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Intermatic WH21 Electric Water Heater Timer
List Price: $74.49

Our Price: $30.00

You Save: $44.49 (60%)


Product Description

25A, Water Heater Timer, Electric, External Switch, On/Off Indicator Light, Single Pole, Single Throw, 6,250W, 250V.

  • Automatically schedule hot water when needed
  • Turns water on during high use and off during low use periods
  • Single pole/single throw
  • Capacity: 25 amps (6250), 250 volts, 60 Hz.

Customer Reviews:

  • Overall a good machine
    I purchased this for a 55 gallon water heater with two 4500w elements.

    Only one element is on at a time (normal for most water heaters)
    so I could use this SPST device with a 6250W rating.

    I purchased about 6' of extra 3 conductor wire (10 gauge) and screwed this to the wall. Made all the connections, set it. it works.

    Most studies I could find say this does not save you much money but in our situation where our water heater is in the cold garage and we are only two people who use limited water our standby losses are therefore significant and so I think it should save us a few dollars a month perhaps.

    We have it set to come on
    The water is set at only 115F and is still plenty hot 2-3 hours after the timer turns off (even if one of us has taken a shower).

    I recommend buying niagara conservation 1.25 or 1.5gpm showerheads "earth style" before doing this type of conservation intervention....more info
  • Great for electric savings
    I purchased one of these. I have it set to turn the water heater off between 11:00 PM and 5:30 AM. I save the cost of this every month in electric savings. A worthwhile addition to a house....more info
  • Energy saving... plenty of HOT Water... Easy to install...
    Have it set for 5 to 6AM, noon to 1PM, and 5 to 6PM. Never ran out of HOT! water. Saves at least 50% of heating cost and was a snap to install. Don't understand why they don't build something like this into the Water Heater... Now there's a $$$$ making thought?...more info
  • Works for years
    Turn off the electric company. I have two they work perfectly. An hour or two in the am and then an hour or two after say 5 pm. 4 hours ON instead of 24 hours ON! ...more info
  • Intermatic Electric water timer
    I was told I could save a lot on my power bill by installing a timer so I searched the web for the best buys & how to install one. I found this site to be one of the best. I installed the timer last week & it works fine ,but I can't tell how much I am saving on by power bill at this time as it hasn't been installed long enough....more info
  • Hot water heater timer

    This product is easy to install if you know what you are doing.
    You should have some background in electrical ampacity and wiring basics.

    I did have to purchase an additional pigtail.(flex tubing with 3 #10 color coded wires, and 1/2 connectors on each end about 5 feet total length)

    The heater had the wiring flex tubing direct from the wall to the top of the heater. The additional material was about 10.75 at the local hardware store.

    I unhooked the wiring from the heater and wired it to the timer, then wired the new pigtail to where I had disconnected the original wires.

    The timer has knockouts on the bottom for either 1/2 or 3/4 inch connectors so if it will accomodate either one. You most likely will have 1/2" connections.

    Make sure you turn off the breaker before you start.

    The entire process took about an hour total.

    The instructions that come with the timer aren't that great, so if you don't know what you are doing, it won't help much.

    The timer comes with 3 sets of on/off clips so you can time it on and off 3 times.

    We set it at on at 5 am, off at 8 am, then on at 8 pm off at 10 pm.
    So the timer is on 5 hours a day and off 19.

    We figgure we will save around 25 dollars a month off the electric bill.

    So... it will take at least 2 months to pay for the timer and other materials we bought. If you pay someone to install it, it will take much longer to pay for itself.

    So far, it is working properly and so I am satisfied....more info
  • Hi
    The timer works exactly as advertised. Customer service was prompt, curteous and expertly assisted me when I didn't quite understand the correct wiring. It's been working for about a month flawlessly. Excellant product....more info
  • Intermatic WH21 Water Heater Timer
    I have used this model timer for 15 years. The only reason I had to buy a new one was a spring broke on my old one. I don't know where you would find small springs like this one so fixing it wasn't a great option. However with this timer, replacement was a snap. All I had to do was turn off the power, unhook the wires to the timer and pull the insides out. The new insides fit right into place and reattach the wires. It was about a 15 min. job and that long only because of the location of the box itself. It does a great job of turning on power to my electric water heater when I want it on and for a time that I can select. If I have company I just have to pull the timer dial out one click and leave the water heater on all the time. It's a great product and easy to install and use....more info
  • Rewards in Energy Savings Worth Effort
    We have had this timer for four months now and in that time perod our electric bill has fallen a minimum $25.00 a month. It's hard to factor out climate differences, but even if the savings are 1/5 that amount the unit pays fore itself quickly. Our children are grown now so our hot water requirements are more predictable, that maximizes savings. I was investigating a wind generator. This project was a far better investment on the basis of judging quick return on investment! Installation took a couple hours, but was not complicated, If you have an electric hot water heater consider this project ahead of others!...more info
  • Good timer, but wrong voltage
    There was insufficient information on the Amazon website regarding voltage so I inadvertently selected a 220 volt timer when in fact I need a 110 volt timer to manage a gas water heater with a 110 volt electric exhaust fan that governs the activity of the entire water heater. Must return the item. More technical information at the Amazon website is needed on this and similar items....more info
  • Works great
    It was easy to install, and is working good, we have
    plenty of hot water and it only runs a few hours a day.
    Can't wait to see how much electric we save on our next
    ...more info
  • Intermatic WH21 Electric Water Heater Switch
    The WH21 Electric water heater switch is the best thing to happen to an electric bill, my was cut 33% and we always have hot water, but this controler will only last 12 years and we still have the same water heater
    but had to replaced heater elements twice so far, to bad Intermatic did away with this model, maybe it lasted in the field too long for them.
    now if only I could find something to save 33% car gas........more info
  • Great product.
    This timer wasn't too hard to install. It isn't fancy; but it does the job. I didn't have to spend a ton of money to save a little. I can't say I notice a difference in my electric bills. With seven people in the house it's a tuff thing to monitor. I do know that I am only making hot water when I need it which is great to know....more info