that was energy-efficient. This one draws about 100 watts at high speed, and about 70 watts at low speed. I used a Kill-a-watt to measure the power needed. This is more energy-efficient than my smaller, twin 8" Honeywell fan, which uses about 125 watts and doesn't move nearly as much air.

    The design makes the fan more efficient at circulating air through your house: I added some removable weatherstripping (rope caulk) around the fan to seal the window. Installation was easy. It seems well-made, but I am a little concerned about durability based on other reviews; I will update my review if it dies. ...more info
  • Quality is not like the old ones
    I bought this fan as I have a 25 year old Lasko which is identical in looks and features. The old one is all metal, and still runs on all speeds, but is very noisy and cannot be run at night (I put it in the kitchen window to exhaust cooking fumes now). The new version is plastic.
    I broke a piece of the plastic mounting shroud by screwing a screw slightly too hard.
    It is as quiet and powerful as one could ask for.
    But, it just stopped working after about 15 months! Never had a problemm never heard a noise, never acted different- one day it did not turn on. The warrenty is only one year, and has run out.
    I replaced the plug on it, as the original plug had a fuse inside, but this did not fix it.
    Lasko said I can order a new cord and motor. The price for the replacement parts is about the same as a new unit- between 55 and 60 dollars.
    I am going to look at ratings for different brands for a replacement, as my product loyalty has now ended with the Lasko name.
    M...more info
  • Just what I was looking for...
    I recently moved into a small home without central air. The upstairs gets so hot it is unbearable. I purchased two fans so that I could run one on intake and one on exhaust. Thanks to these fans, I can now stand to be upstairs.

    I do have a problem with one of the fans- the knob does not stay on correctly and frequently falls off. I usually have to put the knob back on just about every time I turn on that fan.

    However, I still give the fans 5 stars due to the good they have done in my house. Overall, I am very satisfied....more info
  • WARNING!!!
    SO HERE IS MY SITUATION. THE fan arrived with the on off speed knob not on the shaft. It will not go on. The shaft is cheap plastic so the knob won't stay on. I bought it from thenerds dot net and they want me to pay return shipping which would cost from $[...]to $[...] depending who ships it because of the large box. I am waiting to hear from them before I dispute the bill with the credit card company and file with the attorney General for fraud. Lesson learned is buy from AMAZON!!! At least they have a return policy you can live with. I know better now. The fan is too noisy on high speed. i have had the fan on for 2 hours. it is about 60 outside and yet the room has gone down from 80 to 78 in 2 hours. When I stand a foot away from the fan the room is as hot as it was before I had the fan on. When I stand in front of the fan it is cool. Maybe it is sucking air in the room but it is not helping cool the room. On top of the crappy performance I have to deal with the low quality of a broken knob and also a rather worthless template to install the brackets. I should have listened to my gut feeling and bought a $[...] box fan and made a bracket to hold it in the window frame so i could easily remove it. Right now I will need to take this 16 poudn fan off the bracket screws to close the window. so with shipping the nerds dot com ripped me blind. I am glad I didnt pay more for it but I might be stuck with it. I wrote to Lasko about this and will see if they can replace it for me or get me a new shaft or knob. MY ADVICE DO NOT BUY THIS FAN. CHEAP JUNK. I DON'T CARE IF 8 people liked it here- this is cheap junk...more info
  • Heater 5 stars - Vendor 0 stars

    The vendor that this comes from 'Unbeatable Sale' sent the Heater with NO protective packaging. It was just sent as you would buy it at the store, which has minimal protection, and the box was Badly damaged when it arrived.

    I bought this heater because it is the best one I have used and when I went back to get a second one the store was already all out of them (Sears).

    The heater spreads the heat through a very large room (about 24 ft by 12 ft). Without it, the room just doesn't warm up no matter what other heater I tried.
    The other heater that works well in smaller size rooms and is smaller is the Holmes 1Touch heater. Sears was out of them too when I went back, fortunately I found them at Kmart too. Both have fans and really spread the heat throughout.
    For concentrated warm radiant type heat, my favorite is the Holmes 1Touch '319' model.

    I have tried many, and the best for spreading the warmth throughout and the fastest is this Lasko model, but I would not get another from the vendor on Amazon.
    ...more info
  • Best Value
    This fan is the best on the market. With no A/C in an old farm house in Central Virginia, we use this fan to manage airflow. Quiet, efficient and largest air mass mover for the buck! Others just don't compare or are over priced....more info
  • Parent need fan in Nov
    I ordered the fan through Amazon because this time of the year you can't find them in the stores here. I was for my parents. They seem to be very pleased with the fan. It runs very quietly and moves a good amount of air...more info
  • Great in close area
    I've had this heater for two years. Due to the high gas price, I use this unit a lot this year. This unit is a tower fan with heat. When the unit is set to high fan speed, the wind noise is very annoying if the surrounding is quite. That been said, you can set it on low and the loudness problem goes away. I don't use the temperature setting at all. Like other comments mention, it turns on itself to check the temperature and turns off when the desired temperature is reached.
    This unit works exrememly well in closed area like bedroom. It warm it up nicely. If you set the fan speed on low, make sure you turn the heat away from you. You can't change the temperature setting when defaulting the fan speed. It'll get really warm if you don't turn the heater away. Even with the fan pointing at different direction. It still warm up the room and keep it that way. This is the case in a "CLOSE AREA".
    This unit doesn't not heat up open area. If you set it up in an open area, you better warm the room with furnance. Otherwise it'll bring cold air to you....more info
  • Best Fan
    Works so well I haven't turned on the ac - that's pretty darn good in a Manhattan apartment on a 90+ degree weekend. Works great as Exhaust and Intake - just bought a 2nd one for the living room. Super easy to install....more info
  • Perfect for my 2BR condo
    I bought an Air King 20" (same manufacturer of the Lasko) whole house fan a couple of years ago and it proved to be too much fan for my < 2000 sq. ft. condo. I went for this 16" and it does the job just as quietly as the 20". Very easy to install within the window frame and no vibration. I only wish that the side extenders were metal like they are on the Air King. The grill on the front of the fan is metal. I am very happy with this purchase and that's why it gets FIVE STARS. These are both excellent, high quality fans and I would not hesitate to purchase again....more info
  • Pretty good fan
    I brought this fan for the summer months and it works pretty good. Not one hot day and it keeps my living room pretty cool. It does have a sound and the breeze from it is strong (but that's on high) but I would still recommend it. Great product...more info
  • Disposable piece of junk
    It's a nice fan - till it craps out for no reason. Mfr only gives it a 1 yr warranty. What's up with that? Bad value for the price. I'ld be VERY curious what the folks who gave it 4 - 5 stars will say when the fan inexplicably quits working....more info
  • FANtastic!
    wow this fan is amazing! at first i looked at husband like he was nuts for getting this factory looking humongous fan into our little kitchen... but i take it ALL back! this fan really works. exhause eliminates all smells inc tobacco right out the window. it also works as air condition by circulating the air all around the house! plus if use as intake, it is the most powerful fan we've ever had. drawback: fan is large so ppl can look into home from outside thru the large slots. other than that its the best....more info
  • Great heater, but I was hoping for more for $50
    It heats up nicely. It's a very gentle but warming heat. The beeping is very common in oscillating fans, especially from Lasko, and I got used to it the day I bought it. It's good to know you are doing something, like another reviewer said.

    The only thing I don't like is the fact that this it has a fan, and can oscillate, but you can't just have the fan blow air... I tried looking for that feature in many heaters, but it just didn't happen. It is a great value, though. Go get one yourself!...more info