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Intermatic, Inc. HB31R All Weather, Outdoor Timer. Heavy Duty-15 Amp. Rain Tight Plastic Case
List Price: $17.95

Our Price: $11.20

You Save: $6.75 (38%)


Product Description

The Intermatic 15 Amp 24-hour all-weather outdoor timer includes a rain-tight plastic case and can accommodate up to two on/ off settings per day. A 15 Amp capacity controls lighting and heavy-duty loads such as motors and pool pumps. A grounded plug is also included to protect connected devices. There's a manual override on/off switch, and a heavy-duty 18-inch grounded cord included with the timer for easy out-of-the-box use. The timer is designed to accommodate a maximum on time of 23-1/2-hours, and a minimum on time of 1/2-hour.

  • Ideal electric timer for outdoor wet/dry use
  • 2 on/off setting per day
  • Grounded plug
  • 15 Amps; 1800-watt
  • Waterproof cover

Customer Reviews:

  • Well worth the low cost
    This timer does what it needs to, very well. Low cost is key here. Not the most durable, but you can buy one for ten times the cost that will last longer. I use this as a pool pump timer works great....more info
  • Good Value for the Money
    Bought this unit to control my walkway lights. The outer box is a rather flimsy plastic but seems OK to do the job. Two sets of ON/OFF "pegs" are provided which was more than enough for me. If you have only one On/OFF program, no place to store the unused "pegs" so you'll have to store them (lose them) elsewhere. Cord was reasonable length and the timer motor made no noise. Easy to use the the price is very reasonable. Let's see how long this lasts outside in Indiana! ...more info
  • Outdoor Timer meets my needs
    Nothing fancy, but this was easy to set up and works exactly as expected. I use it for my bug zappers - I only wanted to run them in the evening and didn't want to have to rememember to turn them on and off every day. Within five minutes of receiving these timers, I had them set up. Sure enough, they turned on at 6:00pm and were off when I got up the next morning. They're worked reliably ever since....more info
  • Happy with product
    I tested the timer, and it works fine. I used it to control my Xmas yard decorations....more info
  • Good outdoor lights for the money.
    Looking for some good outdoorlights (not high-end) that doesn't break the bank, this is your product. I've had these installed for about 6 months and they continue to look and work great....more info
  • Outdoor timer
    Great Product and not easy to find in South Texas. Have been using them for my home accent lights for about 7 Years.

    the only problem that I recently found out is that you need to ensure that the cover is securely closed. I left mine open aand when I went to close it I dind't realize that the cover had water accumulation from the sprinklers. Once the water gets into the housing it is rendered usless....more info
  • Unreliable
    After less than a year of continuous use this unit has become erratic. It frequently becomes "stalled" at various times, but most often at the transition the On/Off state. This makes it unsuitable for any largely unmonitored system requiring unattended, automated On/Off operation....more info
  • poor calibration
    I bought two of these timers to control Christmas lights and found the calibration of the times to be off. If you can zoom in on the picture, you will see there are two clocks on the dial - the larger outer one where the pins go and an inner one to set the current time. The two are connected and you are unable to calibrate them - who ever lined them up did sloppy work at best. One is close - it comes on within 5 min off the 'real' time - the other one is a whopping 30m out of sync. If you are just buying one, fudging it might be no big deal but I am using 2 and trying to get my lights to come on within 5 mins of ea other has been tough.

    These timers replaced two light sensor timers that also were misbehaving so I guess this is just going to be part of my holiday theme from now on......more info
  • Perfect for your Christmas lights!
    We just hooked ours up to our Christmas lights and love it. I hate those auto on "dusk/dawn" timers because they blip on and off when the light levels aren't quite completely changed. With this, you can guarantee they all come on at the same time and it's so easy to set. I love all the Intermatic mechanical timers and even have their lamp timers throughout my house. I find they are the easiest to use inside and outside the house and the most reliable. I also highly recommend this one Intermatic HB1113RC Heavy Duty Outdoor Timer with Three Receptacles, Ground Stake with Weatherproof Cover, Black. They both work great, but each might work out better than the other depending on your lighting set-up circumstances....more info
  • Better then expected!!
    Great timer for the price! Runs my pools pump 6 hours a day, no problem! Can't beat the price....more info
    I bought this timer for use with a Flowtron BK-80D bug zapper (see my other reviews). The unit is very nicely made for the money. You mount it with one screw and then you can set it to turn on and off at any time. It comes with two plastic "trip switches" that turn on, and two that turn off. So you can program the unit to go on/off either once in a 24 hour period (by using just 2), or on/off, on/off (twice in a 24 hour period - by using all 4).

    I use mine to turn my bug zapper on in the evening time and off at dawn. Works great! The timer has a little plastic flip-up lid to keep the weather out, which is real nice. The 3 prong plug is on the bottom of the unit. It comes with about a 12 or 14 inch cord, which allows you to plug it into an outdoor outlet, as long as you aren't too far away.

    The only thing the unit doesn't have is an over ride switch. However, you can sort of over ride it by reaching into the unit (flip the cover up) and manually turning the little round "switch" that is kicked on/off as the dial goes around (which is how the unit works - i.e. the plastic trip switches flip the little round switch as they go by it on the main dial). Once you bypass things using that method, you can leave it and when the next trip switch comes along, it will turn the unit off at the normal pre-set time.

    Like I say, for the money, it's top notch. The only thing that would make this unit better would be the addition of another mounting screw hole, which would perhaps allow the unit to be mounted more securely (since it mounts with just 1 screw, you can swing the bottom around if you poke at it). Overall, however, it's fine for the job it does and a very good value. Some double sided tape on the bottom would make the mounting all that more secure if really needed.

    Again, for the money, it's a fine product and does a great job of controlling a single outlet :-)...more info
  • Very Handy Tool
    I am using this product under my jacuzzi skirt to run the 1 hp circulation pump a few hours twice a day. It has worked great. This could be handy for a great variety of things and is not a big bulky item requiring hard wire hook up. Anyone can use it. ...more info